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  1. I think there's a possible glitch in the POWGI series, in which trophies stop popping, or for some reason just take longer and pop together. My first 4 trophies in this one (Epic Word Search Collection US stack) are a second apart (the ones for using the hint and finding the first word took several seconds to pop). It has happened to me on another POWGI game and I believe it has something to do with being logged into PSN and/or offline when playing it, so just a warning. The other game I mentioned was 'One Word', where pretty much 20ish trophies popped at the same time (I didn't notice they were not unlocking), but when I went to check my trophies, I got the 'Failed to sync' message, just to notice my internet was down (so I was able to delete my user in time and re-earn them later), that's why I believe it plays a role. Make sure you're online/logged while playing these, not sure about other people reporting this already.
  2. ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

  3. There will until the 30th I guess. Don't erase your saves, you can't get the reward popup back once its gone, just wait for the next one.
  4. You don't need that many of them, I was able to take down full teams with only one level 100 character every time, you give massive damage and their attacks are very weak (you have tons of HP aswell).
  5. Anyone can claim it, just log into online mode. No, nothing around this glitch and the money earned with it will be flagged, it's actually recommended you buy the upgraded level 100 characters so you can breeze through story mode with no effort at all.
  6. Yeah the 3.5 million reward is live, it seems. They pretty much gave away half of the grind at this point... and we took the other half ourselves 🙃
  7. I think there's a slightly faster but much safer way to do this *only for those going for the 100k bonus. You'll need to go back to offline mode everytime for it to keep counting but it's totally worth it. After entering offline mode and switching to online, disconnect your internet as soon as the opening animation starts. You'll get sent to the main menu, from there just go back to offline mode for the money to count (while still offline for maximum safety, I recommend only connecting again on the main menu before going into online mode). For some reason by doing it this way you won't need to wait until the online hub almost finishes loading (which is risky since you don't want the notification to pop on screen), but it won't work two or more times in a row without entering offline mode inbetween. It's good to keep track anyway, I'm doing it this way right now. *If you try this with the 5 million one, it can glitch and disappear without you even receiving the money, I'm not quite sure what caused it but it did in some testings, I didn't play with it too much tho since for those who still have the 5 million reward it's a 5 minute thing. EDIT: Just got the trophy using the above method, indeed took me more time than the <2 hours I expected (took me about 4), but still very doable since you're mostly waiting loading screens. Cheers 😁
  8. No, they dont stack. If you miss a day, you lost that one. I'm pretty sure you can stack other rewards tho (like the ones for logging in after a long period etc, not quite sure cause I'm new to the game myself). But the 100k should be enough to get it done in a few hours, I plan on doing it when mine pops up later today. About disconnecting, yes. You just need to unplug the cable or do it via the settings.
  9. You will see the hub for a very brief moment, and then it will show the messages you described and proceed to the main menu. The important thing is it will never trigger the reward popup, thus letting you keep receiving it every time.
  10. Yep, that's right. And its strange you can't skip it, when I tested it on dummy accs I could.
  11. It's because you just started the game. In this case, you will see that opening trailer every time, but you can skip it after the first one. You just need to disconnect on the last screen before the lobby finishes loading and you should be good.
  12. You should disconnect after the various windows with messages like "connecting to X", "downloading content" etc, when there's NOTHING but the loading icon on the bottom right of the screen.
  13. The linked post doesn't explain it well actually. First of all, enter an offline Lobby. Then go back to main menu and try to enter an online one. Select region etc and when the screen goes black with the loading icon on the bottom, it's the time to disconnect your internet. You should pop both trophies as soon as you're disconnected, if you haven't already. You can then check your money in offline mode. Rinse and repeat, stonks. You need to enter an offline lobby first or else you'll trigger the reward window as soon as you enter the offline lobby, and will prevent it from triggering again in the current day. I did many testings and got this to work consistently with the above instructions. I believe you can farm 15 million in just under 2 hours using the daily bonus, and in 5 minutes with the 5 million one.
  14. I can confirm the 100k daily bonus works as well. You'll just need to do it 150 times to farm 15 million 😄 not that long of a process tho, compared to doing it the normal way and totally worth it. Does anyone know how much time is left for the next daily login reward? I just wish I knew this some hours before I redeemed it.
  15. can someone test if this works with the daily rewards as well? The 100k ones should work the same way I guess? I already got mine so I'd need to wait until tomorrow... EDIT: I just tested on another account and it works flawlessly on ps4, got the 20m trophy in minutes with this method. Spoiler: People will get really mad.