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    Video Games, Getting Platinum. Completing Games Others Find Hard.
    UFC.MMA.BOXING.WWE. I like to watch Documentaries about Serial Killers and the Earth and about Our History and Dinosaurs, i'm basically into everything, I only play Playstation 4. ;)
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  1. Finally got my 26's platinum :)

    1. RageIsLUV00


      I hav not even got 1 !! Well done to you

  2. Finally got my 26's platinum :)

  3. Finally got my 26's platinum :)

  4. Finally got my 26's platinum :)

  5. I Finally Got The ' GTA V ' Beyond The Stars ' Trophy, It Took Me A Full Day To Find All 50 Missing UFO Parts But I Did :)

    1. StrickenBiged


      The one on the bridge...

      Took me like 2 hours to get it. Kept crashing my heli or missing the jump...

    2. Redalien


      I actually did that one in 1 then fell off the bridge and died.

    3. StrickenBiged


      Good for you! Like I say, I thought it was the worst!

      The amount of times I've dies for forgetting to carry a parachute tho... Hooo boy.