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  1. Well that is going to be a massive pain if I get a fourth Touhou game Plated... (I am putting my Touhou Plats there.) I know this should be in Direct Message, but is there a "A Certain Magical Railgun/Index" game since you have Misaka as a silver in your Trophy Card? At least I have a easy Plat whenever I want a Milestone... (SR Cards being the Plat I am talking about.)
  2. That helps a bunch. Can I ask what "DM" means then? The Danmaku Rush alone allowed me to 1CC Lunatic. I almost 1CCed it with Marisa and Reimu, but Remilia got the best of me. As for No Bomb Clear; I had to resort to doing that as Cirno. I would say this game can be Plated in 120 minutes if you capture every Single Spell Card on your first time playing it on Hard and Lunatic where Reimu is the only one played on Hard. (I still do not know how to get the :Graze Master" trophy, even after getting the Platinum. I do have a video of getting 1600 bullets in a single Danmaku Rush with Cirno however.)
  3. Oh, so it is a full game (s) that are hidden. That is intriguing. Can someone also help me figure out how to add a third game to the trophy Cabnet?
  4. Do you mean "DR" as in "Danmaku Rush"? As for what you said, I have a complete Break on almost all bosses on Lunatic, but not Hard. (Missing Satori and Remilia on Lunatic, but I never fought them) and I am missing Sakuya and Remilia (one spell each) on Hard. I have captured them on Hard Practice however. I wish this game had a Spell Practice like Eight, but if it did, I would have to play Easy... If I get the Lunatic Trophy before the Hard Trophy... (I also have not beaten Sakuya on Hard with any character besides Cirno, yet she is the hardest?) Then again, I play with her the most. I guess the uniqueity comes from the Danmaku Rush this game has like you said. Edit: Also only Touhou game I have come close to 1CCing let alone beating. (I do not know what 1CC stands for, just what it means.) Edit 2: After 1CCing Lunatic with Cirno, I can say that I only need to capture Satori 2 and Remilia 2 (Spells.) Edit 3: I captured Every Single Spell Card (except for Cirno) on Story and the library does not say "All spell cards captured on Lunatic" for Nitori or Remilia, even though I have captured them all, so it looks like a Complete Break is mandatory. (First Time I messed up Remilia's First spell makes me sick knowing you have to do a Complete Break.) Edit 4: After completing Lunatic with Reimu, it gave me the Hard and Lunatic Trophies for Reimu. (I am only missing Hard/Lunatic no Bomb Clear, and Hard/Lunatic Marisa Clear) Edit 5: The Lunatic and Hard Full Capture stacked, but Hard and Normal Did not stack. I find that really weird, unless Extra Stage is just treated differently. Lunatic No Bomb and Lunatic No MArisa then Plat. (If this Lunatic Marisa run clears without Bombs, then I get all four at once.) Edit 6: Okay, biggest issue is stopping myself from panic bombing when someone comes into my room now...
  5. I would like to have them shown, but no idea how. (Only Trophy Milestone I have I want to keep is my 1000th Trophy being from Touhou: Azure Reflections since that is the only one I timed, but If I make that my 10th Plat and Neptunia my 1337th, then it should get both as a milestone. Can someone tell me how I would show my Hidden Trophies on my account because it has bugged me that they were not synced.
  6. On that note, Genso Wanderer and Genso Rondo as well as Double Focus were all officially given the right to be released by Jun'ya Ota so... (Do not call me a hypocrite by calling ZUN by his name unless that is something that is a Taboo, I even call Miles Prower from Sonic by his actual name, sooo...
  7. Beating Flandre on Hard before Normal gives the Normal and Hard trophies at the same time. (I Complete Broke her on Hard, then Normal, Unlocked Lunatic then immediately Complete Broke her on Lunatic. I however did not get the Trophy pop til Complete Breaking her on Normal. Speaking of Which, do you need to complete break each boss or just Capture on different attempts, because every time I captured the last one I missed, I always Complete Broke them on the same attempt. (I would have Complete Broke Nitori on Lunatic if I was a millisecond faster; I timed out as I Captured it making it not count.) As of now, only two spells not captured on Hard are Sakuya's First and Remilia's Second, albeit, I have actually complete broke Sakuya on Lunatic, so...
