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  1. Can you tell me what was done with GoneSpy?
  2. I am hoping there will be a solution. I love this game and I want to plat it.
  3. I got my sixth heir when I started the New Dawn campaign, having had played the DLC campaigns before anything. The version I played the DLC on was the Complete Collection. Then I started the campaign with the PS+ giveaway download game. The trophy didn't pop. Some kind of incompatility issue due to playing the same dynasty on both the vanilla game and the CC?
  4. Hey, i see that you're playing Fat Princess. Wanna play with me so both of us can get the kills that we need to grind for trophies like 50 kills with flame arrows?

    1. Antiristus


      Sure. My PSN Id is the same as my username here.

    2. Pinguim_Ocupado


      Sorry for the late reply, i was not at home. I'll send you an invitation! If not today, tomorrow for sure! 

  5. Really a shame. I would have enjoyed platting this game.
  6. I was browsing the trophy lists and apparently playing through the DLC maps is required if one wants a 100% completion. Do all the players need to have the DLC or is it enough if only one in session has them?