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  1. Got done Tree World, so I'm starting to get closer to the end. Thinking of just doing the True End on my first run to get it over with since I'm already at 14% Charm Level. Might change plans depending on where I am when I actually reach Chapter 10, though. No real Mugen Field news since there's not actually much left there besides the inevitable shampuru grinding at the tail end of the plat grind and any random runs I might do later to raise more gold and, now that I'm running out of my DLC supply and don't feel like dropping $3 on another pack, G Up. I did get quite a few good matters, though. I have HP/SP Restore (18% and 12%, respectively), Collision Damage Recovery, Limiter Release, Self Defense (35%), high resistance to Paralysis, Skill Seal, and Death, matters for getting more gold/XP/MP from each battle (not much though; gotta make more of those), and some resistance to Sleep and Poison. Still have a few more that I need to really be powerful, but I have about 400 G Up left and most of the stuff I need is from expensive equipment, so I'll have to do more G Up grinding before I can try for those.
  2. Updates - Water World done. - Charm Level up to 14% now, and in related news, since I had the charm for it, I did a full run of the Mugen Field on the lowest bet. - Did some specialized item maxing to get the 100M damage trophy early, though I loaded afterwards since I didn't want that build for general play just yet. This marks my first UR in the game thus far. - UMA Taxidermy and Crazy Ancient Stone maxed out, so CC has a full set of upgraded armor now and is at over 10m defense.
  3. Cleared Fire World. In Mugen Field news, I got the max bet up to the maximum and got CC's and my first few peons' level caps to 9999 (C's sitting around Level 1500). Also managed to gather enough gold to max out the Crown.
  4. Welp, finally bothered to clear Moon World. Mugen Field is surprisingly addictive, so I've been putting off actual story progress. In the meantime, I maxed out the TCS limit several hundred hours ahead of schedule and my level limit on Chou Chou and my first few peons is at 6000 IIRC, though CC is only at Level 459 or so right now. Also learned just how ridiculous Fever mode is since it's getting me 1-2M gold minimum per fight before any bonuses. Might take a bit, but I may be able to max out the Overwhelming Crown within a reasonable timeframe given I'm somewhere around 100M gold again already and I'll be doing quite a bit of fighting just getting through Run 1. EDIT: Chou Chou is at Level 1183 now. Also got to 524M gold. Mugen Field bonuses were playing very nice this run with me getting up to 8 times the EXP/Gold/MP from battles that were giving me ~1M EXP and 5M+ Gold base. Since I still don't have enough to max out the Crown, I decided to instead get the Nude Leotard to 999 (in one go, of course) for a nice 2.5M HP and 2M DEF boost, which only took just under 100M gold.
  5. Did a few Mugen Field runs last night and aside from doing a lot of upgrading since I had 1B Mugen Points, I also managed to come across three XX-9Rs and peon kill the large crystal in all of those battles, so I have an extra 60 Dust Bunnies, which is about enough to make up for what I lost having to frenzy kill a couple bosses. Not sure why I've heard that the enemy only gives 3-5 of them since in my experience, it gives 4 base and 20 when peoned. Still not really worth grinding for its own sake since the bosses are random, but it's a nice windfall at least. Also made it to Level 128 from all the EXP I earned. Sucks to hear about the crown, though at least I can snag the briefs off of the Terse Doppelganger when I get there for the best defense. The crown's around 2.75M stats right now, so hopefully it can at least get to that 4M threshold in the end.
  6. Yeah, I'm not horrendously concerned about getting all the shampuru I can for the time being since I figure the amount of reloading to do so, especially when it's not Dust Bunnies or Sham-meows at stake, is just too much to actually deal with on Run 1 and I'm still figuring things out. I'm just glad that I have all this equipment for Chou-Chou so I can at least frenzy everything that I can't Peon Kill to get triple shampurus at least. As far as equipment, do you know if there's anything above the Overwhelming Crown in terms of stats that I can get easily around the time I would need it (say, the items that can be stolen from the doppelgangers)? Kinda hoping I didn't just screw up and add dozens of hours to the plat from what I just did. If nothing else, it wouldn't take too long to get back to this point on a new save and just invest in something slightly weaker to start with that I wouldn't really need to care about the final stats for as long as I held on to the Overwhelming Crown.
