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  1. I started this game in late 2016, also got season pass around that time. I re started it in May-June 2017 and played quiet a lot of it but left it aside again. I started Nuka Cola in Christmas 2018. Left it aside. Finally, I'm playing it again. Did automatron already. I think I'm gonna finish it, I'll try to get platinum and then I'm gonna do Nuka Cola and Far Harbour, eventually.... wish me luck.
  2. Hi there. I'm about to buy this game, will I be able to play it beyond chapter 1? I heard after July no one can play them. Help!
  3. In my case I can't get Sapienza Trinity trophy. Those kills appear in my stats but trophy doesn't pop up. Tried reloading my save but didn't work. ):
  4. Sapienza Trinity didn't pop up after last kill. I followed guide. Anyone with same issue? they are unlocked under when I check.
  5. Hi. I'm same situation, I'll have to re do challenges, I have a doubt, haven't finish story yet so I can't check, do you need to purchase all of them? or just by unlocking and get 100% is enough? I wonder because i read this in the guide:
  6. Starting this one now, thanks for the guides
  7. Thank u!
  8. Hi. Thank you for making a video guide. I have a question, is Sore Knuckles a misseable trophy? and Stay Down?
  9. Ohh cool! Thanks!
  10. Hi there. For those who played this game, does it has coop offline? thanks
  11. I'm in a similar situation, I had a great time with this game in ps3 in early 2015, recently played dlc (for ps3 version) and it made me want ps4 version. For I can recall ps3 version crashed a lot (in comparison to other games I've played). Sadly ps4 version hasn't been patched for ps4 pro.
  12. Got it 2 days ago. At level 56~58... took me a couple of hours.
  13. I read a lot the forum but I barely post so hello, this is me.