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  1. Liked how there was minimal presentation in between trailers, kept me invested long enough to make it through the conference. Disappointed about no TLOU2 though...
  2. My weight fluctuated from unhealthy to overweight up until I was 18. I loved the Uncharted series and always admired how Drake could run, jump, and climb like it was nothing. It takes some insane upper body and core strength to do activities like parkour and rock climbing, I'm just finally getting to the point where I can perform that stuff now. I love how a part of gaming, an activity that focuses on being stationary for long periods of time, inspired me to pursue fitness. Luckily they can easily coexist, I still game way harder than I exercise. So, fit people of PSNP (or even people on their way to getting fit right now), did any particular game or character inspire you to lose weight, gain strength, or just be more active?
  3. I'm still seeing so many people posting about glitched collectibles, and believe me, I know how frustrating it is to not see those trophies pop. Luckily, I finally took the proper precautions and have fixed my incredibly glitched game, so I'm going to share with you how to do it. SKIP DOWN 2 PARAGRAPHS IF YOU SIMPLY WANT TO SEE THE METHOD. Just a quick setup for my personal situation: this game is massively glitchy, and said glitches are caused by a variety of factors. My own experience was: played the game on normal but didn't use a collectible guide, so went back to beat on grounded while using a guide on a separate save file. I got every single collectible, but my convos, jokes, and shiv doors trophies didn't pop. I checked after each one in the statistics to see if it counted, and many of them did not. The main problems with TLOU trophies seem to be that whenever a new patch for the game is downloaded, it resets the collectible counters either completely or a certain amount. While the counter is reset, the game still may have your profile registered as having said collectible already. So basically, you can't get the trophies. *****************SO HERE IS HOW I FIXED IT***************** Please NOTE: read the whole thing before deciding to attempt, I'm not sure if it messes with multiplayer yet. 1. (OPTIONAL) I highly recommend you backup your data with a usb stick. You're backing it up because in step 2 you'll be deleting all of the game data on your ps4 for The Last of Us. Deleting it will make sure that once you start another collectible run, your profile won't be screwed up from past playthroughs and patches. Here's a vid on how to backup data with a usb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QlwHrL9M80 2. Next, you'll need to wipe your system of two types of TLOU data: "Profile Data" and all of your "Save Game" data(s). Here's the multiplayer warning: I'm not sure if multiplayer profile (rank, loadouts, unlocked weapons and skills) is tied to profile data or not. I'm not opening the multi until I snag all of the single player trophies, so anyone that knows for sure please reply to this thread. Hopefully you'll have your data backed up on usb in case you want/need something from your old saves. To delete your Profile and Save Game data: Turn on your PS4 and select your profile >>> Go up and right all the way to "Settings" >>> Select "Settings" >>> Select "Application Saved Data Management" >>> Select "Saved Data in System Storage" >>> Select "Delete" >>> Select "The Last of Us Remastered" >>> Check the box "Select all" and delete all of the data. Personally, I also went into online storage (if you have ps plus you can access this) and I deleted all of the data from there as well. I feel like it's safest to do so. To delete your data from the online storage, follow this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiqWVqr2b_U 3. Uninstall the game and reinstall it. Download the latest patch and make sure the game is fresh and up to date. 4. Now that you're data is wiped and your game is up to date. you're ready to start anew. Create a new save file and begin playing through the game, getting whatever collectible trophies you need. Those are all 4 steps. Pretty simple really. I did this process just a couple days ago and it has been a tremendous improvement. HOWEVER, I have still encountered a couple of much less severe (but equally frustrating) tracking glitches. So, the last thing I want to discuss is how to play it safe so you can finally get these trophies. 1. Check your statistics every single time you have a conversation, unlock a door, pickup an artifact, or whatever you may be collecting. There should be no problems with the number tracking in this new playthrough. 2. Try not to stop playing in the middle of a chapter. This particular glitch happened to me twice with the conversations and once with a shiv door: you do 2 conversations, checking the statistics page each time. They both successfully counted - the statistics went from 19 to 21, so all is good. You make is to a checkpoint and know that the game saved, so you quit the game. When you start the game back up, you check the statistics and see the conversations showing 19, as if the last 2 conversations never happened. This glitch happens if you don't finish enough of the chapter after collecting something, so try to finish the chapter before getting off. Now, if this does happen to you, don't freak out: you can still pick these back up in a new game plus mode. Just make note of your statistics numbers once you get off. If the numbers have dropped when you get back on, figure out which collectibles stopped counting (should be the most recently collected) and write down which ones they were for New Game Plus. 3. DON'T USE CHAPTER SELECT to pick up any missed collectibles!!! As I stated previously, you can get them in New Game Plus. Chapter select is so risky and will probably cause more harm than good. In fact, start New Game Plus as soon as you finish your first playthrough. So there you go everyone! I know how much it can suck to have these trophies glitch on you after going through the entire game and getting everything you need, but this "resetting" process should finally allow you to fix those glitchy trophies and get that long pursued platinum trophy. Good luck, and happy hunting.
