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  1. MAD MAX! This game is so awesome, totally got me by surprise. Ended up completing it 100%
  2. Both Spec Ops: The Line and The Mar of Kri sit at 91% For Spec Ops, I lost my save file and in order to Platinum the game I have to beat the game again on Suicide Mission and in FUBAR to get the "MFWIC" And for The Mark of Kri, the last trophy I need is "Art Aficionado" and it's annoying to get I just gave up.
  3. First Ps3 game I ever played was Skate, at a Target in 2008. I had just recently moved to the U.S from Brazil and had never even seen a Ps3. I remember like it was yesterday, what an experience Later that year I got a Ps3 for Christmas and it came with uncharted Drake Fortune, so that ended up being my first game But before I played Uncharted, I downloaded the Skate demo and played it all night 😁
  4. Wish i had more time to play video games! 😭 January Life is Strange - PS3 July inFamous First Light - PS4 August Need For Speed - PS4 Adam Venture: origins - PS4 September Uncharted 1 & 2 - PS4 November Uncharted 3