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  1. Watched some gameplay and looks interesting
  2. I was never able to access it, even after restarting the game multiple times.
  3. If you enjoyed the gunplay of Doom and the open world/car combat of Mad Max then yes.... I'm excited to play but it looks like every other generic open world game.
  4. Didn't sony make a big mess of censoring the Chinese version? After that the publisher said they wouldn't release games they had to censor.
  5. Yeah I had to replay all routes again 😔 super quick just skipping everything to get to sos's faster. Normally it's only a few lines of unique dialogue before it goes back into the normal dialogue again.
  6. Just got the branching path trophy and platinum with some help from @Nicco555 alot of the SOS choices will lead to unique dialogue. So save before every sos and pick all the choices to see if any of the dialogue after is what your missing. Also failing the sos sometimes has unique dialogue and each character has a unique sos that happens at the festival/beach at night if they are highest affection. The watermelon sos also has 3 unique dialogue depending on your choice. Hope this helps.
  7. Hey I noticed getting all branching choices was your last trophy you got on our world, was there a hard to find one? I can't seem to find what I missed.

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    2. Nicco555


      If you haven't done them it probably is what you're missing. So you might have to do the festval with all characters again lol. rip

    3. stupot00


      Last question but the festival/beach at night are the only sos's that change depending on end route right? I cant think of anymore 

    4. Nicco555
  8. For the other endings do you need reina to be second on the list? Behind the character for the ending you want? I got a few endings but had trouble with others.
  9. Unfortunately not, it does suck but at least I don't need to go buy a new one. I would of been more mad if none of them had worked because I wouldn't have thought it was a fault with the controllers.
  10. Now to play the waiting game.....
  11. Haven't played a racing game in awhile so was abit weird. Funny how my two newer controllers don't work but my original plat ps4 controller is the one that works lol.
  12. Well I just tried a third controller and it works, so even tho the R2 works in the other 2 controllers the button sensitivity doesn't work.
  13. I think I will try that next, hope it fixes it other wise I have no clue.
  14. So I just started the game today and jumped into season 1, after around 20 attempts I could only get silver on the 1st event so gave up and carried on and it only got worse from there. Found it really hard to get above bronze on most events. So checked some YouTube vids to see if I was missing something and noticed in alot of the videos the cars were going 20-30 mph faster then what I was able to go. So i thought maybe my R2 button wasn't working right and changed controller but the problem still happens. Has anyone else had this happen and is there a way to fix it? I closed the game and restarted a few time but still happens. It's like the game thinks I'm half holding down the R2 button when it's fully down. For an example the first drag race I fully hold down R2 and it only just hits the botyom of the green as the race starts.
  15. So with the new patch I logged in and did something to earn rep towards the fractions the trophies did not pop for and then popped. Mr_Marty84 confirmed in another thread the weapon trophies are fixed too. Just got my platinum The latest patched fixed the glitched trophies. You only have to kill one enemy with your weapon class that glitched out on you Same for the Loyalty one. Do one mission for that specific faction and it will unlock