  4. You know the deal, h4h https://lbp.me/u/Weegee13/levels?p=1&l=12
  5. Wow, I never found any of the Stilton outcomes. I guess. I was too preoccupied in my low and high chaos runs to knock him out/kill him before her runs away. That's really interesting. I think this game does a better job of showing how your allies see you as evil on high chaos, which I like because it has more impact on the story and how you feel playing it.
  6. Warning: even if you have beaten the game in low and high chaos, what I'm about to share isn't a given thing you would normally encounter, so SPOILER WARNING. So I've just beaten the game in high chaos with a Emily (already beat it in low with Corvo). When the epilogue cutsscene played, I noticed that I hadn't killed Meagan/Billy on my high chaos run. This really isn't something I wanted to do either, but I was curious as to what kind of ending it would show if I did. So I decided to reload before mission 9 and take out Meagan. Now, in this play through, I REALLY disappointed Sokolov and Meagan, and in fact Meagen didn't even reveal herself to me as Billy - point is, they see me as a monster (as they should, I killed everyone). So I talk to Sokolov and say my goodbyes, then head up to the deck and talk to Meagan as well. Instead of going to the skiff, I pop a quick save and get ready to see what Bethesda really programmed into this game. *Bethesda absolutely shocked me.* The shocking part wasn't killing Meagan - I figured you could do that. It felt extremely cruel though; upon killing he Emily says something like "You've outlived your usefulness." . No, the NEXT THING I did was shocking, and felt so wrong that even in a game I could barely bring myself to it. I picked up the now deceased Meagan and took her body to Sokolov... a cutscene plays. Sokolov turns from painting and looks down, all he can fathom is "Emily, WHY" as he sobs and drops to his knees... I couldn't believe it. I've never done one thing in a video game that made me actually feel GUILTY or truly bad. I guess I just grew very fond of Sokolovs character, and seeing him truly sad made me, for once, truly sad. I did snap out of it though, as it is a game. I even made myself kill Sokolov, and when Emily does she says something like "You don't need friends, old man". What the actuall F***. I encourage you all to see this for yourself. Also, try killing Sokolov first and taking his body updeck to Meagan, it's interesting to see her reaction (and also terrible imo). When I play a game, I love things like this. Such detailed programming and writing makes a game have moments that many people would NEVER see, just like this. Bethesda truly makes games for me to marvel at, and I can't appreciate enough the fact that that they put such hidden possibilities in each game they make. If you'd like, maybe share some experiences from Dishonored 2 that you think are obscure/hard to find! I'd love to read each and every one, since odds are I won't find them all myself.
  7. Just bought a lot of games on Black Friday, but I haven't started those yet. From what I have played, I'm teetering between Uncharted 4 and Dishonored 2... probably would go with Uncharted.
  8. Probably the most rewarding way to play Dishonored . Plan to do this for the Flesh and Steel trophy.
  9. The Toad card has been said to be an extra card added after the parameters of the Card Collector trophy were set. I went for Card Collector a year after the game was released and kept reading that Toad was not required for it. I picked it up anyway and got the trophy in the end, but that doesn't mean that it glitched for you.
  10. I for one am loving Grow Up. It's such a vast improvement to Grow Home, and easily worth the cheap $10 price tag. The trophies are just as easy as Grow Home, and there's a lot more to do and explore. That being said, I was wondering if any of you who are fans of both games think that Grow Up changed enough. Is it worth the $10 to you with the amount of content?
  11. Thank you both. I'll try fooling around with it more tomorrow.
  12. Can't seem to connect to servers today (7th of August 2016). Every forum I read has iffy answers, was wondering if anyone had tried connecting in the past few days? Pity if they are down, I wanted to finally boost the online trophies...
  13. All SpongeBob games, mostly Battle for Bikini Bottom. That game is one of the most nostalgic and underrated platformers imo.
  14. Nausicaa Cavalry Rider was there as well. I picked it up along with Emhyr, but for some reason I thought that one had always been there for me.
  15. Gotta love Projekt Red, they got the patch out for the card (and so many other things) before I beat the game. Just finished downloading the patch, and I went back to the Inn at the Crossroads and got my missing card . Now I have all the cards I need from Velen, so I can happily continue with platinuming in the game. I give my gratitude to the devs!