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  1. I think I did it by creating an alias account, played the original game without patches installed. Joined with my main account (second controller) and did the requirements.
  2. It is. Even on the original edition, but it pops sometimes.
  3. Just got it. Did some encounters in other regions and there popped one up in my the region I needed.
  4. So why can't I find any?
  5. So I have done everything in the game and need only the trophy for all the challenges. I only need one challenge, which is talking with 11 people in Gutgash's Territory. I have 10/11 and I can't find the last one. It is not showing on the map. On the internet I see multiple people speaking of the fact that encounters are indeed missable, but others say this isn't the case but they can dissapear and re-appear. So, anyone who has more information about this? Am I fucked? I already loaded some previous game saves but for each I can only find 10. The save games are from after finishing the main story and wastelands missions.
  6. It didn't work at first for me either. Try this: * Delete all game saves. * Create a new dummy account. * Active your dummy account as your primary account on your Ps4. * Log in with your dummy account. * Insert disc. * Download game but not with the patches yet. * Play the game with your dummy account and see if you have the 'Bedrock' edition. * Log out and log in with your main account. * Install patches (to play online, don't if you can earn the trophies local). Sometimes you will now have the Bedrock edition. And sometimes you won't. Not sure what exactly cause it to appear or why not. But I was lucky about 80% of the time with this method. For all the trophies combined I have at least re-installed the game 20 times. Lucky that its a small game.
  7. Just did all the scavenger locations. Ngl, a lot of collectibles in this game.
  8. Nope, doesn't have to match. For the Scavenger locations, they have to match so you will know if your save is glitched or not. (227 in stats, 191 in scavenger). If you have 180/191 (you still need 11 more). So the stats should say (227 - 11 = 216).
  9. How much hours spend in game time for this one online related trophy? Started this game few years back, didn't even now it had an online related trophy. With all those bugs I might just start over a new game and keep track of possible glitched stats.
  10. No stress. Y'all are loud and clear. I will lock this. Thanks for the discussion anyways. Was worth a try, I guess. Edit: No idea how to close this. Whoever can, you have my permission to do so.
  11. That's not true. Ferrari cheated some Grand Prixes of the previous season, they are not tained for life.
  12. You're right about that. But lets say Hamilton wins the Formule 1 and he cheats on one of the 17 Grand Prixs (he probably will be qualified this GP). The other 16 are still worth something, I only cheated 5 of the 80 trophies of the game. Those 5 trophies don't have to count towards my leaderboards. All I care about is the milestones displayed correctly while my legitable points still count towards the leaderboards. Those 5 trophies are cheated, so they can be treated as cheated.
  13. 'Act like an adult'. Having some sort of humanity inside yourself to put your shoes in someone elses to make his/her day is called 'acting like an adult'. Some people here are acting as if I did the most terrible thing in the world. This was over 7 years ago, I was 12. There are 5 cheated LittleBigPlanet 2 expansion trophies, which aren't worth anything. They are not hard. They are not unobtainable. They just required a PlayStation Vita, which I didn't had. Why can't anyone fix a mistake he did when he was younger? Some people have some decent reactions which I understand. But yours is just to be 'cool on the internet'. I don't even think those consequences are correct in the first place for situations like this. Just because someone asks to a solution so he can be on the leaderboards because he made a mistake when he was young makes someone stupid as fuck? I guess your own words about acting like an adult should be reconsidered by yourself.
  14. This. This would be fine. I don't mind about 100 points less or more. I don't need them. I just want to see my legitable score on the leaderboards with the correct displayed milestones. If I earn my 100th platinum troph. This site still says 99th. Something about that triggers me, its frustrated. It's obviously my own fault, but héy, I am trying to find a way to fix my mistake so I don't have to feel like 'ah I will always be a wacko, cuz I cheated once'.
  15. They don't have to, it's a question. They may care, they may not care. I didn't expect a 'Yes, what a sick idea you have - Lets do it!'. I did expect a discussion on make things better. I don't want any sympathy but I was 12 years old at the time of using the save data to pop 5 DLC trophies. There should be a second chance given people to who didn't cheat except for one time. Nonetheless its still my own fault though.