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  1. I wish I could finish tracks as fast as I did the Venom Hot Laps, spending only one or two hours on a black track might happen but more often than not it will be more. The longest I spent so far was around 5 hours on the hardest red track and 9 hours on #169.
  2. How does it hurt the ending? I thought the fact that we play with their daughter leaves it open for possible sequels with her as the protagonist. To me it was an open ending, closing Nathan's adventures but opening up the possibility for a new main character. Then there's also the fact that there are other explorers out there, Lost Legacy was a very pleasant surprise and expanding on the Uncharted universe with all the characters that we've come to know over the years only adds to it. But that's just my opinion. BTW I thought it was a fitting ending, ending that part of the Uncharted series on a good note.
  3. ah damn, I saw the trailer and thought it would be a challenging game with an aesthetic I like and possibly an ultra rare plat...guess I was expecting too much
  4. Yeah, leaving 7-16 for last is crazy! I think it's the one I had less consistent runs in because of how precise you need to be, no way I'd ever leave it for last
  5. I remember this talk one month ago because of Super Meat Boy and yet you got the plat on the same day
  6. If EA was going to give you fifa it would have to put unskippable ads on it first, if people get the game for free they won't be as keen to try their very ethical surprise mechanics. HOW ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO MAKE MONEY THEN????
  7. I realised by watching the replay, it was clear that it wasn't at 100% since it shows the inputs, another way to check is by pressing x instead of r2, if you see you're going faster with x, then it's time to switch controllers.
  8. Important tip: Make sure your controller's R2 is working properly so you don't spend 10 hours wondering how the fuck the guys in the videos gain so much speed while I look like a grandma driving. On the plus side I got really good at bunny hopping because I wasn't accelerating enough to clear gaps 🤔 Edit: I only realised this after 'sucessfully' finishing Full Throttle III 3 times and wondering why the damn trophy wasn't popping, you'd think I'd realise sooner but my dumb ass was blaming the game for not unlocking it.
  9. I swam a bit in this world and found 4 pandas in the same place, so this is a good map to do the Zoologist trophy. the coordenates where I found the 4 pandas are X:117 Y:64 z: 729 Can't believe it took me so long to find 2 pandas and now I just ran into 4, sigh.
  10. I don't think so, for example if you had platted Uncharted 3 (ps3) you would have an A rank even though you'd only be at 51% of the trophies because of all the dlc. Not sure though.
  11. So, now that it will be on ps plus, does that mean the dev got payed by sony and will maybe patch the trophy? Because I'm eyeing those 0.25% trophies but no way am I playing this in my main if the trophy is unobtainable
  12. 100 trophies, we made it everyone! I wouldn't even be mad if the trophies still came out for ps3/vita so they ended at 100
  13. Look, another millenial bashing on millenials for using a public platform to express how they feel about something. And of course it's solely because drama sells, those attention whores, because you KNOW they're playing F76 all day everyday, goddamn those fake outrage good for nothing 90's millenials
  14. Wait, you could use cheats? I thought that voided the trophies, I guess you can count one here, wasn't that hard either 😅
  15. Seeing as they fired everyone without severance, people who stuck with them through all the shit we've been hearing about, it's safe to say I'll never buy a telltale game again, shame I don't get to see how Clem's story ends or TWAU 2 but Telltale doesn't deserve our money.