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  2. This is now a battle royale. Everyone looks at everyone else's profile and the last one standing wins.
  3. We live in a world where EA is legitimately trying to fight Belgium on lootbox laws, 2K is boasting about overworking employees in regards to RDR2, and AAA companies in general are being poor sports about the pushback on lootboxes. I do not underestimate the power of big corporations to make dumb decisions.
  4. Honestly, I get the feeling it has more to do with Omega Labyrinth Z getting banned and then covered on BBC. Would not be surprised if that scared Sony shitless, prompting them to cockblock OLZ from releasing at all and enact this new policy to try to make sure that doesn't happen again. If it were really about changing social norms, I feel like it would've happen sooner than the last few months and on a worse scale than "you can't have interactive minigames."
  5. Because it's about the interactivity of it combined with the sexual element and, if I may be true to how those doing the censoring percieve it, more... assaulty element of the content censored. It's been more or less the same with a lot of stuff that's been censored. Mugen Souls had the bath minigame cut, Criminal Girls had the voice lines taken away from the punishment minigames to make it not seem like they were resisting (as well as adding some pink mist to certain CGs), and Monster Monpiece had some loli characters' final form cut due to the possible interactivity with them. By comparison, the kiss from TLOU2's trailer is in a cutscene and therefore not interactive, not to mention it was clearly and obviously consensual. It's a no-brainer why Sony is more concerned about a minigame where you can grope up a high school girl as she pleads for you to stop than a consensual kiss between two women. For the record, the censorship pisses me off as well. That said, it also kills me to see people immediately jumping to erroneous conclusions like this since it just mars any attempt to make things right. You can't hope to fix anything if you can't even be bothered to understand what exactly you're fighting, after all.
  6. PS UK on the Senran Kagura Burst Renewal censorship I am certain that this statement will not be abused to hell by people who are angry about the censorship as a meme about some more popular games with very similar releases year after year. Surely not.
  7. That'll show them.
  8. I can only assume that Omega Labyrinth Z getting banned and subsequently canceled at the eleventh hour has sparked something against ecchi games on Sony consoles (keeping in mind Switch got Reflexions recently, which is probably worse than the intimacy thing removed here). The question is whether it's the publishers being cautious in the wake of that event or Sony's western divisions cracking down on that sort of content to avoid a shitstorm like what happened when OLZ got banned in the UK.
  9. To answer more definitively, the note speed doesn't disable trophies or otherwise directly impact them at all. That said, the slower your speed, the harder it can be to distinguish notes on harder charts, not to mention it makes getting perfect accuracy on sight harder since while the physical timing windows change proportionally to the speed (thus the notes will be in each timing window for the same amount of time on each speed), the actual visual representation of the hitzone will not actually change, so the slower your speed, the more timing zones will be represented in your visual hitzone. As an example, playing at 1.0 speed can result in the physical hitzone ranging from the Cyan Exact (best result) to a Great or even a Right (less desirable accuracies) whereas playing at a higher speed such as 5 or 6 will push those lesser timing windows outside of the visual hitbox so that the visual only represents Exacts. The bottom line is that higher speeds will space notes out more, making them easier to read when charts get dense, as well as making it easier to get accurate hits. As such, you would do well to get used to higher and higher speeds as you go through the game and start tackling the harder charts. I personally use 5 or 5.5 depending on the scenario, though you may find that you aren't comfortable going that high or that you may even get used to something even higher.
  10. I did Desert Racing GST for D.
  11. makes a game with trophies does not put the trophies on the PSN servers until at least one of them is unobtainable
  12. You can actually set that up in options by switching to custom layout. You do not want to though. The 5B charts like to take advantage of that shared middle lane and you will have a bad time with the GH layout.
  13. Just wanna update to mention that I have the DJMax Respect plat, putting my progress in that game at 98%.
  14. PLAT #500 DJMax Respect (NA) Easily the best rhythm game I've ever played and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone even slightly into rhythm games. The 100% is hard as hell and the plat isn't a slouch either, but it's worth it.