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  1. Whoa so many bronze and quite a few trophies overall. I played it a bit on PC a long while back and it was pretty awesome Its cool how you switch between the graphic looks of video game history
  2. I had to do three playthroughs before I finally got the Crate Basher trophy, not sure why I had such a hard time with it but it finally popped for me.
  3. Thanks for the extra help Flukedit, from what I learned from a Dev these hidden rooms don't count towards the trophy but who knows with it being an indie game. I just finally got this trophy last night on my third play through and I got the platinum! Third times the charm I guess.
  4. Thanks Eighthdayregret I think I might have missed some of those maybe. I'll check that on my way home today on the train. Yup you are right on that Antmoney151. From the Dev Over on Bit Kid Forums ^^^
  5. Thanks AcidFueled, I'm replaying the game now in Mortal mode or whatever its called. I'll see if I pop the trophy on this run.
  6. Hello everyone, Is anyone else having issue with this trophy. I beat my game and I explored the game to 100% and got that trophy but I'm still missing the crate buster trophy. Any thoughts? When did you pop the trophy if you got it?
  7. I found out that you can save your game after you beat the boss and then it just goes back to your game like you didn't beat the boss. I did this and then I fully explored the game to 100% Missed I think two rooms, Just go through all the maps of each area and look for any openings you may have missed.
  8. Hey all, I just beat Chasm this morning and I at my Mission Complete page for beating the game it said I got 100% explored of the map. But I didn't pop this Explorer trophy. I did not save the game after that screen cause I wanted to do a bit of clean up on a few other trophies. Any one else having this? If you got the trophy where does it pop? Image of my Mission Complete screen.
  9. Awesome Thanks for these tips! I was lots on these as well!
  10. Its running really great on vita, I haven't had any gameplay issues on my end. Just like Frebarkis, I have not played it on the PS4 yet. Just playing on the metro on my way to and from work.