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  1. PSN ID: Partik24 I'm trying to get back into gaming, feel free to add me if you want to. I'll try to avoid doing what I do 90% of the time which is add someone and then never talk to them I have a PS4, PS3 and Vita and I play lots of random games.
  2. I've turned at least 6 neighbors into ghosts with the ghostify power and caught them with a ghost zapper/my cat and the challenge will not unlock. It's not just the trophy that won't unlock, it is the in-game challenge as well. I've tried going over to their house and doing it and I've invited them over to my house and done it. I've also loaded previous saves and I've deleted my game data. Anyone know why it might not be working? EDIT: Okay I figured out why it isn't working, you have to go to the house that's within the same map as your house.
  3. So just to be sure, I really only have to do the following things online to get the Stats trophy? Online Races played: Minimum 1 Win and minimum 1 loss Laps: 1 online lap minimum Game time: Play at least 1 second online (but probably a lot more to be safe) Online kills: minimum 1 kill online
  4. That also happened to me with GTA V for the PS4. I had to untick it in both the PS4 section and PS3 & Vita section.
  5. I've gone from the matchmaking screen back to the settings screen many times (at least 10+) and never had my CM progress reset or CM turn inactive.
  6. So ignoring Elite Challenges, which facility would you get if you wanted to go through all the Acts the fastest? I know the Land Act Resevoir is closest to the city which is where most of the heists happen, but it's also not next to a major highway. That's why I am leaning towards Sandy Shores or possibly Grand Senora. Can someone give me some input?
  7. 877,422 White Whale 4-5 hours left 625,612 Royal Convoy 4 hours left Add me on PSN: Partik24 I still need 1 more Chest, 2 more Royal Convoys and 1 more White Whale to complete the Abstergo Challenges.
  8. I hope there's a hard prestige mode trophy again later. It was frustrating but still quite fun to get in NFS 2015.
  9. Well I decided to re-read what the website says about PS3 to PC remote play and it says contents requiring output protection like Blu-ray/DVD movies/PS3 games aren't supported. That sucks cause Vita's wifi is crap, so I wanted to use a computer to play. Oh well.
  10. So I'm playing GOW1/GOW2/Shadow of Colossus and these games support remote play and so I tried to use remote play on the Vita. It worked and I was able to play GOW1. I then downloaded the PC Remote play software and tried to remote play those 3 games but it told me "Only available on the Vita". I noticed I couldn't use a PS3 controller either. So is PC Remote Play only for watching videos and looking at pictures?
  11. So I wanted to get 100% but I'm stuck at 99% because I don't own the 43rd weapon which is the Cannon that's unlocked through Uplay Rewards. I redeemed my points for the gun and but it hasn't appeared under Signature Weapons in the shop. I tried googling for a solution but no one seems to have been able to solve this problem if it happened to them. Anyone ever run into this issue and been able to solve it?
  12. Likes games that I hate (SAO:HF) or never heard of.
  13. Well I beat the game and the challenges. Challenge 8 and 10 were the hardest and both took me about 20-30 minutes each. The clones probably took me like 40 minutes. I played on Hard mode but I'm sure on Very Hard, the clones would take the cake as the worst of the 3. On Hard mode, I think all 3 are equally annoying. The 2nd fight with Ares was a bit of a bitch too.
  14. Yeah, I've heard a few people say it's luck based and you just need to spam L1 + x and hope for the best. I haven't got there yet though. I'm playing on Titan diffculty and just got to this clone fight, and never even heard of it before. But it's definitely the hardest part of the game so far for me and it feels so cheap. My attacks often seem to go through the clones and so I can't stagger them and they manage to keep attacking the family. And I only managed to play it for 20 minutes and my game froze. Seemed to freeze as a result of the family dying and me using Poisoden's Rage at the same time. The screen just went black and all I could hear was music. Now I have to do Ares's first form again, which isn't too bad but still annoying. I'm hoping people say this clone fight is harder so I don't have to think the hardest challenge has yet to come lol
  15. Protecting your family on Titan Mode/God Mode or Challenge of the Gods #10?