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  1. Your decisions don't exist in a vacuum no matter how much you try to justify it. Your intention may be to punish Sony, but XSeed gets caught in the crossfire of this as their game is the one that you chose to use as a sacrifice. Whether you buy the game or not is ultimately your decision to make, but don't pretend that your decisions only affect who you want to see hurt.
  2. XSeed has no influence over Sony's policy on this. All they could really do is not release the PS4 version, and aside from that being a fairly large waste of resources, it just makes it even worse because rather than getting 99% of a game, the customer gets 0% of a game, which is honestly a really bad deal, especially if you aren't a PC player and can't really get the Steam version. Besides, if they just go away, it just leaves less and less evidence of Sony censoring shit over time until eventually, the issue just fades out of consciousness because it'll barely affect anything to begin with, so it won't be a talking point at all and as such, it'll just be the new normal.
  3. I have Re;Birth1+ done now, so whatever you do with that, I'm eligible.
  4. Re;Birth1+ doesn't really have any new trophies. The game makes you get the new characters to Level 100, but that's about it and it blends in with the other level trophies easily. The only other changes were bumping a couple trophies down to bronze for no reason and changing the Level 99 trophies to Level 100 (while also bundling a few of them together to not have to change the amount of trophies). Honestly, I'd say that considering R;B1+ is more or less a definitive version of R;B1, the PP should just let someone plat either of them to get credit for R;B1 and there should just be a bonus medal for doing both if anything. Besides, it won't stop me from being the first ULTRAfan anyway since I'm just about done the game.
  5. I have them all so far. I even have the Brave Nep plat.
  6. I have to believe CJ is just trolling at this point. This has gotten to the point where CJ resembles a shitty parody of a perfectionist rather than an actual one considering this is now his 11th account, his tenth account being abandoned for I don't even fucking know what, but it was probably because he played Smash Brothers for a bit and forgot which account it was.
  7. >Quality over quantity >Every plat so far has been an EZPZ game, which would be understandable with one or two of them, but not seven in a row
  8. Looks like a fun board.
  9. While the OP has presumably managed to get this done already, I'll just leave this here for anyone who is a bit put off by the boss. Having just done this easily at Level 74, if you have Vert's armor and her Dreadnaught, the best thing to do for the fight is to have Neptune debuff Rei with one of her SP attacks (can't say names since I'm playing the Korean version atm and haven't played the English version for years) and have someone else buff Vert's INT, after which you should spam Vert's EXE attack, which should do about 170k damage per turn. Also make sure that Vert either has Nepgear behind her or has a disc with the FPS chip on it so she can break the damage limit. Everyone else should just focus on normally attacking Rei at this point to offset as much of her 25k healing per turn as possible without using any of that precious EXE Drive, which should be saved for Vert as she will obviously be doing the most damage to Rei with her EXE Drive. Beyond the first or second wave, this should barely be an issue anyway as Rei will only get to go after the other goddesses have gone and you should be doing enough damage per turn with your power attacks that you can at least minimize the loss of progress that her 25k heal does each turn. As for fight #1, just use one EXE Drive and just pound away on the rest of her HP to get the gauge up as much as possible going into Round 2. Rei will barely be a threat at this point due to having maybe 250k HP and lower mentality so Vert can do about 200k damage to her with the proper buffs and debuffs, so you should not struggle much to begin with. If you still struggle, I recommend getting Blanc's Nunchuck Strap as she is basically the best tank in the game, and the extra stats from that armor will just make her even better. Coupled with her high HP and the tendency for bosses to target the goddess with the highest HP, she can pretty much add to your survivability greatly, Light of Domination notwithstanding, though if you play your cards right, Rei shouldn't even have a chance to let that off to begin with.
  10. Having just unlocked the trophy with a trio of Journey avatars that took me from 100 to 103, I can confirm it's a bit odder than this. The game seems to only check whether the first avatar of the set puts you over 100 and ignores the other two. As such, if you're already at 100/101 avatars needed and you unlocked an avatar trio like I did, the first avatar there will take you to 101/101, triggering the trophy to pop as normal. Conversely, if you're at 99/101 or 98/101 and you get the avatar trio, the first avatar there will only take you to 100/101 or 99/101, respectively, so even though the trio would take you over 101, the game does not realize this and you must unlock some other avatar to make the game run a check again and give you the trophy as intended. Also, as such, if you've been hit by this glitch, you should be able to get the trophy just for unlocking any avatar, not just an event or RNG avatar. EDIT: Also, if you're looking to unlock this trophy without having to actually sit around and grind for avatars and you happen to have a turbo controller, you can just do All Clear and spam hard drop after binding it to the button through in-game settings. The game will never top out as a misdrop in All Clear just moves you along to the next board and there are some boards that only require hard dropping into a hole three times from the starting position, so you'll get at least a D rank 99.9% of the time due to the sheer number of boards you'll be going through all but guaranteeing at least one of those easy boards, if not more. By mapping hard drop to in-game, you can just have the game reset itself every time the game ends, so you can leave it running indefinitely and grind out avatars without having to be present. This is also a good way to grind out levels since each game will give you about 1000 EXP anyway and takes about a minute and a half to two minutes each between the starting minute, whatever extra time you gain from All Clears, and the results screen. Grinding for EXP isn't really needed if you're going for the plat, but if you're good enough that you're far away from Level 100 after getting SS on everything or you know you'll never get SS in everything but wanna minimize the damage that this game would inflict on your completion rate, this is a good way to AFK it.
  11. https://kotaku.com/steam-is-banning-sex-games-with-young-looking-character-1830949017 Might be interesting to some of you who are championing Steam on the grounds of them not giving any fucks.
  12. makes topic about how censorship talk should be regulated topic turns into more censorship discussion Truly, this is the topic that keeps on giving.