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  1. I was hoping someone could just help me understand about more about upgrading my ship, what the items do in the shop and just a easy explanation about how to get the best ship. Its the only part of the game i've always struggled with and i've looked online but always got confused! Thanks
  2. Thanks, ive tried contacting but live chats and everything are closed now so guess will have to wait till tomorrow.
  3. First Fluffy wish you a nice Wednesday morning..

    Since the PS4 update I also can't connect online how much  try to reset router ect.

    Or try put a Lan cable in your PS4 to the router; might it work.

    Since fluffy do that; internetconection works on the console again



    1. creepingbecca


      I'm connected through a lan cable usually and that isnt working at all :( dont know what to do!

    2. Chirithy


      Ah okay; that's really bad....

      Maybe your router need an firmware update or sort of?

      Cause then fluffy also had no idea.or a last maybe try to give your ps 4 a static ip adress

  4. Yeah tried also and just says signal might be weak and wont allow me to connect :/
  5. Yeah i've tried all the usual stuff, reading more into it a lot of people are having the same issue and Sony still haven't mentioned anything about this, no apologies at all. There are hacks around it that have worked for some people but why should i have to do that when it was their fault in the first place :/
  6. This sucks so bad its been like this for me since the update and now its Tuesday and i still cant connect and im wired. Its ridiculous.
  7. Since this update i can't connect online. Is anyone else having this problem?
  8. Ive looked at all modules and they all just say Not Owned, nothing says Recommended. Will it only appear if ive download the DLC? Just got the free game atm. No wait i just found it! Thank you
  9. Sorry im probably just going to sound silly here, but im not too sure what im meant to do to get this? I've changed her module and accessories etc but i just think im missing something really obvious? If anyone could help thanks
  10. Disney Infinity 3.0 Platinum Hero Collect every Trophy Finally got round to finishing this, the last trophy i left for ages was get 75 feats and finally got them :3 shame its being discontinued
  11. Thank You for Cooking!! Obtained all trophies of the Hanzo x Crimson Squad pack. Finally! The grind on this one for completing 200 songs was longgg. But all good fun now onto Amnesia: Memories
  12. Almost got advanced player trophy now. Could anyone explain how to get Crystal Flicker and Crystal Allure please
  13. The Photography trophy what exactly do you need to do for this? as ive taken photos of them but nothing has happened, so probably just me being stupid..
  14. Got this a few months ago, got another tattoo booked in for Saturday will post pics up when its done