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  1. Only game that comes to mind is Brink for the ps3, while not the greatest game i found it fun at the time.
  2. Picked this up today, already played the ps4 version but liked it enough to play it again at some point.
  3. I ordered my from Rice but ordered Song of Memories at the same time so have to wait for that to release before they ship 😖
  4. Came in the mail today 😃
  5. Looked great. Here's the message hidden at the end of the trailer when the screen flickered.
  6. I managed to download the vita version to ps3 but it won't let me copy it to my vita. Ok worked it out, you have to turn off 2 step verification and log back in on both systems.
  7. When using the binoculars press R1, you have to destroy the AA guns in the area first to be able to use them. The last fight is a great place to get this or when doing action hero mode as you can use them whenever you want.
  8. Having the same issue, I don't think the game is on the servers yet as when you press download on the vita store it tries to start the download then just refreshes.
  9. Seems like the NA/EU art book is digital which is a massive disappointment. Start saving now for that expensive September month.
  10. #375 Reverie Finally got some time to play my vita and finish this gem.
  11. Play-asia posted on Twitter yesterday that they had some problems with shipping delays.
  12. Not sure, it's a walkthrough of the pc version and not sure if trophies are story related or not.
  13. Found a walkthrough video thats an hour long, so seems like a short game. UK store has 20% off pre-order making it about £6.
  14. Well at least I know what I'm getting myself into when I start it, also nice to see you back on the platinum hunt in2 😀
  15. My first Limited Run game came today Also got Stardew Valley for the ps store as it was free (cross-buy)
  16. Pre ordered Moonlighter, was looking for the signature edition but couldn't find it anywhere.
  17. All achievements run on pc is under 3 hours now, and dark souls has a lot of speedrunners so 10 hours is nothing for someone's that played the game a lot.
  18. Not sure how I feel about this, as my physical copy is still unopened. Mite just go buy a second hand copy to send off for the newer version.
  19. I messaged them awhile ago on twitter about this, they were still working on making it work with physical versions.
  20. I had this problem as I couldn't find a plan with a core for Blanc, turns out it was locked behind levelling public relations at Lowee. So I would check public relations in the town for whoever you need the plan for. This trophy is on par with the card trophy from the first game lol. Edit: Also all the processor units don't have to be from the same plan, just as long as they are ultra rare.
  21. Yes it has to be done online, you only need you and one other person so is easy to boost. It's been 5 months since I played the game but haven't heard of the servers shutting, I know they were closing the servers for the f2p vita game but didn't mention this one.
  22. I hope with the game only having one save slot citizens can't get accidentally killed forcing another playthrough. Apart from that game looks fun.
  23. Really liked the first game despite being abit short and controls being a bit wonky in some parts. I'm worried because Id software teamed up with avalanche studios for this and I found Mad Max to be one of the most boring open world games I have played in a long time. Didnt play Just Cause 3 but heard it wasnt great and released with lots of bugs, glitches and framedrops. Still probably going to play it but will more then likely wait for a sale.
  24. 1. Katamari Forever Picked it up because the box art looked nice, ended up being a super fun and relaxing game. 2. Demons Souls After a friend had told me this was the hardest game he had ever played I had to try it, instantly fell in love with the game. Ending up buying the game 3 times so I could platinum it again and never got bored, easily in my top 10 games of all time. 3. Red Dead Redemption Didn't really know anything about this game before picking it up so was really shocked by how good the story was and having a ending I don't think i will ever forget is a plus. 4. Hyperdimension Neptunia Found this cheap while looking for something to fill my jrpg itch, instantly fell in love with the characters (by characters i mean the best one) Has lead to Hyperdimension becoming one of my favourite game series. 5. The Binding of Isaac Never would of looked at this if it wasn't for ps+ and I would of missed out on what is now my favourite indie game and will forever have a place on my vita. honourable mention, Lolipop chainsaw as I didn't expect to have so much fun with it.
  25. Just put down my pre-order on some Muv-Luv 😍