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  1. Hey @Walt the Dog You made some valid points as usual. And sorry for the trouble I caused in that thread. I decided not to comment or post in any censorship thread anymore.

  2. By getting risque anime games off of their platform, they reduce the risk of getting caught in a PR nightmare such as when they almost let Super Seducer on the platform or, to a lesser extent, when Omega Labyrinth Z got banned from the UK, becoming the first game in about a decade to do so and getting the attention of the BBC. Given that we're heading up to a new console generation at this point and that's around the time that people are gonna be switching consoles, Sony would likely rather take the risk of a few thousand people switching over not having the anime tiddy than the risk of several thousand more switching because of an abundance of anime tiddy, especially when there are plenty of people who still think that all anime is lewd things even in the silent majority, let alone the outspoken people that not only are well aware of how crass these games can get, but could very well be willing to write hit piece after hit piece on them should it get bad enough. In regards to how these games sell, while I don't have data for the US, I do have data for sales in Japan of some of Compile Heart's recent games courtesy of a comment on the Gematsu article concerning Arc of Alchemist's digital-only release in the US. Even focusing just on the dip between Dragon Star and AoA, even if we assumed that every lost sale between these games was due to censorship (not counting factors such as different genre, supposed lackluster gameplay, etc), that's still only about 5000 people lost. Compare that to the sheer amount of customers that Sony can get off of its bigger games, not to mention even how some of the more prominent indies on the system can do, and it suddenly makes sense why the thoughts and feelings of the anti-censorship audience are going to take a backseat to how the general mainstream audience would feel about these games and their right to exist on PS4/PS5, especially when it's the mainstream audience whose feelings are echoed out by much of the gaming press rather than the anti-censorship crowd, who mostly has One Angry Gamer and a few other niche sites that have nowhere near the reach of sites like Polygon or even Kotaku.
  3. While I can't comment on my own experience as I have yet to play it, from what I've heard, it's actually a fairly good game, and aside from the ending, the story's supposedly well-done. Not as related, but Death End Re;Quest is apparently also very good as a game and especially as a story. In general, CH seems to be doing a fair amount better than they used to, particularly if you ignore some of their recent fumbles with the Neptunia series such as the lack of a new mainline for a good few years now.
  4. Technically, the censorship would be communist since it comes from the left. Also, the likely idea of this censorship is to get these devs off of Playstation, so Sony still wins in that case.
  5. Eh, yes and no. While obviously, it's true that the MeToo movement didn't force Sony to do jackshit in this case (or really, in most cases), one could reasonably argue that at least some of the content that was censored, namely lewd interactive minigames and the like, would inevitably land in the crossfire of such a movement. After all, if you make a minigame where you essentially sexually assault a girl when there's currently a massive spotlight on sexual assault and those who commit it, it's logical to assume that said minigame is going to actually piss people off who may not normally care about these games and that Sony would want to steer clear of that particular controversy, especially in light of many people calling them out for merely hosting Super Seducer towards the beginning of 2018 before Sony mysteriously banned it from their storefront. That said, what makes it go beyond this is the censoring of random anime tiddy, which has really only gotten ire to begin with when it shows up in things that don't really center around it (e.g. the recent controversy over Our World is Ended and the usual complaints lobbed at recent Fire Emblem games). That in particular is something just about entirely on Sony given that it wasn't ever much of a talking point to begin with before the sudden censorship brought it into the spotlight. Except... it is on Sony. No one stormed into the Sony HQ and forced them to censor much of anything. They made that decision on their own. You could at least argue that Mary Skelter 2 having no PS4 release here is partially on IFi being unwilling to censor the game for this specific platform (while still releasing it uncut on Switch), but then it still has to be given that Sony's policy has presented this decision to begin with. Also, as much as I agree that One Angry Gamer is a shit site, no one even linked them in this thread. Why even bother bringing it up?
  6. Nope, it's required by law now for threads to mention Rata. If you see a thread without it, make sure to do your duty and bring it up. It'll even make the thread more lively, so there's literally no downside.
  7. Even as someone who generally doesn't like censorship even for minor shit like that, this is a particular strain of logic that I just cannot understand. Like, because a game got censored a bit, they would rather have it censored even more by just not coming over and/or existing at all? It's a self-defeating prophecy that just plays directly into Sony's hands. Sure, if you buy the games anyway, you let Sony know that the censorship is forgivable, but in not buying the games, since these games have a very small audience relative to the total install base of the Playstation brand, Sony just takes that as a victory when these niche games just stop coming on the console due to low sales and they don't have to deal with the headache of censoring everything to begin with. The only console where such a strategy could even remotely work is the Vita due to its more niche install base and we all know how much Sony cares about that in 2019.
  8. Can't link to the article proper because Wall Street Journal makes you sub to their site to read anything, but this should suffice.
  9. That should really tell you everything you need to know. If you start putting in shit that isn't actually censorship when the thread title is literally "List of Censored Games," it makes the entire thing pointless.
  10. This alone should disqualify it, honestly. Censorship requires some sort of body that holds executive power over the artist (whether that be the government, a company in Sony's position, etc.) and even in the case of self-censorship, the idea behind it is to censor oneself in the belief that the work, presented in its intended form, would be censored anyway [e.g. NISA censoring Mugen Souls and Criminal Girls on a (shaky) belief that the ESRB would rate the games AO, which would ban it from sale to begin with]. Labeling something as censorship where the developer made a change of their own accord due to a belief that the market will favor a certain display over another trivializes the term as in a technical sense, customers have effectively no executive power over artists in the way that Sony, the ESRB, or the government do. They can boycott a game if they don't believe in the presentation of content and journalists can write hit pieces, yes, but none of this actually has any real power over the ability of the game to be sold in it's intended form. Hell, if that really were enough to count as a censorial pressure, then you could reasonably argue that pretty much any change in a game made in response to criticism counts as censorship, even down to balance patches for games like Overwatch and Apex Legends. This is not to mention that there are plenty of games that manage to exist in their intended form in spite of criticism from feminists and the like, the current Sony fiasco notwithstanding, which would be effectively impossible well before Sony stepped in if said criticism actually worked as a censorial pressure.
  11. I have 12 and I am absolutely not someone who goes for hard shit. May wanna rethink that number, man.
  12. Mine's currently updating now that I've earned another trophy, though the fact that it's taking this long tells me it's fixed. Thanks for the headsup, @MidnightDragon
  13. Same thing happened to me. I checked my PSN settings to make sure everything was set to Anyone and it all was.