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  1. Joined your crew on NFS Heat ;) thanks!

  2. Join Street legendss! Level 40+ crew with multiple max level drivers starting to farm out RP, come help us grind rank 50 out! Street legendss is a level 50 crew now, but I no longer have the game downloaded, sorry for anyone who was waiting for a request to be accepted!
  3. I've only played half of the first game, got sucked into the batman trilogy. Is it worth finishing that one before I play the second?
  4. That's a valid point! Might get DOS then
  5. Looks like Ni No Kuni 2 it is, thanks!
  6. With the current sale going on I'm looking at 3 games, and I just can't make up my mind! What would you choose if you had to choose between Ni No Kuni 2, Dragon Quest Heroes 2, Or Divinity Original Sin 2? I know they're all different in they're own ways, and all have their pros and cons, just looking for others peoples opinions!
  7. Looking to finally platinum this game, gonna need some help though. With two people we can play neon gladiators over and over for all the trophies and swap wins. Feel free to add me on PSN rjwebs11 (: