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  1. You can actually also get every collectible in the game without ever buying the helicopter or wharever, and therefore without backups. You can just punch and break the blocks on the left side of the collectible to climb them and reach it, a bit tricky but totally doable, I did that way in the Ps5 stack.
  2. I've only played this game on PS5 and most of my crashes were on bosses, probably 80% of them. I don't think there's really a way to prevent it, eventually the game decides to let you finish the thing, I even got a crash on the very last fight, really dumb...
  3. jokes on you, I spend a huge monthly 0$ on these
  4. Yes I know, and that's why I never bought a single one of those, and if anything I'm helping to lower their sales because a lot of people also don't buy them directly. But then you're implying that I should stop my thing altogether because a few idiots got their hands on a devkit and started spamming this stuff years after I started trophy/leaderboard hunting, which just isn't very fair also I don't think I'd check the whole list for addiction, because there are many things related to gaming that I enjoy doing besides this, so I could just change my focus if this bothered me that much, but like I said I can still find enjoyment, otherwise I'd have stopped already. I might soon, who knows, I just think it'd be cool to crack into the top10 all by myself, so I might do that before retiring from the competitive aspect of it.
  5. I and many others who actually complete them do care, maybe you assume that everyone playing these games are supporting them and looking for more, when in fact a big portion would love to see these spam devs gone. You obviously have no reason to care because you don't play them. It would be weird if you cared since it doesn't affect you by any means. But there is a good amount of people who would partake more or even care at all about leaderboards if these weren't a thing. I got a PS4 in 2015 with one of the main intentions of completing stuff and chasing leaderboards, and I can safely say it has become much less enjoyable the latest years now that I can easily get 200 platinums a month even tho I already have thousands. It's still enjoyable because I can always complete games I actually care about, but It was better before these weekly spams were a thing and I don't think it's that hard to fix.
  6. Yea, but like I said it's the bare minimum to probably not get rejected as a sellable game. You don't need to analyse things like a robot, you can look into the actual thing and realise it's an asset flip, but still, like you said it's A game. One game. Not a weekly release or 300 versions of it sold every week. I can see you haven't played any of them and don't care like you said, so you might now know these are pretty much identical copies sold weekly, many of them not being crossbuy or charging more for specific versions. It's not promoting trophy hunting aswell, it's making their games obligatory to anyone seeking leaderboards, which is really damaging long term when you start having thousands of them. I'm not talking about Ratalaika, Eastasia and many others who even tho abuse the stack system, are still selling real games that are facilitated by in-game cheats or just a really simple trophy list. I'm only refering to those games that are made only around the trophies.
  7. I love how bad the "if people don't buy them, they wouldn't exist" line of thought is. These minute plat shovelware games are created with the only purpose of exploiting the trophy system, so for those really tryharding their plat count, it doesn't really give them that much of an advantage after a while, because everyone next to them on the LB's are also completing those, it just becomes the bare minimum to not be in disadvantage. With that in mind, even if everyone who's actively playing these right now agreed and stopped, there would just be new people now going for them, it would just change the public to whom they become an advantage on the boards. There's no shot at some point everyone will just agree and completely ignore the obvious giant exploit these ''devs'' have created in the 'trophy game'. And in my biased opinion you can't really blame them, chasing those top spots can be quite fun and rewarding even while playing some good amount of garbage, but it can quickly turn into an unhealthy habit and also take a lot of your valuable time. Just human beings turning everything they do into a fucking job/chore as always, happens all the time, I wonder why Anyways, hoping that nobody will touch these shovelwares is not realistic and therefore it's only due to Sony themselves to realise their cheap and damaging intention and prevent them from ever releasing on the store to begin with. Or at least it should be... Even though I highly doubt Sony is making huge money out of these 0.99 - 2 bucks games (which makes me question even more why don't they just do something because a clean store and system is much more valuable than that) they don't really look like intervening anytime soon, so we are just doomed forever with the endless trophy spam, oh well. Or are we? I think sometimes we don't realise how much power communities detain, these devs rely solely on PSNProfiles and other trophy websites with leaderboards to sell their so called 'games'. The majority of people who are really into trophy hunting never uses PSN to check anything related to trophies, since dedicated websites like PSNP make such a better job. PSN is not really important for trophy hunters except for providing the info displayed here. But there's nothing preventing PSNP to filter that data instead of just replicating it. Now there might be a few problems with that idea and for sure someone has already suggested something along those lines before, so how would you draw the line of what games should be displayed or not? And my solution to that is quite simple, you don't. As someone who knows every single one of these games, I know for a fact that even tho the mess looks gigantic (and it is), it's really just a small number of "developers" creating stuff that can barely be considered a game (Honestly, some of these just make the bare minimum for it to appear like a game if you just glance at it, but if you actually look at it for more than 5 seconds you'll realise you could probably speedrun that game's development in under ten minutes). So you could just prevent said developers from appearing on the site, instead of looking at each game individually. I could @ around 10 spam-publishers and 90% of the shovelware is instantly gone. We know clearly who are the ones exploiting the system and I think it's only fair that a dedicated website does something about it instead of hoping Sony rectifies it someday. Isn't someone here always putting region tags in these games? Just change their task to vanishing them instead, sign me up for it if needed. I guarantee you that if these games stopped appearing here, in no time they wouldn't be releasing on PSN anymore, not at this rate.
  8. how do you unlock 'books are fun' in 1.00? I've done it 10+ times now and the game crashes every single time as soon as I convert the final duck, just before ending the round and probably unlocking the trophy, no idea what to do. Edit: tried on both ps4 and ps5 (1.0), deleted save files, reinstalled the game and just tested dozens of different little things, the game just crashes every time shorty before the round ends, can't think of many more options tbh... I really dont understand how anyone got it on 1.00
  9. This is not grindy at all Being a smash clone means you're not limited by a lifebar or stuff like that, rounds can always be over within seconds, so even if you're not good at platform fighters those matches will be easily boostable in a few hours. They would really need to mess up the online/rematching for this to take long
  10. these trophies make no sense, you just need to restart the game a few times, each one being a 'sortie' (????) just wait a few seconds for the 'stage 1' text to disappear and restart it.
  11. Congratulations for #1 country rank, not a easy task. Btw you have some pretty rare trophies.

