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  1. Yes, every single trophy pops for both players Only the host keeps a save file tho
  2. Cloudberry Kingdom completed :shakefist: my hand hurts 




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    2. item112z




      Hey. Congrats on getting Cloudberry Kingdom done. Those levels are not a small task indeed. I actually beaten level 320 and claimed 100% in CK just around a day after you. Also judging by the time you posted an update about beating level 319, I beaten that same level around a day or two after you as well. Which seem like extremely convinient and rare coincidences for such a rare title later in its lifespam. Now here might potentially appear some speculations about one of us doing these levels for another just after nailing these levels for the first time on one`s own acc. I know those might not be enough for some to cut such assumptions but here are my vids for beating those same levels recorded off my tv. Our walkthroughs are pretty much the same as we both seem to have followed ThanatosNinja2`s step by step guide for the levels but you still can see small differences in some sections, especially in level 320. (Dont mind the speedrunner memes in my vids, that was literally the face states of me finishing these levels 😬)





    3. LucasDiasC


      @item112z congrats! I've actually seen your 319 vid a few days ago when yt recommended it (probably because I watched almost every other video of that level) so I knew someone was about to complete it aswell. It's such a coincidence tho, cause I started this game >7 months ago just to reach 319 and come back when I felt I had the motivation to sink a few days into each of those final 2 levels, which happened to be  earlier this month  and apparently around the time you were learning them too :D

      Good thing we both recorded our screens, I always encourage people to post their stuff on these kind of trophies that require this much effort for many reasons, even more so when it's easily doable like a level replay.


      btw the meme after completing 320 fits so well lmao, that's the face you keep during the 5 seconds waiting for the trophy and realizing you can now stop playing that one minute level 

    4. item112z


      Yeah around the time i beaten 319, i also saw that the number of ppl on lbs that beaten that level had increased by a few but not sure whom exactly besides me. I read in your vids' descriptions that both of those levels took you around a week, that is quite a good time but it looks like you are really fluent in this genre judging by your other completions and videos, so no surprising 😎. For me this game was a bit of a time sink, for those 2 levels i spent around a month (close to 3 weeks for 319 and 8 days for 320) playing for 1-3h a day on average with occassional days skipped here and there. Really tiresome completion and yeah my thumbs need some recovery now as well haha. 
      Yes, the sweaty face you make anticipating Shenanigans to pop is unmistakable 😄

  3. Cloudberry Kingdom level 319 done! :dance: 

    Probably taking a few days off from the game and then start grinding the final one 



