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  1. Just my 2 cents: What is the difference between someone using a hacker on Black Ops 2 to earn - still obtainable - trophies and between someone using a closed server. In both examples people can give trophies to others by cheating. People are questioned and/or flagged when their trophy timestamps are abnormal or if they have earned an unobtainable trophy. 'Smart hackers' can still cheat trophies one by one so people won't notice the abnormal timestamps if they want to. Hell, people can even change their timestamps to their own liking if they really want to. At the end, obtaining trophies is all about having fun and feeling accomplished because you have completed a game. I would love to complete my profile legitimate with open or closed servers. If there are people abusing the system, let them. People already can cheat without getting catch if they want to. They only ban people where the cheating is super obvious, and that fact won't really change after allowing closed servers.
  2. There is always one chest location in the map. There are 69 locations which they can be found. Just follow this guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8X4cYq2xXw&list=PLnvJ6_47HHygXy4KCgtU6tgJCci9rFkoj. You have to almost walk on it for it to be shown on the map. I did it this way two weeks ago. Just check all 69 locations (probably less because most likely you will find it much earlier) in one sitting. You can use fast travel points instead of using the ship or walk to be a lot quicker.
  3. Can you earn the trophy by completing the raid (even without a full squad) or do you need 8 players per se?
  4. Understandable. The way your first sentence was phrased it kinda implies that co-op mode in general is not fun and then argued it is because you often play it solo.
  5. Playing a mode which is purposely made for two players on your own is not fun indeed. Thats on you though.
  6. Thanks! I already figured it out by buying it via de in-game store. It looks like people from Dutch and Belgium can't find this dlc in the PlayStation store.
  7. Does anyone has a Discord link to the server? I can't seem to find it, at least I can't find anyone named Ryanshung in those servers.
  8. Have you or someone else found a solution for this? I can't find it either.
  9. Thats not true, I did it by throwing the first orb in the lava at the start of the level. I did kill myself though, because I jumped with it - maybe that helps.
  10. Hi, is it possible to filter out users on the leaderboards who are mostly playing the easier games? Maybe the following calculation can be applied: (ultra rare trophies / total trophies * 100). If you fall below 1.5% (I don't know what the exact sweetspot should be) you're hidden from the leaderboards. Maybe make a toggle button somewhere so you can toggle between the filters. Not sure if this is possible though, you have to scrape the whole leaderboards for it because you don't have access to the back-end.
  11. I finished Ghosts on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 a month or three ago. There is still a playerbase for it online, that being said - you can do almost all trophies solo. Only one requires 4 players I believe.
  12. I agree with a lot of people mentioning the lack of updates regarding this website. @Sly Ripper shouldn't sell the website, he should invest some time in finding some trustworthy and experienced developers who are happy to work on this website for free. The hours @HusKy is putting in his updates are awesome, innovative and ofcourse appreciated. Unfortunately these updates are only client-side and improvements to the user experience. Which is all he can do due to not having access to the back-end. I am a developer for a living and I would love to work on a project like this for free, where both of my interest combine (programming and gaming). That being said, there is a lot of 'we have to keep the API we are using private' stigma. So it's understandable that Sly is hesitant sharing his back-end with others.
  13. Zombies don't spawn as fast as on round 10'ish, there also spawn less zombies in earlier rounds at the same time. You also have to reload with the grabbed weapon out of the box, so I don't see the benefits of your strat, it would take longer.
  14. You can't see those stats currently. But you can check your progress for some of your challenges (which gives you Calling Cards). Some of these can give you a indication of how many kills you overall have.
  15. Don't give up if you are being spotted. Just try to run away, wait for them to run through a door or something and eliminate them. Sometimes it works, sometimes you will melee them by accident. If the latest is the case, just reload checkpoint and try again. There are actually a lot of checkpoints which helps a lot. Do not try this on Veteran though, makes it a lot harder.