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  2. Never underestimate the speedrunning community. This dude obviously speedruns, pretty good at it too apparently 😅
  3. Although it really is nitpicking, it wouldn't be hard to just not have the girl say 'ouch, the nuts!', they wouldn't have to bend over backwards to make that adjustment. But as was said several times, it's an 8 year old game and these kinds of things weren't a priority back then. No need to fire James Gunn flame the game over something that happened so long ago.
  4. Bought the Batman Telltale disc and when I got home and realized I basically bought a digital game that I could have gotten much cheaper if actually bought on the PS Store made me angry enough at Telltale that I haven't played a game of theirs since. What's the point of having the disc then? Same with a GOTY disc that doesn't have the dlc in it, I should not be required to have an internet connection to enjoy the singleplayer games I pay for. 😤
  5. What a pain in the ass that advanced boss is, talk about overpowered, can't even shoot half of the time because of the circles he puts on the ground, makes the Rat boss fight look easy. Didn't help that I got really bad rng, saw a run on youtube where the guy had the easiest attacks to avoid, imagine my shock when I start the fight and all he does is barrage me with bullets while also covering 70% of the play area with circles where you can't shoot from, GG
  6. Not quite a Yonkou yet but I do have 4/5 plats, just need to get my hands on PW3 Sign me up so I can be in the worst generation, better than that shitty cook
  7. Saw the topic on the front page and came here to make a post about scooby doo, realized I already made one almost 2 years ago, both impressed and surprised at how little I've changed. 🤔
  8. There's no way this will come out and be a good game, especially if they are still going to do what they said they would. Hell, maybe they're making it a Battle Royale game now. Either way, it better not come out at the same time as Dying Light 2 or it will be DOA.
  9. Not the right person to answer this since I have NEVER played a demo, this is gonna be my first and it's only because it doesn't seem like a demo in the tradicional sense, but from a quick google search most articles classify it as a standalone demo, probably because it is it's own story but with connections to LiS2
  10. It's not that they got away by labelling it a demo, it's that this is a demo, they just didn't want to name it that and kept calling it a standalone As people pointed out, think of it as what PT was to the Silent Hill games that were cancelled
  11. Free 2 hour game from the creators of Life is Strange, who cares if it has trophies?
  12. Hope it's as good as the first one, factions aside it was the most enjoyable mp I've ever played!
  13. At 1800%? that you're doing great! Keep going!
  14. Seems like every day that goes by I agree more with having a minimum post count before creating threads. 🤔
  15. Good thing I bought Trials Fusion last month, what a bargain! /s