    1. Flubberwunked


      Holy shit nice job. That level looks absolutely insane

  4. So... this brings up something that I was wondering because I don't have my story save from 2015 anymore. Does the game check your socialclub achievements instead of the actual save file? Because then people like me could autopop the story without having the original save. This is something that has been made before, where even if you transfer a brand new save file from PS4 to PS5, it would still pop all the trophies you had prior, by checking them on PSN or something like that. I think both spiderman games and FF7R work like this. If someone can test this out, would be very useful for those who don't have their ancient saves anymore. EDIT: As other have confirmed already, I was able to pop every story trophy just by transfering a brand new file
  5. After booting up the game, you need to play at least one (maybe public) online match before tasks and kills will start increasing in Freeplay mode.
  6. Can confirm it works from PS5 > PS4 aswell, for kills, tasks and map wins
  7. Sure... an obviously fake account created just yesterday whose only two posts are defending 'someone' who got four trophies which the developer himself said are impossible. nothing suspicious here, move on guys, the dude just got lucky 👁️👄👁️
  8. I left my guy falling for two nights and it finally popped 🙃 Didn't reset my save or anything, just rubberbanded it at the start of the first level.
  9. Try reopening the game and if that doesn't work, restart the console. It just fixes itself, it's a known bug that's been around since day1 of ps5 unfortunately. I don't think we're sure what causes it, seems pretty random. Your timestamps etc are fine btw, it's just a visual glitch.
  10. It was like that after just completing the tutorial. Well then it might be a feature glitched, hopefully they make this work to trigger at least the online stuff to pop...
  11. In the 'triumphs' tab, I still have my 26 matches registered and unlocked triumphs aswell. But in the 'Milestones' one, everything is wiped showing 0/X, even multiplayer ones So my guess is the trophies trigger from the offline one (Milestones), therefore we're fucked and will have to play this shitty MP again 🙃 Edit: I even completed a full match, no pops or stats updates, only sadness
  12. Yes, all content is cross-buy. Looking forward to this one, multiplayer trophies will probably autopop according to what they said about online progress carrying over. This game's campaign is great.
  13. Yeah I already walked a lot aswell, this might be buggy.
  14. It's quite simple actually, whenever you see a person with a ton of platinums and stacked lists, it just means that person is trying to climb up the leaderboards, it's a different perspective to be looked at. It doesn't mean we are anxiously waiting for the next game from Our Church and Halloween RPG. In this type of competition you basically have to follow the meta, which has always been about playing the easiest/fastest completions to get trophy points faster, and publishers like Ratalaika and EastAsiaSoftware started using it to their advantage with multiple and dull trophy lists. I began my trophy hunting a few years before this trophy spam started, and like everyone who still cared about keeping up with the rankings, simply had to adapt to it. I already long ago stopped directly supporting this kind of publisher, but as far as playing and stacking goes, it is actually the only way of making the actual hard earned platinums stick out and give you some advantage, leaderboard-wise speaking, since every trophy list nets you around the same amout of points. I'd have no problem if I had some good hundreds less platinums and that the trophy system was just better organized overall, but we're unfortunately not there. (Sony could somewhat easily fix this by disallowing region stacks and only keeping the platform ones - even tho I enjoy stacking nice games aswell). I'm pretty sure most people on the first page of the leaderboard more than anyone would want the current meta to change so they have more time to play better games instead of stacking ratalaikas over and over. Unfortunately to keep it up you need to stick with whatever way is the most efficient to score, or just quit this specific type of competition, which has been understandably happening with a lot of people for the past years and probably will be more often from now on, since we're at the current peak of trophy stack spam. tl;dr players as well as publishers will always take advantage of a system's 'flaws' for different reasons (competition x easier money) and it should be up to Sony to put up some reasonable standards to their own system
  15. I agree that a trophy list should ask you to experience most of a game's content and also that this R&C could easily require a higher general game completion for the plat, BUT a few things bother me every time a thread like this pops up... Most games difficulty settings suck. Hard mode often is basically the enemies having x more health and dealing x more damage. It's very rare to see any noticeable gameplay changes, so in these cases I honestly couldn't care less about the lack of a difficulty specific trophy, I'll actually be glad to play on a lower setting when I don't care and the platinum doesn't require it. (most) Collectibles suck. I'd have a hard time trying to think of a game where collectibles actually added something besides pointless extra hours wandering around and sometimes having to strictly follow a guide so I don't end up playing the game multiple times because I didn't find magazine no.102 that a dude decided to put in some random corner. Even when collectibles add a few extra lore info, It's still a pain for me to clean ALL of them in most cases. With that said, it should not be all-or-nothing. I think it's much better when a list requires collectibles but at least gives you some kind of resource (tracking and most importantly imo, giving you some room to miss a few of them. Control's AWE DLC is a good example, requiring 80% of the collectibles and not transforming a single piece of missing paper into a chore. Also, I think some people put 100% of the value of their experience with a game on the platinum trophy. I can totally understand being a bit upset if you're waiting for a new release and the platinum requires less than half of what you wanted to, but again trophy lists are arbitrary and it's not like every new game has a bad list, imo. Yet personally, when I really enjoy a game but found that the trophy list requires me to do less than I would already willingly do, I just do it anyway. Cuphead's trophies only asking for an A- on each boss didn't stop me from doing all of them hitless, just because I enjoyed the learning process a lot. Same thing for both meat boy games, in which I wanted to implement some visually cool tricks and skips on my deathless runs, even tho none of those trophies have a time limit. This way I feel like my thing with the games I actually care about goes beyond the trophies and I end up never caring that people have the same completion on them as me, despite doing less stuff or even using some glitch/exploit in some cases.