  7. Dunno if you can mash square through the moe kill menu, but you need to defend between moe kills since you only get one per turn unless I'm not seeing something. Could possibly spam square and cross at once to get it done, but then you'd normally kill the enemies before you could moe kill them in most cases assuming you're at all strong enough to bother, not to mention that as you said, one frenzy is all it would take to royally screw yourself over and the turbo isn't checking for that. Also decided to go ahead and max out the grade on the Overwhelming Crown and raise it to Level 755 since I had the G Up and G for it off of DLC packs. I think I'm ready for at least the story now.
  8. Is it possible for an enemy to even go frenzied without doing moe kills? From what I can tell, unless the buttons are remappable, you could only do basic attacks with turbo by turboing cross, which I don't think does much.
  9. I have all that sweet free DLC equipment, so at least for the time being, I can pretty much handle everything without taking damage. Kinda sucks that the dungeon designs are probably gonna be open and enemy-sparse throughout or I could set up turbo to get a headstart on commons for shits and giggles whenever I'm away.
  10. Started today. Decided to just start over since it has been six and a half years since I last played and I barely made any progress back then anyway. Pretty sure I'm just about caught up and I've played for maybe an hour and a half despite my old save having four on it. Am I to assume that there's not much point to doing Moe Kills on anything but story fights during the campaign? I've noticed that it's generally a lot more efficient to just spam the Moe Kills and let what happens happen since the shampuru counts are so small anyway and these are all commons.
  11. felt cute, might delete later, idk Would like to at least do one run of the story and I'll see where things go from there. It's possible that I could get quite a bit done considering I've noticed an odd fondness towards grinds after a few other CH games I've platinumed, though who knows how that'll persist over the course of 400+ hours.
  12. Looks great. Thank you for your work. Also can't believe my plat post is now tied with the post announcing that the medals are up for the most liked post of the thread.
  13. It is done. Thanks to @bladesoframen for helping me out with the game and also for dealing with my endless complaining about this game's weird, dumb quirks. Overall, this is honestly one of CH's weaker titles. Having the game actually be hard is an interesting idea given their catalog tends to skew on the easy side as long as the genre they're doing isn't known to be hard, but instead of actually manifesting in a meaningful way, it just turns into rocket tag where if you don't kill the enemy immediately, they will basically fuck you dead with the exception of a few marathon bosses, and that's assuming you even get a first turn to kill them on since you occasionally get stuck with such a small mob that they just all order break you at once and kill most if not all of the party regardless of whether you even did a symbol attack or not, which is less a fair challenge and more just RNG bullshit to its logical extreme. As far as the story, it was alright. Nothing really special, but it wasn't exactly bad by any means either. It's pretty much just standard stuff without much going for it, honestly, and I have little to really say on it. The plat grind wasn't quite that bad, though I also had a turbo controller to automate enemy kills and affections, so all I had were the relatively short level grind to get up to muster for the training facility and the approval grind that has more or less been trivialized at this point (check the Optimizing Battle Bonuses thread, the last combo there gives up to 20M per fight with 6 small enemies, 15M with 5 smaller enemies, and 11M with 4 smaller enemies). All in all, not too horrid of an experience, but there's nothing really special about it other than the fact that the NA version inexplicably has 18 URs. I would like a Nene medal, please. @Masamune
  14. Sorry for being so late to start this, but I finally got through the story. Felt so good to get all of it done in one shot. Just post-game and grind left for the plat. At least I have turbo so the MAD kills can go quickly. Already did the affection grinds for all five girls.
  15. While this is certainly odd, this is actually not new. There's a Japanese game called Ciel no Surge that had to do the same thing back when the limit was 15 DLC packs rather than 128 trophies. It ended up having 24 packs in total. Original: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1435 Remaining DLC: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2351 It's definitely weird to see it in action again, and it makes me wonder about a certain blocky game that's getting close to the limit.