    1. LucasDiasC


      Thanks man :wave:

  12. Yes, every single trophy pops for both players Only the host keeps a save file tho
  13. Cloudberry Kingdom completed :shakefist: my hand hurts 




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    2. item112z




      Hey. Congrats on getting Cloudberry Kingdom done. Those levels are not a small task indeed. I actually beaten level 320 and claimed 100% in CK just around a day after you. Also judging by the time you posted an update about beating level 319, I beaten that same level around a day or two after you as well. Which seem like extremely convinient and rare coincidences for such a rare title later in its lifespam. Now here might potentially appear some speculations about one of us doing these levels for another just after nailing these levels for the first time on one`s own acc. I know those might not be enough for some to cut such assumptions but here are my vids for beating those same levels recorded off my tv. Our walkthroughs are pretty much the same as we both seem to have followed ThanatosNinja2`s step by step guide for the levels but you still can see small differences in some sections, especially in level 320. (Dont mind the speedrunner memes in my vids, that was literally the face states of me finishing these levels 😬)





    3. LucasDiasC


      @item112z congrats! I've actually seen your 319 vid a few days ago when yt recommended it (probably because I watched almost every other video of that level) so I knew someone was about to complete it aswell. It's such a coincidence tho, cause I started this game >7 months ago just to reach 319 and come back when I felt I had the motivation to sink a few days into each of those final 2 levels, which happened to be  earlier this month  and apparently around the time you were learning them too :D

      Good thing we both recorded our screens, I always encourage people to post their stuff on these kind of trophies that require this much effort for many reasons, even more so when it's easily doable like a level replay.


      btw the meme after completing 320 fits so well lmao, that's the face you keep during the 5 seconds waiting for the trophy and realizing you can now stop playing that one minute level 

    4. item112z


      Yeah around the time i beaten 319, i also saw that the number of ppl on lbs that beaten that level had increased by a few but not sure whom exactly besides me. I read in your vids' descriptions that both of those levels took you around a week, that is quite a good time but it looks like you are really fluent in this genre judging by your other completions and videos, so no surprising 😎. For me this game was a bit of a time sink, for those 2 levels i spent around a month (close to 3 weeks for 319 and 8 days for 320) playing for 1-3h a day on average with occassional days skipped here and there. Really tiresome completion and yeah my thumbs need some recovery now as well haha. 
      Yes, the sweaty face you make anticipating Shenanigans to pop is unmistakable 😄

  14. Cloudberry Kingdom level 319 done! :dance: 

    Probably taking a few days off from the game and then start grinding the final one 



    1. Flubberwunked


      Holy shit nice job. That level looks absolutely insane

  15. So... this brings up something that I was wondering because I don't have my story save from 2015 anymore. Does the game check your socialclub achievements instead of the actual save file? Because then people like me could autopop the story without having the original save. This is something that has been made before, where even if you transfer a brand new save file from PS4 to PS5, it would still pop all the trophies you had prior, by checking them on PSN or something like that. I think both spiderman games and FF7R work like this. If someone can test this out, would be very useful for those who don't have their ancient saves anymore. EDIT: As other have confirmed already, I was able to pop every story trophy just by transfering a brand new file