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  1. I would say Guitar Hero 5 more than Power Gig since the latter requires specific peripherals that are absolute shit while GH5 requires just a guitar and a mic if you know the right people (4 drums can be done in a 4v4 along with every other "4 of a kind" trophy and there's no "All Tutorials" trophy), though having drums as well would make things easier for a couple trophies. You can also basically pass off all the hard stuff to someone else since you can have teammates do challenges for you and still get full credit, so there's little to no struggle with the plat. It takes a bit longer, but it's not a super grind by any means.
  2. It's got 47k owners and it's stuck in low 1%, so it's not gonna stop being UR at this point.
  3. Grand Kingdom servers are shutting down on October 1st. Doesn't seem to affect the plat directly, but the PSNP guide cites the War portion, which is the online that's shutting down, as the quickest way to level up units by far, so it is possible that the platinum could become far more grindy after the server closure. The plat already supposedly takes 100 hours, so anyone interested may want to start now if they haven't already. https://nisamerica.com/blog/grand-kingdom-end-service
  4. I have Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition and the three Love Live plats for a total of 4.
  5. Won't get me any awards in particular, but I have the Dreamy Theater 100% now. Would like to run through the other two at some point. Working on EN Future Tone right now, though. Might move on to X afterwards, but I dunno since it's such a grind. EDIT: I stand corrected. It counts towards the Accessory bonus award... ...which could be easily gotten with the VR game that I need to go back and finish anyway. ._.
  6. tfw I just cleared Dreamy Theater last night
  7. Finally got back to this after doing the Super Nep RPG Asian plat. Grinding out Tier 12 shampurus from Galatic God Arena right now for a good charm boost in hopes that I may be able to maximize the High Laser gain from the Chapter 8 Vorgis battle going forward. If nothing else, I have to do this anyway and crystals in Seven World Redux center around average charm, so I'm not losing anything doing it now.
  8. Been doing a lot of stuff lately inside and outside of gaming, so haven't really had the time to get to this much. That said, I finally finished up my second run and I can move to my third in the next session. Shampurus: 101170 Charm Level: 42%
  9. Except this has mainly gotten so far because in addition to the general complaints from the usual suspects about anime boobs, US society in general isn't nearly as comfortable with sexuality as it is violence, so it's a lot easier for a company pandering to the US to see censorship of pantyshots and groping minigames as an acceptable compromise than censorship of blood and guts, especially keeping in mind that the games that have the former have far less impact on Sony's bottom line than those with the latter. If these same usual suspects decided to start going after violence in media, you would see the third-party companies themselves caving in long before Sony would give in, if either happened at all. All this to say this argument is dumb and isn't getting you anywhere. You may as well ask people what they'll do when Sony starts censoring them from their own existence for how hard it is to take this argument seriously.
  10. You say you don't really care to talk to anyone here, yet literally all of your posts on this account have been to whine about the fact that anyone cares about the censorship at all and how you had "real" things to care about, as if everyone is obligated only to care about stopping the worst things imaginable. If you're not going to actually talk about the issue at hand instead of rambling about how you have mental illnesses and fought in wars, I would recommend going somewhere else. Also, if you really think people whining about censorship of anime tiddy is going to pose a credible threat to gaming, I don't really know what to tell you considering that in the huge ecosystem of gaming, it's such a small issue compared to, say, pretty much anything that happens in the AAA sphere or even with more popular indie titles.
  11. Made it up to right after the Vorgis battle in Chapter 8. Couldn't Peon Kill him since he frenzied right away even doing everything correctly (I assume he can't be peoned until my charm is much higher), but I did at least manage to kill him somehow from blasting him off, probably into a crystal that killed him upon breaking, so that's an extra 75 High Lasers.
  12. The usual thread as usual. Trophies look like standard RPG fare. A fair amount of grind as well as making you see everything in the game. Curious what the 200k score trophy might be for, though. Also wondering if this might actually go into Ultra Rare status given that both Omega Labyrinth and Omega Labyrinth Z are Very Rare despite being Japan-only releases while Life is multi-language and therefore more likely to get picked up at random. Certain controversies may drag the number of owners down some, but time will tell what happens, I guess.
  13. Cleaned up the last few jobs that I had to unlock, did a bit of Seven World Redux grinding for mid-tier shampurus for a quick charm boost, and finally started my first NG+ run. Didn't get very far in it so far though since I went to sleep soon after. Seems I won't be getting any trophies from this game for a while.
  14. Done the doppelgangers and the sun goddess. Sitting at 69979 shampurus with an overall charm level of 35% now.
  15. Halfway through the doppelgangers now. Also got my second-to-last non-UR trophy from the game for getting all of the G-Castle skills. All I have left on that front is getting every continent to 300%, but I have some grinding left to do on a few of the money master points, so I'll just do that before I peon those. EDIT: Got my first freeze. Didn't lose anything since I had just saved and then went to the XMB to check something when it froze.