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  1. Some highlights from my own collection Dreams LittleBigPlanet Karting Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory/Re;Birth3/Re;Birth1+/Re;Birth1 (Korean) (Yeah, this one's been used a fair bit...) Rayman Origins Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 DJMax Respect (Plat name also deserves some respect; it's called RESPECT You. Nice play on the title of the game) Hyperdimension Neptunia Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 (NA/JP) DJMax Technika Tune
  2. *looks at Virtual Stars chilling out at 54% for the past two weeks* Yeah, that statement aged well. Been on a bit of a cleaning kick lately, so between that and just not having as much desire all the sudden to play on Playstation (actually been playing on Switch and 3DS a bit), I've been a bit dormant on trophies. Also doesn't help that a good portion of my past few weekends were taken up by boosting Driver: San Francisco as well. Might add that to a future tier since I still have the entire single-player to do once that online is done. In any case... That's You: Decided to go back to this one real quick since I managed to get the online trophy done with earlier tonight and then decided to just burn through the rest of the 30 games that I needed for plat. Feels nice to knock something out after it's been such a while. In any case, just Chaotic left for this tier (will get to it once Driver boosting is done) and then I can focus on Mugen Souls for the forseeable future to resume preparing it for Plat #700.
  3. TBH, I feel like the only way to make it any easier is to go ahead and invest in a small monitor or something so the playing field is similar in size to an actual arcade cabinet for the game. The controls are a bit of an issue, though nowhere near as much as the massive amount of confusion from the fact that four of the lanes go diagonally towards the bottom while the outer two just outright go sideways, so I don't think a fight stick would do a whole lot, not to mention like you said, that's a hell of an investment just to play a F2P rhythm game with eight songs. I did try out the -2 timing trick and I got significantly more Perfects doing that, so that does seem to help even for someone like me who's lucky enough to not have to adjust lag at all in most rhythm games.
  4. 8 songs for free, though ultimately the same point, not to mention if you want any additional songs, the song packs are quite overpriced for what you get with them. As far as I can tell, all of them work out to over $2 per song, with the smaller packs going over $2.50 per song. As far as the difficulty, as someone who has some good skill with rhythm games, I can confirm that the Hyper FCs are challenging, though less because of the actual charts and more because the interface for this game translates horrendously to the big screen. Imagine the Persona Dancing UI, except you also have to pay attention to the bottom-middle in addition to the top corners of the screen. The charts here are also designed around you being able to more or less comprehend every lane at once, so it adds up to the charts being nigh-unreadable at times for no good reason. Would be a fair bit easier if they let you smush the lanes closer together so you could actually have everything in view (seriously, the gap between the bumpers and everything else is insane), but I'd be surprised if they bothered with that. Also the All Perfect trophy might be a bit more of a challenge than it should be. Someone who managed one of the Hyper FCs and is generally great at rhythm has noted that the timing felt very tight to him and from my own observations, it feels kinda tight to me as well. Might just be a thing with higher difficulties, but worth keeping in mind. EDIT: Should also note that I played this on an alt to test it out, which is how I have experience with it. After my experience with it, I have no real intention to shove it on my main unless at the very least, they fix the terrible UI.
  5. I have ReVerse done. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/12045-gogo5次元game-ネプテューヌ-reverse/Wdog-999 Third plat achiever, even. Should requalify me for RLover since I did R;B1+ as well.
  6. Jump Stars: Easy plat, but the grind sucks, especially since the game can just glitch on you and not pop things. Had to start over once because my 250k teamscore trophy wasn't popping and then I reset again out of paranoia when my PS5 turned itself off out of nowhere, fearing that I would grind out my remaining 700k at the time and have nothing to show for it. In the end, I ended up leaving my PS5 on for like 2 weeks straight just to make sure I stayed in the same session the whole time. Probably wasn't necessary to go that far, but better safe than sorry considering the teamscore grind takes like 8-10 hours even assuming things go perfectly and it's absolutely mind-numbing. On another note, with Jump Stars definitively done, I'd like to use one of my swaps to switch out Birthday's the Beginning for That's You. As for the time being, I'd like to take a bit of a break just to blitz through Neptunia Virtual Stars since that came in today. Will leave it just a bit off from plat so as to not ruin my UR streak so far, but I need a chill game after Jump Stars and I have some stuff to look into for the Virtual Stars guide anyway.
  7. @Copanele Quick question: once I get done a tier, is there any kind of limit to how long I can take to come up with the next one? I ask since when I do Tier 3 and add Mugen Souls to it for my 700th plat, I would rather declare Tier 3 when I'm close to done with Mugen Souls rather than right away so that I don't end up committing to a list of games and then having no motivation to go through with them by the time I actually finish Mugen Souls.
