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  1. Well, it isn't progress on the plat, but I got a nice find today. Had to get it in a bundle with 7 other games I don't really care for (thankfully for only $60, though), but it was worth it to have the complete collection of Mugen Souls stacks. When I'll get to it, I dunno, but at least I can actually aim for it now.
  2. I was stuck on this for a while as well, but it turns out that you need to get a certain number of VTuber cubes from different VTubers. I don't know what the exact amount is, but you need 30 of them for a gold anyway, so you can just grind that out and you'll get the next cutscene naturally. As for grinding them out, the best way to do it is to go to the Noberia Third Library (second warp gate of the area) and go to the left immediately from the warp. Just kill the huge enemy there and it will drop a VTuber cube. While a new VTuber isn't guaranteed, it's fairly likely that you'll get one to add to the collection this way. Just keeping warping into this area over and over to keep doing the encounter (thankfully, you can just warp into the same area you're in to avoid having to go in and out of another place between warps) until you get a cutscene after collecting one of the cubes and if you want, just keep going until you get the trophy for 30 different VTubers since the method is so short per run. (EDIT: The number for the cutscene should be 25. I got the 30 VTuber trophy with five more VTubers collected post-cutscene). As for the trophy above the first BeatNik trophy, that one is for getting 100 items from the Douga Butler system, which lets you get a random item from a YouTube video. You can access it from a building in the city base in the upper left corner that leads to a menu with a separate background image. You can get to Douga Butler from the first option here and you can get the items by selecting a video and selecting the left option. The main issue with the trophy is that you need certain coins to use the system and while they're common enough as item drops, you can only hold up to 5 of them at a time, with the number slowly increasing as you use the system more and more (IIRC, the cap was 11 when I got the trophy and it increased to 13 shortly after). As such, you'll need to return to the city base every so often to redeem your current coin balance so that you can keep getting more of them. As for the trophy below the BQN one, you get this for using the Overdrive function as a VTuber. I'm not entirely sure how to trigger this effect, but I got it naturally during the VTuber-only section of Chapter 1 during a fight with three laser bots and two of those white cube people things. I kept circling around and using Yuu's bow skill on the enemies since the laser bots can do so much damage at that point and I wanted to git them all at once and eventually, I was able to use the Overdrive function with R2 to kill whatever enemies had Overdrive above their heads. IIRC, there's a tutorial for this function, so you can run that through Google Translate with the Translate app and figure out the conditions for it from there.
  3. Congrats on the plat! Dunno when I'm getting back to it since I'm in the middle of other Compile Heart games for the time being, but hopefully soon. Definitely not doing it by year's end at this point, though. Would at least like to make it Plat #700, however. @manudude02
  4. Yeah, it's a shame the game's so damn expensive. Would be nice to see if Sony's policy may have rolled back over time, but $65 for one game without any bonuses is ridiculous. Also worth looking out for Mary Skelter Finale while we're at it since the game's getting a PS4 release in spite of what happened to Mary Skelter 2. Could have the purification minigame cut and Compile Heart just decided to go ahead anyway as service to fans who stuck with them on Sony consoles, though assuming they can manage to get the minigame through on PS4, it could very well spell the end of Sony's policy given that lewd minigames were the first thing to get struck and would presumably be the last thing to get allowed back.
  5. Just popping in to mention that Yumeutsutsu Re:Master released today. As far as I know, there's been no confirmation of censorship yet, but then there's something notable about this game from it's mid-2019 release in Japan: despite having a few instances of nudity, most notably one instance of the entire ass of a legal loli character, the game suffered no censorship from it's PC release (which is easy to see as the PC release was all-ages to begin with). It's entirely possible that the English version is in the same boat given that part of its M rating is for Nudity (not even Partial Nudity, just Nudity). Kinda hard to check since the game is $65 on PSN and I dunno if anyone asked Degica about it, though assuming that version also got off uncensored, this could say something about how much Sony's policies are really in effect at this point seeing as the same game would've managed to get through not once, but twice, despite having content that should have been censored going off of previous history.
