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  1. So I was looking to do this platinum as quick as possible but anywhere I checked it said three playthroughs were needed. You can actually do it in two plus the prison section a third time. For my first playthrough I did it on easy. Did all side missions, collectables & other mis trophies. Second playthrough I played on hard & hard riddle. Went through as quick as I could killing no enemies. Got six grave spots for digging up the past side quest but DO NOT dig up the seventh. Before I went to the boat I saved it beside the seventh & last spot. It's close to the docks with the boat. I used the house for the side quest mirror mirror to auto save the game which is very close to the last dig spot. Now quit the game & back up your save file. Finish the game getting the other two endings. Once done you now quit out & delete your saves & game data. Download your backup save from earlier & reinstall the game. Now you're back just before you get onto the boat to the prison. Dig up the last dig spot to unlock the digging up the past trophy. It might say 1/10 but as long as the trophy still unlocks, you will get the special ending that should be your last trophy.
  2. Don't think I'll bother. Got the PS3 & ps4 100%. Played some of the vr. So everything is basically the same but they added fishing? I mean fishing is something they thought was worth adding to the game? Who the hell ever thought fishing was needed for Skyrim 🎣
  3. Try to find a co-op partner. Can be a bit more difficult depending on team & two players skill level but you seem to get a lot more points for a win now when in co-op.
  4. How many points do you need to get into division 4? 1300 is the answer.
  5. You can track your play time if you have a PlayStation 5. Only tracks times for PS4 & PS5 games. The app PS Trophies can show you your total times. How many times you have played it/average time played each time & when you first & last played that game.
  6. Only way I could get this trophy was to load an old save, bought the taxi place then bought the towing company then I would get a phone call. I tried this method at the end of the game but it would always give me missions for the weed place so I had to load an older save, before I had the weed place.
  7. Beat everyone by 5+ goals with 1 draw and I get placed in division 4?! What a joke of a game.
  8. So I can do up to 29 matches max in squad battles & then do the 5 in rivals?
  9. Can I play squad battles to build a team before I do my placement matches? I thought I seen somewhere you can do you placement in squd battles but it's not recommended.
  10. I know but the severs disconnect often which seems to get worse every year. Got the trophy. I was 80 defender but I only needed one more crossing but nothing would go up no matter how many games I played. Did 40-50. I change to midfield & played games till my passing bar went up full twice. I changed back to a defender, played one game & then I got the trophy.
  11. I'm short on crossing & long pass. Stats weren't moving at all. Messed about with the hight & weight & stats started to go up again. For a really small player, pace kept going up & for a tall player the strength mainly was going up so maybe that has something to do with it. Maybe stats started to go up again because my player was down to 79 overall. Perhaps stats go a hell of a lot slower when your overall is 80? Who knows with this mess of a trophy. Always seems to be one every year in Fifa. I'm now only 1 crossing away to have all the same stats but the servers keep disconnecting so I will hopefully finish it tomorrow. Crazy you can't play offline. It's against the AI!
  12. I saved it everytime before a Nemesis encounter/fight. 1. Just after Drain Deimos. 2. Before the fight on the roof. 3. Before the clock tower fight. (died here with a one hit kill with full health). 4. Biggest gap but just before the fight in the acid chamber. 5. A must save, before the final encounter. I had only unlock the rocket launcher right before the final fight which made it a lot easier.
  13. Can't wait. I really hope they don't dumb the games down and make them easy. I liked that the games were hard (until mastered of course ).
  14. Yes back when PS+ was great.
  15. Ape Escape 2 now available with 25% PS+ discount for the next 7 days. Link to UK store:!/en-gb/games/ape-escape-2/cid=EP9000-CUSA02269_00-SCES508850000001