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  1. You know the true meaning of the words "Rare Trophy" and "That's some cute fluffy character".
  2. 7.5/10 that real-life troll face it's funny but also creepy as hell!
  3. I suggest Faeria which is farly new on PS4, but it's quite old on PC and it's absolutely gorgeous! You have a lot of things to do both online and offline, you can also play coop with people which is a rare feature in card games. Actually it's 50% card game and 50% boardgame, but most important it's 100% fun!
  4. I haven't read all the 27-pages, but to me it look like people are pointing out games which disapointed them because they were expecting something big, rather than actual bad games. I understand that and I can rely to it, actually I think those are the real "bad games" because unplayable games are first "broken" and only secondly "ugly" but someone pointed out games which are somehow good or at least they have some aspects that are more than good, such as the graphics and the lore in FFXV. How can you hate a game where you can explore Altissa? I think that (J)RPGs are the genre that can produce the worst stuff because they want you to play them for a lot of time and if they suck, you can't stop from hate them. There are a lot of boring titles like Exist Archive, but the golden medal goes to Sakura Wars which isn't just boring but it also have the stupidiest story ever with the dumbest characters. They aren't ugly since Tite Kubo made the design, but I hate all of them with no exception for being so stereotyped and dumb. Star Ocean: New Hope is the only game that comes to my mind with even worst characters, but at least the gameplay was good and the setting was interesting (the story sucks though).
  5. Soon it will also be on PS4.
  6. If you search "SaGa Frontier gold ingot trick" you find everything you need... in a better way that I can provide To start the gold ingot trick you need a good amount of credit (5000 if I recall well) which you can obtain by fighting a lot of random dudes or with the so-called "junk shop glitch" which I recomend you to search on Google. Both tactics are no complex things, but there are a lot of pages explaining those glitches in a very good and detailed way
  7. I guess Gold trick + a shop list guide, did you already try that way? There was another trick to gain money faster, but i don't remember it right now. As far as I know (which is... not much actually) there aren't so many shops in this game. Not sure if magic-related shops will count for Shopaholic though 🤔 Also, as far as I can tell, the guides for the original are good for this Remastered, but for a 100% guide for Asellus and Fuse we may have to wait since the first have new content and the latter is totally new. Ps. I thought the max number of characters for a route was 15, but I just notice the "Other" section and... people online say that you can recruit as many people you want. Guess I'm gonna catch 'em all then! Pokémon Frontier, here I come 😬
  8. Yes, you are right. About the recruit-people trophies, I think they are connected to the system data because I recruit Fei-on in Emilia story and then Mei-ling in Riki's and I unlock the related thropy (which is Red Threads). Anyway I'm playing SaGa Frontier right now and it's awesome!
  9. I'm not sure about it, but if a player joins the game when it already started he/she should joins as audience, regardless the number of people.
  10. Thank to both of you for the answers! I don't think I'm determined enough to get a Seitengrats, guess I'll just grind my party to the top Well, I have to finish the story and all the others stuff first so Trial Mode can wait.
  11. 7/10 Not a big fan of Ellie, sorry, but the avatar with the symbol in the back is cool! Hahà I didn't recognize him! Then you do deserve a 10/10! Is the image from an official artwork or a fanmade?
  12. You have to be a really creative guy! 2 out of the 3 games you have in the cabinet are about titles where creating stuff is the main aspect and the third throphy is Master Alchemist, which is fun because alchemists also create stuff
  13. 9/10 It's a cool-sexy man indeed! I'm not giving you a 10 because I don't know him, I don't want to give 10 to a char that I may don't like in the future >-<
  14. When it's a good time to start doing stuff in Trial Mode? As soon as I finish the main story? Around which level do I have to be to take in Trial Mode? I guess I can find the answers to my questions somewhere in the guide, but I think it can be useful to put it here.
  15. I don't like this, but if I have to tell the truth I haven't download anything for Ps3 since I bought Ps4. I do still play on PsV and I'm really sad that I will not be able to play some games that I may discover in the future or some DLCs, but we are overwhelmed by games and I think everyone will find something they can enjoy even without the Ps3/Vita/Psp store. They gave us great time, thank you for everything old platforms, now we'll look to new stuff (well, when Ps5 will be available at least XD)