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  1. Hey! Me and the GF managed to get this trophy yesterday - Below is the list we used and how to get them Fine - Load the game up or no emotional state ( has no other emotional state active) Happy - Picture + 9 Environment Playful - Hot Tub or Peppermint Oil Angry - Angry Paintings or declare somebody an enemy Dazed - Lose a Fight or Voodoo Doll Energised - Brisk Shower Flirty - Steamy Shower Inspired - Thoughtful shower Sad - Mourn at grave or look at a sad painting Confident - Hot Tea Focused - Chess Bored - Watch Kids TV Embarrassed - walk in on someone in bathroom or rude induction then flirt Uncomfy - dirty dishes or eating spoiled food Tense - Get fun level low - we used programming on the pc to reduce the fun level Make sure you are set up first, and have a bit of money to get the paintings you are after. also a helpful note is to write down the time each emotion was achieved as you can possible recover yourself if you was over 24 hours by 1 emotion if that makes sense, just go back and grab it. (if you started at 8:00am with a happy emotion then received your next one at 10 am like playful there would be a 2 hour gap to get a happy emotion again if you was to go over the 24 hours - trying to explain it the best i can) Tense and bored was the hardest to achieve which could be worth doing near the start good luck