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  1. PSN ID: PLEXTOR08 Feel free to add me 😃 Hello, good people of the forum! I mostly play single player (J)rpg's and indies but I do have some more mainstream stuff such as Dark Souls 1/2/3, Borderlands 3, Resident Evil 5/ revelations 2 and Remnant: from the ashes. I'll accept any requests as long as you mention that you're from psnprofiles.
  2. PsnID: PLEXTOR08 Feel free to add me, I'll accept anyone. I enjoy some lowkey trophy hunting from time to time and currently need some help with Far Cry new dawn but I'm also up for some casual co-op if anyone wants. Just send me a message if you ever want to play. MP games I have include: Apex: legends, shadow warrior 2, Dark Souls 1,2 and 3, Bloodborne, Dragons Crown, Borderlands: handsome collection, saints row 4, Sniper elite 4 and a variety of indie games.
  3. PsnID: PLEXTOR08 Add me if you like, I'll accept anyone as long as I know you're from here. Hello good people of the forum! 21 year old male from the Netherlands here! I just got Monster Hunter worlds so I'm looking for people to join me for my first playthrough so if you want to play just message me. I spend most time trophy hunting and am overall more into single player games but I'm always open to play or just chat.
  4. ID: PLEXTOR08 Feel free to add me I'll add anyone as long as you let me know you're from here. Hello good people from the forum, 21 year old from the Netherlands here! Like I said feel free to add me in case you want to coop, chat or just expand your friends list. I spend most time trophy hunting and overall play more single player games but I'm open to suggestions if anyone knows of any worthwhile online games this year. Online games I have include: Resident Evil 5, Destiny 1, Dark Souls 2/3, Bloodborne, Dying Light, Saints Row 4 and whatever's on PsPlus at the time.
  5. Dark Souls 3 I have been a complete fanatic of the Souls series ever since the release of Demon Souls but I can't find any trace of amusement in its latest installment. Many fans consider Ds2 to be the weakest of the bunch, and I agree that it's worse than all other games in the series, but I still liked it. I absolutely LOATHE Ds3 though. It removed certain aspects I liked about the past games (like how the past games pushed you to switch strategies and gear all the time), it was too short, too easy(spamming the rolling button makes you completely invincible) and the enemies and locations were even blander than in Ds2. Even playing it online with friends can't salvage it for me.
  6. Feel free to add me: SW-5436-5924-5887. My ID is Plextor17 Just got a Switch along with Splatoon 2 so I want tot expand my friends list a bit. At the moment I only have Splatoon but I'm thinking about getting Arms and Mario Kart 8 soon.
  7. As a kid in secondary school I considered my life to be extremely boring as I couldn't really bring myself to care much about what happened around me. As a result I started thinking about things like life , the world and the people in it. Now that I'm older and again going through a bit of a hardship I realise how important it is to follow a certain philosophy if you want to lead a satisfying life. The title says it all. I'm not sure if it's too heavy of a subject but I'm sincerely interested in what you guys think about the meaning(l/n)ess of life or just philosophy as a whole.
  8. It makes me laugh everytime just because of how random it is 😂 Also the animation is impressive as hell, so smooth
  9. Feel free to add me. I'll accept anyone as long as I know you're from here. PsnID: PLEXTOR08 I spend most of my time hunting trophies so I often play singleplayer but I'm always open to help others with whatever they're doing or just to coop for fun.
  10. I must say that the points you made in your comment got me thinking about some recent Rpg's I've had mixed feelings about. Like I've been playing Shin Megami Tensei 4 as of late but it just doesn't really click with me while I found this other game called ''7th Dragon 3'' much more enjoyable even though the latter is overall considered the inferior game. I guess it's because Smt4 either does something really good (the combat, story and overall setting) or extremely bad (the horrible, HORRIBLE overworld design and bland characters) thus ending up feeling a bit ''meh'' to me, while 7th dragon overall stays in the ''above average'' zone while occasionally doing something amazing. I especially agree with you on ''characters first then a solid story'' a simple story can become much more enjoyable and intriguing when it has fleshed out characters. Naturally, because they are the ones driving the plot forward. What I'm trying to say is you bring up some good points I hadn't really thought about.
  11. The gaming community is very diverse in its opinions, I think we can all agree about that. Everyone has his or her own idea about what aspects are crucial for making a good and memorable game. Things like writing, music, graphics, level design(open or more linear), difficulty, multiplayer etc. I'm curious what quality of a game (or combination of qualities) you guys and gals think is most important in making a great and memorable game. Basically the answer to the question "What does a game really need to pull off for you to enjoy it to its fullest?" I personally think that the amount of exploration and freedom in a game is extremely important. That's why Rpg is my favourite genre. I noticed that I quickly get desinterested in a game when it's too linear or repetitive in its objectives. Besides that I think the combat needs to be top notch. Faults like camera glitches and lag during combat can ruin a game for me even if I like everything else about it.
  12. Personally I think the original Ghost in the Shell would make an awesome game It could be an open world rpg à la Fallout or a more linear shooter.
  13. I've been using the same theme for over a year now. I just love the art style, music and overall atmosphere 😉 "Do you like science?"
  14. Feel free to add me I'll accept anyone as long as I know you're from here. PsnID: PLEXTOR08 Systems: Ps4 and Psvita Blanks: No, please state you're from here I prefer single player games so I don't often play online however I'm open to help with trophy hunting or just coop for fun so feel free to send a message in that case.
  15. 7th dragon 3: Last Attack. The most epic boss theme I've heard in a LONG time. The game is great but the ost is phenomenal. Also: Metal Gear rising: It has to be this way Ys origins: Genesis beyond the beginning Bloodborne: Ludwig the accursed/ holy blade