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  1. Insanezombie227 The Last of Us It took me a month to get the platinum in this game I don’t get how that’s too fast
  2. I’ve already got the ranked one now I just can’t find any games for the unranked mode that’s what I need help with
  3. Is there a boosting thread yet for the online trophies because I want to do them as soon as possible because I only really care about the single player
  4. Can you do the bandit technical glitch at level 5 or do you have to get to level 31 to get this because getting in vehicles is different in VR so it doesn’t look possible to do the exploit in this version
  5. Wait if you buy ultimas Richthofen you get the zombies trophy as well or did he have the other characters except for primis Richthofen and then he get the trophy for buying the dlc one