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  1. 激アツ!! パチゲー魂 「CRヱヴァンゲリヲン~始まりの福音~」- 100% Three years and three months. Three fucking years and the last gold on this finally fucking popped. Words cannot describe the elation and shock I felt when I set up my next 13-hour session of this, checked my trophy list before switching the TV off, and found the list actually sitting at 100% with the little next to the percentage. This also happens to be my rarest platinum yet at 0.23% (likely to go up to 0.27% or 0.28% once the rarity gets updated, which is still well below my previous record of 0.42%), a record that is unlikely to be challenged any time soon. As for what the PS3 I was using for this will be used for, I dunno. There are definitely some self-boosts that this opens up now that self-boosting doesn't take out my pachinko PS3 for the duration of the boost, which has definitely caused me to put off some stuff I've wanted to get around to such as Brain Challenge, TV Show King, etc. That said, I doubt I'll be getting to them any time soon since I have other stuff I'm working on (mainly getting through the five stacks of Azur Lane Crosswave to pad out my Compile Heart plats before year's end and also finishing off the remaining two PES 2014 stacks) and I don't wanna put it off considering time is slimmer what with back-to-work putting me out of commission gaming-wise from Monday to Wednesday now. Chances are I'm just gonna let the good ol' Super Slim take a well-deserved rest until I finally need it again considering that aside from instances of having to move it around and a roughly 6-month period where I didn't bother with the game, it's been running non-stop.
  2. A thought occurs with this: since every trophy in the game seems to be connected to claiming rewards for missions, would it be possible to purposefully put off claiming any trophy-relevant rewards until you had every trophy-relevant mission done for purposes of getting an incredibly fast time from first trophy to platinum or are there mission unlock orders that prevent that? I can't imagine there would be anything preventing it since each task seems to be distinct from the other, ergo none of the trophy-relevant missions should be locked behind completing other trophy-relevant missions, but then I haven't started the game yet to know for sure.
  3. I just can't wait for the inevitable Stroke the Cock so we can have a plat description that reads: "You stroked that cock a lot, must be tired now! Go and rest!"
  4. Sonic is right there in all his hedgehog glory. He even has a game coming up that seems like it'll be pretty good.
  5. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3586-badland https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4217-crypt-of-the-necrodancer https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5985-skyforge https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5883-vr-ping-pong (Would stop being under 0.15% once someone else achieves it) https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6372-fortnite (Can also get you the other PS4 plat which is exactly on 0.15% and the PS5 plat which is at 0.4% using the same Epic account you got the first plat on) https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5609-カラオケdam (I believe this one requires a JP account to use, though; can't just buy it on your JP account and play it on another region) That concludes the possible plats with 0.15% or less rarity. Damn, and I've just been running it on my super slim boosting PS3 for like three years so far. Still need that last gold... EDIT: I no longer need that last gold. Took me longer at roughly three and a half years for plat, but I didn't even need multiple PS3s all running the game in a multi-thousand dollar PS3 farm. Just a copy of the game and the PS3 I was using for self-boosting anyway.
  6. While both games have batshit insane plats, pachinko is a matter of just leaving it on forever until the RNG gods finally shine on your PS3 whereas pachislot requires a fair bit more interactivity. While it's theoretically possible to turbo the pachislot game, you're not gonna get much done doing that since there are trophy-relevant points where the game expects you to be in control. Most of the pachislot trophies can be done by save scumming in specific situations, granted, so it mostly just requires a lot of patience to get most of the trophies (Getting to 43/47 was an effort of about three weeks of playing the game daily for at least a couple hours, usually several). The real plat-killer is the 2000 Bonus Winnings trophy that's only been achieved by one person thus far since it's by far the strictest trophy in the list (requires roughly 6 super jackpots within about 50 spins of each other) and it's the one part that can't be save-scummed as it relies on a streak of winnings that resets upon loading a save.
