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  1. Before I post, let me clarify that this game series is really not that heavy on story, so while some games are continuations of others, there really isn't any real reason to go in order of story unless you want to really understand a lot of the in-jokes in the game. The actual plots of the games are easily comprehended regardless of how much or how little of the series you've played as the series does a decent enough job of introducing the main cast in each game so that newcomers won't be too lost. Also, they all have trophy support. As far as the main games, here they are in order of release: Hyperdimension Neptunia (PS3): Story-wise, this game is completely separate from the rest of the franchise, so you do not have to play it to understand the story of the series at all, though some rudimentary knowledge of the game may help with understanding later in-jokes, though not to a great degree that is necessary to play it. Gameplay-wise, the game is considered to be horrid, so it is recommended to skip the game. Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 (PS3): This game acts as a reboot for the franchise after the dead end that the first game's True End placed the story in. It also represents a shift in the gameplay towards a sort of prototype version of what the battle system would be like from now on, introducing the concept of the free-movement battle system that every main game in the series so far uses today, though with several flaws that would be ironed out in later installments. This game is interesting just as a look into how the series really began, though I highly recommend just playing Re;Birth2 instead as it shares the same story (I'll get to that later). Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory (PS3): Story-wise, this game is a continuation of mk2, though for the most part, it takes place in an entire new dimension. The story is also considered the worst in the main series, mainly due to the sadistic nature of one of the new characters, Iris Heart, as well as the script being very mean-spirited to begin with, particularly towards Nepgear (as a result of backlash against her due to her being considered a bland protagonist in mk2 along with the controversy over her role in mk2's Bad ending). Gameplay-wise, this game continues on what mk2 has done and effectively sets the tone for how the battle system would work up until VII revamped the battle system entirely outside of the free-movement. It is also known for being one of the most grind-heavy games in the series due to its increased difficulty compared to previous games in the series. That said, it is still not without its flaws and if you want to play the game, it is recommended that you just play Re;Birth3 instead. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 (Vita/PC/PS4): This is a remake of the first game on PS3, though in addition to switching over to Victory's battle system, it also rewrites the plot. Like the first game, this game also has no connection to the main series, though it is worth playing just because it acts as a good introduction to the characters of the series and it's one of the better games in the series from a gameplay perspective. As a note, the PS4 release, Re;Birth1+, is currently exclusive to Japan with no current localization announcements for anywhere, not even Korea which usually gets these announcements before the JP release. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 (Vita/PC): This is a remake of mk2, though unlike Re;Birth1, which rewrote the story of its basis, Re;Birth2 just keeps the same story that mk2 had, only replacing a couple of minor characters that Compile Heart had lost the licensing to since mk2, adding a couple new CGs, and adding a new ending that acts as a happier spinoff to mk2's Bad Ending. Gameplay-wise, this game is more of the same coming from Re;Birth1, with the only notable differences being a switch back to a four-person party from Re;Birth1's party of three and the addition of a new minigame, Stella's Dungeon, which is basically a bad idle game that takes a long time and practically exists to sell a DLC that halves the time that said game takes and reduces the frustration overall. If you have played mk2, this is honestly not worth playing as you'd get a better gameplay experience from Re;Birth1, though given what it's built on, Re;Birth2 is still a better alternative to mk2 proper. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 (Vita/PC): As you can guess, this is a remake of Victory, and like Re;Birth2, this game just rehashes the story from Victory, only adding a little subplot about mobile games for the prologue and post-game. Gameplay-wise though, the game actually makes a couple of changes to the formula seeing as how the previous two Re;Birth games were already based on Victory's battle system. The main change is that aside from a different UI, all skills are now attached to a character's SP bar rather than having the SP bars and an additional shared EXE bar. While this makes it easier to unleash a slew of EXE attacks at once, they also diminish a full SP gauge (all 1000 SP) per use, so by the time you can get strategies to abuse them readily, you'll be towards the end of the game anyway. Hyperdimension Neptunia VII (PS4/PC): After years of spinoffs and remakes (all on Vita, of course), this game marks the series' return to consoles and a continuation of mk2 and Victory. It also represents a major shift in the gameplay of the series, revamping the battle system in much the same way that V revamped mk2's. In particular, weapons now have limits on the attacks that can assigned to them, making your choice of weapon dependent more on the attack slots that it gives you rather than its raw power. In addition, skills and EXE Drives were greatly nerfed in this game