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  1. Thank U! I followed your suggestions and use Georg to farm dark scores. Leveled up the tunes from 1 to 30 in half an hour.
  2. The trophy guide says bosses in thunder distorted world event will 100% drop sky score. I'm not sure what's meaning. I only see one distorted world event in Abasy map, where can I find thunder distorted world event?
  3. After you give Da Xing the tart to complete his side quest(sweet teeth?). DO TALK TO HIM AGAIN! Then swift solution will add one errand "1 Grand dad chair". Complete this errand, then his side quest to recruit him will pop up in swift solution exchange menu. If you don't talk to him, you will never be able to recruit him.
  4. Does the game itself share the same trophy list as the complete edition which including all DLCs? Do NA version, EU version, HK version, JP version share the same trophy list? Can the season pass purchased in North American PSN store be used in HK or JP version game?
  5. Only confirmed in ps4 version. U can test in ps3.
  6. Just for everybody's information, the trophy unlocks even if you play in easy mode. As long as you complete it within 15 minutes, you will get this trophy.
  7. The platforming of the trophy "Keeper of the fire and sky" is a nightmare...........
  8. "Can't calm the crowd" trophy is not achievable for me in the latest game patch. I have to delete the game and saving file and re-install the game. I tried 4 hours with latest game patch, no luck. I did exactly the same as YouTube. As soon as I deleted the game and replay to Sq4, I got it with my first trial.
  9. Same thing happened to me. I did everything right and at the end of Sequence 1, it only shows 11 gold shadow to me.
  10. Final credit trophy, defeat final boss without dying and with all four characters, get all the bubbles in hidden level. It took me couple of nights to get these.
  11. Pretty hard for me. Don't believe the completion rate. Couple of trophies are pain in the ass.
  12. Need help with change lane trophy. Please add me PSN: UTAK981