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  1. Done it about 6 times, it's giltched on my one queen and princess route so can't get both those endings. Hopefully it's fixed it the 1.02 patch that I don't have yet.
  2. Just sat under him for 10 min and nothing, maybe I will try not shooting the 3rd set of cannons at him so fast
  3. You mean just sit and wait and see if he comes down?
  4. I got the uniting all queens ending after doing every mission as I played through the game, I can't get the other two ending as my game is bugged and the cannons don't bring the last boss down when he's at 1/3 health
  5. Mine is Morphite with only 16 achievers.
  6. In the post game you can make sword of light which can be used at the camp forge to make supreme sword of light. Quests are getting ore from battlegrounds and selling to man in hotto, wait a day and buy sword of light from shop. Quest in mount huji to open forge. Complete platinum race in gallopolis for forging hammer. Make sword of kings at mount huji then complete one of the trails before last boss and wish for the recipe book to make the supreme sword of light.
  7. Finally got round to finishing "The hentai Prince and the stony cat" Also got to episode 17 of "Darling in the franXX" Although after episodes 13/14 the last few have been abit boring.
  8. I did the UK store version a few days ago and had no trouble. Followed the ps3imports guide.
  9. These came today 😃
  10. Resistance burning skies, Everybodys golf and Modnation racers came with my vita but the first game I brought was Touch my katamari 😊
  11. I really enjoyed Severed, Devious dungeon is probably only worth it if you want more platinum stacks for the game. I've picked up a few games from them as it's nice to have a physical copy and soundtrack.
  12. Can't wait to play this as the anime was pretty fun, just don't look at the panties twice in a row 😃
  13. Really glad this is coming west, almost picked up the Japanese version a few times.
  14. Picked these up from the summer sale
  15. Where did you raise a ticket?
  16. I had to fight 3 huntmasters in a minor arkfall dont know if location means anything.
  17. Picked up re: hollow fragment as I enjoyed lost song and fatal bullet. Mite grab tesla vs lovecraft if I can be bother to grab another psn card.
  18. I don't think I could of put it in better words, really sad to see how the games have gone since Desmond is gone. Assassin's creed origins Fallout 4 Far cry primal Tony hawk's pro skater 5 Borderlands the pre-sequel
  19. It's goes by your power level when finishing the pursuit. You can buy the weapons again when you are higher power level.for 50 of those blue circle things you get from arkfalls.
  20. I hit level 50 today and just got assault rifles to level 5. Best way to level is find something you can crit alot like arkfall bosses or coop bosses. Also the yellow assault rifle from the zone pursuit does loads of damage. My crits went from 97 to 300+ when I got it. I just wish you could choose the coop PvP maps you wanted to do. Fed up of liberate the lost lol.
  21. Weapons level up based on damage done, you will only get 1 maybe 2 levels while you finish story but past that it's not to bad
  22. Only game that comes to mind is Brink for the ps3, while not the greatest game i found it fun at the time.
  23. Picked this up today, already played the ps4 version but liked it enough to play it again at some point.
  24. I ordered my from Rice but ordered Song of Memories at the same time so have to wait for that to release before they ship 😖
  25. Came in the mail today 😃