  7. Huh. Here I thought that "no golds required for plat lists" was just gonna be a PS5 thing based on FFXIV's PS5 list being the only example until now, but now we have trophy shovelware breaking the news that the requirement was just rescinded across the board. Can't say I'm too surprised trophy shovelware of all things broke the news. If anything, it's kinda weirder that more of these " games" don't go for trophy spam to further entice people with the prospect of massively inflating their total trophy count on top of their plat count.
  8. World Soccer Winning Eleven 2014 (JP): 100% Nice to finally have one of these done. Wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be. Was sorta miffed that I had to actually play matches for Become a Legend since you can't just plop on Coach mode for matches like you can for Competition mode, but the AI was easy enough to deal with anyway that I didn't have any major struggles. Even the notably iffy Best Asian Footballer trophy came on my first try, likely because I resigned myself to having to play every match I could instead of trying to BS it with simming. I remember the Performance Training drills being a bit of a pain, but I dealt with that on this stack and the NA stack back when I first intended to do these in early 2021, so I won't have to deal with that again until I get to the EU stack. Speaking of which, I'll be doing the NA stack next since it's already on my profile from early 2021. EU stack will be afterwards.
  9. Bomberman ULTRA - 100% Another easy 100% that happens to have an UR. A few single-player trophies here, but nothing really difficult at all. This also means I am technically on track to have Bomberman series completion once R gets done grinding in a couple months. In any case, just three stacks of PES 2014, grinding through Super Bomberman R, and likely swapping something in for the Eva pachinko game after all that and I can at least have one tier done before the year's out.
  10. Another swap... Replacing... Knowledge is Power with... Bomberman ULTRA - 60% Already got done all the local stuff, so should be an easy self-boost tomorrow.
  11. Super Bomberman R Online - 100% Easy self-boost, though it requires five devices that can run the game for one trophy (I used my PC, Xbox, PS5, and two Switches) and despite it being free-to-play, you need the Premium pack on one of your devices to set up private matches. Was thankfully able to find online shops still selling codes for said pack for the Steam version of the game since it's officially been delisted on every storefront.
  12. Would like to make yet another swap... I would like to replace this... Mugen Souls ...with this... Super Bomberman R Online - New Will likely swap back Mugen Souls if I get down to just the Eva pachinko game left at which point it'll swap in for that as soon as I can guarantee that Mugen Souls will be done within the year. As for what I first swapped in, Winning Eleven is going fine enough. I thought having to actually play games for Become a Legend mode would end up being my plat killer due to my complete lack of experience with sports anything, but it turns out that the Beginner AI is actually dumb instead of just "dumb to people who know the footballs," which makes getting into goal-scoring position fairly easy enough that even with me not being the best at getting goals, I can still get like 3-7 per game depending on luck. Best Asian Footballer is my last roadblock on way to the plat and then it's just a grind to sim through Master League.
  13. Would like to make a few changes to my list to reflect what I'm actually working on at the moment. I would like to replace the following games... Omega Quintet (EU) Omega Quintet (KR) Secret Ponchos (EU) Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania (PS4) ...with the following games... World Soccer Winning Eleven 2014 (JP) - 20% Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (NA) - 10% Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (EU) - New Super Bomberman R - 23% Been on a "clean out the physical backlog" trek for the past month or so and I've decided that the PES 2014 stacks I picked up for EZPZ UR last year would be next on my bucket list, so I'm swapping them in here to at least make some progress on the event. Also doing Super Bomberman R because I felt like doing a turbo grind on my PS4 for a couple months while I take care of this and other PS3 stuff. Will see what else I can replace on the list once I get done with PES.
  14. Damn, wish they'd just set it to October in the first place. I'd given up on achieving the PS3 plat like a day after the announcement since I barely made any progress on Awesomeness 11 beforehand, but the extra month might've given me the time I needed had I known from the start.
  15. Considering there were already multiple titles at launch that had no trophy support (Mr. Driller, Toy Story 2, Tekken 2, etc), not to mention none of the PSP games so far have had trophies between the launch and the first update dump that was only PSP games, it seems very unlikely that trophy support will actually be mandatory for PS Classics.