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  1. I would like to be removed. I am going to sign up as my new account, NebbyLunala. Thanks in advance.
  2. You're signed up, welcome to the thread! To everyone on the list: After some consideration, I've made a decision to start a new thread (called Heartless Hunters II) tomorrow and move all the participants of this thread to that one in anticipation of Kingdom Hearts 2.8. The reason is that it will be under my new account, NebbyLunala, so I don't have to constantly log out of NebbyLunala and log back in under this name as I anticipate a LOT of newcomers who want to plat Dream Drop Distance HD and be recognized. Also, now that we have an official Kingdom Hearts Platinum Project, I am not so sure that having a thread like this is going to be anything but redundant. We'll see. I know I have upset a few people by this decision but I have thought about it and decided this would be for the best. Thanks for all your support.
  3. Okay, Carttagos, added you. Welcome to the thread. You've shamed me by platinuming the two Kingdom Hearts games I have serious trouble with. To everyone: To be honest, I am probably not going to continue playing the remixes now that it's confirmed that Squeenix will be re-releasing all the games as one big bundle on PS4 in March. I know it'll probably cost a whopping $80 or something, but I don't care. I also don't care if they don't change the trophies(though it would make all of us much happier if they made the difficulty trophies in the 1.5 games stackable so you can get the platinum with just one playthroug of Proud) because I conquered Birth by Sleep Final Mix and I'll do in again in HD. I that transparent? Okay, to be fair... I've already got a new PSN account and starting to build a trophy archive on that and created a new forum name, NebbyLunala. As such all future modifications of the thread will be under that name. Please don't kill me! It's not you, it's me - I have to come clean about changing my handle because I don't think I want to lie to you all and have to keep switching forum profiles constantly. So all responsibilities will be handled under my new account name, NebbyLunala. If you are offended, please feel free to let me know and I'll explain why I did what I did. Also, I am removing DetectiveCJ from the list as soon as possible and replacing it with NebbyLunala as I do intend to earn Kingdom Hearts trophies on that account as I love the series very much. I wouldn't have made this thread if I hated the games. So please bear with me and I'll see you later.
  4. Yeah, that one got me too. The minigames are, like always, the worst part of this game.
  5. I know, and I apologize for bringing this up. I'm not trying to say that I am OCD about getting a 100% completion profile. It's just that, unlike you, the games I got lists I will never complete are all games I could have avoided playing if I had known how much I hate them. (Okay, so maybe I AM a little OCD about 100% completion - any game I start, I want to be able to complete 100%. I have put down a list in the "Games you regret adding to your trophy collection" in the main Playstation Network forum.) While I might stop earning trophies in this account(which I will do only after I get my 50th trophy), I won't be changing to the new account's name for this forum - I'll still post as DetectiveCJ, I will just be relating stuff on my new account. Also, if you want to PM me about going about creating a new GMX address so we don't clog this thread with stuff not related to Kingdom Hearts, I'm all ears. It would save me hunting down a new e-mail server.
  6. Yeah, I get your gist. I got stalled on my Speedster run because of Simba softlock in Agrabah. (I removed a rant on creating a new account, I will find a better thread for this. Sorry.)
  7. Looks a lot better now, thanks. Anyways, here is my plan to get as many Kingdom Hearts trophies as possible in the 12 days before 2.8 becomes available to be downloaded from my account on the Playstation Store(I paid the money, now I wait until the Tomorrow: Get the Speedster trophy tomorrow as soon as I wake up on Standard Mode(so I can knock out Final Mix Master as well) and do it without quitting. I know that the trophy won't count game time that is not in game, but I want to get it done ASAP. 14th: Since I have the 1.5 disc in, I'll try to complete some of the Gummi Missions(for my BINGO card). I will also be grinding levels for Sora to get him to Level 99 for Level Master and so the super-bosses won't kick my @$$. (I've defeated Kurt Zisa but that's it.) 15th: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, go back to my beginner mode file and complete the Synthesis notes part of the Journal and then just take on Final X-man. (Another two trophies for my BINGO card.) 16th: Try to get some progress on my Proud Mode Riku run of re:COM. (BINGO trophy: Clear basement floor 8 of the Castle.) If I feel like doing a marathon strat, I might just clear Proud Mode Riku off the bat(some of the later bosses are pure brutality, though). 17th: (One week before 2.8 for us!) Proud Mode Run for Sora, will try to get as far as I can, with some level grinding to get to the important abilities quickly and easily. (I do have unfinished files but I think I need to pay the game homage by restarting these runs as I can find strats to make things easier for me.) 18th: Proud Mode run for Sora on re:COM to get some trophies there. May attempt the mini-game records - the minigames in re:COM stink. 19th: Will start the dreaded Mushroom/Data fights for KH2FM. I am not looking forward to these. I have a few Mushrooms and data fights under my belt but some are frustrating as heck. 20th: Begin the torment - aka the KHFM super boss rush, starting with Ice Colossus/Titan(should be easy with Guard spam) and Phantom. 21st: Second run for Riku in re:COM, this time on Standard mode. 22nd: Trophy sweep for KH1FM and KH2FM, I should be able to at least complete the final playthroughs for these games to get the difficulty trophies. 23rd: Final day before the release. Will be doing a trophy sweep to capture any of the platinums I can, hopefully KH1FM and KH2FM. Not so sure about re:COM. I'll probably focus on re:COM though because DDD has you play as Sora and Riku together as well. Is anyone else planning on binging on Kingdom Hearts trophies before 2.8 comes out? Give me your thoughts!
