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  1. stupot00 Marvel Heroes Omega Before the game shut down you could buy four 60 characters from the ps store, these wouldn't count for the one character to 60 trophy but would count towards the 5 characters to 60. So by levelling one character while playing the game you could unlock both trophies at the same time with the 4 downloaded ones.
  2. This, it's based on created recipes. What I did was buy and make as many of the pink locked recipes and it unlocked. Also some workbenches have unique recipes so make sure you check them too.
  3. Thanks, I had just been breeding 1st and 2nd, thanks for the tip on meat as getting it normally was a bit annoying.
  4. Does anyone know what colouration is needed and is it just random or do I need to do something? Have been breeding dogs for a while but only seem to get the same four different colours.
  5. It is missable if you teleport right to the base instead of travelling from poly island and trying to enter the base from the outside.
  6. About 4 hours in to the game and haven't seen any yet.
  7. It's £25 in the UK store so guessing close to $30 US
  8. That sucks to hear, LRG always keep some stock back for lost or damaged parcels so you should be good for getting a new one. Still waiting for mine to come
  9. Been want to pick this up for a while, but $30 shipping to the UK is a big nope..
  10. I'm abit worried about FF7R if the 1st game is just Midgard, how many instalments are we going to get? How fast will SE release them? Also SE seems to like to change up combat and gameplay between sequels, is this going to happen with each instalment of the remake? Too many questions.... Also DLC summons... yuk
  11. Shoot white spot on the top of his head then he opens his mouth, shoot that untill dead. Grog helps for slag.
  12. Shooting the white spot on the top of its head then shooting inside the mouth when it opens stops it healing.
  13. Did you hand the quest in? Mine unlocked as i did that.
  14. Those steelbooks look awesome
  15. Was thinking the same, hopefully it's a place holder. But the whole image could be fake for all I know lol