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  1. Nobody's making you pay my dude, you do that if you want to access the new content out of your own volition, not because someone is holding a gun to your head.
  2. @JakJakAttacks these are great tips, I'll leave some as well from my personal experience: - After you finish the game with all characters you should lock the route as the one you feel is easier for you to go through. For example, I always play with the pilot in the marine route. The marine route is the easiest for me because it doesn't have auto scrollers, balloons, buttons that move platforms, etc. You just need to focus on aiming and shooting. - Like Jak said, the combo that goes up to 20 doesn't do much, it helps you get a better chest when you find Daisuke and it helps evolve Sir Junken (keep in mind that even if you lose your combo, Sir Junken will remain in the highest evolution he had, for the duration of that run). Personally, I didn't think it did anything to chests or weapons, have never noticed anything significant in either of these. What I did notice was the amount of jammed enemies that start appearing when your combo is over 14, when you start seeing too many jammed enemies you'll notice that your combo is high, if you're not trying to get it to 20 to get a chest from Daisuke or to get Ultra Instinct Sir Junken, there's no reason to have the combo at over 14. I've shot myself in the leg a few times by getting jammed bosses, once I kept the combo at 20 until the 4th boss and I got both the 2nd and the 4th boss as jammed, you end up losing more time and more life because of this, so my advice is, if your combo is over 14, just take a strategic hit, specially if you are about to face a boss. It's better to lose half a heart to a low tier enemy that to lose 2 full hearts because the boss fight has been going for a bit too long. - This isn't so much gameplay advice, more of a warning, do not pause the game on loading screens, for example when you leave the shop and the next level is loading in the black screen, likewise be very careful when using Clone, EtG is very poorly optimised for PS4 and so, when I need a break, I take it when I'm at Bello's shop and don't pause the game at all. I once lost a Clone run that was about 45 minutes long, because I paused the game on the loading screen and when I unpaused my character wouldn't move, literally couldn't do anything but watch enemies attack me, tried everything to make the character move but he wouldn't. - Since I talked about Clone, there's another thing I should mention, frame rate issues, you won't need to do much to see this happen because again, the game is poorly optimised, but be advised when using Clone that since you'll have a lot of items on your second run, the frame rate will be worse. I almost lost a run yesterday because I was fighting a jammed Meowitzer and I had items like Bumbullets, Bouncy Bullets and a few others. The weapon changed to the Yari Launcher which by itself always causes frame rate issues and it was hell, the game was playing so slowly that I couldn't read the boss' movements and ended up losing a lot of life because of it, thought I'd lose the run. So just be mindful that depending on the items you have, a clone run might not be the best option. - Really simple advice to face The Last Dragun, stay on the top platform. This took me way too long to realise, if you stay on the bottom platform it might seem safer but you'll have to dodge much more and you'll still get hit a lot. If you stay on the top platform you just need to jump to the center of Dragun's attacks and you'll be mostly safe. - Lastly I'll leave a list of items that I always buy and I'll explain why, take into account that I always play with the pilot because of the discount he has in the store: - Banana Jam Hands: When I first played with The Cultist I thought this was the stupidest item because I couldn't get any consistency with the weapons but I quickly changed my mind because of how easy it is to beat bosses with it. Banana Jam Hands description is the following: Greatly increases the rate at which the player's blessed gun will change forms. Upon changing forms the old form will be thrown in the direction the player is aiming, with the ability to damage enemies. This is a good thing because I've been stuck with useless weapons like the Casey, Black Hole Gun or very low tier weapons that do no damage to bosses and if I had had this item it wouldn't be that much of a hassle to get through them. - Clone: used in moderation taking into account what I've said earlier, the only reason I use it is because it makes the second run much faster so I usually get killed at the Glocktopus since he doesn't drop any Credits and just breeze through the second run. - Coin Crown: usually super cheap so it's never a big loss and it makes up for it really quickly, meaning you can buy a lot of items in the next shops, bonus points if you also get Gilded Bullets which can increase your damage output up to 100% at 500 Shells. - Bouncy Bullets: You're in a tight space in most levels, just make a bouncy mess and you'll be flying through levels. - Gundromeda Strain: Will be expensive but it's always nice to have weaker enemies. - Magic Sweet: More damage output and more health, yes please. - Galactic Medal of Valor: More damage output. - Scattershot: Like Jak said it is an amazing low tier item that can win you the game. This is all I can remember right now, hope you find it helpful!