  8. I know the feeling. That was my last trophy too. Those chests are tough to find. I added you to the Hall of Fame just to make you feel better. (See, you don't have to join the thread before you get the plat.) Added. Welcome to the thread!
  9. I'd like to announce that Xeliot has jumped the gun and created his Platinum Project for the series, so if you want to join his thread, go here. I've already joined the thread to inspire me to get those remaining platinums. (PS: Devil_Spooky, you have huge paragraph breaks in your post that leave big white gaps in it. Just letting you know you can edit those out.)
  10. I am afraid I am going to have to drop out of this event. With Kingdom Hearts 2.8 coming up and the Project Platinum for Kingdom Hearts up, I've decided to most of my trophy efforts on getting the remaining Remix platinums so I won't have time to do any of the games on my list(except for Knack, I will get all those remaining Knack forms even if it kills me). Good luck on anyone else sticking with this. I promise, this will be the last time I ever drop out of a Backlog challenge. Of course, I don't have many games to qualify for future events.
  11. About time for this to show up, although it won't fully apply until the 24th, when 2.8 comes out for everyone else. Still, I'll join. Sign me up as a Keyblade Wielder, I have the plat for Birth by Sleep. I will also send anyone on my thread here if they want to participate.
  12. I'll probably do the same thing, reserving the 12 days before the global release to get as many KH trophies as possible. I started a new Critical Play in KH2FM and still at the prologue but will get through it as best I can, avoiding the big enemies(which can one-shot you at a low level).
  13. Flick Rush may be a pain in the @$$, but it's no Ice Cream Beat Dessert Paradise Master Mode. Also, I hope you guys coming into DDD bite their lips when they fight the final boss! I wanted to rage-quit SOOOO badly when he pulled off his battle reset gimmick, damn Young X--. Oops, I said too much... Probably the most tedious of the trophies is the one demanding you Drop 100 times. I never Dropped more then ten times between the two characters and spammed those items that reset the Drop gauge as I preferred playing a character for a long time.
  14. Some people beg to differ. But all in all, I will get all the trophy for 0.2 even if it doesn't have a Platinum - my policy is no game without a platinum is worth playing unless it's connected to a franchise(like Sly Minigames, which wasn't too bad), is easy to clear(like Sly Minigames again), has a great story(like Song of the Deep) or is fun to play(like A Boy and His Blob, which is a reimagining of the old NES game of the same name with the same mechanics - feeding a Schmoo like creature jellybeans to make it transform into various forms to solve puzzles and kill enemies - I just got the last trophy in it and it was pretty fun!). So far I have four 100% titles with no platinums; half of those are the Kingdom Hearts mini-movies from the Remixes. I hope X Back Cover gets a trophy list similar to that because the story seems to be shaping up to be awesome. (I do have a Unchained X character which has completed the story to Quest 250, thanks to lucky 6-star medal pulls, the enemies are brutal otherwise.) EDIT: I think I know why the title for the difficulty trophy for 0.2 is so vague - the creators decided they didn't want to force you to play Critical Mode for a difficulty trophy since that would mean two playthroughs, so they will give you the trophy if you complete the game on Proud. I think this may be the first Kingdom Hearts which I don't go for the Easy setting, I'll be doing 100% on Proud since it's so short. And I don't mind rage-quitting constantly if I keep getting trolled by the final boss, it'll be a challenge! That probably explains why DDD HD is the first game in the series without a difficulty trophy - you can't get Critical until you beat the game, so this is the first Kingdom Hearts I won't have to beat the game on the hardest difficulty... maybe. I might just do it to get the in-game trophy, because I really enjoyed this game out of the entire series. (Yeeeah, still wembling over completing the remaining games. )
  15. There hasn't been a Kingdom Hearts speed-run trophy since KHFM and for that I am grateful. (Though I might get into speedrunning - having to go through several plays of Knack just to farm those rare Crystal Relics made me remember the entire layout of the game from back to front and Knack should get into Game Done Quick's marathon, it's a great game. )