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  1. I've played this on PS5 not long ago and I'm pretty sure the arrow was not supposed to be that fast lmao it was really annoying Probably one of those weird and specific glitches that happen on a few PS4 games played via BC on PS5 like this one.
  2. While the game is easier to complete and just unlock most stuff (due to checkpoints every chunk), when talking about trophies it is quite harder than the first one in my opinion. In the first game you would select a few 'safe' levels to do at the end of each deathless run, but here since there are only 6 and not 20 levels per world, it makes them all pretty similar in difficulty, in the sense of almost all of them having at least one or two really tricky sections. This makes it harder to get streaks going imo, and while light worlds seem to be easier to be done deathless compared to the previous game, the first dark world already proved itself a good challenge. I've slowed down a bit with the game for the past few days since after some dozens of hours my hands started hurting pretty bad and I don't feel like pushing too hard. I tend to put a bit more pression on the buttons when playing this type of game, it helps me with the rhythm but long term gives me some good old tendonitis (take rests people lol) so I haven't seen all of the dark world levels yet, but from what I've played (especially the bonus world, which doesn't even have a dark version), the formula will be the same as the first one, where you practice levels individually and then start grinding deathless attempts of each world, and the later dark worlds aside with the bonus (equivalent to the cotton alley, but this time it's a "glitch world") will again be the real platinum blockers, just because they will have all mechanics you see in the endgame, but taken to their limits (in very creative ways, may I say). It will be very rewarding once it's done, but whoever got the plat on the first game knows how stressful it can be, and it won't be any less this time around.
  3. You can exit to map just as you could in the first game, can confirm cause I did it a few times in the run I got Teak Girl. In my opinion there are far more opportunities in this game to do that, after practicing it will become pretty clear when you're undershooting platforms, for example. Although, most of the deaths are still unavoidable, since the game is very fast paced. Bosses don't need to be beaten, thankfully.
  4. Not sure if it has been mentioned here, but you can do the levels in any order you want for the no death trophies as I just did on my 'Research Girl' run. Starting by the hardest/longest levels might help to cut off some retries. Good luck y'all.
  5. They are found on both, I think two of mine were on dark worlds.
  6. There are some levels in which you will have to wait for cycles no matter how fast you go, like the laser ones. Overall the flow is pretty good and you can rush once you know what is coming at you. The first game also had a few 'autoscrollers', but they are so few we just skip them on any% speedruns and they aren't even seen (apart from bosses, speaking of which are much cooler in this one). About the seeds, I'd assume they don't disable trophies and to be honest I don't see why they would. Upon starting a new file, the game shows you the seed you're going with, and that's when you can edit it if you wish.
  7. Been waiting for this game for a few years now lol Getting the plat on the first game got me into speedrunning it, which led me to having played over 500 hours across PS4 and PC, and as someone who always appreciated games with good movement mechanics above anything else, it's for sure one of my favorite ones ever. Even tho I didn't like the autorunner aspect when they announced it, after literally years of waiting I just accepted it because I was pretty sure the game would still feel great, just like the first one, but in a different way. And yep, it's pretty damn good and the art is amazing, there's pretty much a whole cartoon episode inside it, the music is amazing just as the first one and there is a lot of content and stuff to unlock overall. Also, the 'lack' of (direct) control over the direction you're running adds other mechanics to give you different types of control with good level and game design (won't spoil endgame mechanics). With that said, dark worlds are brutal and I think this platinum can be harder than the first one in many ways. Levels are very long and you need to chain movements (reset your punch/dive mid-air to cover big gaps) very precisely quite often. A lot of it will obviously come to practice, I don't think using seeds will help that much with dark worlds. I'll be posting my no death runs here if you have interest in seeing them, but before I'll be focusing on unlocking and completing most of the other stuff. *By the way, you can't save scum for the no-death trophies, I've tested it and they did it right again, it looks like it wipes your streak as soon as you boot up the game. 😁 Good luck for us!
  8. Since this is an online game, I'm guessing you can play the PS5 version and then auto pop the PS4 one? Just wanted to use the progress tracking tbh, since there shouldn't be any major diferences between them.
  9. Why can't you upload your ps4 save? Worked fine for me after the patch. To launch the ps5 version, I used a digital copy but it should be the same, you just need to search for the version tagged as 'free upgrade' on the store and redeem it.
  10. Theres no such thing lol Last one was in 2017 :/
  11. I think I talked with all of them back in the day, but none of the methods worked for me, cursed game.
  12. Yeah, I've tried everything, there are actually other trophies related to deaths (10,100, 1k, 2k, 5k and 10k) but only the last two are glitched on NA/EU stacks. I'll try it again when I have the patience...
  13. Yeah, you can die pretty quickly because the level restarts instantly, it's a platformer very similar to super meat boy. You can even afk the grind with a turbo controller or rubberband aswell.
  14. The worst one for me is Fenix Furia. I have two stupid bronze trophies left, which require you to die 5000 and 10.000 times. The problem is they're glitched and I have absolutely no idea how any of the achievers got it. I've probably done it more than 20 times by now and it never pops. On top of that, the other trophies are pretty challenging, but you'll probably get stuck at 97% anyways. I ended up buying the JP stack (only one in which these trophies properly work) because I was planning it to be my 400th plat at that time, but the NA stack remains incomplete. It's been some time since I last tried, but I don't have many hopes for this one...