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  1. That's exactly what I did, but it always comes patched Have you tried it in other games as well?
  2. Connect a keyboard, hold O and P, infinite XP. Patched though.
  3. I don't think that would be a problem, since it's actually a legit way of downgrading the game version, this was easier some time ago, before games started coming pre patched, it's pretty much the same thing...
  4. I've tried everything, I think I'll just give up for now 😟 If anyone got this problem solved, please let me know, had no success at all...
  5. Still downloading it patched, tested in some smaller games
  6. I tried a lot of games, mostly Binding of Isaac and LBP3 Following exactly what is said on method 1, the game just downloads the latest version, idk why
  7. Two things happen when I do exacly what you said: 1) The game starts downloading and at some point gives me an error, then I look at the program and there are like 15 more ppkgo files. 2) The game downloads already patched. I must be doing something really dumb or idk, almost giving up 😅
  8. When I unpause the download, more appkgo files start to appear, and there are just too many of them, surpassing the game's total size lol
  9. Alright, will test it then, thanks!
  10. Isn't this for the second method only?
  11. Yes I did, proxy is working and connecting with no problem. But when I start downloading anything on PSN I can see lots of download links popping in the program, probably downloading updates as well (some of them are followed by some numbers like [GAME NAME]+102, the number being the latest patch), but I see no way of blocking it... I've tested lots of games and none of them downloaded only the base 1.00 version. For example, LBP3's latest version is 1.26. When I try to download it, some links appear like this:
  12. Well, I'm using the first method, but my games are being download already patched 😐 Idk what could be wrong since it's very simple to set it up lol
  13. This is going to be very useful... There are even games that had Debug Menus on their 1.00 versions, but anyone noticed it. A good example is The Long Dark, only one guy did it in 8 mins, I talked to him a while ago and he told me there was in fact a Debug Menu. I'll test it soon.
  14. It's actually very easy once you master the game mechanics/movement. Really nice speedgame btw. Managed to finish the 2nd stack in 31 mins 😬 Got the plat the first time on an alt account just to make sure there were no glitched trophies, then it was really straightforward. In some levels you can even get the turrets + speedrun in the same run. The "Hidden Trophies" are both gotten in the tutorial level, one for being shot and the other for completing it in more than 3 minutes.
  15. The thing is: this exploit syncs the trophies that are not sync'd, so if you use the method where you play the game on the alt accound and sync on your main, you have to make sure there are no trophies in that game already sync'd. If that happens, you will sync every other trophy to your account, including the platinum, but not the ones that were already sync'd. Then it will look really fucked up, like this: I've been doing it carefully for some time and had no problems at all.