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  1. Decided to drop trophy hunting, too exhausting and playing games I don't want to play sucks, so that's enough of that for me. Still play games, but not going out of my way to get trophies anymore.

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    2. AJ_Radio


      You trophy profile is all over the damn place. Most games you played for 30 mins or so, then moved on never to come back to them.


      Play games that don't have trophies, or move to Steam and play some games on there. Helps takes my mind off of trophies for a while when I need a break.

    3. OhDearDevilRun


      The worst is in the end you realize you spent a ton of money on crap.

    4. Proteus-Ridley


      @AJ_Radio I've realized that, that's why I'm not going to trophy hunt anymore. I try countless games, find out I don't like em and stop playing them.

  2. Here after beating the game, the game is not under rated, it's deserves what it got, even worse if you ask me. By far one of the worst games I've played and beaten. Opinions are that, opinions, but god there are so many better old school shooters out there, this is not a good one.
  3. Playing through it now, and it's really bad. Like it's playable, but it's bad. This is a game done in poor taste, and everything it tried to do falls flat.
  4. Multiplayer wise, this is the worst Battlefield. It's just frustrating and not a whole lot of fun to play, especially nowadays.
  5. I initially had it hidden due to not having any trophies, but got two trophies in the game, so unhid the game, however my profile isn't updating to show it. Am I missing something?
  6. so the way old PS2 games on PS4 have trophy support? Not really new tbf.
  7. Well I'm sorry to hear.
  8. Honestly, really enjoying it.
  9. Quick question. Do you know where the key is for the first Labrinth door? I seem to have missed it.
  10. Yes, however the second block is not in the bedroom anymore and it's not in my inventory
  11. I picked up the E block in the bedroom before the first boss, but it doesn't appear in my inventory or the mirror machine, am I missing something or am I truly sol?
  12. Yep level 50 pop only. Oh well.
  13. No problem! Though it's not a game like Halon_50 said and it is a testing application from the PS4 development sku and that a picture was accidentally left in Catherine Full Body.
  14. Friendly reminder that this game still doesn't exist