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  1. I used the mang weapon to strip armor and convert to damage, King bloodhammer to generate doomskulls, dwarven gate to give my team barrier and lady morana. Only lost one troop with that setup
  2. Isn’t this the PS4 version? Which means no online trophies. Also am surprised this trend hasn’t been closed yet
  3. Reasons why I suck at easy games: 1. The other players are cheating 2. The game itself is cheating 3. The developers sneaked in a patch that I didn’t download or get notified about
  4. Andddd there you go! Just like I predicted they added dlc trophies after the complete (legendary) edition
  5. Not a glitch or anything. On the multiplayer start up screen there a bonus score notification at the bottom
  6. Nothing you mentioned here makes sense. The only thing that you have a one time chance to carry over is your stats and they still won’t count towards any trophies only stat numbers change
  7. No surprise they did confirm a few weeks ago that they’re shifting their resources to fortnite and they’ll update us on the future of paragon. It was inevitable
  8. I think when he said ad-hoc he meant the ps vita version of the game
  9. Super hard, near impossible
  10. Psdeals.net theres also an app for it
  11. Over dramatic I'd say lol
  12. Random ability weekend is up right now
  13. Mk9 didn't have dlc trophies but Mkx had so it is possible there might be dlc trophies of injustice 2
  14. There's a event up right now called blooming, it also gives a random ability, even if it Dosent drop the cat call ability it'll sure make the odds slightly better
  15. Lol you know it's a reference to teabagging right? As in tea and biscuits (crumpets)