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  1. Final Fantasy X-2 because I love FF but I can't stand idols...
  2. Even if not all EU-countries use it, technically the € is the EU-standard so I don't understand why picking other currencies. I think it's easier to know 'how far' you are from € rather than £. Anyway I want to state that this is not a problem, it's just curiosity Anyway, I hope they'll discount Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun and Sherlock Holmes in the future because before buying other games I'd like to end some... my backlog is already long enough! I recommed: - A Plague Tale: Innocence, it's a great game! - Faeria, if you like card game or boardgame, you'll love it! It's one of my favourite game - Spirit of the North, great locations and very relaxing gameplay. - Nexomon and No Straight Roads are pretty good, but I think they will be discounted more in the future
  3. You go from hardcore visual novel such as Zero Escape to hardcore action like Dark Souls and also you plat hardcore JRPG like Persona 5. You are a true expert! P.s. I love your nickname I'd love to, but I can't find one I didn't know the auto-pop thing though, it's really nice! I'm not a big fan of repeating thing, but I do enjoy play good games twice
  4. ACII, I really enjoyed the game, we can say it's my favourite among all the AC, but I bought it with the Ps3-collection (the one with ACI to ACIII) so I had a lot of AC to play and I didn't want to focus too much on one: I wanted to finish all the stories! In the end my AC-marathon ended up a mission before the end of Revelations. A couple of month ago I get back to ACRev, end it and began ACIII which is good but not my kind of setting. One day I'll finish all the AC, but I'm afrai I'll never plat one...
  5. You have to access Episode [character] from the main menu. You can play each Episode whenever you want and when you finish one you obtain a weapon and a costume for the used character (... and maybe also a new skill, but I don't recall well). Comrades now is a separate game so you'll have to select it in the menu from FFXV and re-dowload it for free as a new game with a stand-alone trophy list. So yes, you don't have to play the game from the beginning
  6. All FFXV DLC! I was lucky enough to play the Royal Edition so most of them were already in the game, if I had to pay and wait for all of them I probably ended up hating them... Each Episode add so much to the story (not you Gladio, but you are still cool), we could even say that the main game is incomplete without them so I'm not sure if they are a good example, but I do enjoy them a lot, Comrades included! Actually I'm not a big fan of DLCs, but I do enjoy additional characters in game that I play a lot such as Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and Disgea. Also NUNS4 DLC were good, especially Road to Boruto
  7. It's not a plat, but I really want to try (and 100%) Vampire The Masquerade Coteries of New York because I love vampires!
  8. You don't have a trophy cabinet, but wow you must be a very skilled player since you get to 80% of Nioh in just 4 days 😱
  9. You are a master of all trades, you manage to plat many hard and very different game. Congratulations!
  10. Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age I play all FF games, except for XI. I finished almost all of them, but I had to stop the XII for some reason that I don't remember and I want to end it one day... and maybe plat it
  11. Bugsnax, it looks cute and fun also I enjoy game with (cute) animals!
  12. Has the best trophy cabinet of all time!
  13. Has my same number of 100% games!
  14. Has a weird but fabolous guy as both avatar and trophy-background. It look like a... K-pop star?
  15. I don't know who the girl is, but it looks like a Falcom-character so I guess that Ilzaki loves anime-game with original and long stories.