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  1. I'd be interested in joining this. I've been collecting the Atelier games over the years (mostly recently) to the point where I have just about every stack possible (just missing Lydie and Suelle JP and Ryza Korean at this point), but I still haven't actually played any yet. Since I do wanna eventually get every Atelier plat, I'd be going in order to reduce mechanic whiplash from going back to older titles after newer ones (will probably make an exception for Lulua and Sophie 2 though, given circumstances). Also in the list of games, there are a few regional stacks missing from the list. There's Lulua JP, Ryza Korean, and Lydie & Suelle JP from what I can see.
  2. Got done Neptunia X Senran Kagura back in March and for good measure, I have Sisters Vs Sisters done for whenever that comes out in English. Just need to take care of the PS4 version at some point to have all the Nep plats again.
  3. This is pretty much where I'm at with this. Trophy support would be neat and all, but given that this is gonna be a monthly sub, I'd honestly take a wider selection of ROMs to play with over devs having to add trophies to every single classic game that hits the service just to please a relatively small minority of people, a fair amount of whom would've likely gone in on this regardless of trophies. Not to mention with it being a subscription service and with these games presumably only being available through subbing, this also means that for games whose licensing rights for the service would inevitably expire (i.e. basically anything third-party), the service would end up being a landmine for unobtainable trophies, making it frankly less appealing to try out games on the service, particularly if the trophies could give any sort of struggle that could cause one to put off a completion for a while.
  4. Would've been funny if they actually shelled out to get a server just to track progress in this trophy to prevent changing the system clock, but then also that makes no sense from a business perspective as you'd be getting a slight bit of notoriety in exchange for having angry hunters not buy your game and, more importantly, having to maintain the server for 10+ years and inevitably getting shat on whenever it does get shut down.
  5. Got the trophy just now and it turns out that Training mode works for this, completely eliminating the need to pace your levels since training mode dummies are effectively invulnerable (when they hit 0 HP, they just stay there until the current combo is broken).
  6. Been trying to get the 300-hit combo trophy for a while now to no avail. For the most part, I'm generally too strong at any given moment to actually drag out a battle to get this many hits in (my full-battle combos usually top out at around 100-140 hits) and while I've found that the metal dogoo boss at F40 of Neptral Tower can tank hits long enough for me to theoretically get 300 hits, my combo usually ends up dropping either because the dogoo managed to get a hit in on one of my close-range attackers (Ram/Noire) or even for seemingly no reason at all while I'm currently hitting the boss (in which case the combo usually just magically resets to 1 hit at the end of the attack). My setup so far for this is as such... Ram: 16-hit orb attack (Rush) Noire: 9-hit slash attack (Rush) Rom: 6-hit tornado attack (Rush) All equipped with the worst weapons possible to keep their ATK/INT low and all given discs with the Combo Loop property so they don't have to do a starter attack every three moves. Not really sure what else I can do at this point unless there's an even better tanky boss up ahead that flinches easier. If anyone has managed this trophy, I'd appreciate some advice on it, particularly if you've managed it at Level 99 (I've been mostly rushing through Neptral Tower up to this point to specifically avoid the nightmare scenario of overpowering everything in the game that is even remotely possible to obtain this on and thus having to start the game over from New Game just for this).
  7. ok boomer
  8. The important thing is that those of us who hated going for the plat in the OG version can never get fucked by random DLC trophies ever because the old list will cease to be obtainable.
  9. For those wanting a bit more help with this in case you didn't get it from the video, the trick to this is to use Rosso Dyed Whirlpool while the ninja weapons are flying towards the target, but before they've hit the target. To this end, you'll want to have some distance from whatever you're trying to hit so you can actually have time to use the skill before the weapons hit the target. Also make sure the weapons have actually fired out before you go to use the skill. Fairly easy to screw this up by using the skill before the weapons fire, cancelling the weapon attack and just leaving you wasting three stamina bars on nothing. Also worth noting that you still have to have viable equipment on you to actually do good damage with this trick since the trick more or less multiplies ninja weapon damage by roughly 10. To this effect, if your weapons only do scratch damage normally, this trick isn't actually going to help that much. The main attributes you'll want to pay attention to when picking a weapon are power and Rapid-Fire count. Thankfully, the Yomi Hanging Rings Neo that you can get from a late-game request have a whopping 90 Power and a Rapid-Fire rate of 5 along with Pierce, making it more or less the ideal weapon for this purpose (while this blocks you off from the method for a while, you really ought to get used to normal play during the main campaign to have an easier time with Trial of Defense and Trial of Ninja Art where this trick can't be used on Stage 3 of each).
