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  1. From what I've seen, even the base Green Guardian (or maybe the level 1 Green Guardian?) gives 1 extra turn, and it seems that all extra turns after that come in increments of 20 levels. In any event, if you want to join a guild mainly for that purpose, it might be more helpful to look towards joining an already well advanced guild? Since you can only get so much task XP per week from what I understand about guild EXP, it would take a long time to build up enough for all the extra turns from a fresh guild. Even a single turn can be extremely helpful, of course. Depending on luck and your skill with the minigame, you can get many extra turns in a row- I only have 9 turns at the start with my guild, and a REALLY lucky game was generous enough to let me get 2 vaults. Keep an eye for possible combos and you can drag out the worth of a single turn much, much farther than just one more move.
  2. Wish you a nice Sunday morning Mister moth!

    Bildergebnis für cute anime moth

    1. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Those moths are really cute. :D 

  3. Honestly, I can't help ya there. The most I could do is impose my own opinions on you, which isn't all that great given my experience with Fire Emblem is very limited compared to most fans (Finished Awakening, played Sacred Stones and Radiant Dawn, and... dat's it). However, there IS a button in the poll to randomly choose a Hero to vote for. So you have that option! If you'd rather not, though, the most I can recommend is look up whichever game looks the most interesting to you, do some research, and figure out a good candidate from there.
  4. The voting DOESN'T require a Ninty account, actually. You just get a bonus to your account if you use it, but nothing stops you from voting otherwise. By the way, the available roster to vote from in the poll? Literally every Fire Emblem character of even vague noteworthiness. All of them. From all of the games. My main picks thus far are L'Arachel and Gaius. Have fuuuuunnnnnnn~
  5. Wow, I've not completed any games in a while... mayhaps that could change with KH0.2? >_>

  6. I'm back, b****es
  7. Look, man. For a human, you look strong. Like, REALLY strong. I just don't expect it to be a fair fight if you go up against a monster a few dozen feet tall.
  8. My NAME is King Trophington the IVth, and you will address me as such, peasant
  9. Yeah I like waffles Do you like pancakes?
  11. Sick Rib Ping A tool used by surgeons to notify others of rib cages in ill condition
  12. Granted. They release a list of the English localized names of every video game they have yet to release outside of Japan. They still aren't releasing the actual games, only their titles. I wish I had an opportunity to fight the strongest person alive! Without the risk of death or injury.
  13. Kikosho
  14. Finishing the story of Lego Dimensions bumped me up to Level 15! Nice~

  15. Spin 2 Win