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  1. Congrats! Updated!
  2. Nah, if anything, he needs to take out the SAO from that loop and just get himself a Nep IV drip like I have.
  3. https://www.change.org/p/green-lava-studios-reduce-requirement-for-my-name-is-mayo-plat-to-5000-hits You know you wanna sign it.
  4. What I want to know is whether or not having such a change would really have a positive impact on online play or if the change would just do nothing but make the plat a little easier for trophy hunters. After all, trophies or no trophies, the ranks will still be there for people to try to gun for if for nothing more than bragging rights and there seems to be no reason to hamper the experience of others via quitting or idling or anything to make the trophy easier. If anything, the trophy being there promotes a more competitive environment by giving people more reason to get used to the characters and take matches seriously. With that said, no, there is no reason this should be changed. If you can't get the plat because you can't or won't dedicate the time to get good enough at the game to do well against opponents who would make the match last long enough to get you to 1900 points, you can always just wait for the online to inevitably die out, at which point you shouldn't have much issue boosting it.
  5. Just put in an order for the Chinese version of VIIR. As great as it would be to continue the Korean collection, $66.89 is a fair amount less than the $89.50 I'd have to pay on eBay for the Korean version.
  6. I'll admit that a new game would've been a better announcement, especially considering they left the 1000% Expectations thing in a limbo now since we have no idea if that referred to this or not, but nonetheless, I have some fond memories of this game and it'll be nice for it to be in the running for my 50th Nep plat. And to mirror my response in the LP thread...
  7. Re;Birth1 coming to PS4 as Re;Birth1+
  8. Updated! Looks like we'll have our third Nep stacker soon enough.
  9. Sees UR plat matchup Well, I am just fucked if Shogun takes this seriously, aren't I? UR plats are not exactly a focus of mine.
  10. Due to VIIR sharing a list between the Korean and Chinese versions, I have added a rule about what to do when there is uncertainty in regards to what version was stacked. Basically, if you use a version of a game for a region trophy for which the trophy list is attached to multiple versions, you must provide a picture of your copy of the game to prove which version you own. I imagine this will not be an issue because I am basically the only person who bothers with these stacks, but it's better to be safe than be sorry as people always say. That, and it gives me a reason to bump the thread back to the front of the subforum.
  11. Nothing new, but now that we know that the Chinese and Korean versions of VIIR share a list, I updated the counts to reflect the new stack.
  12. May I please be added to the bench?
  13. May I squeeze in if you please?
  14. Welp, started working on MeiQ a week ago and I'm making decent enough progress. Got done my first run and I'm doing the Metal Crest dungeon right now before I tackle NG+ on Hard. Will probably take me a while to get the plat done since I'm also focusing on WipEout stuff before those servers close and I have school to deal with, but hopefully, I'll at least have it done before the event ends.
  15. I mean, the last of those is kinda hard to revere when most of us can't get on to it unless we happened to know someone really generous or were willing to shell out money. That said, this should be interesting to follow. I mean, considering what happened the last time Unknown was involved in a trophy race, it'll be interesting to see if Shai can best him.