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  1. I did AC3. It was nowhere near as bad as Unity. Now, the actual side-missions and main story are fun and entertaining, but holy hell the chests and cockades...
  2. you'll need a third PS3 for xp boost. The rest except the medic trophy can be done 1v1.
  3. Personally, I feel that while the DLCs absolutely has an increased difficulty curve, they're doable given some time spend practicing. I'd say at most you'd spend 10 hours per DLC, and that's probably a gross overestimate. Time trials increase the most in difficulty and required precision, imho. Except for venom, I was able to do most of the trials first-second try in the main game, while the DLC's are taking from 30mins to an hour or practice, sometimes even more. You can have a maximum of 128 trophies per game, which is why they had to put the last two DLCs into the Bikes list.
  4. It's been a while, so I don't remember exactly, but can't you do it retroactively?
  5. As a child when I was absolutely furious when I played Pacific Rift, where rubberbanding was a huge issue. Given I didn't understand coding or that rubberbanding was a thing I couldn't understand why I kept on loosing. After all, what kid would think staying behind most of the race and only getting first place on the last lap is a valid strategy? Thanks for telling me how big of an issue it is in this game. I had some interesting to start it, but now I will let it pass by my side.
  6. Both of us are done with it. Finished it back in February.
  7. I can confirm that I've had no issues with the savegame. I've quit and reloaded the game after 100% and it went without any issues. Now, I've made sure to wait until the "now saving" icon disappeared before I did something during my playthrough, but I feel that the glitch issue is indeed overblown. For sure, take precautions and make a backup at 75%, but don't stress about it.
  8. Playing Gravity Rush for the first time. I was so impressed with the graphics, the way they utilized all the controls on the vita etc. It was the game that justified the purchase of the vita for me.
  9. Persona 4 Golden, the game looks interesting, but looking at the required time investment, especially given a lot of it is replaying the same content with slightly different choises I just can't be bothered. Maybe one day.
  10. Yeah, MSPR ai was cancer. As a young child I couldn't understand why I kept loosing despite being 1st for most of the race. It was when I came back to finish it much later I understood how it worked. Such atrocious design.
  11. I do, in fact, want to boost.
  12. Once again I'd like to offer my thanks. Saved me many many hours of tedium. I'm wasn't able to create a save close to the center (my quest-lines are half a galaxy away), so I'm gonna try getting them done during this week and maybe joining in next weekend to get the base build
  13. Can I get in on this? I've send you a friend request, given I calculated time properly I should be on time, hehe. Thanks for taking time to do this man.
  14. Can you send me a friend request? We can just trace eachother.