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  1. Heavier than Love Live? I am so ready~ I actually downloaded the game right a few days ago and I am having a blast with it. I found out about the free 10+1 yesterday, and I got 10Rs, lol. But I can't complain too much since my luck has been decent so far. My second gacha tickets pull got me an SSR. Glad to know 20% isn't a lie unlike SIF, heh. Hope you get your Tenn SSR soon! Gaku is my favourite and he's the reason why I fell into IDOLiSH7 hell. I was browsing an online anime store, I saw his merch and that was enough to convince me to immediately watch the anime. My second favourite is Ryuu, and he's been generous recently...and I feel so grateful to him for that. --- Something WW SIF-related here, dataminers have dug up the next event: Since I gave up on tiering for both Bunny Nico and Rock Nozomi, looking at the banner makes me feel guilty. I don't hate Score Match that much though, so maybe I'll be motivated to tier this time? The struggles of having more than one best girl is real. Another interesting thing to note is that, starting with Umi, birthday packs will be a thing:
  2. No problem! I hope you don't give up on Kanan either! I've had this experience before, actually. Prior to this year, I didn't have that many Dia or Kanan cards and I've always been upset about that. Guess the duo suspected something and now they won't leave me alone, lol. Nico and Dia are my second best girls too. Nice to see someone share the love for these two~ Did somebody mention IDOLiSH7?! >< I don't play the game (yet) but I just caught up with the anime and I'm in love. Something game-related, I finally FC'd NicoPuri after 21 tries...which means I finally completed my goal of getting S combo for all Muse Expert songs (until they release the remaining songs that is). Took me a while but...are you proud of me, Nico-chan?
  3. The fastest way to complete a chapter is to head straight for the key mission which is marked with an orange scroll. Do bear in mind that the fights are quite tough if you skip all but the key missions, so playing on a lower difficulty and/or having a strong weapon should make your runs more efficient. Good luck!
  4. Holy crap, your Pure team has a lot of potential to become quite the beast, actually. I do hope you get more cards soon though~ If only we could. I could definitely trade you at least five or six of my 3rd Year Pure SRs, lol. But thanks! I can't see myself saving 25 tickets, honestly. You have some intense self-control. I saw you get another one of her SRs. It seems like she's pretty intent on trying to redeem herself. 8 U seals? That's impressive. It looks like the 3rd Years Smile PL curse has infected you too, lol.
  5. You seem to be attracting a lot of Pure 3rd year SSRs...I think the game wants you to build a 3rd Years Pure team, lol. Which is honestly not a bad idea since you have Halloween Kanan and she's really OP. I'd love to take Angel Kanan off your hands (if only I could). One of my goals is to complete the Angel set and I'm only missing Kanan and Riko. If my luck is any indication...it'll be a long while until I can accomplish that. It definitely is. I somehow lucked out and was able to sneak into score T1 without any bonuses which is why I was so intent on grinding the Cool spot until I get T1W and a score-up bonus so I can at least secure my spot. I'm still hanging on at the edge of T1, but I'll be kicked out eventually. But since I gave up, I can't be bothered anymore. Also it's funny how the two new (really fun) events kinda suck in terms of trying to aim for a good spot in the score tier. If it makes you feel any better...I haven't gotten a UR from a BT...at all. Because of my luck, I prefer to ignore the 5BT one and focus on the 10BT. It's statistically the worst box to spend on but I really don't need anymore SRs. I have too many that I don't need, but the collector side of me is preventing me from throwing them away for seals. Also, if I were you, I'd keep Momijigari Riko since I personally thrive for scorer SSRs. But an SS sticker is nice too especially if she doesn't fit your teams.
  6. Oh my mistake, I meant I wasn't sure if playing his chapters unlocked any battle entries for me. Prior to playing his story, I completed Yuanji's which is why I wasn't so sure if it did. I believe playing Deng Ai's story is an alternative to unlock Wen Yang, but I can't say for sure since I personally used Zhong Hui.
  7. Thanks! My last 10+1 scout was when I tried for Momijigari Dia, but instead got Job Dia back-to-back. Now, two weeks later, Circus Kanan showed up. Seems like I'm always cursed by something in this game, lol. It's funny that RNG works like that, huh? I remember attempting to get Halloween Yoshiko (and got Initial Chika instead). Is the Fallen Angel now your best Aqours girl? Can't lie as much as I'd love to continue, I have no love gems + zero motivation to continue my grind to T1. I haven't even unlocked the Pure challenge spot. I've been mindlessly grinding the Cool spot, but Thrilling One Way keeps avoiding me so I can't get a higher score. At this rate, I may get knocked off my first score T1 too... orz
  8. Since I don't scout very often, I farmed some gems and decided to scout in the Aqours 3rd Years step-up box. "At least I'll get a blue ticket..." Uh what? The 3rd years PL curse is real. I also scouted in the Aqours support box expecting Cotaro to show up (since he never leaves me alone) but surprise! Shima shows up instead. I'm gonna face a UR drought, I know it.
