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  1. Any chance I could sign up for this? I have the game on my profile and I'd like to go through it soon since from what I've heard, it's not too bad of a plat, especially with a turbo controller (and I'm itching for shit to turbo lately). I mean, no one wants to deal with your tendency to make a new account whenever you screw up something on your current one and to my recollection, you have a history of never completing anything you're in, so yeah.
  2. I have Shinovi, Estival, and Bon Appetit done.
  3. Congrats to the winners! I'm admittedly a little bummed that I didn't place for my DLC guide, but then I was hardly even expecting nominations to begin with given how simple the guide was along with the fact that I've never even got nominations before to my knowledge, so I can't be too down about it. Besides, now I can finally post this meme I made ages ago.
  4. While I'm inclined to see OAG as a meh site, it's more for how they constantly whine and moan about SJWs and the like to the extent where they basically act like SJWs themselves, just against political correctness rather than for it. They've made a couple errors (the one that sticks out to me at least is when they took a store bonus for Brave Neptunia and said it was from the Switch version even though said version hasn't been released yet), but generally, they at least tend to get the facts right in regards to the censorship debacles going on lately. Given it's already confirmed to be censored in EN courtesy of the initial announcement from IFi, I get the feeling that Japan is the only country getting the game uncensored.
  5. That's a satire site. 'Twas a funny article though.
  6. Your decisions don't exist in a vacuum no matter how much you try to justify it. Your intention may be to punish Sony, but XSeed gets caught in the crossfire of this as their game is the one that you chose to use as a sacrifice. Whether you buy the game or not is ultimately your decision to make, but don't pretend that your decisions only affect who you want to see hurt.
  7. XSeed has no influence over Sony's policy on this. All they could really do is not release the PS4 version, and aside from that being a fairly large waste of resources, it just makes it even worse because rather than getting 99% of a game, the customer gets 0% of a game, which is honestly a really bad deal, especially if you aren't a PC player and can't really get the Steam version. Besides, if they just go away, it just leaves less and less evidence of Sony censoring shit over time until eventually, the issue just fades out of consciousness because it'll barely affect anything to begin with, so it won't be a talking point at all and as such, it'll just be the new normal.
  8. I have Re;Birth1+ done now, so whatever you do with that, I'm eligible.
  9. Re;Birth1+ doesn't really have any new trophies. The game makes you get the new characters to Level 100, but that's about it and it blends in with the other level trophies easily. The only other changes were bumping a couple trophies down to bronze for no reason and changing the Level 99 trophies to Level 100 (while also bundling a few of them together to not have to change the amount of trophies). Honestly, I'd say that considering R;B1+ is more or less a definitive version of R;B1, the PP should just let someone plat either of them to get credit for R;B1 and there should just be a bonus medal for doing both if anything. Besides, it won't stop me from being the first ULTRAfan anyway since I'm just about done the game.
  10. I have them all so far. I even have the Brave Nep plat.
  11. I have to believe CJ is just trolling at this point. This has gotten to the point where CJ resembles a shitty parody of a perfectionist rather than an actual one considering this is now his 11th account, his tenth account being abandoned for I don't even fucking know what, but it was probably because he played Smash Brothers for a bit and forgot which account it was.
  12. >Quality over quantity >Every plat so far has been an EZPZ game, which would be understandable with one or two of them, but not seven in a row
  13. Looks like a fun board.