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  1. Select bahn and keep spamming the attack with theyellow glow and the shout. Its very easy this way
  2. But the door dont open even in afternoon its like a wall i cant do anything. edit: finallyone the first event on ch 9 . The first eventmust be done in the morning with no case on the school.
  3. Hello i m in chapter 8 and i still cannot enter the infirmary for dating her, i have solved her case ch 3 a she told me to come in the infirmary but the entrance is close and i cannot enter someone has the same problem?
  4. Thx
  5. Hello with the dog i have taken more than 10 iim with it(the one who discover ang u must press x to take i mean) but then the trophy didn t pop up what i am doing wrong? It means other item?
  6. Thanks for all the answer^^
  7. They regenerate fter use i didnt understand someone has a list of a the vassel? I have found 4 of them i think i miss one
  8. Thenly way to get extract empty vassels is onodera? I buyed a bit from some shops but only onodera seems to sell them with infinite stock am i right or there are other ways to get them? Thanks in advance
  9. True its possible to farm platinum plates like in like a dragon thanks for the advice
  10. Thanks, it's a relief that vr still work i'll try them both thamks for the code^^
  11. Hello, i'm the chapter 3(or 4 i don't remember) i'm doing the school club first but now the boxing club needs a great ammount of money to unlock skills , this early in the game there is some method to farm some money? the vr is always good like the last game or there is some other method? thanks in advance^^
  12. Thanks , i hope midway in the dungeon is enought
  13. Hello, i have read that the fragments for the final accessory(the one that reduces time casting of 20%) are in the final dungeon; how far they are in the dungeon? i want to complete some quest and fish before the final boss but i have something like 6000 point on shionne i i woud like to unlock the tile, if the spot location is near i'll go in the dungeon farm them and leave. online there isn't any photos or videos of the location, so i'm asking (i hope it's not at the end of the dungeon) thanks in advance^^
  14. VF2

    May God bless you i tried for 4 hours with the ass move in vain, one try with duck circle and win i am truly thankful
  15. ^^ thx for the info