  10. Having managed Trial of Ninja Art first try without breaking much of a sweat, here's what I did to prepare for it. Spirit Gem Setup Large Cross: Attack (5x Ult Destruction Lv 10, 4x Boss Sp Atk Lv 10) [Pretty much the one non-negotiable one since damage and boss damage is always important due to time limits] Box 1: Ninja Art (4x Ninja Arts Boss Lv 10) [For every other trial and the first two stages of Ninja Art, I used 3x Shuriken UP Lv 10 and 1x Speedy Reload Lv 6] Box 2: Defense (4x Ult Guard Lv 10, 5, 5, 4) [Didn't feel like grinding Trial of Defense to max these and it doesn't matter too much anyway] Box 3: Life (4x HP Up Lv 10) [For trials with no items allowed, especially Trial of Life, use 3x Ultimate Healing and 1x Natural Regen instead] Box 4: Mind (4x Boss Stamina Absorb) [4x Ult Awakening can seem tempting to increase Mountain Drive time, but I personally prefer filling stamina up faster since abusing Mountain Drive and guarding is gonna make the stamina gauge harder to fill] Characters Miyabi Black Heart (any character works since I didn't ever have to switch, so choose a tank like Yuuki or White Heart if it makes you feel better) Misc. Charm: Master Swordsman Talisman x2 Weapons: Best possible power-wise for Miyabi to deal with elite enemies in the first two phases using the Rosso Dyed Whirlpool damage trick. Mine were the Yomi Hanging Rings Neo and the Ever-Shacking Kunai Level: 65 Items: A considerable supply of HP Restoration items and Scroll Buffs (specifically Herculean Strength, Sturdy, and Secret Arts) P&C Meditation Hard buff My general strategy was to utilize the Mountain Drive to mitigate damage from Guardian Yoh Gamer when she's out of reach. When she is in reach (and not teleporting around like a shit), this is when you should use Rosso Dyed Whirlpool on her as much as you can, getting normal attacks in to refill the stamina gauge where possible. Doing this, I was able to do considerable damage to Guardian Yoh Gamer with each use of Rosso Dyed Whirlpool while not taking much damage when she managed to get a hit on me (assuming I wasn't guarding, which causes all attacks to do 0 damage with the Mountain Drive). In the end, I managed to get her down well within the time limit while only using one Provisions Pill that I likely could've gotten away without using. As for the actual strategy to grind all of this, you can get most of the gems through just purchasing Lv 3 gems and synthesizing until you get four Level 10 gems. My preferred method to grind out money was to equip a Full Power Luck build with 5 Money Up Lv 10 gems (1st Gem Drop and 2nd Gem Drop need to be farmed from missions or Trial of Luck; the rest can be bought) and repeatedly do the Dogoo Corps All Out War mission as it's incredibly easy to do without much danger or variance seeing as Dogoos are among the least aggressive enemies in the game. Doing this, between the enemies and the mission reward, I was making nearly 160k gold per run. In addition, you can sell whatever stealth keys and money items you get through the mission for even more money. As for Ult Destruction and Ult Guard, these have to be gotten through Trial of Attack and Trial of Defense, respectively. In total, to get all of the necessary Lv 10 gems, you would need five runs of Attack and four runs of Defense. Attack isn't much of an issue since the minotaur boss at the end goes down pretty easy with the Rosso Dyed Whirlpool damage trick, though Defense can be a bit more annoying since it's the other trial where you can't do the damage trick due to no Ninja Arts allowed in the final stage. For this, I abused the shurikens to do damage to the boss at the end so I could keep distance. Personally, I only elected to do this once, though you can always farm this one out too since it shouldn't take too long on account of only needing three extra runs. Also, quick little notes for other trials... Luck: For most of this trial, you don't have a time limit, so if you have a Natural Regen gem, you can stand around in a spot with no enemies (say, after beating an enemy set while the game is waiting for you to activate the next device pair) to heal to full since you can't use items. This can take quite a while depending on how much damage you took, but it's certainly better than dying partway into the trial because you went into an encounter with low health. In addition, you can skip quite a few encounters by just activating both devices in a pair to despawn the enemies that the first device spawns. Mind: In Stage 2, unlike pretty much any other "avoid the strong enemies" mission, the Yasha Skulls specifically move counter-clockwise around the map and only aggro when you get too close to them rather than constantly hunting you down. Knowing this makes it fairly easy to avoid them by just taking pot shots at the melons you need to kill instead of dawdling around (having a skill that can kill multiple melons at once such as Rosso Dyed Whirlpool also helps to speed things along).
