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  1. I like trains...
  2. fully automatic coffee machine (apparently my husband listened to me when I mentioned that ages ago, lol) (no clue if that's the correct word for the german word "Kaffeevollautomat") Mafia trilogy some clothes money chocolate and selfmade cookies I also gifted myself RDR 2, but for PC since I already have it on PS4 so far.. 😂
  3. Native language is german but I can speak english well enough, so that other people understand me (Not to mention sarcasm and profanity, IF they would count as languages )
  4. Screenshot I took from RDR2 in january. That was right before I went to get the white arabian. 😍 Still SO in love with this game, lol. Had to renew Win10 a few weeks ago and I still didn't install everything yet 😂 Left screen: Acer 27" Right screen: LG Flatron 23"
  5. That sucks! Hope you can get your money back... But I googled that page, (which I mostly do before I plan to buy stuff online and I never heard of them pages before) and some people on reddit said it is indeed scam) And I know it might sound hard (Don't take that as an attack ) but sometimes people need this kind of lesson in their lifes... If the prices are too good to be true, it's mostly scam.. sadly.
  6. Still in love with Harvest Moon games 😍
  7. <3

    1. MaximumOverdrive


      Song from "The Beautiful & Damne" album 2017. Video comes out almost 3 years later. 

      The message stands. 

  8. I've got a Switch (Lite) for christmas last year and since then I've used it more then my PS4 lol.. Got it with pokemon and I've played it till i was bored by it.... (also I was missing the online Membership back then, so it got boring fast too.) recently got Animal Crossing New Horizons and since I have that I am using it every day. not the whole day, just a few hours in the afternoon/evening. My PS4 just stands around and collects dust or I use it to watch my tv shows while playing Nintendo Switch 😅 This Switch is NEVER gonna leave this house when I do 😂 But I would say that in the end it all depends on you and what you like to play 🙃
  9. Online almost every day. Playing Pokemon Sword and Animal Crossing New Horizons. Only games I own right now. 😊 SW-1838-2899-1667
  10. Damn.. still trapped in Animal Crossing New Horizons :eyebrow:
    see you whenever, lol.

  11. I've just found my love for Aesthetic Perfection again, lol


    1. MooseSketts


      I enjoy his older stuff, personally.

    2. BulletMeteora


      Me usually too 😅