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  1. I would delete 4 LittleBigPlanet 2 dlc trophies because I used a save date to get them when I was 14 years old. Now I have to hide the whole game on this site to be on the boards. Wouldn't mind earning them legit. Just didn't had a Move Controller and money back then :'(.
  2. I'm not 100% sure if this also counts for this specific mission but I know in the earlier days of The Division 2 they removed Expeditions and add them back later. Apparently if this is what happend you can only wait and pray for it to come back. I still have a message dated from the early The Division 2 days from one of the developers saying the following: "Expeditions are a rotating experience that will be open for some time, close for a limited duration and become available again later."
  3. I like the "criminal record" 😬
  4. This is a private site, true. But people with some humanity can still see through one mistake and forgive people for actions they did when he/she was 13 years old and did not even know better. Private site or not. The 3 strike thing is not worth much. I am proud of my trophies and I wanna show my position on the leaderboards while still being able to check my 'real' milestones.
  5. Told you it was not on-topic. But at least one the subject of getting flagged and leaderboards removing. When you do a "crime" in real life you will have to pay for that by doing some jail time or something like that But you'll get a second chance. Ofcourse I fucked-up. But I was like 13 years old, lol.
  6. Maybe not really on-topic but as everyone is arguing on this subject here. Years back (somewhere early 2015), when I was a young kid playing games I used a Save Data from the internet to pop 4 trophies of the LittleBigPlanet 2 dlc. I didn't had the Move Controller back then which was required for some of those trophies. Till this day I am still flagged because of it. It was not even in my knowledge that earning trophies in this manner was resulting in getting flagged. I have never done it before, and never did it after. I was young, did not had enough money for the special controller so I just could not get the 100% trophies. They should reconsider to remove the flag if it was a one-time only. And if it is visible that the rest of the profile is legit. Ofcourse this will create some gray-area where people can auto pop trophies and use the "But it was a one-time only.." card. Not sure how they should handle that. There is definitly a difference per situation. Earning an unobtainable trophy by using mods or hacks is in my opinion different, it is worst. You can check my profile and see I just have a passion to gaming and earning trophies. It definitly sucks that the biggest site for tracking your progress shows me my wrong milestones because I have to hide one game because of 4 dlc trophies. There is a this big "H" (hidden) icon on my profile which makes me kinda look like a cheater. All this only because lil me fucked-up and did some things without understanding the consequences it would give me in the future.
  7. Can you open up a private conversation with me via messages?

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    2. MMDE


      Btw, we still have that open conversation! :P 

    3. Dylan-Mehl


      I saw that conversation although I still don't believe I did cheat. Just kinda sucks I can't provide any proof (apparantly). I don't know, my whole profile doesn't look suspicious at all.

      Except for a few trophies on this game which I did, and which I still can, explain

    4. MMDE


      We both agreed it was cheated back then, you just can't remember you did it and you thought it was your bro. I think you just hate it being flagged at this point, and wish that never happened.

  8. The later levels on Stretch are pretty hard and frustrated. It's an one or two hour platinum though.
  9. Hi, me and my friend just completed the Doomsday Heists. We failed here and there and tried to do it without dying. Some setup missions are really hard to complete with two players, let alone without dying. We now wanna get the trophy Masterminds, so we have to do it without a player dying once doing all the missions in order from start to end. We are dedicated players who have done their research and know the missions from the inside out. We are searching for two other dedicated players, who do not mind restarting this challenge over and over. We communicate via PlayStation party and/or Discord. I guess it is a pré that you have done the Heists at least once yourself so you know the how and the why. Leave a comment if you're down.
  10. What is the reason that he is the only one doing development work on the website? I am a software and webdeveloper myself and I understand that implementing new features and developing in general takes a lot of skill and time. Especially with the testing and stuff. He should hire (or volunteers) some people to help him with the development side.
  11. Lol :'). There aren't really any benefits for buying Premium atm. They have to make it a lil bit fancier. I equal removing ads and dark theme.
  12. Except for the Sound Shapes, hihi.
  13. Should make dark mode for Premium only. Might be worth getting it. Another thing is I don't like paying iwth PayPal and stuff and I'm in Europe where only bank transfers are common. Would have bought Premium a long time back if there are other methods to pay.
  14. This game was great, can you still create a new account and make connection to the servers? This worked a few months ago, anyone has tested it?
  15. Mortal Combat