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  1. Please sign me up to Lombax Praetorian
  2. Please sign me for Raider Arisen.
  3. Hey, guys! How about Bloodrayne 1 & 2? Those are really good and fun games!
  4. Please tell how to hide them?
  5. Johnnyhatesrap Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Hello. I did not hacked this game personally. Was exchanging trophies with my friend. I have played Killzone 2 for him. But he did not tell me he is going to hack trophies for me. I learned that trophies were hacked afterwards...<br /> Playes so many games, including hard and rare platinums. And all of them were legit.
  6. Decided to make my 100th platinum Metal Gear Solid 4 - one of greatest games of all time.
  7. LEGACY OF KAIN of course!!! Syphon Filter Timesplitters Final Fantasy XIII and IX Burnout Black
  8. Please sign me to Platinum tier. Got all 6.
  9. I've platted 5 out of 5 PoP games, please sign me up for Prince of Persia .