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  1. My guess would be 20k min, prob more like 22-24k. But like, you don't have to do it at once, if you're at the boss, you can damage him a little bit, die, go back to the boss and continue doing that until he's dead. Luckily, the health doesn't reset, so it might be doable on earlier item levels.
  2. It has to be an ordeal? I thought it just had to be a nightfall, which is this week, alongside The Corrupted for Cursebreaker.
  3. I've been going for Wayfarer and Cursebreaker at the same time, and I'm about to get the Cursebreaker one first. For Wayfarer you need do get Escalation Protocol Level 7 multiple times, and I found that really hard to organize, unless you stumble upon a group that's doing it already. Honestly both have RNG to them and some luck required, but depending on how quickly you can complete the Forsaken/Dreaming City collection, Cursebreaker might be faster than Wayfarer. For cursebreaker, the only thing you really need people for is the Morgeth encounter to get one of the corrupted eggs in Last Wish, everything else is either soloable, ableit at times timegated.
  4. I think Castle Never has a beholder? Not sure tbh it's been ages.
  5. It's not really possible as the best armor and gear are drops from dungeons or purchases from campaign vendors, and are bound to account/character and thus untradeable. I suppose you could pay high-level people to take you through the end-game dungeons but you're still gonna have to unlock the dungeons first by doing campaigns. You can buy campaign completions to skip the multiple-months-long-grind to unlock them. Unlocking all but the last will cost you approximately 200$. You can get some decent/okay-ish gear by running a few of the newly unlocked dungeons and buying items from the campaign store. It won't make you amazing but it'll allow you to somewhat perform. You can then dump large amounts of cash to equip your character with the best mounts, enchantments and insignia. You would do that by buying Zen (premium currency) and exhanging it for ad (in-game normal currency) and buying stuff on the auction house. The exchange rate is horrendous though. For 10$ you can get 1000zen. That will translate into AT MOST 750.000ad. A R15 (highest tier) enchantment (of which 2 per piece of armor) costs about 3 million. Armor and Weapon enchantments cost 8million each. A legendary mount costs 10-15mil. You can do the math from there. TLDR it's pay to win, but the amount of money you'll have to spend is ridiculous.
  6. No, single character per trophy requirement.
  7. Same happened with me. Red Dragon Knight Attack the guy, and do as much damage before dying. Repeat until he summons dragon. Attack dragon/guy, and die. On respawn, the dragon is gone, and you finish off the guy. Neothilid Just do a little damage, inevitably die, go back to do some more damage, die, repeat.
  8. Yes. Do both solo, that'll unlock it. It's bugged.
  9. I did AC3. It was nowhere near as bad as Unity. Now, the actual side-missions and main story are fun and entertaining, but holy hell the chests and cockades...
  10. you'll need a third PS3 for xp boost. The rest except the medic trophy can be done 1v1.
  11. Personally, I feel that while the DLCs absolutely has an increased difficulty curve, they're doable given some time spend practicing. I'd say at most you'd spend 10 hours per DLC, and that's probably a gross overestimate. Time trials increase the most in difficulty and required precision, imho. Except for venom, I was able to do most of the trials first-second try in the main game, while the DLC's are taking from 30mins to an hour or practice, sometimes even more. You can have a maximum of 128 trophies per game, which is why they had to put the last two DLCs into the Bikes list.
  12. It's been a while, so I don't remember exactly, but can't you do it retroactively?
  13. As a child when I was absolutely furious when I played Pacific Rift, where rubberbanding was a huge issue. Given I didn't understand coding or that rubberbanding was a thing I couldn't understand why I kept on loosing. After all, what kid would think staying behind most of the race and only getting first place on the last lap is a valid strategy? Thanks for telling me how big of an issue it is in this game. I had some interesting to start it, but now I will let it pass by my side.
  14. Both of us are done with it. Finished it back in February.