  8. Superbeat Xonic (Tier 5 Eventuallyᵀᴹ) (91%): It is done. Overall, a tad harder than the PS4 version due to the Vita being shit for intense rhythm gaming, not to mention a couple of the songs feel just a tad off-sync in parts (notable ones to me are Stargazer, parts of Souls of Vampire EX, and especially Voodoo Gooroo). Would still rate it a low 9 for difficulty, though. Clearing every chart will come in time, but I do wanna take my time with it seeing as that's the last trophy I need for plat and considering I wanna use this for Plat #750, I need to get 54 more plats, one of which will be Mugen Souls (look forward to that in Tier 3), before I can go ahead and pop this.
  9. More progress on Superbeat Xonic. Back on PS4 at least, this was the last mission I cleared and, in my opinion, the worst one, so I'm glad to have it out of the way on Vita now. Doing 6TFX Extra with the tiny Vita buttons and the little nubs that pass for the Vita's analog sticks was less than fun. Still need Crazy Max and Aftermath, but Aftermath shouldn't be too bad once I get a feel for the chart (already on 92% from my run directly after the XONiC Madter clear) and Crazy Max shouldn't be too bad either at this point, especially since Heavy Day in the Vita version is a good deal easier than Antikythera from the PS4 version. Voodoo Gooroo 6TFX is still going to be a sore point, but I'll just have to make up for it with the other four charts like I did before. Also... Jump Stars (90%): Got done the barrier grind by myself after all. Wasn't too bad once I actually got used to using both controllers at once, though it certainly took a number on my left pinky since that was using the left stick on the first controller. Just need to hope the game doesn't glitch up at all when I grind out the other 720k teamscore I need, especially considering I already lost 250k teamscore worth of progress from that trophy glitching on me and forcing me to delete my save to start over.
  10. Likely because there's hardly anyone playing it, therefore less people going for it. Even the Recent Players section for the PS3 version goes as far back as four months ago and out of those players, most of them don't have that specific trophy and the ones who do have it got it as far back as a couple years ago.
  11. In news unrelated to my current tier, I do have something in the works for Tier 5 when I get there... Managed to do the PS4 plat for Superbeat Xonic last year (technically the very end of 2019, but I delayed the plat pop for a few months to make that one #600, so it bled into 2020), so I feel like I should be able to do the last set of missions again with some practice. Ideally, I'd like to use it for Plat #750, so I have quite a bit of time to practice again even assuming I don't knock it out in a few days like I did on PS4. Would try to just use this for #700, but then Mugen Souls was supposed to be my 600th plat before the PS4 version of Xonic took over for it, so I don't wanna put it off yet again seeing as I'd really like to have (the English version of) Mugen Souls done with this year.
  12. Jump Stars (63%): Making progress on this one. Got done the pie grind and I did the 4P Tournament after a couple of tries, which also popped the trophy for doing a 3P Tournament. Assuming I can get one of my parents to sit through the barrier grind with me, I should be able to get this done eventually. The grind to 1M teamscore is gonna take a fair bit, though. Best strategy for it whilst soloing seems to be doing the pie collecting game with two controllers while going solely for teamscore, which gets me ~2500 teamscore per round consistently without taking too long. Even with that though, it'll take me about 400+ rounds. Nothing compared to Mugen Souls, but still quite boring nonetheless.
  13. Party Golf: Another easy plat. A bit buggy in spots, but luckily I didn't have too many issues. Even managed to grind out 100 wins and 1000 rounds using a turbo without having to make any backups. I did have to deal with a corrupted save partway through grinding out the game modes, though. Also probably gonna sub in That's You somewhere since I burned through it pretty quick, but I dunno if I wanna sub it in over Jump Stars or Birthday's the Beginning. Will have to see if I can do the barrier grind for the former any time soon as that's the one grind that practically requires two people, not to mention I'll have to see if I can reasonably solo the 3P and 4P tournaments.
  14. Ark: Survival Evolved: (Forgot to save the plat/100% screenshots and frankly, they're boring anyway considering I ended with a dossier and explorer notes, respectively) Easy plat thanks to the admin codes. Had most of it done in a few hours and then just saved the explorer notes and dossiers for tonight. Thankfully didn't have any real issues with the explorer notes. Missed a fair few of them typing in the individual codes for them since I only started checking for the autosave prompt about halfway through, but thankfully I got enough that the command to give them all didn't crash the game and I was able to get my last two trophies without issue. On a side note... 30 UR plats! Hoping I can maybe get to 50 this year at the pace I'm going at, accounting for slowdown once I run out of short plats like Chess Ultra and Ark.
  15. Tier 2 took less time to compile than I thought. Tier 2 - Ark: Survival Evolved - Chaotic: Shadow Warriors - Party Golf - Jump Stars - Birthday's the Beginning (idle grind will be done last while preparing Mugen Souls for Tier 3/Plat #700; may do rest of the game prior to 4/5 games done)