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  1. I certainly miss those early trophy hunting days. Back before the participation platinums and shameless exploitation madness. My COD World at War trophy set is so gangster that several of those 2008 trophies are missing the timestamps (Sony must have been trying to iron out the wrinkles). Don’t forget about the original Kung Fu Panda platinum from 2008. If you can manage to find a copy, the platinum is still obtainable. *Edit: I’m officially senile, I confused Kung Fu Panda with Kung Fu Panda 2. So, disregard my attempt to contribute.
  2. For what it’s worth, the above link is the most recent article I could find for those wanting some form of an update. Sorry to be the bearer of potentially bad news.
  3. I agree with the guide listing Unravel as a 3/10 in difficulty. In all honesty, it will become a 2/10 difficulty once you get out of your own head and learn from your mistakes. Take a deep breath and relax. Practice makes perfect.
  4. With a quick google search, I was able to see that server closures were announced in March of 2021, for a projected closure date of May 2021. I’m guessing that Ubisoft kept the Far Cry 2 server up past the projected closure date, but I believe that it is safe to write that it is now gone for good.
  5. At this point in gaming, it’s reasonable to believe that purchasing a game on release means you are paying to be a beta tester. Wait for an update or two. These issues will be corrected after the fact. The sad reality of buying at launch.
  6. I recommend to everyone that wants to earn these trophies legitimately to go into your online settings and change your MTU setting to 800. All other settings should remain the same. That way you can get into a solo online lobby and finish these up without the risk of a hacker ruining your time and energy.
  7. Coming from an OG trophy hunter, back when Sony was hit and miss with the time stamps, I believe in the idea that if it’s your profile, then you should make your own rules. No matter how arbitrary. If you want to go for 100% or 1%, no one cares about your profile more than you do. If you want to play games that are clearly made to shamelessly exploit the trophy hunting community, (I’m talking to you My Name is Mayo) it’s your hard earned money and your choice. I choose to 100% because, anything less for me, would be uncivilized.
  8. Are you sure you haven’t been letting someone else earn all of your trophies? I see you were able to auto-pop all of your Death Stranding trophies with the exception of the last three. Each trophy that you need literally has the requirements written right next to them. And they certainly don’t need someone to write a guide for those three. But in case you guys do need it, here is my guide… Death Stranding Director’s Cut Trophy Guide for those three trophies that don’t auto-pop. Difficulty .05 -10 Master BuilderComplete at least one of every type of structure. Trail-blazer Upgrade all structures to the maximum limit. Homo Faber Fabricate all weapons and equipment. 100%. Congratulations.
  9. Nice to see a fellow OG trophy hunter (time stamps date back to the launch of trophies in 2009). Very nice completion percentage, to include a stable of ultra rare goodness. 10/10
  10. Go to your garage and adjust the parameters in your inventory to “certified items”. From here, you can review each of your certifiable items and it will indicate what you need to do in order to rank up that item. Find the item with requirements that are best suited for your play style and rank up that one. The painted item is completely different than the certified item.
  11. Same for me. It reached a point where I had to start making my own. I became fascinated with the idea of turning documentary into fiction. Here is the trailer from my first picture...
  12. Have you tried Amazon? Amazon have a small handful of AK films available, to digitally rent.
  13. It has been too long for me since I remembered my passion for the cinema. Perhaps you and I can write critical reviews on here in the same vein as Godard and Truffaut before they became filmmakers?
  14. You just reminded me of another film that changed how I looked at the cinema... “Stray Dog”, partly filmed on the streets of Tokyo after it was bombed into oblivion after WWII. A story about a detective that has his gun stolen, then leads to his gun being used by the perpetrator in a murder. The detective sets out to solve the case, in brilliant fashion.
  15. So, I originally posted part of this in “Ghost of Tsushima” review thread, but I believe that it is too rich of a topic for it to be buried in there... What is incredible to me is how Akira Kurosawa’s films have inspired so many other works during the past 40 years. Star Wars was a complete rip-off of Kurosawa’s “The Hidden Fortress”, from the plot, dialog and characters. “Seven Samurai” inspired the American Western, ”The Magnificent Seven,” et al. If you know the story of Kurosawa and how the powers that be in Japanese cinema told this master artist that he was no longer a viable filmmaker, leading to his attempt at suicide, I truly hope that “Ghost of Tsushima” will inspire all of us in the gaming community to explore the films of this legendary filmmaker. If I could recommend one of Kurosawa’s films, it would have to “Rashomon”. What makes it so compelling is how it examines the subjective nature of truth. When considering the current state of the world that we live in, one could argue that this film is more important today than ever before. What films of Kurosawa do you recommend? Or, do you plan on watching his films for the first time after playing “Ghost of Tsushima?”