to the point where a series of five power attacks can easily outdamage skills while being much easier to pull off. It is generally considered the highlight of the series, combining good gameplay with one of the best stories in the series. There is also a chance that this particular game may have an impact on the series going forward, so if nothing else, you should play this or its remake, VIIR, for that alone. Hyperdimension Neptunia VIIR (PS4): This is a remake of VII, but with added VR scenes (the main game does not use VR, all VR scenes can alternatively be viewed without VR, and the plat as a whole does not require VR at all, so lacking VR will not cut you out of any content). The story is the same as in VII, albeit with the normal and bad ends being cut (this makes it the first and only main game to have only one ending) and the addition of a few VR scenes between moments in the story. Gameplay-wise, this game marks yet another massive change to the battle system, adding several features as well as rebalancing the combat so that skills are once again supreme. As a drawback, the game has auto-regen features for skills between set regeneration between turns as well as a full heal after every battle so that the combo skills become utterly useless and you are better off just skill spamming. It is also a fair bit easier than any other game in the series, with no missables, autosave after doing almost anything (even dying just boots you to the beginning of the dungeon), and the aforementioned full heal after every battle. That said, it is still a great game in its own right and gives fans another option to experience VII. As far as the spinoffs, none of them are actually relevant to the main story and you can play them however you wish, though it is recomended that you play at least one game in the series beforehand just to get used to the characters as this is a major part of the appeal for the games. Pre-VII Spinoffs (Playing mk2/R;B2 or V/R;B3 is recommended beforehand) Neptunia PP (Vita) (Mediopcre Idol Sim game that is basically a glorified visual novel) Hyperdevotion Noire (Vita/PC) (SRPG spinoff that has a self-insert protagonist and centers around Noire; it is generally considered horrible and unless you like SRPGs, you are better off avoiding it like the plague, especially given the plat grind is effectively the worst in the series) Hyperdimension Neptunia U (Vita/PC) (Action spinoff with clothing destruction, courtesy of the makers of Senran Kagura; not too horrid, though it can get boring quickly and the plat grind is suffering) Post-VII Spinoffs (playing VII/VIIR is recommended beforehand) Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune Vs. Zombies (Same idea as U, but sans clothing destruction and the stages are far more bite-sized; the campaign is horribly short as the main focus is the multiplayer, though that can easily be done solo with ad-hoc) Superdimension Neptune Vs SEGA Hard Girls (Vita/PC) (a crossover RPG with the Sega Hard Girls franchise; adds basic parkour elements to the Re;Birth series and has a new battle system as well as a class system) Cyberdimension Neptunia (PS4/PC) (an action-RPG from the same developer as U and Blanc Vs Zombies, though it has a much greater emphasis on blocking and dodging than its predecessors; it generally plays far better than the studio's previous two efforts) Brave Neptunia/Super Neptunia RPG (PS4/Switch) (Upcoming 2D sidescrolling RPG that takes inspiration from the likes of Valkyrie Profile; first game in the series developed outside of Japan, being made by Canadian developers Artisan Studios)
  2. Did an update thingy. My current game is mk2. Really hoping to get all this done before Brave Neptunia rolls along given that I'm making good progress on the PS3 games now, and the PS4 games should not give me much trouble.
  3. Should probably mention I got the VIIR plat back in September 2017 with the JP version. Never bothered to post about it in here just because of the fact that it was a new release even in Japan at the time and I was about to start my second year of college, so I had a fair bit on my mind besides this. EDIT: Oh wait, I did post here. Was on the end of the page before the last one I checked. I guess this is a reminder for whenever this gets updated, then.
  4. I've updated everything now, including the rarities and First/Latest Achiever spots. I really need to remember to not put this off for so long so that I don't have to spend so much time doing this next time.
  5. Just when I thought I was done with updating my posts... Huge congrats on being the first person to become an UltraFan after the event started! I have also gotten Patches Unleashed! and Call the Child Protective Services! in my quest to figure out how U marks cleared quests. https://imgur.com/a/3iN5GdX
  6. @Arctic Cress @MrUnknown625 You have now been updated. Congrats to Arctic on getting done V and Blanc and congrats to Unknown for getting through VIIR. I will edit this post when I have updated Leon and Tomo as they have both earned trophies beyond getting plats, Leon in particular, so it takes a bit longer to do those. @TomoTakino You have been updated. Congrats on the Re;Birth2 plat! @Leon Castle You have been updated! Congrats on being the first to get a few of the trophies and for making such a big leap in progress. On the topic of Patches Unleashed, it turns out that I didn't remember how to tell when a quest is clear since the game does so by not marking it as new. I apologize for effectively making you post five screenshots when the job could've been done in two to cover the landmark list or even one to just cover the quest option, but your entry counts, so you get the trophy. In addition, your Speedlunker time is valid at a nice 38.94 by my stopwatch's count (probably closer to 38.4 because of the delay in me stopping the watch).
