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  1. Yeah seems to me the royal pass is just a fancy way of saying season pass 2. No way they include season pass 1 with that.
  2. This Xbox has a really good tracking system and I like how you can select certain achievements to appear on screen to track easier. I think the avatar system would only work if we had another pshome type space, as what's the point in say buying a hat for your avatar for say 50 platinums if no-one apart from you will ever see it.
  3. Hard to pick only 3 😞 but I guess these would be really nice Folklore Katamari Forever Demons Souls Also Enslaved: Odyssey to the west would be nice.
  4. In no order Marvels heroes omega. Was a nice race against the servers being closed and ended up being the fastest 100% achiever. Dragon quest heroes 2. First game in a while to play on day of release, so having no guide to look at made the platinum that much better and probably take twice as long (around 170 hours) Warriors all-stars. Again another day one start so not a lot of info around. Manage to be the first person to platinum the EU version.
  5. All are cross-buy. Just remember you can only play the vita versions on a NA account on the vita.
  6. The na version doesn't have that patch does it? I know we got it in the EU, but people posting on .org a while ago said they didn't have it yet.
  7. After seeing pubg run on Xbox I wonder how it got released in the first place.
  8. Nebula dungeon, right near the end save point there's a rock and then flutter point. All 3 baby versions are rare spawn in the new area. Also a really good place to level up early.
  9. Haven't played the game in a while but if you have flutter and smash you can go back to the first dungeon and break the rock, in the new area you can get the baby versions of ifrit/shiva and ramuh. Which are nice as you can level them up and then choose a size you want them to be. Also you can get them from the coliseum early on but you can't change them from large size. Copper gnome is a really good tank that can last you the whole game with it's different sizes. Black chocochick is good for it's speed and haste, can't remember how early you can get this one tho.
  10. Monster hunter Ni no kuni 2 Getting these day 1, also looking forward to these but will probably wait abit on them Yakuza 6 Lost sphear Biomutant Code vein RDR 2 (if it isn't too multiplayer/mtx heavy)
  11. Great job on the list, some games I didn't know where f2p. Can add Neverwinter to the list has a EU/NA list and an AS list.
  12. Picked up the platinum for A hat in time yesterday, super fun enjoyable game and a simple plat. Small child, big trophy
  13. Got the platinum on the ps3 version just over a week ago and mp was pretty active so guessing the ps4 version should be the same. Nearly everything can be done solo in wolfpack so isn't too bad.
  14. New deal seems to be Fifa 18........... £35 or £45 for Ronaldo edition and £60 for icon edition. I'm sure most Fifa fans would have the game already.
  15. So far it seems I get to save my money for the January sale, saying that I don't think i've ever brought anything from the 12 deals.
  16. Haven't played the game in along time but If I remember right it's a upgrade you could get that lets you outright pick a hood to take over, so picking one with a lot of stuff you don't want to do was good. Also it doesn't affect trophies at all 😀 Edit: On the steam forums it says you get the free one at the start if you have the DLC.
  17. Been playing stardew valley on and off and this song hits me every time Also song of the year for me is this beauty from nier
  18. Pretty sure it's Claire. Picked this up today 😀
  19. Last platinum was Marvel heroes omega and got #1 with 3 days 5 hours. To lazy to look at others.
  20. Thanks for the shoutout, spotted it this morning and purchased straight away.
  21. Needed extra time to remove the mtx model. A lot of good games coming out at the start of the year so I'm happy to wait abit longer for Far cry.
  22. How do I choose between Nier and Personna 5 for best music? How did pubg get nominated when it isn't a released game? It's been early access all year hasnt it?
  23. You didn't cross your fingers hard enough. Yeah only digital, don't mind paying the full price to support the devs but a sale is always nice. Dont know if sony have ever put a digital only game in the 12 deals though.
  24. The maid and butler set was already free on the EU store, downloaded it 2 weeks ago. Wish we got the Xmas stuff too.
  25. Around 2pm gmt we will get a new one