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  1. Had problems with him showing up too, ending up having to wait at the spot for him to show up for about 5 minutes.
  2. Having the same problem, played before day 1 patch trophies popped fine after installing the patch no trophies have unlocked.
  3. I agree Okumura is harder then in P5, but its also the only fight in the whole game you cant just kill things to win. You have to take time to set up a one round kill all. Overall though the game is easier.
  4. Royal is far easier then base P5, with the exp and money boosts in mementos and being able to level baton passes and technicals. Ammo refills after every fight and personas getting more stats and sometimes better skills during fusion alarms. Also merciless is now easier then hard mode with the changes they gave that mode.
  5. Level 5 is max level, level 6 is just for bonus coins. You can only check crew level when in the pre mission screen, think you have to hit R1 a few times to go to a different menu.
  6. You need to turn the trees back to acorns and turn them gold. I think what I ended up doing was turning everything I could into fruit and then turning the fruit gold. Made it easy to look at the item list to see what I was missing.
  7. I didn't have any problems, did you get the pillow that spawns at night? I think you had to turn it to fruit first. Also the gold bowling pin is one that's easy to over look.
  8. This was on sale for a good price so finally grabbed it
  9. Its finally here
  10. They could just release them digital, then do physical at a later date. Would suck for people who want physical copies but at least everyone could get the game at the same time.
  11. Thanks, will try that when I get on tomorrow. I'm enjoying it more then 3 so far.
  12. I like how the combat feels faster then the last game, the amount of spawns and the breakable environments are a nice upgrade. The upgrade maps are nice and the specials recharge fast so you don't feel like you have to hold onto them for long. Haven't played many stages yet but most fight seem attack then air juggle to win. Also agree with some attacks not having much weight to that. Biggest gripe with the game so far is the online play. I get disconnected every time I try to host a level which means I have to go back to the main menu to log in again. From the few games I managed to join about a third of them I got disconnected from before getting into the level.
  13. This was from an article about the game. Additionally, the publisher has revealed the game will feature 34 missions in its story mode, One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 only had 23. Players can play through the Alabasta arc, the Eniesu Lobby arc, the Marineford arc, the New World Saga arc, the WCI arc, and an original, game exclusive Wano Kuni arc. The Sabaody Archipelago arc will be included in the Marineford arc, and Dressrosa arc will be included in the New World Saga arc. can't wait to play the game 😄 Glad there doesnt seem to be s trophy for maxing all crew members again
  14. I'm not that great at rhythm games and found the persona games alot easier then Bon Appetit. Still need to go back and try for the platinum on Bon Appetit.
  15. Got some new boat waifus to look after