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  1. The point about Sony looking into fixing this already worries me. The one game I had planned to use this for was Nep Nep Chaos Champuru since it's a F2P game that would almost certainly never come out here, but if Sony's actually paying attention now, it's not worth the risk between the possibility of getting banned and the possibility of them patching the exploit before I can complete the game.
  2. I'd like to join this. In my own stupidity, I put both the English and Japanese versions of both games on my account way back when, so any reason to get at least one of each game done is a good one.
  3. My Ocelot Likes Eating Cucumbers Under Lights And Rain (alternatively Aging Rain if you're some person that doesn't count "and" as part of the acronym ) Xylophone
  4. It is nice to be unjudged in this EZPZ giveaway with my Asian gainz
  5. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4153-teslagrad/Wdog-999 Derp
  6. Not that OP really needs help now, but I've found that the best way to do it is to set the note scroll to REVERSE and turn off freeze arrows and jump arrows. Your mileage may vary on how useful REVERSE scroll is (personally, I found it quite useful since it made the interface resemble Guitar Hero or DJMax), but turning off hold notes and multi-notes will help a great deal in making the chart less confusing (for MAX 300, moreso the latter than the former as that song doesn't even have freeze notes on Expert). Just be sure to turn them back on when you're done if you want to do full combos afterwards as those won't count so long as either freeze notes or jump notes are turned off. I also found that setting the speed to 1.5x helped immensely for New York Evolved. It makes the climax of the song more annoying, but the chart itself there is more than manageable compared to what came before it and you should be comfortable playing at high scroll speeds anyway given some of the higher-level tricks in Club mode.
  7. I tested out the power cell debug and it turns out you can unlock the majority of the story-related trophies this way as they will unlock after you get the power cell. It's a little glitchy and sometimes it won't actually pop, but if you just keep mashing L1 + R1 over the relevant power cell, it should eventually unlock in a few seconds. The only power cell trophy that will not unlock this way is The Lead Zeppelin as this is technically spread over four power cells and thus the game will not recognize it via debug. Thankfully, the debug mode doesn't get rid of the power cells in the game, and re-earning them just adds nothing to the count, so it should be possible to just get to that point of the game to do that trophy naturally. I'll test out possible Controller 2 inputs to see if I may be able to also get scout flies and Precursor Orbs to just kill all of the grind outside of the Zeppelin trophy as there have apparently been some debug cheats in demos or something using the second controller. EDIT: All I found from P2 so far is making some text display on the upper left corner of the screen with triangle. Unless someone finds inputs that can give you orbs and scout flies, then the only real useful things to come from this are infinite ascending (hold R2) and easy revives (press R2 when you are about to die; the window to press the button is quite large) since you still have to collect most of the shit in the game anyway.
  8. Figures that this comes up the day I brought up how I never got around to doing much in this game in a chat. Looks like I know what I'm testing out tonight.
  9. You use the right stick to aim. It's just hard to tell that you can even do so because the rate of fire is so godawfully low that you would be excused for thinking that the bullets just came out at random.
  10. Congrats! Updated!
  11. Nah, if anything, he needs to take out the SAO from that loop and just get himself a Nep IV drip like I have.
  12. https://www.change.org/p/green-lava-studios-reduce-requirement-for-my-name-is-mayo-plat-to-5000-hits You know you wanna sign it.
  13. What I want to know is whether or not having such a change would really have a positive impact on online play or if the change would just do nothing but make the plat a little easier for trophy hunters. After all, trophies or no trophies, the ranks will still be there for people to try to gun for if for nothing more than bragging rights and there seems to be no reason to hamper the experience of others via quitting or idling or anything to make the trophy easier. If anything, the trophy being there promotes a more competitive environment by giving people more reason to get used to the characters and take matches seriously. With that said, no, there is no reason this should be changed. If you can't get the plat because you can't or won't dedicate the time to get good enough at the game to do well against opponents who would make the match last long enough to get you to 1900 points, you can always just wait for the online to inevitably die out, at which point you shouldn't have much issue boosting it.
  14. Just put in an order for the Chinese version of VIIR. As great as it would be to continue the Korean collection, $66.89 is a fair amount less than the $89.50 I'd have to pay on eBay for the Korean version.
  15. I'll admit that a new game would've been a better announcement, especially considering they left the 1000% Expectations thing in a limbo now since we have no idea if that referred to this or not, but nonetheless, I have some fond memories of this game and it'll be nice for it to be in the running for my 50th Nep plat. And to mirror my response in the LP thread...