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  1. Superbeat Xonic (Vita): 100% (Plat #700!) It's no Mugen Souls, but it's still a damn fine plat for #700 considering it's one of the hardest Vita rhythm plats.
  2. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: 100% Very glad this one is over. I had fun at first with it, but that quickly turned into frustration with the fact that the hyper-competitive nature of the game feels at odds with the amount of bullshit that can happen at any given time whether due to chaos-centric level design or just other players being dicks with the grab mechanic and/or just outright blocking shit. The custom lobby exploit and the Hoverboard Heroes show from a while back did help quite a lot with some of the more annoying trophies, which is likely the only way I would've ever bothered with this considering it's difficult to even get legit wins, let alone five in a row. In any case, time to get my milestone...
  3. So... having come to realize that trying to set up Mugen Souls as a milestone has basically all but ruined my will to actually play on my Playstation consoles, not to mention the fact that my insistence on making it a milestone when I'm literally two plats away from said milestone is gonna interfere hard with multiple games I want to play ASAP at this point (namely both the Nep X Senran Kagura crossover and Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania), I'm just gonna declare my Tier 3 now and officially make Mugen Souls either not a milestone at all or just whatever milestone it happens to line up with whenever I finally get to it. Tier 3 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - 91% Superbeat Xonic (Vita) - 91% Secret Ponchos (NA) - 84% Mugen Souls (EN) - 82% Knowledge is Power - 0% Game plan for now will be to grind out however many rounds I still need from Fall Guys for that plat and then clear the last chart I need for the Xonic plat for #700, after which I will likely go ahead and unleash the five other plats I left one action off from a trophy in (none of which are UR, unfortunately).
  4. At 827816 Shampurus with 94% Average Charm. Got through the doppelgangers and also decided to do some random grinding. Got a few hundred Agents from Galactic God Arena to get me to 9276, got 150 Veterans from accidentally misclicking on Mega-Strong Arena once, and did some Tier 1 grinding for the hell of it. Also got maxed out R. Shampurus this run, so that's neat. Means I don't need to worry much about the Vorgis/Belleria doppelganger fight anymore. Also shouldn't be long until I can start skipping the final doppelganger battle as well.
  5. At 816128 Shampurus with 94% Average Charm. Didn't have much time tonight, so I decided to change things up and just take care of my 17 Boss! Boss!! Boss!!!! runs that I would normally do between doppelganger fights so that tomorrow, I can just blitz through the doppelgangers and move on to the next run. Got 395 Paw Pads thanks to a fair amount of Frenzies.
  6. At 815338 Shampurus with 94% Average Charm. Got up to post-game in my 12th run.
  7. At 804320 Shampurus with 94% Average Charm. Finished off my 10th run and decided to go through with my entire 11th run, doppelgangers and all, as well.
  8. At 784642 Shampurus with 93% Average Charm. Got done my 10th story run and I'm halfway through the doppelgangers now.
  9. At 769446 Shampurus with 93% Average Charm. Maxed out Pirates and with that, I'm finally done Rank L grinding. Also at 3968 Fleet Admirals, which puts me at a good head start for that grind considering I barely had any when I first started. Will continue later with more runs of the game. Looking to put off Rank M and Rank M Tough until I'm nearly if not completely done my NG+ runs to get my charm as high as I can get it.
  10. At 767385 Shampurus with 93% Average Charm. After using my last 44 Out Bells, I'm at 8774 Pirates and 3282 Fleet Admirals. Should hopefully be done this soon so I can go back to run grinding.
  11. At 763968 Shampurus with 93% Average Charm. Reached 7059 Pirates and 1805 Fleet Admirals after 30 more Out Bells.
  12. At 761572 Shampurus with 92% Average Charm. Reached 5414 Pirates and 1189 Fleet Admirals after 25 Out Bells.
  13. I like how this two and a half year old thread got necroed by someone letting a troll live in their head rent-free for two and a half years and then coming on to make a post admitting as such. Anyway, to answer the question, I wouldn't say that UR trophies/plats are inherently important just because there's a fair amount of spam plats that, while nowhere near as numerous or quick as Rata shit or even visual novels when those were king, still aren't really that bad, especially if you have the connections and/or equipment to deal with some online grinds. Having gotten to 34 UR plats since my last post in here, I can say that while a few of them are actually pretty nice (Superbeat Xonic being one of my proudest), quite a lot of it was just grindy spam. That said, while I don't assign that much value to URs, I do find some fun in UR hunting just because it does kinda bring back that feeling from the PS3 and early PS4 days when the easiest plats were generally still in the 5-10 hour range and sometimes even required a bit of effort rather than how it is now where you can amass hundreds of plats in a half hour or less each or even how it was in the Vita and pre-Rata days where easy plats were skipping a visual novel for an hour or two or running through some random indie puzzle/walking sim game with a video guide for a couple of hours (the era in which I mostly dropped out of trophy whoring save a few select instances since the constant video guides were getting maddening and the oncoming Rata rush didn't seem all that fun either). There's not particularly much fun to be had in say, typing in codes ad nauseum for the Ark: Survival Evolved platinum/100% or going through a hundred alt accounts going for the Zumba plat on PS3, not to mention some of the other stuff I've went through for UR plats, but they're definitely more memorable than a good majority of the trophy trash I've put myself through over the years.
  14. At 759882 Shampurus with 92% Average Charm. Up to 4189 Pirates and 769 Fleet Admirals now after going through my remaining 30 Out Bells from the previous floor range. Won't bother to max out Fleet Admirals here since while Shine Fishes tend to show up in higher numbers when they do appear, they also don't appear as much. God Eaters show up in groups of 1, sometimes 2, but at least they generally show up.
  15. At 757962 Shampurus with 92% Average Charm. Took about a month break from the game because of how fucking boring the Mugen Field grind is + getting sidetracked by other things, but I'm back at it and I maxed out Sumo and Dynamite, so just Pirates left in the 9X floor range (plus any Fleet Admirals I can squeeze in since it's the only relevant grind in M rank's 9X range). Hoping I can get this run done within the week and get back to doing playthroughs.