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  1. Called it. I knew the mini crown for the Blackveil Vaal Hazak wasn't gonna take long. 😁 Three attempts, techincally, and I got it. 67th platinum. Woot. And it was just as I said. Ruiner Nergigante long sword Full Blackveil armor Full wide range stats Full miasma resistence (I forgot I had that stacked in that set) Full speed eating A lot of max potions, potions, powders and nullberries just in case anyone who answered my SOS flare didn't come prepared. First one was with 2 players. Made sense. I could keep an eye on one person and make sure they don't get carted (kinda didn't work 😅) The mini crown was with 4 players. I had way too much fun with that one than with the first which was clearly a larger one. Either way, I'm glad I saved Blackveil Vaal Hazak for last. I love that elder dragon. Him, his regular version, Namielle and Teostra.
  2. I'm good. The only monsters that annoyed me were the mini Yian Garuga and the Shrieking Legiana. Nightshade Paolumu and Glavenus are two examples of monsters that took a while to get both of their crowns, yet they were fun fights. The Shrieking Legiana was not fun. Nah, man, I could take on the Blackveil Vaal Hazak or I could call for assistance (I.E: let others come in who need crowns for this guy) and with the armor set I have in mind (full Blackveil armor, Ruiner Nergigante long sword, max wide range charm) to make it go quicker and be more fun. Blackveil Vaal Hazak is my favorite elder dragon, next to Namielle but she was the first monster whose crowns I got all of, and nothing can be done to make me hate him. Not even a B.S. RNG.
  3. Okay. I see. Game decided to be a dick with me. 😠 All of the time I went after Beotodus and Viper Tobi-Kadachi with no luck whatsoever. I got frustrated and went after the Barioth first, who was a massive dick throughout the fight, followed by the Shrieking Legiana who was a COLOSSAL dick. After all of this time trying to get that large gold crown.......NOW. NOW it gave to me after I took out the Barioth first but not before it kicked my ass. Screw this, I only have the mini Blackveil Vaal Hazak left to get with 24 investigations chances left. Not even that elder dragon should take THAT long. AND he's a fun fight as well. One of my favorite monsters in Iceborne. I.E: you should've seen the look my hunter had on the end screen when I returned from the quest. Her face pretty much resembled mine having to deal with that annoying blizzard canary for so God damn long.
  4. One hundred. One hundred SHRIEKING LEGIANA AND I COULDN'T GET A LARGE GOLD CROWN. I hate this monster, man. F**king hate it.
  5. High rank expeditions in the Wildspire Waste or Elder's Recess with the researcher buff to get more investigations for her.
  6. Now, RNG, you listen to me. You forced me to fight 96 Shrieking Legiana and all I got was a mini crown. Every monster other than, at least, one or two NEVER took me over 50 during my Iceborne run but this is annoying. I don't care how many Viper Tobi-Kadachi or Beotodus I kill. I will make them extinct until you give me my God damn large gold crown.
  7. Wow. It only took me 4 successful hunts of a Furious Rajang to get what I wanted out of it, with extra Rajang parts at my disposal in case I wanna get an alpha or beta armor piece? Especially with random teammates? Maybe I should've gone after Furious Rajang first instead of the Raging Brachydios. In no way am I saying that Furious Rajang was easy cause he wasn't. One or two attacks will catch you off-guard especially if you use range weapons. But the time it took me to get what I needed out of the Furious Rajang, including the Rajang Heart, was way less than with Raging Brachy. Maybe it's because you can catch it as opposed to being forced to kill it.
  8. Yeah, Scarred Yian Garuga investigations are a pain to get. It's even worse when you finally get one and neither crown drops. I got lucky with mine. RNG gave me a mini crown on my second successful hunt.
  9. Wow. I'm hellbent on taking down the Raging Brachydios and holy hell that thing's strong. Especially one attack that always gets me. EDIT Never mind. Finally took one down. The armor looks sweet and some of the weapons are very tempting. Blast element is my least used among all of them but I'm willing to change that. The special mantle for it though is what worries me. 2ND EDIT Took an entire evening/night session of trial, error and random teams but I got the Immortal Reactors I needed to fully complete my Raging Brachy armor and the long sword (God damn the long sword looks beautiful). I need one last part to fully clothed my cat but that will be for another time.
  10. Lunastra and Deviljho weren't necessary for the base nor was the Stygian Zinogre. I highly doubt the Furious Rajang and Raging Brachydios are required for the platinum.
  11. Okay seriously. First off, why are people crown hunting the master rank Lunastra? Go. For. The high ranked one. She's much easier, especially with master rank armor and weaponry, and a hell of a lot less stressful to deal with solo......especially when the game randomly drops you away from camp......and she's either right in front of you or right behind you as you scramble to down a cool drink. Unless you want master rank armor, be my guest, but the crowns? High rank is the way to go. Go on an expedition in either the Wildspire Waste and Elder's Recess. Kill as many monsters or find as many monster tracks as you can under HIGH RANK. Eat something with the researcher buff to increase the amount of investigations you get and check to see if a good Lunastra investigation appears. Both of my crowns came from the high ranked one, easily.
  12. Banbaro, Uragaan, Brachydios, Azure Rathalos and Seething Bazelguese
  13. Took me 5 attempts but I finally got the large gold crown for the Brachydios. 2 more to go. LOOKING AT YOU, SHRIEKING LEGIANA.
  14. I joined master rank Lunastra investigations solely to create a master rank version of my high rank Lunastra armor. Just like I did with the Teostra armor. Suffice to say that armor set has saved me and several teams during my Iceborne run. Gold Rathian runs, Silver Rathalos runs, hell the Savage Deviljho mini crown that I needed would've been lost if I hadn't chose my Lunastra armor. Max wide range and earplugs for the win. She also appears in the Elder's Recess but I had no luck with crowns there. All 2 came in the Wildspire Waste. I've literally hunted 95 of these stinking Shrieking Legiana to no avail with the large gold crown. It took me 15 hunts to get the Seething Bazelguese crowns and over 50 for the Tigrex, Viper Tobi-Kadachi, Nightshade Paolumu and Glavenus. But the last 2 were fun fights. I hate this Shrieking Legiana. At this point I'm desperate to take anything. I guarantee I'm gonna get the large gold crown for Brachydios on my first 3 attempts, probably my very first, and there's no way the mini gold crown for the Blackveil Vaal Hazak can be that tedious. The Shrieking Legiana, man. Can't stand it now.