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  1. Yes,u can! It's the same playtime as if u pay monthly. The can't lock trophies,unless u are playing FTP starter version! GL!
  2. Update:MADORAS went down!!!! Finaly i beat this guy after so manny tries I tried first with 2 bow and 1 mage but i couldnt do it at all.I ussualy come near the end of the 2nd phase but got killed every time at same spot :(. Then i changed to 1 bow and 2 mages!After that i could go to 3rd phase easy,and after a few tries i funaly did it^^. Micromenagement is a must with items esspeialy in 3rd phase! Tahnks for the great videos of SuperJ and Pappidaddy and help of Brightblade76(he gave me a great tips^^) Now onto rest of the easy trophies(50S ranks,100S ranks,800 dinds,Bounties,50 Rare equipment and GR30).Easy but time consumeing^^ Well on to farming! GL to everyone and Happy New Year^^
  3. Well Wisel went dow quite easy!I use sem stats as for Adolomea but change Gulliana to Granhaltus sword and Radiant guard shield.Fight is quite easy.Just get rid of the two incoruptus(one is werry weak to slash att),and use Strong slash to clear crystals around Wisel.The easyest fight so far of all knights^^ Apex is now open and time to get ready for Madoras^^
  4. I know that proly no one will check this thread but anyway to ask...... For those of us who still wanna do this platinum the legit way and not trough cheat or modding. Does anyone know a good strategy or tips for this fight?I cleared easy all prevoius sections 1-8 from first try but this guy totally whiped the floor with me Im useing +15 mage sets gr26 (orobors and demon king,gondol and demon king ) and weapons+15 (locky,rydara,gigas killer mallet) and glittering bow+5 also,and Heawy set Wierwood and Lucent at +15 mixing them with Dwergar parts +15 also. My knight has Regalia II parts all with Granhaltus sword and Radiant guard shield plus 3 defence gem lV I also can make the highest mallet,just need one netherwyrm scull+ for first one in chain. If anyone have a foolproof tacticks it will be appreciated for all of us who are struggling with this boss. There are bunch of youtube videos for section 6,10 and apex for solo(good one) but none for Adolomea) Thnx in advance and happy hunting to all! Update!!!! Well i did it^^.Beat the sucker in the end^^ Here i will give some tips for others that have a trouble with this section! First if all u need to craft Gulliana mallet for your knight or any mallet that have Barrier crusher skill! Boost your npc-s with fates favor,helleng breeze 2,fortifie+and haste+ at the start of the fight.I used only 2 lifestones on my avatar and npc healer(though no one died luckly^^) Deal with the Pyredeamos rexes first one by one(weak to thrust only) and keep away for your npc that heals you.Use Barrier crush skill on Adolomea also so u can deal some demage to him to! Adolomea will spawn Arc crystals that will deal huge fire demage so use Barrier crash on them(cause this skill has aoe demage also and crystals are weak to strike) As soon as u deal with crystals, concentrate on Adolomea but be aware that he will go berserk with his skills and deal a lot of demage so if u are out of items to heal yourself,keep away from him and strife around him untill your npc heals you. As soon as Adolomea summons another set of crystals around him,use Barrier crush to kill them(2 hits will be enough),and repeat the proces.I use thrust skill on him but u can use any of them if u have enough MP potions. Keep it up and be cautions!After some time he will go down^^ Good luck to all^^ BTW my set up was 1.Avatar Mage with Lokis road+15,Weirwood armor and tassets all at+15 and demon king gloves and shoes all at+15,wisemans ring and duelist chlamys.I change before boss fight to archer(glittering bow+5,and swordsmans ring only) Mage avatar is better going trough floors of Vellgender and deal with lots of bosses! 2.Leonard NPC Bow/healer(HEAL FIRST) with Glittering bow+5,Oroboros robe+15,Dvergar gloves and boots all at+15 and Astrologer pants +15,Scout ring and Ballista Chlamys(u can chane last to for a better parts) I keeo him here mixed mage and light set cause lots of magic demage in this fight! Skills:Blast tip,Dark shot,Healers hymn,spirits hymn,Angels himn,heal III,+Heal lll,heal lV,+heal lV,refresh,uncurse,rise,holy light 3.Yulie NPC MAGE(GO ALL OUT) with Staff of Rydara+15,Gondul cloakand shorts all at+15,Demon king gloves and shoes all at+15,wise-mans ring and white dragon cape Skills:staff strike,mana parasite,soul drain,+liberation prayer,+spirits blessing,Eclipse gate,and divine magic same as Leonard Knight:Galliana,Altar helm ll,Altar armor ll,Drega fist ll,Drega tassets ll,Regina greaves ll,3x Guard gem lV Next for me is section 10,the only Madoras left! Happu hunting and happy holidays^^
  5. Wow that was a lot tries!!! :).Thanks guys for responding.Unfortunately i had to stop farming cause i had really bad luck with those and decide to just go and try to beat those 50S ranks with equip that i had.Im glad that i did,cause i finally got my Platinum last night.Was really tiresome at some point,especially for last couple of items for binding.My marathon is finally over. G.L. to everyone who is trying and dont give up!!!!.Its definitely possible. P.S.Since i already tried wkc 2 long time ago and saw how many break parts Cerberus and other mobs had,i was really mad that they didnt put any for them in WKC1(cerberus ,golems etsc....) Never saw a single Tail+ after 150 cerberus but im guessing it was still to early
  6. Does anyone know(of those who are still playing :), is it possible to obtain Tier 3 items that are 1% drop or lower from mobs in the quest (not in loot box). I know that its possible for some(like dragon heart+),but i know that some are impossible(like dragon sculls+). Traying to farm Cerberus for Fire Beast Tail+ for 7 days and did not get a single drop(was playing 6h per day and only killing 5 Cerberus per run-cause u cannot break them ). So i was wondering is there some kind of items that we cannot obtain at all(so not to waste any time). Thanx in advance!
  7. Better late then neverˇˇ! Thank u werry much for info!Its a big help and works like a charm :)! I got myself to GR10 and building my spears and armor at+10(or as high as i can),after that will be gring to gr11-13 proly for better equip! Still didnt bind anyting except items that i needed atm.Will do that after 10mil pop up. The biggerst problem will be 50-S.Im half way there!
  8. Can someone please,post a video or picture-how and where to glitch Big red in beast served cold 2? I red that he should be stucked at some pillar but im failing to do that,so any help will be appreciated. Also what kind of set up is good to begin grinding him at gr8? I m currently building Dark Marksman bow(+5 atm and will add ice element ) and have whole windwalker set at +5(will proly up it to +10) Since we need to play solo,my main focus is on spear but since bow grind was supposed to be easyer with big rad 2,i wanted to try that. Thanks for answering!