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  1. I'm really looking forward to this one, but wasn't expecting to see an 'all platinum relics' trophy, if they are in the same level of difficulty as the previous ones, this is for sure the hardest Crash platinum so far. The trophy art looks amazing, can't wait until friday to start this seemingly long journey.
  2. Haven't played this one myself yet, watched a ton of speedruns tho and this 2h time seems totally possible. The video gives a nice idea of how broken some fights can be when using the right setup/strat. I see this one getting lifted if those are the only complaints.
  3. Maybe now the game actually runs and you can play it at more than 5 fps, crazy stuff.
  4. The plat actually takes ~40 minutes to grind the fruit minigame, but this is how I got a < 2 min completion: Just farm the berries without getting any trophies (stop before completing the 'deliver 100' quests). Don't buy any repairs aswell, just so you avoid their trophies. Do this until you have enough berries to complete every quest in one go. When you have everything set up, you'll be one choice away from the ending(s), which can all be gotten by creating a save before it.
  5. I've just had my four win streak ruined by that hoarders team game twice. Feels so bad, but I hope it's happening anytime soon, you're basically playing against the odds here, don't stress too much and be aware that your streak can be destroyed at any point if you get very unlucky, getting attached to it will just make you more nervous towards the finals, obviously do your best to qualify into them, that's very important to be kinda consistent on.
  6. The P rankings are done in the run 'n gun levels of the game (6 ones), pretty sure no trophy requires you to get A ranks on those. A- does count for the A trophies.
  7. You are currently flagged for 1 game. You will not be included in the leaderboards or any lists of achievers. You can hide up to 2 flagged games total to be reinstated on the leaderboard. You are currently flagged in: Jisei These games can be disputed: Jisei • Reason: All trophies achieved in 14 seconds. Jisei lol my time is 14 minutes, not seconds what the actual fuck rly 🙃
  8. There are some Rata games that share lists between EU and JP, Foxyland is another one iirc, discovered it the hard way.
  9. Since the game was already out on PC, most glitches which make the speedrun faster (clipping through walls using objects etc) will probably come already patched, therefore the 30 min run will require some practice with the puzzles for sure, unless some exploit around it is found. Other than that, seems like a pretty straightforward list, wasn't aware it was coming to consoles. It's a very nice puzzle, check it out if you enjoyed games like The Witness.
  10. I'm really surprised people actually care about the legitimacy of the frame in which the platinum screenshot was taken lol It's been said that the developers can set the trophy screenshot's triggers themselves and those don't need to be the exact moment the requirement is fulfilled (lots of loading/blank screens), they can choose specific moment of the following cutscene, for example. If they don't do so, I don't see why it would be "wrong" (??) to delay it a few secs to at least show something on screen.
  11. Super Mario 64 is probably my favorite game ever and the one that introduced me to what speedrunning was, this game is pretty much the precursor of it. The community effort to optimize stuff here has been insane and the recent world records are a product of 20+ years of shared discoveries along those, every minute barrier broken is a community achievement, this is by far my favorite part about it: even though there are rankings to list the 'best' runners of each game, no person would ever come up with all the knowledge by himself, you need each other to make progress and test stuff. The main category and my favorite one is the one where you collect all 120 stars in the game, the World Record as of today is 1:38:43 by Liam (it was broken last month). Cheese, Simply, Liam, Dowsky and Akki are probably my favorite ones to watch, not all of them run 120 star tho, since there are other shorter categories, I recently started learning 16 star myself, in which Akki, a Japanese player, recently broke the last (we guess??) minute barrier, achieving the first ever sub-15 minute run. In shorter categories, runners can take more risk since you're not almost 2 hours into the run, this makes some stars much, much harder because you want to cut off as many frames as possible when going for WR nowadays, it's really a piece of art. As mentioned, I also speedrun some of my favorite (mostly indie) games and had my own personal journey to achieve a sub-20 minute run in Super Meat Boy as a personal goal, which I got at the start of this year, and lowered it to a 19:41 since I switched from PS4 to PC, just because it has some minor advantages that make it some seconds faster overall, like automatically skipping the replays. I still want to lower this one quite a bit when I go back to grind it again, probably going for a sub-19. The WR for this one is insane as well, standing at a 17:26 by Matte that couldn't be beaten even by it's own holder yet, it's a very solid one gameplay-wise, with the game's RNG in his favour to finish up an almost unbeatable run. To finish it up, I also speedrun Titan Souls, and got into this one because of the 20 minute speedrun trophy. While searching for strats I found the game pretty fun to run, and after the platinum I started playing a little bit with the tricks and setups, back in 2016. But it was only about ~7 months ago that I started learning the crazier stuff because there were two upcoming marathons in which I wanted to run my games on, so I really started putting more time and effort into Titan Souls, in which my best run still had plenty of mistakes at that time. My personal best in this one today stands at 12:17, while the WR is an 11:34 by 99centbread. The interesting part of this one is a frame-perfect trick (named riskyskip lul) that let's you skip boss kill animations (closing the game is not allowed), and was discovered 3 years ago by Goliath, one of the most active guys in the community and former WR holder, he uncovered quite a lot of stuff and helped a lot of people understanding some strats, including me. This trick in particular is the "make or break" of the any% category (just beat the game as fast as possible), because if you fail it, the run is pretty much over, but it's required to get a really low time, and the WR does it four times 🙃. For instance, in my PB I did it 'only' two times. Every boss have a slightly different time for you to push the button and make it work, it can get really frustrating, which makes me quit for months sometimes, but I always come back at some point. Just to mention, these speedrunning marathons are pretty much always beneficent, there are quite a few different ones with multiple editions per year and there's actually one going on right now, raising money for Save The Children's Corona Relief (It's being done in online format for obvious reasons, but they're usually presential). Also If you like speedrunning, look into communities, there are lots of discord servers dedicated to speedrunning specific games, where people usually help each other, theorize stuff or simply chat, it's a really nice environment from my experience, even if you just watch it. For those not very familiar with it, you can easily find runs of pretty much any game that someone ever minded to play fast here, as well as ways to get in touch with the countless communitites. And as already mentioned, there are people creating full 'documentaries' about the progression of various speedrunning world records, Summoning Salt does a really great job at it.
  12. I think there's a possible glitch in the POWGI series, in which trophies stop popping, or for some reason just take longer and pop together. My first 4 trophies in this one (Epic Word Search Collection US stack) are a second apart (the ones for using the hint and finding the first word took several seconds to pop). It has happened to me on another POWGI game and I believe it has something to do with being logged into PSN and/or offline when playing it, so just a warning. The other game I mentioned was 'One Word', where pretty much 20ish trophies popped at the same time (I didn't notice they were not unlocking), but when I went to check my trophies, I got the 'Failed to sync' message, just to notice my internet was down (so I was able to delete my user in time and re-earn them later), that's why I believe it plays a role. Make sure you're online/logged while playing these, not sure about other people reporting this already.
  13. ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

  14. There will until the 30th I guess. Don't erase your saves, you can't get the reward popup back once its gone, just wait for the next one.
  15. You don't need that many of them, I was able to take down full teams with only one level 100 character every time, you give massive damage and their attacks are very weak (you have tons of HP aswell).