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  1. Yeah I’ve done all the trials Are you sure?? I’ve done everything and it’s not popped all I have to do is hard playthrough and I’m not gonna do that if I can’t platinum it.
  2. Hi, can anyone help me with this trophy. I’ve done everything required but have the glitch where some blueprints collected in multiplayer first, don’t count to the percentage. ive unlocked all skills in multiplayer as well and most I can get the percentage up to is 99% any ideas? I’m really annoyed as I’ve put a lot of time into the game.
  3. @Terminus124 Worked like a charm, thanks so much for bringing this to my attention.
  4. UPDATE: Think I figured it out go slower! I decided to not mash like a maniac, but instead take my time to make sure that I definitely alternated between L1 and R1 each time. I done if first time doing it this way. It appears that if you hit L1 twice before hitting R2 it will instantly fail it. Anyone know the trick, do you have to be super fast or Just continuous? Do you start button mashing when you get the warning to get ready or do you not start until it’s time? Rather than make a new topic I thought I’d ask here.
  5. Anyone know when this is coming out?
  6. Which is pretty much what the devs said. So stupid making a hard platinum for a fun party game.
  7. It seems like you can’t unlock trophies during the free weekend?
  8. Yeah but I think it was only like £16 when not on sale.
  9. Can confirm “your birthdate is on the 16th of a month” is not a requirement lol. Agree about everything else though.
  10. I think 30 minutes is an overstatement. The DLC is short and not worth it IMO, but if you fully explore all 3 maps it will take you around an hour at least.
  11. You can’t talk, most of the platinums you’ve earned are a joke and easy platinum games.
  12. Little Hope is coming out October 30 not December 31.
  13. Only the person who comes first.
  14. Neverwinter - Killing 10 thousand dragons (about as fun as it sounds.)
  15. Update: Deleting my save data and trying again worked.