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  1. So, now that it will be on ps plus, does that mean the dev got payed by sony and will maybe patch the trophy? Because I'm eyeing those 0.25% trophies but no way am I playing this in my main if the trophy is unobtainable
  2. 100 trophies, we made it everyone! I wouldn't even be mad if the trophies still came out for ps3/vita so they ended at 100
  3. Look, another millenial bashing on millenials for using a public platform to express how they feel about something. And of course it's solely because drama sells, those attention whores, because you KNOW they're playing F76 all day everyday, goddamn those fake outrage good for nothing 90's millenials
  4. Wait, you could use cheats? I thought that voided the trophies, I guess you can count one here, wasn't that hard either 😅
  5. Seeing as they fired everyone without severance, people who stuck with them through all the shit we've been hearing about, it's safe to say I'll never buy a telltale game again, shame I don't get to see how Clem's story ends or TWAU 2 but Telltale doesn't deserve our money.
  6. I don't think ya'll understand, I'd been bashing him for literally half an hour, I emptied 3 full rage meters on him (and 2 half full) and those take a while to fill while fighting a boss. Ended up dying and then beat him in 6 minutes, go figure 😤
  7. I've been bashing on Zeus for the last half an hour and that piece of shit won't die, anyone else experience this? I'm at the boss fight inside Gaia, have killed dozens of clones and punched both Zeus and Gaia enough to kill them 3 times over, dafuq is going on?
  8. I'm sure you'll change your mind when you see all the amazing lootboxes they have to offer, trophies aren't everything in a game!
  9. HE DID WHAT??? CASUALLY? Onwards to youtube to watch this god play
  10. Joke's on you 4J, I didn't delete minecraft this time! I did delete rocket league though, when will I learn...
  11. How do you stop playing? Do you go back to the main menu and quit from there or do you just quit from a level/ level select? Because if you don't go back to the main menu your deaths aren't counting. If you are going back to the main menu I'd say 11.700 deaths is pretty good, dunno how many I had by the end of it (because I'd almost always quit the game from a level) but I had easily over 30.000 deaths.
  13. Never underestimate the speedrunning community. This dude obviously speedruns, pretty good at it too apparently 😅
  14. Although it really is nitpicking, it wouldn't be hard to just not have the girl say 'ouch, the nuts!', they wouldn't have to bend over backwards to make that adjustment. But as was said several times, it's an 8 year old game and these kinds of things weren't a priority back then. No need to fire James Gunn flame the game over something that happened so long ago.
  15. Bought the Batman Telltale disc and when I got home and realized I basically bought a digital game that I could have gotten much cheaper if actually bought on the PS Store made me angry enough at Telltale that I haven't played a game of theirs since. What's the point of having the disc then? Same with a GOTY disc that doesn't have the dlc in it, I should not be required to have an internet connection to enjoy the singleplayer games I pay for. 😤