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  1. Hello! I'm not sure if I missed on anything or the trophy might be glitched but upon completing main and side quests (I think it's just three of them?) the trophy All Quests Completed hasn't unlocked! Has this happened to anyone or am I missing something?
  2. Yes I tried too, and he nevers drops it. Yes, since it's a really short game, I had no idea it was so glitched and I started it on day one before people knew 😓 All the KAO letters glitched as well after this, unfortunately. I don't even know if I should replay it, since I'm afraid it'll just happen again.
  3. Hello, I have an issue in Kao, but I'm sure if I did something wrong, although the trophy is marked as unmissable so I don't think so? Basically, I have beaten the game and the trophy for all entries about enemies in Kaopedia didn't unlock, so I went to check to Kaopedia and noticed one was missing. I thought I accidentally skipped a type of enemy who knows how, but turns out when I look at it ... it's Terror? The boss? I've also replayed it but I don't get any scroll from him. Is the entry maybe elsewhere because it's a boss? Please, welp.
  4. Hello everyone, I am currently getting the missing trophies for this PS5 edition, which looks gorgeous! I wanted to get the platinum done before I played the game over from scratch (mostly because I don't want to rank up all facilities again). The trophies autopopped except for FOUR. Yup. Apart from weapons and structures, which makes perfect sense, Growth of a Legend did NOT pop. It's not on Progress 60/80. Anyone having any idea why this might be or did you experience the same issue? Have I just been terribly unlucky?
  5. Hello! I wanted to ask for advice on the Materia Maven trophy from Intermission: a friend told me an easy way to do this is wait for the Hard run because the hit value of the boxes doesn't change between difficulties and I would level up Yuffie and materia by then. Is this true? I've tried the challenge last night, and it wasn't all bad, but reaching 50,000 for now seems almost impossible!
  6. I know there's a lot of discussion on this going on on social media but I'm even more excited to find out that Returnal is very hard. Games are getting easier these days, I only felt boss palpitations with Bloodborne and Control (the super boss) in the last maybe year. I have my chill time games on the side, but I need a good challenge. I just hope since the game is hard itself, that the platinum trophy is not too insane!
  7. So excited to play and plat both Control and Concrete Genie!
  8. Completed Bugsnax yesterday! Also, because this wasn't a part of the challenge before, I'm gonna add the platinum for the games I earned the platinum for beyond completing it! Level 1 Final Fantasy XII Level 2 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Trials of Mana Level 3 Jak II (PS4) Final Fantasy VIII Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS4) Level 4 Jak 3 (PS4) Final Fantasy X-2 Far Cry 3 Medievil Level 5 Dragon Quest XI Bayonetta Fallout 4 Bugsnax (PS5 Swap) The Last Of Us Remastered
  9. It's super chill! I enjoy it especially after a long day at the office when I don't have the strength to play intensely but I still miss my PS5 haha
  10. I agree that it has no integrity, but the major websites in Italy for gaming news posted it (and not as "we report some users figured" but as a "here's how to") and are now going back to delete it. Just like they are posting the PS2 games on Xbox Series S news and they're gonna delete it if something happens. Even though it has no integrity, I cannot refer to them as anything other than news sites because they're the major websites. I think one of those is in the Game Awards jury so it's not like I can't consider them a journalistic website!
  11. I don't know about the other countries, but the sites I follow that posted the news with instructions on how to redeem the Collection without having a PS5 (I can link them) are the same that received PS5 ahead of release for press reviews and special so why would calling them "news outlets" be generous? It's what they actually are! It's not "policing the internet". These are the websites supplied by them for press results...
  12. Assassin's Creed Valhalla's auto-pop did not work for me! It actually did some really weird thing where loading my save unlocked no trophies, so I barely went a bit forward and then decided to restart the game (I don't want to get the early trophies with a new save at the end because I have Season Pass). When I was moving through the first island in Norway doing absolutely nothing, it unlocked 3 of the 5-6 trophies I had on PS4... Wild. I hope this is useful!
  13. Exactly. So this means even Sony itself wasn't clear on if it was okay to do it. Because news outlets thought it was and told you how to. This is why I think it's gonna be for the huge packs of log ins on the console, because otherwise, there's gonna be hell.
  14. I sincerely hope that this refers to people who have logged between 10-50 accounts to their PS5. (Because that would be suspicious activity and might actually find people who sold access) Maybe this will sound controversial but Sony will have trouble if it's any different from this: for weeks, video games news outlets (some even very popular) have shared the entire procedure on how to access PS Plus Collection without having a PS5 as if it were normal with no warning of there being consequences and Playstation (or Sony) NEVER once intervened to say "no, you can't".
  15. I thought it was gonna be silly, but it's actually enjoyable! I played it for hours straight and never got bored! haha I don't know what it is that makes it addictive