  6. I mean, they're both visual novels, so....
  7. Since the Link Disc trophy set is effectively hard enough that I won't really be able to access all of the content within for ages and therefore won't feel comfortable making an official trophy guide for it, I want to make this post to explain a few things regarding the trophies. Disc Fragment This trophy requires you to get a max combo on any chart for the following songs. Son of Sun ~Extended Mix~ Here in the Moment ~Extended Mix~ Airwave ~Extended Mix~ There are two ways to go about accessing these songs. The first way, and also the most logical, is to simply buy the Clazziquai, Black Square, and Technika 1 DLC packs as each combination of two packs grants one of the songs. This will allow you easy access to all of the songs and make any errors less painful as you can simply restart. The second way to go about this is to play online with someone who already has the songs and have them pick the songs you need when their turn to pick the song comes around. While most DLC songs won't track your scores when played this way, Link Disc songs work differently as the game treats them as base game unlocks. This means that your records for these songs will be recorded regardless of whether you own them or not. This was a useful method to get the trophy early back when Black Square first released and there was disparity between release dates for the DLC, but nowadays, it's better to get the trophy the first way. Doing this trophy online can lead to annoyance as you can only make attempts on every other turn unless you leave after each run to join your host's game again, not to mention you can't simply restart the song if you miss a note. As for the songs themselves, Airwave is likely the one that will trip you up the most as it comes in at a whopping 5 minutes and the hardest parts are right towards the end of the song. This makes attempts of this song aggravating, not helped by the 4B Normal chart being a 9. Son of Sun is the next hardest, being more consistently difficult, but only lasting for 3 minutes. This song should not give much trouble since the 4B Normal chart is still only a 7. Here in the Moment should give no issue with a 4B Normal chart at rating 4 and a 3 minute song length. Either way, this is by far the easiest trophy of the DLC, and if you can manage the platinum for the base game, it should not give you much issue. We're in the endgame now This trophy requires you to clear The Others, which is the first mission of the Link Disc mission pack. While the mission involved is no slouch, actually getting to it is somewhat harder. Unlocking the Link Disc mission set requires clearing every single mission in both the Clazziquai and Black Square packs. There have been suggestions that you can substitute either of these for the Technika 1 pack, but this has been proven false and regardless, Technika 1 contains some of the hardest missions out of the three packs, so it is not recommended for use anyway. Going into the Clazziquai pack first, most of the missions here are not too tough. The first set of missions can be a bit annoying (particularly 4DmaX and CLAZZIQUAI), but if you're making a serious effort at this trophy, none of these should give much issue (see HERE for a guide detailing these six missions from the perspective of a somewhat less ambitious audience). For the most part, the second set of missions here is only a slight step up from the first tier, with nothing that should give too much hardship. The sole exception to this rule is the 5th mission of the set (11th mission of the DLC overall), DJMAX TOURNAMENT R3. This mission sees you trying to outscore an AI on a series of 4 charts as follows. Dreadnought 4B MX (12*) Coastal Tempo 5B MX (12*) The Clear Blue Sky 6B MX (13*) Y (CE Style) 8B MX (13*) For the mission, the AI will get a max combo on every song, though it will generally make accuracy mistakes at random, usually falling somewhere on the low end of an S Rank (around 98-98.5%). In addition, Auto Fever will be on for the mission. While this means that activating fever is not a concern, you generally cannot afford to miss any notes as a miss at higher fever levels will drop fever, and your opponent will generally be at x5 Fever from the moment they access it to the end of the song. There is a slight exception to this for Y (CE Style) as the chart is so littered with hold notes that your Fever will generate more quickly, minimizing point loss from breaks. This does not make you invulnerable, however, and you will need a good point lead (roughly 10,000 should be good) to survive more than 1 or 2 breaks in the lead. Also worth noting is that while your opponent's fever gauge will always reset going into each song, your fever gauge will actually carry over from one song to the next (your carried fever is also maintained on restarts of a given chart, thankfully). This allows you to get a decent leg up on the AI on each song besides the first during the time that you're at a higher fever level than your opponent. This mission is easily the most difficult mission that you will deal with on the road to unlocking Link Disc due to the sheer difficulty of hitting every note on all of these songs and keeping high enough accuracy to outpace the opponent. Dreadnought is not too bad of a chart once you get used to hitting the chords during the