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  1. Hi there. I'm about to buy this game, will I be able to play it beyond chapter 1? I heard after July no one can play them. Help!
  2. In my case I can't get Sapienza Trinity trophy. Those kills appear in my stats but trophy doesn't pop up. Tried reloading my save but didn't work. ):
  3. Sapienza Trinity didn't pop up after last kill. I followed guide. Anyone with same issue? they are unlocked under when I check.
  4. Hi. I'm same situation, I'll have to re do challenges, I have a doubt, haven't finish story yet so I can't check, do you need to purchase all of them? or just by unlocking and get 100% is enough? I wonder because i read this in the guide:
  5. Starting this one now, thanks for the guides
  6. Thank u!
  7. Hi. Thank you for making a video guide. I have a question, is Sore Knuckles a misseable trophy? and Stay Down?
  8. Ohh cool! Thanks!
  9. Hi there. For those who played this game, does it has coop offline? thanks
  10. I'm in a similar situation, I had a great time with this game in ps3 in early 2015, recently played dlc (for ps3 version) and it made me want ps4 version. For I can recall ps3 version crashed a lot (in comparison to other games I've played). Sadly ps4 version hasn't been patched for ps4 pro.
  11. Got it 2 days ago. At level 56~58... took me a couple of hours.
  12. I read a lot the forum but I barely post so hello, this is me.
  13. ^ Yes, you are right.