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  1. Since AC3 is set during the American Revolution, I’m making the platinum for AC3 Remastered the #1,776 trophy in my trophy log. Planned date of achieving the platinum will be on the 4th of July. This is to coincide with the date of the United States Declaration of Independence.
  2. Was quite disappointed with BFII campaign. Before release, they advertised so much that it seems you'll be playing on the side of the Empire and their perspective and actions during the war leading up to The Force Awakens.
  3. #17 Platinum Trophy Battlefield 3 Platinum: 28 November 2016 100%: No plans Significantly challenging first-person-shooter which deserves an ultra-rare platinum and a significant milestone of #1,000 on my trophy log.
  4. #14 Kingpin Saints Row: The Third Platinum: 24 July 2016 100%: 18 September 2016 In my opinion, Saints Row: The Third is the best title in the Saints Row franchise. #15 100% Clear Watch Dogs (PS4) Platinum: 21 October 2016 100%: Once trophy log frees up Been wanting to play this game since it was announced in 2012. Enjoyable game with a good story, just that the trophy 'Disk Space Full' made me walk around Chi-Town aimlessly looking for the last song for this trophy. #16 Let the Good Times Roll Mafia III Platinum: 15 November 2016 I have always enjoyed the Mafia series, although I feel that Mafia III was quite repetitive. It has a good story and ending though. The platinum for this game is #946 in my trophy log, which pays tribute to American singer Louis Jordan (1908 - 1975) who recorded the song 'Let the Good Times Roll' with his band Tympany Five in 1946.
  5. #13 Agent 47 Hitman GO: Definitive Edition Platinum: 17 July 2016 Played this game for the sake of the platinum trophy - Agent 47. Trophy log #747.
  6. #12 Platinum Trophy Mafia II Platinum: 11 July 2016 100%: No plans Played this game in anticipation of Mafia III coming this October. The trophy 'Ladies' Man' is #696 (if you know what I mean), and the platinum is #700.
  7. Thanks. Nope not all PS3 games support screenshot. Actually some of them I just take from game cutscenes shown on YouTube then I just edit the photos.
  8. #11 Scorched Savior Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Platinum: 21 June 2016 Easy but annoying platinum. But I had to grind this game solely for the trophy 'The King of Hell', which is number #666 on my trophy log.
  9. #10 Platinum Agent Tom Clancy's The Division Platinum: 29 Apr 2016 Platinum Agent sounded cool for my 10th platinum, also not bad for trophy log #616. Totally unrelated, but the date I got the platinum, the trophy log and the platinum image are in reference to rapper Drake's new album, VIEWS. 29 Apr 2016 - Release date of VIEWS Trophy Log #616 - The number 6 is prominently mentioned several times in his songs, referring to Toronto's area code. Platinum Screenshot at Times Square - Times Square is one of the most iconic views in New York City, hence VIEWS.
  10. #9 Kingpin Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Platinum: 2 Apr 2016 100%: 2 Apr 2016 Simple and enjoyable open-world game to play. Just pissed off because of the "Where's My Cape" trophy glitch which I had to replay the game twice.
  11. #8 Top of Your Game Hitman: Absolution Platinum: 28 Mar 2016 Hitman: Absolution is the 5th installment of the Hitman series. Hitman's main character is Agent 47. Therefore, the platinum trophy for the game fits Trophy Log #547.
  12. So basically when you play games there will be cutscenes. From there, you can take screenshots using the PS4 share button. Upload them on your Facebook page, then after that you can link (using BB code) the pictures from FB to here. For me, I will do some editing of the screenshots to make them look nice. Good luck!
  13. #7 Los Santos Legend Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) Platinum: 21 Mar 2016 100%: No plans GTA V was the first game I got for PS3. Took 2 years and 6 months as I wasn't a trophy hunter when I started, but still finally managed to platinum it. Also wanted this trophy for #500 on the Trophy Log.
  14. Thanks for the compliment! The tools are quite simple and basic - I just use Microsoft PowerPoint on PC to move, position and crop the pictures. I then use the VSCO app on the iPhone to enhance the picture's clarity, brightness, etc (like Instagram).
  15. Welcome to PrestonCoIe's Platinum Art Exhibit. I began platinum trophy hunting recently in 2015 after getting inspired by my friend and he showing me this forum. I achieved 5 platinums in 2015, and plan to do about 5-7 platinums in 2016. My showcase would be quite different, because I would be using edited screenshots to represent the trophies instead of showing the game and the platinum trophy picture. Since the PS4 automatically takes a screenshot when you get a trophy, most of the times the screenshots for platinums are not really nice. So what I did was take screenshots throughout cutscenes (including auto trophy screenshots) and find an appropriate picture for the platinum trophy. I then do some editing of both pictures to make the final product - A cool screenshot to go with the platinum trophy name. Platinum Trophies in 2015 Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) Far Cry 4 Battlefield Hardline The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Platinum Trophies in 2016 Dishonored Definitive Edition Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) Hitman: Absolution Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Tom Clancy's The Division Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Mafia II Hitman GO: Definitive Edition Saints Row: The Third Watch Dogs Mafia III Battlefield 3 Platinum Trophies that I plan to achieve Just Cause 3 Watch Dogs 2 Dishonored 2 Skyrim: Special Edition COD: Modern Warfare Remastered COD: Modern Warfare 2 COD: Modern Warfare 3 PLATINUM ART EXHIBIT