streams and get used to reading the analog sections, though every other chart can be a pain to do well on. Coastal Tempo has several difficult streams to deal with that can easily mess you up (not to mention a devilish 1-2-3-4-5 slide right before the second heavy scratch part that is horribly easy to break on), The Clear Blue Sky has some sections towards the end of the verse and the second half of the chorus that can be difficult to read due to adding 16th notes into the 8th notes that make up most of the chart, and Y (CE Style) is notable for having difficult holds to deal with while also hitting other notes (what some would call a polyrhythm due to handling the rhythm of shoulder holds and the rhythm of the lane notes at once). Once you have this mission done, you are well on your way to unlocking Link Disc and reaching the real struggle for 100% as this is the hardest mission between the Claazziquai and Black Square packs. Regarding the Black Square pack, there isn't much here that should give much issue coming in from Clazziquai. One notable mission is Load of Flame, which has the same 4D effector as 4DmaX, but without random lane placement and with a much lower rate requirement (80% compared to 95%). One possible way to do this is to simply try to copy a video as the lanes aren't swapped this time, though I recommend against it due to the difficulty of syncing a video to this game and still maintaining accuracy. The best way to go about it is to memorize the charts to an extent beforehand. You should not need perfect memorization by any means since you'll still have some sort of visual aid, not to mention you should be used to reading 4D to some extent from 4DmaX already, but at least knowing the charts will help a great deal, especially with Fermion 8B as it will be difficult to read that chart given it has 8 lanes. Two other notable missions are Quattr4 and Illusion, both of which are AI missions. Thankfully, neither reaches the height of TOURNAMENT R3's difficulty due to some changes. Quattr4 has no Fever, so mistakes are allowed so long as you can still do as well as the AI or better accuracy-wise. Some luck may be involved however, due to the charts chosen being entirely random aside from the button mode and difficulty specifications (all 4B; first two are HD while the last two are MX) and every chart being from the Black Square DLC. Getting difficult songs such as Heart of Witch and Grave Consequence in your first two songs is recommended if possible as to increase the chance of easy songs such as Proposed, Flower, Wolf Pt. 2 showing up for your MX charts. Also note that your songs are locked in from the moment that you start the mission, so if you find a song choice disagreeable, you will have to restart the entire mission to get a new one. Illusion has an AI that attempts to mimic your playstyle, so you will generally be around its score by default. It isn't a perfect copy, but it will attempt to approximate your playstyle down to inaccuracies and even breaks. This can be used to your advantage to force several instances of fever lead on the opponent by breaking right around when your fever is about to fill such that both you and the AI will drop out of Fever, but with you just about to hit x2 Fever and get a lead on the AI. Done correctly, this can greatly increase your lead and make the mission fairly easy. If you really want to make this easy, there is also a method to force this AI to fail the chart by essentially playing chicken with it. This will allow you to recover and get a lead of 300,000+ points in one song, making victory essentially guaranteed. This method is displayed in the Link Disc mission MX Tournament, which uses the same AI, in the following video courtesy of Izyshiki: The hardest mission in the Black Square pack is Metro Project Volume 2, which tasks you with getting 1,230,000 points and a 95% accuracy rate across four 5BFX songs (5B, but with the bumper notes from 8B). While not quite as nasty as TOURNAMENT R3, this mission is still a doozy compared to most of the pack. In particular, Cypher Gate 5BFX can be very tricky to deal with due to being a fair bit more difficult than the other three charts, which are difficult enough as is. You will definitely want to do well on the first three charts so that you have a lead to work with going into Cypher Gate as it will likely tank your accuracy. Once you have finally cleared these missions, you will unlock the Link Disc mission set and start down the true path to 100%. Your first order of business will be clearing The Others. This mission tasks you with getting through 4 charts with a 1500 combo sans fever, a rate of 97%, and less than 20 breaks. The combo here is not a big deal as Blythe 4B HD should get you much of the combo easily as it should be an easy song to Max Combo by the time you get to this point. Cleaning up the rest of the combo in Triple Zoe 6B HD will not be too difficult either. Your two main issues are the rate and the break limit. While Blythe 4B HD should not tax you at all and Triple Zoe 6B HD should not be too bad to get through with minimal breaks or even a Max Combo, NB Ranger 6B MX can be a doozy to get through with minimal breaks due to some annoying sections with chords and Sin ~The Last Scene~ 8B HD is an absolute nightmare to get through with anything resembling decent accuracy. These two