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  1. Messaged them on Twitter a few days ago but they never replied, glad it's fixed
  2. It's been patched, only being easily accessible on the vita version by denying the update and playing on v1.0. But there are a few exploits that you can use to achieve similar results, while not a god mode per se, you can easily level up your character to the 500+'s and deal massive damage. I'm pretty sure these were never patched.
  3. I literally cannot get the last trophy because the game crashes every single time lol Edit: Got it by completing a level every 10-ish minutes to save and prevent crashes, it eventually pops. The timer also glitches a lot but should not affect the trophy.
  4. 7-1X - This jump can be very tricky, there's no pattern or set strategy because it really depends on the amount of momentum you'll get from that jump, therefore sometimes you'll have to adjust your angle by letting go of the analog stick and/or run button for a bit, and sometimes not. A tip to make this just a bit easier would be to aim for the lower part of the wall below the sawblade, because the closer you contour it, the easier it will be to reach the wall on the other side. 7-6X - Here, you're just too low on the left wall, the saw hitboxes are a bit smaller than they look so you can safely go closer to that one above you. This is done by delaying your last wall jump on the left a little bit more, while still holding the jump button from the previous one (to get the max height out of it). This will get you closer to the sawblade above you, and then you just hold right + jump to make it over the right saw everytime. Also make sure you are jumping in the apex of the wall slide, don't wait until meat boy starts sliding down since that will ruin your momentum and height. 7-12X - For that first jump I'd recommend not trying to go directly down, instead, step on that little 1x1 square next to the key and without running tap to the right on the d-pad a few times to fall down. Running off ledges in this game can make you overshoot very simple jumps. For the second one, I usually do two simple and very mechanic movements there, I even change from the analog stick to the dpad to make it more precise. Stepping on the platform you are in the picture, as soon as the sawblade passes you, push and hold the jump + left buttons, you will slide up the wall to your left and and as soon as you hit the final left wall, release x and press/hold jump + right at the same time again. The reason for pressing them at the same time is to make sure your trajectory is the exact same one every time, delaying one of the inputs can slightly change it in unexpected ways when you're in such a small space. I'll look like this:
  5. Thanks for the heads up, just got it!
  6. They actually made a 2d platformer as one of their first projects. Unfortunately, two of the three trophy lists have a couple of stupid glitched bronze trophies (dying 5k / 10k times, which I could never pop at all). Trophies work just fine in the japanese stack tho, and it's a pretty fun game, it gives me some Meat Boy vibes.
  7. They said story progress wouldn't carry over, but I see both trophies popped for you aswell, pretty nice.
  8. Yeah, it's a known problem that happens with the first two levels (at least it did for me and a few ppl), is the first one "Rude Awakening" ticked?
  9. I think this happens with everyone, iirc they'll be ticked once you complete all other ones, it won't affect your progress.
  10. If you break the trophy, the exploit is patched. 300 IQ devs In all seriousness, I can't imagine the pain of doing this shit and the trophy not popping... That explains the plat rarity dropping so much lately, a lot of people started the game after the season reset/gauntlet showdown, hoping to get this done easier lol
  11. The only thing I believe could change is the maximum amount of trophies per list (128 as of today), since we've already seen some games surpassing that limit and requiring another separate trophy list for future dlc, which is kinda strange... (Minecraft, Dead by Daylight, Elder Scrolls VI...)
  12. This one had the same issue:
  13. Cancelling your slide into a spin is faster than triple spinning because you can do it indefinitely, while the spin builds up the speed after each input, with the first one being a normal spin with no actual velocity gain. Triple spinning is not useless tho, it's a good way of going faster while you're jumping, since the slide button would cause you to body slam. About the controls, I'd really suggest you assign the spin and slide to L1 and R1, it makes it way easier to jump and spin without ever moving your thumb from the jump button, it's just better.
  14. The game itself is pretty brutal. There are some really long endgame levels with hundreds of boxes which you'll need to break in one go with no deaths, I can see some of these being as painful as some time trials. Just finished my first session with the game and don't really know how many hours of practice those last world's relics will take. There are plenty of bullshit moments aswell, you often don't have a good depht perception, thus causing you to miss some really dumb jumps because the platform was not where it seemed to be. I'm having a blast with it tho, love the Crash games since I was a kid playing them on emulators and getting my ass kicked by those trials... lol
  15. I'm really looking forward to this one, but wasn't expecting to see an 'all platinum relics' trophy, if they are in the same level of difficulty as the previous ones, this is for sure the hardest Crash platinum so far. The trophy art looks amazing, can't wait until friday to start this seemingly long journey.