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  1. I platinumed the game not to long ago and had no issues, are you holding circle down or just pressing it? I think holding exits car form or pressing it when you have no boost left. You have to run over enemies to fill the gauge.
  2. Epidoes 2-5 are showing as 50% off in a sale for me
  3. Nekopara 1,2 and 3 finally on sale for once 😃
  4. I was so close to level 100, now I'm at level 792. Time to grind to 1000
  5. Already? I've only seen about 7 posted so far so still missing 20
  6. I just hope some of the secret challenges that haven't been found yet give a lot of xp.
  7. Got these the other day from play-asia
  8. Yeah bed scenes are tied to the hard boss quests for Bell, Ais has hot springs. You unlock a hard boss quest for getting to floor 20 and floor 30 of each dungeon. So if you have floor 20-??? Unlocked on each dungeon it must be one of those. As you would have got the quests for getting to floor 20 already.
  9. I take it you've done the other hard bosses and got the other bed scenes? If so I would suggest just speedrunning the 20-30 floors of the 3 dungeons just to make sure you didn't miss one, maybe you did it on one character and not the other or check to make sure the boss quest isn't at the guild already.
  10. Bedroom scenes are from playing as Bell and beating the hard bosses you unlock from the end game dungeons.
  11. You need to be doing a quest from the board, when you arrive in the area a party member will say something about feeling different. The monster will have a purple aura. Just grab a quest and go to location, if party members don't say anything abandon quest and retry. Should only take a few quests.
  12. I really enjoyed the game, story was really interesting and boss battles were fun. The only downside I could think of is that every new area you get to just has the same monsters but a different color so monster variety isn't great.
  13. Took almost a month to get here from Japan
  14. Picked this up today but it will probably have to wait till after GoS
  15. While games are getting more expensive to make you have to remember how popular games are now, games are selling more then ever. So do games need to be more expensive...NO will game companies hike the price up to make even more money.. Yes. Also I really hope we see a stop in broken on release patch later games like we have seen this gen.