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  1. Hustle Kings and the Pool/SnookerNation games are decent. Not sure if there are any others out there that aren't super arcadey style games (Like Inferno Pool)
  2. It's generally really fast. I'm not sure what the actual threshold is ( I think it's about 1/5th of the target time - so really, really fast ) - it's been a little while since I've been back in the game - but it's usually 4 minutes or less for most of them from what I remember. Good usage of ziplines & roads will definitely help if you're struggling still. And while doing them with other deliveries is possible, it might be better to just focus on them instead, so you can just straight-up book it.
  3. Tested out Armored Core: Verdict Day recently (Just to play it for old time's sake) Ran into an issue where the game wouldn't let me play online. Mission progress and stats were fine, but it would force me into offline mode (The servers are still up.) Managed to fix it with a little bit of work. Backed up my main mission data, then deleted all of the save data on the HDD. Booted up the game and got signed in, which created some new profile data. Then downloaded my mission data again and that seemed to fix it (NOT the settings/profile data). It did mess up my Team Data, though. Can no longer manage my old team (Or transfer ownership to the new ID), but I could at least rejoin the same team - so the stats and everything are still there, I just can't directly manage anything or delete the team to remake it.
  4. It's a relatively quick motion. I recommend using the analog stick if you aren't already (Way better control over the ship in general). One easy way to get them to come out is rolling the stick in a quick 360 (It could throw off your line a bit, though). I'd only use that for big jumps where you get a lot of air usually. The only other thing is to just practice doing it. Do a time trial on a track that has some jumps and just practice the input - Left > Right > Left, or Right > Left > Right. I don't have much trouble with them, but I've also been playing the series for nearly 30 years - and they were difficult at the start. Even today I still screw up the input and they don't come out, but it's usually down to user error.
  5. I doubt OP levels will be affected too much, it's not a set level - it's a modifier. It doesn't just make enemies/gear level 80 - it makes them +8 levels above you (While you remain the same level). Since the max level is 72, it adds +8 to that, making things Level80 (Or higher, depending - things like the Iron GOD are like level 93/94.) And since it's just a +8 modifier, then they'll likely make it so that it automatically scales with the new cap - effectively making things level 88+. I don't think you'll have to do more runs through Digistruct or anything.
  6. Minor update - saw the image link was broken (I don't host any of my tutorials on my portfolio anymore, but they're still on my deviantART page.) Fixed that, so it should be available again.
  7. FINALLY, the embargo is lifted and I can post my Dead Cells review: http://reviewhaven.x10.mx/review-dead-cells/

  8. I just want to clarify: The trophy itself was never actually glitched. The issue was that tweaks to the physics made it nearly impossible to obtain. The smallest little bump was causing the combo to break, which shouldn't have been happening. Those physics have now been fixed. However - you can still break your combo. That was always a possibility. There are still some spots on the track that can launch your car enough to do so. It'll take a few attempts to get the proper line through it until you hit that last jump. You only have about 43 seconds available from when the "High Speed" trick starts to stay clean, so it's a very tight restriction. You also can't slow down too much as you have to remain around 180 km/h the entire time - that means deccelerating by releasing the gas a bit for that big corner, rather than hitting the brakes. It's not the easiest thing in the game to do, and it's going to take a few runs before you find the line - even if you're following a video guide. Especially if you're using a car that's different to what's shown. Make sure all of your assists are off - especially Auto Brakes, TCS and Stability, as they'll only slow you down. Keep an eye on your speedometer, and don't let it drop below 170 km/h. When coming over a hill, release the gas for a bit and try to angle the car in a way that it keeps contact with the ground over the crest. Avoid dips as best you can and try to stay as much on the pre-driven track as possible.
  9. I know people were having some difficulty with this one recently. Milestone has just released a patch that fixes the problem - your combo will no longer break due to small bumps in the track. I've got a video here that I just recorded and rendered showing the trophy being obtained after the patch (You can check my trophy list to see that I've only just gotten it today.) Took about an hour or so to find the right line through the track, but it works again and you should be able to do it with pretty much any car/truck.
  10. Shout out to Milestone (And Square Enix for helping me get in touch with them) for providing me with a code to review GRAVEL. Meant to post sooner but editing and recording sidetracked me. - http://reviewhaven.x10.mx/review-gravel/

  11. I highly recommend turning off assists for the Smash-Up races if you have them on at all. They slow you down considerably and you don't *really* need them, the game's physics are rather lenient. With them on, I was barely beating any times. Once I turned them off, I was beating them with seconds to spare - and leaving opponents in the dust (Sometimes finishing a full minute ahead of them).
  12. The game is nearly 10 years old. The PC version has more options for controlling visual effects - and had 8 more months worth of work on it. It was the first game using the brand new engine they created, specifically for the next-gen consoles. They didn't really know what they were doing yet, or how much was too much. Games were still doing that "Brown is realistic! Also bloom! And depth of field! All the depth of field!" Seriously - lower your expectations of it and either deal with the blur, or keep playing the PC version. There's nothing else you can do about it.
  13. Nothing about their issue comes from the PS3 being a poor quality device, at all. Their power went out, and when the file check was running, they turned the system off before it was done (due to mistakenly thinking the check was stuck). That would screw up literally any device/OS. They tell you not to turn off the power during things like that for a reason. -- In answer to your question,OP - yes, it is worth it. It's $60/year for 2 games/month per console (2 for PS3, 2 for PS4, and 2 for Vita, with some overlap at times with Cross-buy games.), cloud storage for saves, as well as automatic updates for your games and system firmware. Even if all you play for the entire year's subscription is 3 $20 games (Out of a total 24 games for the year) - it's paid for itself. It's more worth it if you have more than just one system, obviously, but even if you only have the PS3 or PS4 or Vita, it still has value. (IE: This month's games have more than paid for my subscription alone, and I've only really played 3 of them - Just Cause 3, Downwell and Assassin's Creed 4: Freedom Cry.) It's especially worth it since you do plan to get a PS4 - that way you can be building up a library of games to play when you do finally have it (Like I did - I'd built up about 2 years worth of Plus games for PS4 before I actually got the console. Had plenty to play when I finally did.)
  14. They had one a few months ago. ------ Also, the other thing to keep in mind is that PVP in these games almost always ends up being relegated to certain areas after a while - like the opening bridge of Iron Keep in DS2. You're only finding people in the Nightmare Frontier and Mensis because that's where most PVP tends to happen.