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  1. Okay good. But everyone else is needed for the gold trophies.
  2. And I mostly definitely will be back to using Gaming With Abyss's size guides again. You have no idea how helpful these are gonna be. Sort of. Son of a bitch. I need to get gold crowns for the scarred Yiang Garuga, Lunastra, Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos don't I? Especially the Rajang who I was trying to avoid. And I haven't unlocked the Brute Tigrex yet. Oh boy. I got my work cut out for this platinum. 😅
  3. 5 more gold crowns to get. All large. Been spending the past day, soon to be 2, trying to get a large Uragaan and to no avail. Can't get it in the Rock and Roll Opera event. Not even with the 2 Uragaans event. Investigation after investigation......NOTHING. Edit: While I've still yet to get the large gold crown for the Uragaan, I did manage to get the Legiana instead. So 4 more to get. Looks like I'll have to be repeatedly play the Rock and Roll Opera event constantly until I finally get the Uragaan. Oh my God, why is this crown such a pain in the ass to get?
  4. PLATINUM #62 Batman: Arkham Origins: Blackgate (Deluxe Edition) The Dark Knight Unlock All Other Trophies
  5. On my end, the enemies hit harder. I only started dying a bit in Act 3. Everywhere else was almost smooth sailing for me.
  6. Nier Automata - Final Words (Platinum): Thank you for playing.
  7. Attempting the 100 trophy boost. Any volunteers?
  8. I've never played Crash Bandicoot or even the Dark Souls series, but really? Crash bandicoot and a dark Souls comparison? Come on. It can't be that hard. I'd love to see these guys try and beat the original Mega Man without dying, then come back to me. And no, even I couldn't beat Mega Man without dying either.
  9. inFamous: Second Son (40)
  10. Spec Ops: The Line and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Beat the game on Hard and Very Hard difficulties. Batman Arkham Origins and WWE 2K14 I hate online trophies, so no. Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell I completely messed up one of the challenges and I might have to restart the whole thing which I am not in the mood to do.
  11. Pukers. Screw those nasty MFers, man. Gave me hell in Dead Space 2.
  12. Strider Master Earn all Trophies in Strider Got it in March, 3 weeks after buying it.