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  1. Instead of arguing any of your points, I will share a personal story. In 2002, I was a film student at San Diego State University and I decided that I wanted to make my first feature length documentary film. It took me an entire year to convince the US Marine Corps to allow me into their closed world of boot camp. I spent over three months of filming for 15-18 hours everyday. It then took an additional year and a half to edit the picture and sound. Once this process was completed, I then understood that the hardest part of making a film is not the production phase. It was the unimaginable task of getting the world to know that the work exists. Fast forward a year later, and I got my break when a legendary Hollywood director invited my film to premiere at his film festival. And five years after first starting the project, I sold my first DVD copy. I then filed for a copyright as the film started to sell at an incredible rate. At one point I was shipping 50,000 copies per year. Needless to write, I was overjoyed because I believed that this success would allow me to reinvest the money into producing and directing more film projects. But all of this quickly disappeared once people started uploading the film to the internet. Because of this, everyone could watch it for free and it completely halted my goal of creating more films. All of my focus and all of my energy was on trying to fight for my creative integrity. Overnight, I lost all of my income and I honestly have yet to recover both creatively and emotionally. And as I write this today, I am still unsure if I will ever find it in me to continue the work that once had been my passion. I find it interesting that people that typically complain about copyright law, are also the same people that have never worked for five years on an intellectual property, just to see it stolen. They believe that by uploading the content, they were doing me some sort of favor. It is in my humble opinion and experience, copyright laws are necessary to protect the intellectual property of the copyright holder. It is their right and their right only to decide the fate of that property. If you spent years of your life developing and creating something with your name on it, would you be okay with people then coming in and doing whatever with your life’s work? To me, it would be no different than building a house with your own blood, sweat and tears, then the day you finally finish, some other guy walks in, lays down a sleeping bag and declares that the house no longer belongs to you and they can do with it whatever they please. And in case anyone was wondering, the name of my documentary is EARS, OPEN. EYEBALLS, CLICK. Thank you for reading.
  2. To make this easier, just make a backup save before you begin. After your first win, leave the table and save again. That way if you fail to win, you can just reload your save. Once you get your second win, leave the table and save again. The final win will come the same way. Abuse the save system.
  3. To each his own. Live and let live.
  4. Without a doubt, Max Payne 3. The New York Minute Hardcore mode has been a thorn in my side since 2012. So much so, the day I actually manage to pull it off, may be the day that I retire from trophy hunting. 230+ platinums and counting... wish me luck.