  9. It's one of the early Wei battles and I got it from Cao Cao's story. I meant to put the characters that I used, but I somehow totally forgot about it. So these are the characters' stories I've attempted: Wei - Cao Cao, Zhang Liao Wu - Sun Jian, Zhou Yu, Zhu Ran, Sun Ce* Shu - Fa Zheng, Yueying, Zhang Fei*, Jiang Wei* Jin - Sima Yi, Zhang Chunhua, Sima Shi, Wang Yuanji, Zhong Hui* Others - Zhang Jiao, Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shao* Those marked with * I've only played for several stages and I've yet to complete them. I used Sun Ce to unlock Battle of Xiangyang; Jiang Wei for Xiahou Ba's Journey; and Zhang Fei for a majority of the early Shu battles against Lu Bu. Not sure if Zhong Hui or Yuan Shao unlocked anything for me though. Also something interesting to note is that the entry for the Battle of Ruxukou only pops up after the Battle of Hefei, which I believe they call "Another Battle at Ruxukou" or something similar. So if you are missing both Hefei and Ruxukou, I suggest going to Wu's story instead and playing someone like Zhu Ran instead since his story covers until the end of Wu's chapters. Prior to using Zhu Ran, I tried to get both entries as Zhang Liao but sadly he only unlocked the Hefei one for me. I honestly kept repeating the late Wei/Jin story in Free Mode. It's honestly not the most efficient way, but eh...it gets the job done. If you want quicker kills, I'd recommend creating a musou-based build for your character and spam your musou at large crowds of enemies to kill things faster, then replenish your musou using items, and then rinse and repeat. I did this for both Yueying and Zhu Ran since their musous are...interesting.
  10. Here's the list of all the battle entries in the encyclopedia: Yellow Turban Rebellion Battle of Liang Province Ten Eunuchs’ Rebellion Escape from Luoyang Battle of Hulao Gate Battle of Xiangyang Uprising at Chang’an Battle of Changshan Battle of Yan Province Battle of Xu Province Battle of Puyang Battle of Dingtao Imperial Escort Assault on Xiapi Conquest of Wujun Battle of Shouchun Battle of Wan Castle Battle of Xiaopei Battle of Xiapi Defense of Xu Province The Little Conqueror in Peril Battle of Guandu Battle of Mt. Bailang Battle of Xinye Battle of Changban Battle of Chibi Battle of Nanjun Battle of Tong Gate Capture of Chengdu Battle of Jing Province Battle of Hefei Battle of Ruxukou Battle of Mt. Dingjun Battle of Fan Castle Battle of Yiling Battle of Guangling Battle of Tianshui Battle of Jieting Battle of Shiting Battle of Chencang Invasion of Hefei Battle of the Wuzhang Plains Battle of Xiangping Battle of Mt. Xingshi Coup d’état Xiahou Ba’s Journey East Gates Battle Struggle at Hefei Battle of Mt. Tielong Guanqiu Jian & Wen Qin’s Rebellion Zhuge Dan’s Rebellion Wei Emperor’s Last Stand Battle of Taoyang Battle of Jiange Taking of Chengdu Hopefully I didn't miss anything. Feel free to let me know if I did or if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help.
  11. Actually no, you don't have to play as every single character to get this trophy. I can safely say that since I've been picky with whom I play as and I just got the trophy. I'll list those battle entries here once I'm done with the 100k grind.
  12. That's true. I actually technically have a "shrine" of the Muse Third Years since I have dedicated an entire section of my Detolf for those three. Sadly none yet for my Aqours Top 3, working on it though. Something game-related here, my Cool team managed to score 937k for Super Love=Super Live! and I'm quite happy about that. Almost to 1 million~
  13. The LL girl I have the most merch of is Nozomi and I have 5 of her figures, which is still not a lot. I have a few slots open so I added you, my IGN is Manuchan~
  14. Idol Costume Honoka is a lovely card. She's also a healer so she can help your team scores if you put a Heal SIS on her. Sadly, Job Dia is a perfect lock so her skill won't get me far in terms of scoring, but regardless, I am really really happy that I have another Dia UR~ And yes, I do love her a lot, she was third in my Aqours list prior to my scout but I swore to myself if I get her (Momijigari) UR, I'd make her my second best Aqours girl. Whilst that specific card didn't come home...I did pull 2URs, 1SSR and 2SRs of her yesterday so it felt wrong not to give her the spot, lol. KLab...more Cool 9/6 3rd Years please so I won't suffer. I haven't actually, and it's really not that impressive. I don't have a lot of merch (in general) so it's just a plush, a badge, a pinch strap and an acrylic keychain that lights up.
  15. Momjigari Dia is here and I need her for my Cool team terribly. I did several ticket pulls and 4 10+1's and she didn't come home. *sighs* But this was interesting... Job Dia? Twice in a row? I feel so happy and utterly disappointed at the same time. Rate-up is a cruel mistress. My mini Dia shrine seemed to work though, I got a bunch of Dia cards including Wonderland Dia, so she'll be useful for my Cool team.