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  1. Only game that comes to mind is Brink for the ps3, while not the greatest game i found it fun at the time.
  2. Picked this up today, already played the ps4 version but liked it enough to play it again at some point.
  3. I ordered my from Rice but ordered Song of Memories at the same time so have to wait for that to release before they ship 😖
  4. Came in the mail today 😃
  5. Looked great. Here's the message hidden at the end of the trailer when the screen flickered.
  6. I managed to download the vita version to ps3 but it won't let me copy it to my vita. Ok worked it out, you have to turn off 2 step verification and log back in on both systems.
  7. When using the binoculars press R1, you have to destroy the AA guns in the area first to be able to use them. The last fight is a great place to get this or when doing action hero mode as you can use them whenever you want.
  8. Having the same issue, I don't think the game is on the servers yet as when you press download on the vita store it tries to start the download then just refreshes.
  9. Seems like the NA/EU art book is digital which is a massive disappointment. Start saving now for that expensive September month.
  10. #375 Reverie Finally got some time to play my vita and finish this gem.
  11. Play-asia posted on Twitter yesterday that they had some problems with shipping delays.
  12. Not sure, it's a walkthrough of the pc version and not sure if trophies are story related or not.
  13. Found a walkthrough video thats an hour long, so seems like a short game. UK store has 20% off pre-order making it about £6.
  14. I see your Post about Moonlighter and i can say you that the Signature Edition will released in Quartal 3 this year.

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    2. Urgalaton


      Can you preorder ist retail? o;:

    3. LuciaRosethorn


      What's Quartal 3?

    4. Urgalaton


      July - September

  15. Well at least I know what I'm getting myself into when I start it, also nice to see you back on the platinum hunt in2 😀