charts, particularly Sin ~TLS~, should be the main focus of your practice as they are the most likely to trip you up. In addition, having a good lead of accuracy and breaks ready going into Sin is a must to get through this mission due to the sheer difficulty difference between Sin and the rest of the mission. This mission is by no means impossible, but it will likely take some practice even after all you've done to reach this point. Once you are done, feel free to bask in the glory of your new G L O R I O U S B R O N Z E. You've earned it, and the steps ahead will be far more harrowing. DJMAX will Return To get this trophy, you have to equip the Metro Project plate. Seems pretty simple, right? God, no. To unlock this plate (which doesn't even show up in your plate count until unlocked, by the way), you have to clear every single mission in the Link Disc pack and pass the secret chart at the end of the final mission. This is the trophy that makes this game's 100% so freakishly hard and what earns it the title of one of the most difficult trophy sets on PSN, up there with the likes of Crypt of the Necrodancer. It is no exaggeration to say that even once you have gotten every other trophy in the game, you will be putting in hundreds if not thousands of hours of practice just to get good enough for this one trophy unless you happened to come into this with the hours under your belt already from previous DJMax games and related rhythm games. Also, as a note, missions have to be unlocked in order here. As an example, you may have noticed that when you cleared The Others, it unlocked Just 1%. Unlike the base game where you can unlock missions via play count if you don't want to go through them all, Link Disc missions can only be unlocked via playing the mission before it. This is why you have to clear all 12 missions as opposed to just the last mission which actually contains the secret chart that unlocks the plate. Without further ado, let's dive in to one of the hardest missions of the pack, which happens to be the second mission, Just 1%. The mission seems deceptively simple, requiring you to only get through four songs without getting a Max 1% judgement, which normally requires you to either hit a note well off the mark or forget to let go of a hold. What makes the mission so difficult, however, is that the judgement on notes is severely tightened to the point that you will be getting Max 1% hits on hits that would normally score within the 50-60% range. While you can always intentionally miss notes to avoid getting Max 1% judgements, you won't want to spam this too much as your health bar still works as it normally does. I recommend using this for notes that you know you aren't getting past without failing. As such, this mission will likely involve a good deal of trial and error as you figure out which parts you absolutely cannot do. That said, it is highly recommended that you do not bother with this mission until you get a good deal better at the game than you would be from getting here in the first place. Ideally, you should be able to do charts in the 12-13 range with exceptional accuracy (99% and above is a good start) before even thinking of this mission. This will help to reduce frustration a good deal as being able to tackle these missions already knowing how to trounce the charts under normal conditions can significantly impact how much you fail. Also, as a fun fact, this mission used to require the 8B MX chart for Rolling on the Duck, which was a whopping 14. This was eventually reduced in a patch to the 8B HD chart, which is a 10 (though it plays more like an 11 due to the solos). While the mission is still plenty hard due to none of the charts being friendly to high-accuracy clears except maybe Masai 5B MX, this did stop it from being a roadblock near the level of the infamous 11th mission. After this, assuming you followed my advice and became significantly better before tackling Just 1%, you should not have too much issue with missions for a good while. Some notes will be given on missions as you go down. The Boss: It is highly recommended to go for Max Combos on the first three songs of this mission to make the 15100 combo much easier on yourself. The fourth and sixth songs are a good deal harder to get Max Combos in than the other four, so it is recommended to not rely on either of them too much. Envy Vs. NB: Just get a giant mirror to deal with this one and lay it down under your TV so you can play the game normally through the reflection. If you cannot, attempt to play the game upside-down while reversing your control scheme through the in-game settings. Doing either of these will make the mission an absolute joke as the 90% rate should be dead simple to get by the time you can actually reach this mission. Challenger: While I cannot confirm this myself yet, the TB charts for this mission (Fermion and End of Moonlight) are supposedly very similar to their Technika 2 DLC counterparts, so playing those charts can help you to prepare. Alternatively, the three charts before the TB chart are incredibly simple to do within the mission requirements by this point, so you can just reach the TB chart normally and, should you not be good enough to get it on your mission run, access it through Practice mode. MX Tournament: The AI for this mission follows the same setup as the Illusion AI. That said, the Fever baiting method will not work here as the mission has no fever at all. If you want an easy win, just do the chicken method described for Illusion to fail out the AI for a song or two. Ending Scroll: Depending on your proficiency with Perfect Plays, this may actually give you some trouble despite the easier charts used. If you cannot get this one, try going for Perfect Plays on other charts to get used to the feeling of it. Vitalize: There is nothing much to say about this mission. While some of the charts are pretty hard, it is nothing that you shouldn't be able to handle after dealing with the first three missions of Link Disc. The score requirement is also fairly low, so doing well on the easier charts of the set can help if you do somehow struggle a great deal on the harder charts. Speed Star: This mission can be a royal pain in the ass depending on how well you can do on lower speeds. The speed changes in every song shouldn't give you too much grief at this point compared to dealing with low speeds on some more difficult charts due to the fixed speed being set to 2.00, which is generally a slower speed. Infinity Combo: This mission is set up such that you will have to keep your combo throughout the entire mission. In addition, you will want to maximize your combo gain throughout the mission as the combo requirement is very tight even with a full mission combo. Getting Max 100%s on every possible note until you reach Fever x5 is a must, and it is recommended to extend holds out to Max 1% once you do reach Fever x5 as your accuracy is a non-issue here compared to the all-mighty combo. By this point, you're getting pretty close to the end. Surely, there's a light at the end of the road, correct? This is where you're wrong, as you've reached End of Metro Project, a mission made entirely of XB charts that will put much of what you've done before to shame. Unlike the comparable Skyscraper mission from the base game, these charts are designed not to ease you into XB, but to test your might with it. While the mission requirements seem decent enough at first (5000 combo, x5 Fever, and 1,600,000 points for an average of 320,000 points per song), the sheer difficulty of the charts makes getting this far an absolute nightmare. Before you even think of tackling this mission, it is highly recommended that you run through Skyscraper and RESPECT for Players from the base game until you can do well on every XB chart involved (preferably being able to Max Combo everything from Skyscraper). This will give you some much-needed practice for this button mode that can be hard to get elsewhere due to its status as a mission-only button mode. As I am far from this mission and I have not played XB much at all, all I can really say is that this mission will require a great deal of practice to do well in, but once it's done, you're at the home stretch for the 100% as the following mission, while extremely hard, is widely considered to be less intense than this. To help you out are some videos showing how various players have cleared the mission. You may even recognize one or two of these videos in the event that DJMax players such as myself have attempted to convince you that this trophy is stupidly hard. Tsuyosa's Initial Run Izyshiki's Run chirrrrrrrr's (Chnekochneko's) Run Tsuyosa's 98.54% 1,733,000 Run Once you've finally conquered that beast, give yourself a pat on the back because you very much deserve it. That said, you have one last challenge left to overcome: Enter the Rocky Studio. This mission sees you going through a collection of the following charts. BlackCat 8B HD (12*) ANALYS 8B MX (14*) Cypher Gate 8B RD (Estimated 14*) Stalker 4BFX (Estimated 15*) Ventilator 5BFX (Estimated 14*) We're All Gonna Die XB (Estimated 16*) During this ordeal, you have to get 2,000,000 points (average of 333,333 per song), reach Fever x5 in every chart, get a combo of 10,000, get a rate of 97%, and get through with less than 50 breaks. If you've done RESPECT for Players before this, this should seem very familiar to you as the mission structure is more or less the same, even down to ending with the exact same chart. While I once again cannot give many tips on the mission due to a lack of experience, this should not be quite as difficult as End of Metro Project. That said, don't expect to breeze by, either. This mission does, after all, take after the hardest mission from the base game, itself considered one of the hardest in the game as a whole. Once you've cleared that last mission, it's time for that secret chart I mentioned earlier, which is none other than Despite the chart being incredibly hard, it is unlikely that you will fail at this point. That we still don't know if you can actually retry and/or come back later at this point or not should be a testament to that. All you need to do is clear the chart however you can and you will finally be given your shiny new plate. After all is said and done, go to the Collection menu when you are ready and equip that glorious plate, netting you the most glorious of G L O R I O U S B R O N Z E S that the world has ever seen. Make sure to brag to all ten people outside the DJMax community who know about this about how hard you worked to get here and maybe spread the word so we can get that up to 11 people outside the DJMax community who actually know how big of a deal this is.
