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  1. I really enjoyed it, not sure how much it is in the sale but physical copies are cheap enough now where I would say give it a try.
  2. I have the downloaded version, also just retired doing the photos a few more times and it unlocked. I still couldn't get the 4th photo to show up in my inventory, I also went slow and didn't skip any of the dialogue. Took me around 10-12 attempts till the trophy popped.
  3. Did anyone find a work around for this? I can't get the photo with everything apart from the ring to register. I've even gone back and loaded earlier saves and it still doesn't work.
  4. Picked these up today
  5. Are you opening the chest at the end? That's when I would get the quest complete pop up. Other then that I don't know, im having a lot of bugs with the slaughter 3000 causing me not to be able to complete it.
  6. Someone on your friends list has to kill it for you to get a quest for It, you don't need the quest to find it but it's a rare spawn. Took me 10 save and quits till I got him.
  7. Marx is a rare spawn, best to run in check the two places he can spawn and exit and redo. Took me about 13 runs to get 3. Isn't there only one boss at the end of End point 1? Plato if I remember right, Aristotle is End point 2. Boss memories take a little while to pop out after you kill them also you can't pick up more memories if you have 10 on you already.
  8. At the final boss you will have some choices that lead to 3 different endings, all of which have a trophy. One of the endings you can earn those two trophies. You can also earn them halfway through the game but missing them there doesn't matter.
  9. These trophies are not missable as you get the chance again at the final boss which can be repeated as much as you like after clearing the game.
  10. I could only find it for sale in two places, the other was £35. Not sure how shopto has it so cheap. Had to grab it at that price tho.
  11. The release date is October 25th for EU and October 28th for NA. Also has the pre order up for £ 27.85 for the moment
  12. Is the hate you get always in duty finder? If it's your first time running a dungeon maybe putting up a party finder and looking for other first timers mite be good. Also running a dungeon first as a dps class then going tank after seeing what it's like.
  13. You can do the same spot for all 1000 if you want, same as crafters you can just make the same thing over and over for those trophies. Edit: misread your question, yes every hit on a node will count towards the 1000. So hitting one node four times will be 4/1000
  14. stupot00 Marvel Heroes Omega Before the game shut down you could buy four 60 characters from the ps store, these wouldn't count for the one character to 60 trophy but would count towards the 5 characters to 60. So by levelling one character while playing the game you could unlock both trophies at the same time with the 4 downloaded ones.
  15. This, it's based on created recipes. What I did was buy and make as many of the pink locked recipes and it unlocked. Also some workbenches have unique recipes so make sure you check them too.