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  1. I confirm checking the Leaderboards from the Extras menu in the main menu makes the trophy pop
  2. Hello!  Big fan of your YT videos.  😀

  3. All the challenges in gold: some are a little tough and take several tries for perfecting
  4. The problem with this game is that there is no upgrades of any kind to help with gathering, cooking, helping out the cafe... everything stays the exact same throughout the game. There is no sense of progression or expansion. The island is way too small. There is never anything new to explore, only every 3-4 chapters a little bit opens up but you can explore it in 5 minutes and it's done. Then you rinse and repeat the same thing you have been doing since the start of the game for the next 30 hours... such a shame. It had potential.
  5. Yeah I finally just got the full sized dragon, wow that took longer that it should... if they paced the exploring better (like one new area per chapter) it would have been so much better... re-exploring the same places for 5 chapters in a row gets old fast.. now I can finally explore everything but I don't even feel like it anymore because it took so long I just want to get it over with :/ cute game though
  6. I'm at the end of chapter 11 and I still can't destroy the larger wood piles, I thought the dragon would grow by now and breathe fire or something, but no... how do you destroy them? and how can you send the dragon to fetch items in the small cave holes now that he's too big? There are a lot up there now that I can fly, but I can no longer go in, so why are they there? Really wanted to like that game but there just is nothing ever happening, nothing new to explore..
  7. I got some trophies while playing but when I sync my account the list doesn't appear and I can't even check the list of trophies on my account. Was it not uploaded to the servers? (nevermind, it looks like the trophies were finally uploaded today)
  8. Except Majin was a good game
  9. which room is the dining room? can't seem to get the trophy although I did open a room that seemed to be a dining room