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  1. Only the person who comes first.
  2. Neverwinter - Killing 10 thousand dragons (about as fun as it sounds.)
  3. Update: Deleting my save data and trying again worked.
  4. I can’t get the “Taking the high road” trophy to unlock.
  5. Anyone else interested in doing these? I need them all
  6. 40 dollars wow hard pass for now.
  7. Yeah it sucks, I wasted £15 on a physical copy but oh well lol.
  8. Does this work on Dead Rising 2 as well?
  9. Hi, could anyone help me out with these trophies please?
  10. Now that console commands don’t work with trophies as easy as of the latest patch, does anyone know if I buy the disc version and disconnect from internet if it will work to get trophies?
  11. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages now but really struggling to find people.
  12. Have you put the game in rest mode? That seems to be what causes the trophies to glitch.
  13. Can anyone confirm if I buy the disc version in the U.K. now I can still download the episodes?
  14. Road Rage 7 Days To Die Little Adventure on The Prairie Vasilis
  15. Really? Fuck sake got excited when I seen dlc was out.