  7. Was gonna post this under Jdog, but I have come to find out that I suddenly cannot post as Jdog anymore, so I guess Neptune is gonna be silenced for the time being. In happier news, I'll be updating this shortly (as in hopefully right after making this post), but first, I came up with a couple new trophies for you guys to go for in the next DLC trophy set for the Neptunia LP to coincide with the release of Re;Birth1+ over a month after the fact. DLC List #2: Version 1.5 UniNowa Shipper Get platinums for both Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1+. "Who'd thought we'd have a game on both console and handheld? Makes for some interesting stacking options." Call the Child Protective Services! In Neptunia U, finish a mission with both Ram and Rom in ripped costumes. "Don't tell Blanc." The Challenger In any game with character challenges, max out all challenges for a single character. Requires photo proof. "Yeah, I know. This one's a bronze while the easier one's a silver. Only so much we can do with these free updates."
  8. For reference, here is what the OP is talking about: https://www.play-asia.com/omega-labyrinth-z/13/70brhn Personally, I wouldn't hold my breath on this since PQube hasn't made any further announcement on this and furthermore, they still have their tweet about the cancellation pinned on their Twitter account.
  9. Not updated yet, but the Level 99 quests were added via patch to the JP version and thus do not count towards 100% quest completion on any version, even those that had the quests since launch. You will need to actually show them completed on the quest list to count for the trophy.
  10. "Puddiiiiiiiiing! If I don't have any pudding, I'll die! Puddiiiiing!" - Neptune
  11. It's an online-only game, so like most F2P titles on Vita, it will become impossible to earn any trophies in the game. I guess OP figured anyone who cared about it would know about that. In any case, I've known about this since it was announced back on the 6th and I pretty much rushed through to get the 100%. If anyone wants help getting through, my player ID is d274jy6a. I'm raising up a Chaos Mammon that has a leader skill of +4 Mana regen every turn, which opens up deck options quite significantly. In addition, I highly recommend sending an in-game friend request to 4ssi2j43. He has a Purple Sister V with max stats that can wreck much of the game and has a fuckton of HP and considering a friend and I have both managed to get befriended by him, he seems to not mind just letting people have access to his card. You'll still need good cards with the ability to add to a leader's EX gauge to get use out of it, so it doesn't make the game a 2-3 hour 100% by any means, but once you have the means to survive, it makes the Next Green Extreme and DCD fights a great deal easier and eliminates quite a bit of grind since PSV's leader skill can do about 1000 damage on each hit to those two bosses, not to mention said skill can one-shot pretty much anything else in the game, so even grinding gets a lot easier since you can eventually reliably do Extreme quests to grind, which give more EXP per AP spent to access them and better drops, including better crystal cards (your main source of EXP in the game). I also highly recommend using this wiki as you play (preferably in Google Chrome or with Google Translate) to get a better idea of what your cards can do as well as how to play the game and what cards you should be looking out for whenever you get the chance to do a premium gacha roll (the game gives you fruit stones, the premium currency, on a regular basis from the story and extra quests, so you can do the 10-card roll a good few times). It's a great source of info and will make the game a fair bit less confusing.
  12. I may make one if I can get it done in a reasonable timeframe. Times seem to be around 2 weeks to do it, so it may be possible, though if it's a month or more, I won't bother because no one will be getting it done in time by then since it shuts off on August 8th. Nice to know that it wasn't the Vita running out of battery. At least I know how to do it properly now so I shouldn't have any issues when it breaks again. Looks like I'll have to redownload Mr. Pumpkin's Adventure quite a lot.
  13. Just a headsup on this: I have done as the video has indicated and it works perfectly fine across multiple games. I did the JP version of Mr. Pumpkin's Adventure and have been playing Chaos Champuru and there was no extra setup required to do it across games. That said, I have found out that if the Vita is turned off for whatever reason (in my case, Chaos Champuru requires so much power that the charger can't restore power fast enough to keep up with it), the link will actually be broken, requiring it to be set up again. EDIT: Just did it and now that I have had to reestablish the link, I cannot both have the link established and also play games from the other account, so beware that if you manage to get the link working while also being able to play the games, do not let the system turn off. This will force you to play the games through the other account and, if you were playing anything that established saves online, you will have to start over again as the save will be linked to your main instead of your other account that you got the game from. EDIT2: False alarm on the previous edit. Turns out what you have to do to both establish the link and be able to play games from the other account is to download a game from the other account after establishing the link between your other account and your main. This will indirectly activate the other account to play games without fucking up the link and forcing you to do it all over again. This also makes it practical to do a sync after every trophy earned for those wanting to be cautious about it since you would do the sync just like you would for any game that you'd play on your main.
  14. Mine is DJMax Respect
  15. @Ratchet2425 @Muur1993 @Rick_Sanchez @Mesopithecus I have added and updated all of you. Sorry for the delay. Between worries about exams (which are thankfully now done) and Neptune's laziness rubbing off on me, I didn't get around to doing the update until now. Now to get Neptune to update all those rarities...