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  1. 18.50, I was totally surprised but I aced the middle and final sector. This was hands down frustrating. Glad to get it over with and on to the platinum.
  2. Hey guys does it make sense buying the game now? I'm interested in the platinum.
  3. The evil within
  4. hey, is this deal still available?
  5. Did you buy the digital deluxe version on psn? Asking because I want to pick it up also.
  6. I would like to be part of this. I have Ys Origins (PS4/ps vita) and Ys memories of celceta
  7. Hi Mate, I appreciate your answer because I'm still interested in getting it! Thanks!
  8. I wanted a new game to play this weekend as I've had a rough week at work and I could't make up my mind on what games to get. The choices are : Driveclub Bikes & Alienation (Both Ps4) or Muramasa Rebirth (Ps Vita)
  9. I'm thinking about picking this title up and was wondering for the sake of the online trophies if people still raced online.
  10. ME1 combat is absolute rubbish...great story tho!!
  11. Thanks Mate...appreciated!
  12. Hey guys in a bout 2 weeks time im gonna buy a new television and I will be investing in a ps 4 pro. Does anyone know if samsung makes good 4k TVs because a friend of mine is recommending LG. The one that I am looking at is linked below and any advice would be helpful.
  13. 😂😂😂😂😂 same here