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  1. Thanks, I sort of worked out they seem to counter the type they are weak against. So just been hitting them with the type they are.
  2. So I'm in chapter 8 and am getting into fights that I get countered alot in, the tips menu tells me to use counter actions to not get countered but I skip a turn by using them. Problem is what the hell is a counter action? Had a fight last forever earlier because nearly every move I did got countered.
  3. Anyone still looking for a guide I used this one and had no problemsソング-オブ-メモリーズ-trophy-guide/
  4. I have Freelancer and Sentinel bugged out for me. Hope they fix it soon.
  5. From what I understand playing on easy-hard only has a limited pool of masterworks so you will need to play at least gm1 to get the rest you need.
  6. Been using the p3d theme I like the blue better then the red of the p5d one.
  7. Managed to pre order it for £25 so I'm looking forward to it. As a fan of looter shooters I'm sure I can waste alot of time in the game. Really hope they stick to the free dlc as to not spilt the playerbase as other games do.
  8. If you have no new quest you can repeat the 2 stage missions for more gap. I suggest getting pep talk 3 on all your main party and focus 3 on the one you want to upgrade. I had these from near the start and just maxed a character about halfway through rank 7 while skipping all optional quest in rank 5 and 6 with very little replaying quests.
  9. As far as I can tell sss rank is just time based so just go full attack mode and not worry about dying. Another way is to wait till you get some high level gear then go back and destroy all the lower rank stuff.
  10. Also got Got Eater 3 today, shame i cant play it till tomorrow
  11. I hate that the main story trophies are host only again like 5, apart from that looks like a normal far cry trophy list. Will pick it up at some point but more excited for Rage 2.
  12. Got this yesterday 😍
  13. I did the online trophies a few months ago and the servers were fine. I did self boost tho so not sure how active they are.
  14. So I got an email today from saying if you log in and pre-order Anthem you can get £10 off. That makes the game only £32, already a 25% drop in price and the game isn't even out yet. Do you think this mite be because of poor pre-orders?
  15. What I'm getting at is they all ready have the jp vita version an a English translation, so just putting the two together and releasing it digitally they are sure to at least make some money. The game was niche when it first released on ps3, I doubt the western ps4 version is going to do crazy numbers sales wise.