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  1. This. So much this. That game is dear to me and it bothers me a lot to never being able to plat it. Edit: I know nothing about coding, but Portal 2 was initially a cross-platform game, so for that reason I would imagine it's MP has great potential to be revived.
  2. I would rank 100 % of SSHD as at least a hard 7 and perhaps 8. I'm fairly certain Late Boomer took me well over a hundred tries.
  3. Too bad I missed this. It's on sale now too for $1.99. I lack 33 cents of that and I honestly don't think it's worth adding money to my PSN wallet for it. Oh well. Guess I'll borrow it from the library if I wanna suffer it for the plat. This PS3 version I'm playing that Origins is apparently a remake (?) of is already boring me to tears. It's far from the worst thing I've ever played. But pretty awful still.
  4. I doubt it was the corruption of the save files because I was able to load and play them normally and even the in-game statistics worked just fine. It was only when the trophy criteria were met that it gave this error message and it was from PSN. That is, unless those couple of save slots had some kind of incredibly rare and convoluted corruption that enabled me to play them without issue, but translated the criteria to PSN as something having a "discrepancy". Luckily this is not a current issue as I achieved the platinum in 2015, IIRC. The solution was reloading a much earlier save that required me to do all the combat challenges for the third (!) time and a whole lot of other stuff, including the majority of Riddler trophies. I have no idea what was different about it compared to when it gave the error. But I would not want to experience this ever again and was wondering if there's any kind of explanation to why it happened.
  5. Looking at the topic about the guy getting flagged, I remembered my own plat run of this game. Which was quite a stumble and momentarily made me hate a Batman game, despite being a huge Batfan. I don't know if the guy was cheating or not and that's not really relevant here. The topic simply reminded me of what I went through years ago. Here's the setting. I was playing this game on a completely normal, un-modded and untampered PS3 that only I ever used and logged into. At the time it was a little over three years old and is still in use. Recollection of events a little over eight years ago: Editor's note: I did not weep like a little girl. But suffice to say, I was not happy. I don't remember which I started playing the game on; the disc version or the PS+ digital version. But both versions were played and saved on. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this in any game?
  6. It appears a manual save preceding an encounter with Famine in which one fails to catch and break him is enough and you don't have to start from scratch if you do have a save before an ecounter with Famine. After unlocking Mexico, I wanted to make a manual save ASAP, quit the game and upload the save to cloud in case the glitch would work like Purple Nines and would "contaminate" this run and all its saves. So I chose a way point to the nearest unlocked and saved town. As soon as I started following it, mythical beast alert appears. I could only see two horses. I had broken War and Pestilence before, Death won't spawn until all three others horses have been broken and I had only finished three Undead Hunter Challenges so it couldn't have been Chupacabra. Unless Apocalypse Horses can respawn (I had lost War and Pestilence before), it could have only been Famine. There was a steep rock between us an my horse couldn't climb it. The blue glow stopped. I reloaded my manual save before "American Imperialism" and re-did the mission. This time I went to the nearest safe town over America and manually saved. Then I rode towards a waypoint I set between Torquemada and Diez Coronas. And boom, mythical creature alert. Caught and broke Famine there. Tl;dr: as long as you have a manual save before any alert about Famine, it seems you don't have to nuke all your progress so far and can just reload that save.
  7. Shouldn't matter how old it is as long as it precedes any attempt of trying to break Famine. Obviously I would not like to start from scratch if it's not completely necessary. If reloading a manual save from before any attempt of breaking works, then I'll do that. But what I'm trying to find out is does a single attempt corrupt all the save slots on HDD like it does with the Purple Nines glitch in GTA 3.
  8. Great. Now my main mission trophies aren't unlocking either.
  9. Yes, but can you revert to a manual save and go try breaking Famine again?
  10. I have the GOTY disc version. Went to Rathskeller Fork, saved it, got the Explosive Rifle. Challenge didn't show up in the menu. Deleted the game and all the save files. Refused the update, went straight to Rathskeller Fork (even got a Tomahawk on the way - Tomahawk challenge didn's show in the menu), got the rifle again. Challenge didn't show in the menu. Guess this just isn't going to work in Undead Nightmare.
  11. According to a Playstation Trophies guide, failure to break Famine on first try will result in being locked out of 100 % completion, because it will not spawn again and this will result in not being able to kill Chupacabra and break a Unicorn as they won't spawn without breaking Famine. And if you fail to kill Chupacabra on first try or break the Unicorn, same thing. It says you need to start from scratch if either of those happens. So apparently just reloading a save doesn't work? It's like the Purple Nines glitch of GTA 3?
  12. Well, it's not like anyone's forcing us to use that scale.
  13. Plat'd.I was fairly glitch-free until the final boss. The game crashed only once before that when I fell into the mine chasm. In the final boss, I got frozen and unable to do anything other than slide. I think it was the third try that I was able to finish and even that was ridden with glitches that by happenstance didn't softlock me. Actually, it worked in my favor a bit. The sword-wielding boss got frozen once too and I cheesed him with extreme prejudice But yeah, all in all this is not really a game worthy of the Zorro name. It's not completely awful for the target audience (I might have thought this was the dog's bollocks at age 6), but even if you separate it from Zorro and think of it as just a cartoony bare-bones Assassin's Creed for kids, it's still pretty much outdated. A harmless game, an easy plat. But I would not pay more than a couple of euros for this. I saw it in a library and decided to check it out. The music's nice.
  14. Here's something someone else other than I myself may have overlooked: before you try to get a six enemy multi-KO, make sure you have all six energy bolts filled. I didn't pay attention to this in the first couple of tries. However, I am fairly certain I did try it with full energy before it actually succeeded. It did seem a bit arbitrary or somewhat dependent on enemy placement. I tried getting as many of the same enemy type in the same place and start the chain with all the enemies surrounding me from as many side as possible. Dunno if it helped, but I also followed the movement with the camera by turning it to the next enemy I'd assume would be attacked. I think it was stage 15 or 16 where I got this.
  15. Come to think of it, where are all the great Phantom games? 😛