  11. Is it possible to use other devices to get multiple people in a lobby or does it base it off of the network connection instead of the device? I remember resorting to multiple devices when I did this (PS5, PC, iPod, phone, old phone, and a BlueStacks instance) since I got my PC version through PC Game Pass, which didn't allow for multiple instances to even be open in the first place.
  12. Since most of the info out there for this battle pertains to Original Mode, I figured I'd upload a video of my run of Mascot Returns in Arrange mode. It's a bit sloppy for various reasons, but it gets the job done. Probably the major differences from the original game/Original Mode are as follows... No health regen on enemies; this is the case for pretty much the entirety of Arrange mode, with no exceptions as far as I could tell (or if there were, they didn't even matter). Blanc has like 32k HP in Arrange Mode, so I recommend swapping her out for Adult Falcom, who not only has a whopping 88k HP with her best weapon, but also even more VIT and MEN than Blanc if you give her the Celestia Bangle to catch up to Blanc's U-Ring. Even if you don't for whatever reason, she can still stand on par with Blanc using something like a Trapezohedron. Falcom's STR is about half of what Blanc's is due to both Blanc's naturally high STR and the lack of a real ultimate weapon for Adult Falcom (on the bright side, this means you can just outright buy her best weapon), but considering she's mostly if not only going to be an item mule when she isn't defending to tank damage, it's not much of an issue. Also a couple things that I assume apply to Original Mode just as much as Arrange Mode... Rom's ultimate weapon and armor are impossible to obtain in this version as the Add Super Enemies plan for Naasne Volcano doesn't add the Clione that you need to fight to obtain her equipment. For whatever reason, Uni's human form is capable of appending an extra 30 hits per enemy per move for every combo move and EXE Finisher specifically in Colosseum battles. I unfortunately didn't know about this until after I got the battle done, but suffice to say that if you can work it into your strategy, charging the EXE Gauge is basically a nonissue as Uni can have 3 bars charged in a single turn, all 4 even if you manage to get more than one enemy in her sights. Having to transform out of HDD to do this is a bit of an issue, but considering everyone but Falcom/Blanc is likely going to die constantly, you can probably just sneak something in after reviving Uni for the 14 billionth time if you're running low on EXE. Also for the sake of it, my setup going into this battle as well as some notes on why I chose what I did: https://imgur.com/a/dJUqemo EDIT: Oh yeah, and one thing to note regarding leveling in Arrange Mode at least; the best way to get leveled up quickly is to unlock Haneda Forest and go fight the Supression Machine boss. You should be able to kill it pretty easily with your party around Level 85 (my party at the time was Nep-Uzume-Ram-Rom) and it gives a whopping 3.2M XP, which is great considering a lot of other enemies have been nerfed to shit comparatively. This should not only close the gap to Level 99 quite nicely, but going from there to Level 999 is a cinch due to the levels only requiring 10k XP each at that point.
  13. Forgot to post about it for a bit, but... Laser League (100%): Once we got done everything but level grinding, my boosting partner and I decided to just turbo our way to the rest of the XP, thus the AI and randos in the match (all of whom were also turboing, if memory serves me correct). In any case, not really planning to get to anything at the immediate moment in terms of URs. Wanna work on getting done my remaining Nep plats before Neptunia Sisters Vs Sisters comes out (still need three versions each of Neptunia Reverse and Nep X SK) as well as honing my DJMax skills some more since a new DLC should be coming out in a few weeks.
  14. You should be able to go through the requirements for unlocking Ram and Rom despite being in Arrange mode as the plans still exist to unlock them as well as the other candidates (and in fact, these plans all have to be made to unlock plans for their "ultimate weapon" Colosseum battles just like in Original mode) despite the characters being available from the start.
  15. Laser League (77%): Over the past two days, I cleaned up the last Mastery 2 for my boosting partner, got them through Blade Mastery 3, and I got done Blade Mastery 4 on my end, which means no more revival blocks for me (still gotta do 75 more with my boosting partner, though). Should make the rest of the grind on my end EZPZ since I just need to get blade kills for 9 matches (I get 11 of the 100 Chains needed per match of all blade kills and I'm already up 6 from the match I ranked up on) and then it's just letting the opponents run into lasers constantly to grind out round wins and killstreaks. Also got up to Level 20 during this whole ordeal, so that's roughly half of the level grind over with.