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  1. Even though this game was a major bomb for Insomniac, I really hope they eventually come back to this franchise. The game showed a lot of promise and can become a great co-op franchise if Insomniac sticks to their guns. Hell, I wouldn't mind if they rebooted the franchise back into "Overstrike" like it should have been before EA got into their ears. Anybody else hoping for a sequel?
  2. I still really need help with this trophy. I feel like I've done all the kills I've needed to do, multiple times from watching multiple trophy guide videos, and I still haven't gotten it yet. Does anybody have a definitive list of all the kills needed for this trophy?
  3. Has anybody personally addressed the possibility of a few unknown Jason kills still being glitched to the developers on their twitter or official forums yet? Also, does killing Jason kills count as well? The trophy description simply states to perform every kill in the game, not specifically mentioning with Jason. As far as I know, Tommy is able to kill Jason two ways: with a machete and with an ax and there's always the possibility of another way that hasn't been discovered.
  4. At this point, I believe someone has already used all the kills he could possibly use and that there's a glitched kill (the torpedo kill) that's keeping anyone for ever performing it, making this trophy unobtainable. Gun Media has already confirmed as much, so we just have to wait until kill gets patched at some point.
  5. Has anybody tested whether performing all the weapon and non-weapon kills, as well as all the environmental kills work yet? I tried to do as much of the environmental kills as I can find, but it seems like I'm either missing more.
  6. I'm currently working on Alan's right now, on mission #11. I'm curious to know what mission #13 asks us to do.
  7. Were you getting consistent point blank kills with Sexy Beast? Sexy Beast's damage can easily waver to below 50 if you don't get a direct hit with it, so getting a kill with a not-so-direct shot from Sexy Beast could potentially void your efforts. Suzanne is consistently high damage, so it's more reliable than Sexy Beast.
  8. I forgot to ask if you guys were also doing this in ranked as well? If you guys are and you've gotten a 1st place final kill win with all 50+ damage kills, then I can't really think of any other reason why you guys haven't earn it yet. I earned mines in a brawl match if that helps. Also, I thought the Hand missiles could only do 45 damage max per shot? I avoided using the Hand because of that out of precaution.
  9. Are you guys making sure that every kill you get is caused by a weapon or special that does 50+ damage? (i.e. Uncle Joe, Sexy Beast, etc.) I was able to get the riddle after getting 1st place with all my kills, including final kill, from using both Sexy Beast & Suzanne.
  10. How did you guys do #13 for Bronco? I'm having a hard time simply performing the reverse slide power shot, let alone getting a kill on someone with it. EDIT: I was able to figure it out. Took a while to get it together and put it into play.