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  1. You can still earn all the miscellaneous trophies in password locked community games, you just won’t earn experience points.
  2. Yes the trophy can be earned in a password server with disabled xp progression.
  3. Yesterday when I was playing there were about 5 servers running the frontline game mode so I managed to get the trophy just by sticking in one until I had the trophy. This was on the European servers. Like others have said you need to use the advanced search function, I’d also recommend removing the filter on number of spaces as most of the servers were full so you can just click on one to get in the queue to enter the game.
  4. There’s no need to restart. There are black phantoms who appear in worlds once they meet pure black world tendency, killing these help your character tendency to move to pure white. You can also easily boost tendency by having a player invade you and then they let you kill them.
  5. You can clear nodes so that you can then load them with spheres you need. You'll want all stats at 255 outside of luck which you can leave at 130/140. You'll need these stats to beat the final boss Penance. Alternatively if you have lots of Gil you could go the Yojimbo route but that will still take a lot of time.
  6. As with a few others I earned the platinum using a DS3 and it's by the far the most difficult I've ever achieved due to the Vettel events. In my honest opinion if you're struggling in the licences and AMG events to the point of considering buying a wheel then it's very unlikely you will 100% this game using a controller as the Vettel events are on a completely different level to anything else in the game.
  7. I just went for the bullseye as it's a bigger area than treble 20. Took me about 5-7 attempts to get the trophy.
  8. Big fan of the Mass Effect series and also not afraid of a time consuming platinum.
  9. This MW2 trophy is easier than the MWR and Titanfall 2 trophies for similar requirements. Stick with it and I'm sure you'll get there!
  10. I managed to beat him on my third attempt simply by hanging by his right leg and every time he stamped I would attack his rear hand which hovers by his leg after the stamp. Whenever he jumped I'd simply stay still and take an R1 attack to his head once he landed. Once he ripped his arms off in his final phase I simply attacked his tail and foot waiting for him to jump and then hit his head again. Following this method he didn't hit me once and made the fight a breeze.
  11. A cooling system which is quiet rather than sounding like my console is going to take off. Also a way to file games in your library so that I can file away games I've already played. Given I've got hundreds in my library I don't really want to be scrolling through loads I've already finished.
  12. Dead Rising 2. Couldn't stand the game and have absolutely no intention of ever going back to it to earn more trophies meaning it will forever sit at 6%.
  13. Check out the following which is a good list: