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  1. There may be some variance to that time depending on whether one reads the story or not. I got 15 hours from a blind JP run while skipping the story through, though I did also get stuck a fair bit at times and had I known what I was doing (say, if I played it in English first), it's possible I could've read the story and still achieved that time. That said, I can't see it taking more than 20 hours or so unless you play games slowly. There's nothing in the game that classifies as much of a grind at all. At most, the Video Butler trophy can get grindy if you don't pay attention to it as you go, but most things in the game that could technically count as a grind will be over in 30-45 minutes at most assuming you don't just get them naturally. From my experience, the only things that I had to go out of my way to grind for were the BeatNik minigame (as it's completely separate from the campaign) for 9 songs to reach max rank, Vtuber cubes (which you have to grind at the start of Chapter 7 as you need 25 unique ones just to progress) for maybe 10 minutes to get 30 of them, and getting enough level-up items by beating a boss over and over to reach Level 99, none of which took much time.
  2. At 567592 Shampuru with 86% Average Charm. Up to Chapter 10. Will tackle the Mugen Field trek for this run next time I play.
  3. At 562096 Shampurus with 86% Average Charm. Up to Chapter 9 now.
  4. Finally went back to this. At 556776 Shampurus with 86% Average Charm. Made it to Chapter 5. Not much progress, but I had some time to kill before bed and felt like dipping my feet back into this since I hadn't played it since getting my PS5.
  5. Considering that leaking these people's identities would almost certainly send a hellfire of anti-SJWs at said people, all of these targets likely being a good deal smaller than Top Hat, it makes sense to protect their identities so as to not start a mass incident or, should it start anyway, at least be able to shove away blame for it.
  6. Whether I would play the game in public has nothing to do with whether it's fine or not, though. By that logic, pretty much any sexual content would be wrong seeing as it's generally accepted that you don't just show off that kind of stuff in a public venue unless everyone involved can consent to it, which is implied to be effectively impossible. Same reason I can't just post porn wherever I want. This rings especially true for a place like America which tends to lean on the prudish side of things.
  7. At this point, I'm less concerned about the porn and more about the fact that my uncle is showing porn to a 10-year old.
  8. I like the implication that I would want to be near you considering you seem to think anyone who finds interest in this game is a pedophile regardless of actual reasoning.
  9. Man, like... half the thread has already vocally disagreed with the "but her listed age is actually legal" argument by now. I almost have to commend your lack of attentiveness that made you decide to make that exact argument anyway.
  10. FWIW, in like three and a half weeks, it will be. Though apart from that, there have been pervy games like this since at least like, 2007 or so when SNK released a DS game where you could use the touch screen to "inspect" girls suspected of being witches or something.
  11. Then work on convincing people of that third point instead. Your first and second points are essentially useless because if someone is convinced that attraction to anime girls is one-to-one with someone's attraction to actual people, you sound like someone trying to justify ephebophilia, and if people didn't hold that mindset, we wouldn't even be here because people would know better than to equate their personal discomfort with something with actual ethical issues.
  12. Yeah, trying to bring up those first two points is what's suspect here. While in-lore, many of them are considered 18, the fact that it explicitly takes place in a high school is meant to evoke the image of sexualizing high school students, which is the main issue that people take from this regardless of what age is assigned to them since in general, much of society finds it fairly disturbing for adults to do that to people still in their school years regardless of whether they're technically legal or not. Your second point is especially damning considering "but she already looks like an adult" is one of the biggest defenses of ephebophilia in real life as it stands, particularly for people in real life who do have adultish physiques, so invoking it pretty much ties your argument to a defense for an actual ethical and legal offense, tanking any credibility you may have.
  13. Was referring to the first person I quoted who decided that "they're 15-18" is a valid moral argument when only one age within that age range is even considered legal, and just barely at that, making it ineffective as an argument given the stances of the people being argued against and also fairly suspect in general.
  14. 15-17 is still considered not adult if you're really going down this route. You could've maybe pointed out that anime girls tend to look nothing like real women aside from maybe general anatomy (if you don't believe me, look up people trying to look like anime characters; the results are generally either nothing like anime characters or otherwise horrifying and straight from the uncanny valley), but instead you decided to go down the "it's not pedophilia, it's ephebophilia" route for some reason. There are also definitely real people in that age range with large breasts, so pointing that out really doesn't help. As someone who actually does like these games more for the absurdity than anything else (while the artstyle does aesthetically please me, I'm not exactly getting off to it mid-game seeing as I'm here to play a game, not look at scantily-clad women), it's fairly hard to care about getting a word in when a good 95% of the thread is split between people screaming "SJW" and "communism" at everything or, like the person above, unwittingly defending actual pedophilia in their attempts to defend Gal Gun and people insisting that only pedophiles could possibly enjoy the game and generally railroading conversations of the game into shit like the above. Frankly, I would suspect I'm not even the minority here, but those people don't tend to show up, likely because it's almost inevitable that trying to defend it at all is going to end up with a fruitless discussion where one will get branded a pedophile, even if not by you, then likely by someone else instead.
  15. Eh, I'd say this will up the plat time a fair bit seeing as Big Bang was by far the fastest way to grind out minos. Having to make 10,000 lines manually is a fair bit, especially if you're not as good with the game. Compared to Big Bang where you could have it out of the way in a few hours from 0 getting even 50 lines per round, if we use Sprints (40 lines) as a reference, you're looking at that amount of time minimum to get it done, and that's assuming you're at a skill level where you can pull off 60-second sprints (A.K.A. that one really hard trophy from Tetris Ultimate) on a consistent basis. Assuming you're at a more average skill level (let's say your sprints tend to center around 1:40), it would take nearly seven hours from 0 not counting time spent on transitions between games. Doing Adventure mode to 100% will alleviate the grind to some extent and it's at least not as annoying as doing a manual 100k puyo grind regardless, but considering the puyo grind can be idled overnight by pretty much anyone with a rubber band, this is still gonna stand out as the worst grind in the game by a decent margin.