  3. It took me a while to get good at these challenges, I ended up giving up on racing challenges and instead focused on Murphy's Challenges because those were the ones I was better at, I ended up getting about 6 diamonds (2 were from glitched challenges) before I finished (on vita also). If you don't want to wait for a glitched challenge my advice is to focus on one type of challenge and just really grind it out, I would spend hours grinding for a better score in Murphy's challenge but eventually I'd gotten good enough to get very good scores consistently. It's also less work to get good at it than it is to create accounts and factory reset vitas.
  4. Didn't some people do something similar with Dark Souls' trophy for dying the first time? Like finish every other trophy and then die to get both the trophy and platinum? To me it sounds more bothersome than challenging but no doubt it would grant you brag rights and if you're up for it, best of luck. Just remember to follow the damn train CJ
  5. I think that it's not only about it being more satisfying. What's even the point of the exploit? By the time you get to trying this challenge you'll already have to be good enough to do extreme tracks and very hard challenges, if you are good enough for that you're good enough for this!
  6. I felt like Speedcuber really took the cake for most frustrating. I was enjoying Anger Management, grinded it for a few hours and couldn't do it so I figured I'd leave it for last when I was a better player. When I went back to it I managed to get it quite fast actually. I agree with the people saying Redlynx to the Sword was challenging, but since I was constantly improving my times and having plenty of fun with it, it didn't seem particularly draining or annoying, not nearly as much as having to get to level 30 in Speedcuber and losing and then having to get back there again.
  7. I wish I could finish tracks as fast as I did the Venom Hot Laps, spending only one or two hours on a black track might happen but more often than not it will be more. The longest I spent so far was around 5 hours on the hardest red track and 9 hours on #169.
  8. How does it hurt the ending? I thought the fact that we play with their daughter leaves it open for possible sequels with her as the protagonist. To me it was an open ending, closing Nathan's adventures but opening up the possibility for a new main character. Then there's also the fact that there are other explorers out there, Lost Legacy was a very pleasant surprise and expanding on the Uncharted universe with all the characters that we've come to know over the years only adds to it. But that's just my opinion. BTW I thought it was a fitting ending, ending that part of the Uncharted series on a good note.
  9. ah damn, I saw the trailer and thought it would be a challenging game with an aesthetic I like and possibly an ultra rare plat...guess I was expecting too much
  10. Yeah, leaving 7-16 for last is crazy! I think it's the one I had less consistent runs in because of how precise you need to be, no way I'd ever leave it for last
  11. I remember this talk one month ago because of Super Meat Boy and yet you got the plat on the same day
  12. If EA was going to give you fifa it would have to put unskippable ads on it first, if people get the game for free they won't be as keen to try their very ethical surprise mechanics. HOW ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO MAKE MONEY THEN????
  13. I realised by watching the replay, it was clear that it wasn't at 100% since it shows the inputs, another way to check is by pressing x instead of r2, if you see you're going faster with x, then it's time to switch controllers.
  14. Important tip: Make sure your controller's R2 is working properly so you don't spend 10 hours wondering how the fuck the guys in the videos gain so much speed while I look like a grandma driving. On the plus side I got really good at bunny hopping because I wasn't accelerating enough to clear gaps 🤔 Edit: I only realised this after 'sucessfully' finishing Full Throttle III 3 times and wondering why the damn trophy wasn't popping, you'd think I'd realise sooner but my dumb ass was blaming the game for not unlocking it.
  15. I swam a bit in this world and found 4 pandas in the same place, so this is a good map to do the Zoologist trophy. the coordenates where I found the 4 pandas are X:117 Y:64 z: 729 Can't believe it took me so long to find 2 pandas and now I just ran into 4, sigh.