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  1. Yeah don't worry, you will get plenty of 30ft+ putts later on
  2. Wait you can lose your golf level? Damn
  3. #12 - Plants vs. Zombies The Complete Zombie You've won every trophy, climbed every mountain, defeated every zombie, planted every plant. Congratulations! I took my sweet, sweet time.
  4. The trailer is just out, the game looks very good:
  5. Yeah, that's all those Sony reps laughing because Youtube downvotes really don't fucking matter. Most of the customers will keep their PS+ sub active anyway.
  6. So, somebody hacked PlayStation Store?
  7. Weaveworld by Clive Barker. Loved his other book Imajica, so far loving this as well.
  8. Personally, I quite like Stories from that review. The game may surprise a lot of people, similarly to The Deadly Tower of Monsters this month. Invisible, Inc. on the other hand... not my cup of tea I'm afraid.
  9. Probably the same reason the picture was leaked - a mistake made by someone who is responsible for upcoming December PS+ announcement
  10. Don't be so sensitive man, lol. It's no cliché that Asians are inclined to have more determination and are better suited for grindy and/or rhytm games than average Westerner. I meant that as a compliment, not offense.
  11. Taken from this thread, there is a high probability of two games: Invisible, Inc. PSNP game profile Metacritic Video: Stories: The Path of Destinies PSNP game profile Metacritic Video: Thoughts?
  12. I would say it's well worth it, even if you don't enjoy jRPGs or visual novels. There were literally dozens of amazing games released over the 5 years Vita exists - see here. You have to ask yourself if you want to spend $200 to play those games.
  13. Bought: Hitman GO Sound Shapes Ultimate Bundle ARCADE GAME SERIES 3-in-1 Inside Peggle 2 For approx. €22. Great value, great sale.
  14. I like Tearaway Unfolded theme the most, it's free... and soothing