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  1. So I can do up to 29 matches max in squad battles & then do the 5 in rivals?
  2. Can I play squad battles to build a team before I do my placement matches? I thought I seen somewhere you can do you placement in squd battles but it's not recommended.
  3. I know but the severs disconnect often which seems to get worse every year. Got the trophy. I was 80 defender but I only needed one more crossing but nothing would go up no matter how many games I played. Did 40-50. I change to midfield & played games till my passing bar went up full twice. I changed back to a defender, played one game & then I got the trophy.
  4. I'm short on crossing & long pass. Stats weren't moving at all. Messed about with the hight & weight & stats started to go up again. For a really small player, pace kept going up & for a tall player the strength mainly was going up so maybe that has something to do with it. Maybe stats started to go up again because my player was down to 79 overall. Perhaps stats go a hell of a lot slower when your overall is 80? Who knows with this mess of a trophy. Always seems to be one every year in Fifa. I'm now only 1 crossing away to have all the same stats but the servers keep disconnecting so I will hopefully finish it tomorrow. Crazy you can't play offline. It's against the AI!
  5. I saved it everytime before a Nemesis encounter/fight. 1. Just after Drain Deimos. 2. Before the fight on the roof. 3. Before the clock tower fight. (died here with a one hit kill with full health). 4. Biggest gap but just before the fight in the acid chamber. 5. A must save, before the final encounter. I had only unlock the rocket launcher right before the final fight which made it a lot easier.
  6. Can't wait. I really hope they don't dumb the games down and make them easy. I liked that the games were hard (until mastered of course ).
  7. Yes back when PS+ was great.
  8. Ape Escape 2 now available with 25% PS+ discount for the next 7 days. Link to UK store:!/en-gb/games/ape-escape-2/cid=EP9000-CUSA02269_00-SCES508850000001
  9. All 6 Don't have Killzone 3 Multiplayer but I have 100% in all Killzone games.
  10. I checked to see if someone had already said 27 but I guess I missed it. Ah well close but no cigar. I'll take a gold trophy Well done spazza136
  11. Football Legend Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies) #6,954 11th Feb 2016 8:16:53 PM 2,976 ACHIEVERS 102,539 OWNERS 2.90% ULTRA RARE
  12. They gave Deadlock free for people who got Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault early on. Can't mind if it was for the endless delays for the Vita version which still ended in a mess. Just download Deadlock. Only one worth playing.
  13. Old news but has been no update since they announced it with RE5 supposed to be coming this summer with RE4 in the fall.
  14. Still not impressed by PS2 games on PS4. Be able to play them on Vita would've been nice. I'm sure it would be possible but no one really cares about the vita. PS1 games would've been so much better.