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  1. From what I remember it's a quest in the Blackdagger Ruins, however that area is currently vaulted which is why you might not be able to access the quest.
  2. The latest update fixed it for me and I can finally play.
  3. They're "aware of the issue and fixing it", but it was supposed to be fixed in patch 10.01, and yet the issue persists lmao. This company smh. I kinda wish they just added a big DLC pack and maxed the trophy count, so I can finish it once and for all and uninstall.
  4. Don't it's a terrible very grindy game with really stupid developers that constantly change mechanics and keep adding new expansions and DLC. You thought you were finally end-game and ready to take on any dungeon? Yeah nevermind, we changed major mechanics and now all the shit you grinded is worthless, time to start again. (I'm very salty if you can't tell). They literally stated they want to keep playings in the "grind" forever. 100% is like ~10 hours of fun and then a 1-1.500 hour grind.
  5. https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter/news/detail/11504413 Mod 22 brings a new campaign called Dragonbone Vale and with it likely new trophies. (Mod 21 was a rehash of old content, hence no new trophies) And, once again, major mechanic changes. Enchantments will now be in a separate page instead of armor, and only go from lvl1 to 5. You can - as per usual - exchange them for a loss at the antique dealer in PE. Truly, I've never seen an MMO change so much of its mechanics in as little time as NW. I wonder if Crystic just takes sadistic pleasure in f****** their playerbase in the a**. I vaguely recall them saying that they literally want to stop people from becoming "endgame" and having a perpetual grind, and I wonder if these constant mechanic changes are part of that strategy. God, when will this game finally die so I can stop playing it? Woe is me.
  6. Yep, on PS5 I can't even sync my trophy list anymore it gives an error.
  7. I ended up buying the PS4 version and got the PS5 upgrade, so it does seem to work in that direction. But not the other way around.
  8. Does anyone know, was the free upgrade only for existing owners, or will I get a PS5 version if I buy the PS4 version today?
  9. an understatement if I've ever seen one.
  10. Can you elaborate on the glitch? Plan to do this game soon, and slowly collecting all the necessary information.
  11. I think 4/10 is way too low, it's more like a 7. Especially the racing line challenges in the midnight drift events are giving me heaps of trouble.
  12. It's kind of a gray zone in this case though, because you've specifically paid for and rented your own server to - presumably - do your own thing. It literally comes with built-in kick tools.
  13. I've updated my original post, but here's the answer I got from PlayStation Support (Belgium). As long as you follow the code of conduct, do not use custom firmware or irritate other players, boosting is allowed. You can find the original text and a screenshot of the email in my updated post in case you want or run it through google translate yourself It's interesting they specifically mention that using a game's bugs or glitches is not allowed. Not PSN, but the game's. Though I suppose it falls under the general umbrella of hacking or exploiting. This means theoretically, quitting a game of fall guys (pre patch) to try and get that streak going is a bannable offense.
  14. ... But trophy boosting is not against TOS... Is it? You're not hacking the game, its servers or PSN, you're using in-game systems to earn trophies. What the fuck, Sony. Otherwise I think we all will have to majorly adjust our behavior online ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿง Edit: Reading through the terms of service, this is the only part the remotely mentions trophies (there are two other mentions but they relate account termination and trial periods, not relevant to earning them) I do not think boosting can fall under any of this. It's not a cheat (you are just "playing the game") It's not an (external?) technological measure (you are using unmodified PlayStation hardware and software) The only remotely feasible is "other methods", which "organizing a group which enables the collection of PSN content, which includes trophies" can fall under, but that's such a long shot I quite frankly doubt it. Given the last part about not exploiting price differences between regions (alt accounts) and selling hacked content (iirc some dude is selling custom avatars), they're clearly more concerned with people making money rather than actual boosting. Support was entirely unhelpful "if the game does not support online play anymore we can't help you with trophies". I don't think they're even aware what boosting is. I've sent them a follow-up email. The follow has the real answer: As long as you're following the code of conduct, are not using custom firmware or irritating other players, boosting is allowed. I contacted them from my original Dutch account so the reply is in dutch, but I copied the text so you can run it through Google Translate yourselves.
  15. I mean it's not like they're a huge challenge right now either, but yeah. I'm preparing to try and get into top 50, but now I'm considering waiting until I can get a trophy-hunting friend over so we can ace that game Already platted it solo on my alt, but MP will/should be way faster