  8. You'll notice it's a common comparison whenever someone dares to imply that maybe trophies shouldn't be taken so deadly serious because people love to ignore the part where sports are explicitly competitive while anything trophy-related is implicitly semi-competitive at best and completely casual at worst. This is without even bringing up that one example is obviously far more extreme than the other because the people who insist that trophies are super serious can't realize that most people see them as a fun little thing or otherwise have different priorities than using trophies as the only source with which to grow their egos.
  9. Looking at this article and it seems like we can expect to see some heavy censorship of the battle system going from FF7 to the FF7 Remake. https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/2/21157853/final-fantasy-7-remake-gameplay-demo-battle-system-combat-impressions
  10. At 264720 shampurus with 72% average charm. Not much numerical progress tonight since I got a late start between playing the FF7 Remake demo tonight (gud demo) and the dreaded Daylight Savings Time jump, but I did finally reach 70% Ego charm to get Overwhelming Apocalypse. Got to the third battle of that before frenzying a crystal and eventually dying. Probably gonna go ahead and double my amount of runs to avoid dealing with that, not to mention if I start right after I deal with my Tier 13/14 grinding, it'll shorten some of the lower tier grinds at least a bit.
  11. At 263145 shampurus with 71% average charm. Had some time, so I decided to do quite a few runs of Boss Returns. Managed to survive every run, though there were a few battles where I couldn't maximize everything, most tragically a battle with three Revenants where the large crystal got compromised and I had to kill everything without peoning as to avoid frenzying the boss and putting the run at risk. Still got to 1325 Capsule Toys during the night though, so I'm making good progress.
  12. The trophy for 10 billion cube years effectively requires that amount of time (would be 200 if NISA did the patch properly to get it to 3B, but oh well, it's at least better than the old requirement of 100B cube years, which is roughly 6000 hours). I idled my PS4 for about that long turboing out the Zeni grind for FighterZ, so I imagine things will be fine.
  13. At 250675 shampurus with 68% average charm. Did a run of Boss! Boss!! Boss!!! to start off given my horrid failure last time I went back to this and then did a run of Boss Returns. Got through without issue and even got 150 Capsule Toy shampurus out of the second battle, bringing me up to 710 of those. Gonna be going back to this on a small scale until I decide to do Birthday's the Beginning and end up sacrificing my PS4 for 600 hours of idling, at which point I should be going back on this at full speed. Probably gonna do that sometime around April.
  14. Thanks for the giveaway.
  15. PS3 allows for an account to be activated for two consoles, meaning that you can just activate your account on both PS3s to download the game to each. Also, while this is a bit beyond what's needed for this, you can technically do up to 3 by deactivating your account on the PS3 that you plan to use your main on. This is because you can play games from a deactivated account so long as you are using that account to do so. That is, assuming we have Main, Alt 1, and Alt 2, I could download the game from Main on all three consoles. I would activate the console for Alt 1 and Alt 2 while deactivating it for Main. Once this is done, I can run the game from all three consoles because Alt 1 and Alt 2 have console activations to access it and Main can access it despite being deactivated because it literally owns the content.