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  1. Hi can anyone help me boost a lv1 gunzerker up to lv25 thank you GT: Lukejordan16
  2. Unfortunately not.
  3. Anyone know when the next double xp is?
  4. No they don't, you have to be the one to defeat them.
  5. I hope not... I was happy to of finally put this game to bed.
  6. Damn, thanks for the reply. YouTube it is then 😀
  7. Is there anyway to make collectables appear on the map? I know in Scholarship Edition you could by doing the Geography lessons but they are not in this version.
  8. Ok thanks, guess I'll wait for a patch.
  9. Can anyone tell me if you can earn trophies on your own either via survival or against bots? Thanks.
  10. The Evil Within Outlast
  11. Anyone got an update about this?
  12. Dying Light Far Cry 4