  8. Yeah, my hunch was right, you have to Capture all Spells on Normal, not Normal or higher. It should have been more clear.
  9. So if I want this game's Plat to me my 1337th Trophy, does that mean I need it to be 1387th trophy?
  10. Since I just beat Flandre (Extra Boss) on Hard with a Complete Break (All Spells Captured) and having all other Spells captured on Hard/Normal, does that mean this trophy is bugged? Do I really need to Capture her Spells on Normal, even though I never played Extra on Normal, only Hard? (My Library Claims I have Captured every spell from Cirno to Flandre on Normal, and Every spell form Cirno to Nitori as well well as Flandre on Hard. (I have only captured Sakuya's second spell on Hard as a heads up.)
  11. *Touhou and I agree. I did not find it til yesterday or the day before because of that reason.
  12. This will take some time to explain the first one. I will explain how to unlock what. Lunatic: Beat Hard Marisa: Beat Normal or Hard with Reimu Cirno: Beat Normal, Hard, or Lunatic with Marisa Extra: Beat Normal, Hard, or Lunatic as Cirno To disable that censor (Which I hate that the censor can actually be disabled to begin with) is to capture every single Spell Card on Lunatic for the character in question. For all Spell Cards Clear, you need not do them in a single playthrough, but you must do them on a playthrough and not Practice. (I captured all of Remilia's Spells on Hard, but I did not get her "All Spells captured on [Difficulty]" in Database/Library/Remilia. Capturing all spells on Lunatic is the same as Hard and Normal, and doing it on Hard is the same as doing it on Normal. (I captured all of Cirno's Spells and Sanae's spells on my first playthrough which was on hard. I got my complete break when I beat Sanae the first time which is how I know that part. I have beat 14 on Hard which is what I am hoping to do here and help me here. If it was not for that, I do not think I would be able to 1CC this on Normal without Bombing. (I even did a NMNB up to Sakuya and used all of my lives against Satori's third non-spell. I also used my second to last life against Remilia's second spell. That is a pain and I have never captured it outside of Hard Practice.) I hope this helps. I may try to get a video, but that is unlikely.
  13. So hidden trophies are not counted? Well, my plan to make this plat my 1000th failed, but I will make it my 1337th at least. (Either way, this Plat will be one of my milestones.)
  14. Okay, that is way easier than I though. I usually do not bomb at all. From Touhou 1, 3, 5-9, and 11-16, I have never called Bombs a Spell Card, but I guess I am used to that from excess time on 8, 11, 14, and 14.3. (Never used them in 14.3 actually.) Since I usually consider Spell Cards just what bosses use, I never thought the reverse. I got this game last night actually, and I have already captured every spell except for Remilia's second one on Normal, as well as Cirno, Sanae, and Patchouli's on Hard. (I did Hard before Normal.) After 1CCing Normal (No Death,) I was surprised when Extra Stage was not unlocked. I guess I need to beat Normal with Marisa and Cirno as well? Most Touhou like Touhou fan game on PS4, yet the slight differences are both cute, and also shocking. (I usually use Lunatic to practice for Hard, but that is not going to be happening.) The original Question on this forum topic was about the time loop. I can answer it now: A time loop happens if you beat Sakuya and you timed out a spell card. I usually 1CC all the way to Sakuya and only timeout her first spell. Timing out spells, or using a continue will make it stop after Sakuya. (I need to time out Cirno and Sanae to see if that skips the .5 stages, but going to the .5 stages are required. I am using both experience as well as what the game told me when I did not 1CC Normal up to Sakuya. You can use continues against Remilia though. I have not actually game overed and had to continue against the stage 3.5 boss. (Preventing Spoilers here)
  15. Ironically, this will be my last trophy thus being my 999th and my 1000th would be the platinum. This is giving me motivation to try to get this last one again? (My account shows 997, but 998 will be a Crash Trophy that is story based.) (This is according to this site, my actual trophy count seems to be 50 higher on PSN than on here.)