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  1. Thanks, I'm gonna try and get all online trophies for base game and dlcs first then I'll work on offline after. I'm bored of grind but I'll try it nonetheless, RDR2 just broke my passion in trophy hunting cause of the boredom it gave me whilst playing that shitty game. And Driveclub might be my first and only racing game on my library. Cause I don't like racing games.
  2. I'm afraid of playing this now since the servers are gonna be shutting down. Is the trophy list difficult and full of grind races or just simple straightforward trophy list?
  3. Not really, but I want all of my unearned online trophies to be deleted. Then I can play and get the offline ones. I fucking hate boring online trophies.
  4. I already got the plat a year ago well at least its not as boring as Red Dead Redemption 2
  5. Could not agree more
  6. What fucking Pros/Cons would you want me to put? Of how it has a great story or how fucking it takes ages to do EVERYTHING? Fine, Cons first since I fucking hate this overhyped game 1. Map is too big for horseback(which I expected) 2. Everything is just slow af takes ages to do shit. Had to wait for this and that alm the time 3. Its more boring than Fortnite/PUBG or any BR 4. Its filled with open world things to do(side mission-a whole fucking bunch of them, cooking, riding obviously, etc) 5. Online is boring because of 1 thing, the money system, takes ages to buy everything and not only that, I have to spend a hefty amount of time earning stupid in game money. If Rockstar change/improve it I'll play it again coz its fun expecially the multiplayer modes 6. Outside of story missions is pretty bad for me, theres nothing for me to do except whatever trophy related thing is required I'll do 7. I had to keep tapping X for horseback which losen up the X button on my controller, fucking ridiculous 8. One of the chapter's ending is depressing af (I know it kind of ridiculous) but I hate it although we all knew that was going to happen 9. Had to fucking switched to John 10. Last but not least, fucking GRIEFERS but I only had to deal with them when I was in lower ranks(rank 1-15) Pros 1. Lenny and Arthur drunken mishaps(that was fun especially when Arthur said "No one would have me") 2. Story was great(well its better than GTA 5 thank fuck) although its predictable that some shit gonna happen near the end or in the end 3. Graphics is amazing but I really don't give a fuck about damn graphics 4. Online Multiplayer Modes are FUN(gun running, races, 1-life, territory etc), I mean it when I said FUN. Its fun to kill griefers or I think that they are griefers in freeroam 5. POKER And that pretty much it so dont FUCKING ask me about pros and cons coz I have had enough of this game. I've taken a break for a while I'll get the platinum some other time I hope y'all fucking happy with my pros and cons so shut it already you silly c***s!
  7. Its only my opinion anyway, can't blame other people if they love this game
  8. Don't get butthurt if I tell this game is so boring. I'd rather play Super Smash than this not to mention the online part and thank fuck this didn't win the GOTY award. Microtransactions, grinds(worse than GTA online but I enjoyed that game than this piece of crap),everything is slooooooow af and too realistic and if realism is what Rockstar is after then I'd rather cook a piece of steak or work in a stable Fuck online, I'm done with that and I'm not coming back unless Rockstar stupid bullshit trophies Story missions are great but outside missions, so boring Don't get triggered just because I pissed on your bonfire. You enjoyed this shit, I didn't. Nearly done with the challenges and 25 gold missions more then I can finally delete this game
  9. I give it 10/10 Very long and very boring Only fun I had was with Arthur and Lenny getting drunk, well apart from that its just boring Not to mention the trophy list. I'll give 100/10 in terms of how boring the trophy list is
  10. Resident Evil Remake(PS4) Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 0(PS4) Resident Evil 7 Infamous First Light and Second Son Ratchet and Clank(PS4)
  11. I unlock most of the trophies on before I got the S rank trophy. it was fairly tbh with u
  12. how is it that the difficulty of this game is 6/10?
  13. For the plat, it is too easy. I mean, it took me 2 hours and 15 mins to get my first S rank(not the best time, but still got the trophy) I give the trophy list 8/10 due to the fact its easy. I'll give it a 10 out of 10 if there are more trophies to collect In terms of difficulty, I'll give the trophy list 3 out of 10 Yeah I agree for the best since 4. But the only RE games released that I love to play after re4 (and before this remake)are both Revelations 1 and 2. If you have the original soundtrack on the remake, its even more nostalgic. I'm completely mindfucked by your statement 2 out of 7? Idk! Hahaha
  14. They'll release 3 side stories for 3 different characters. (ghost survivors) Unfortunately no news for Ada's
  15. Resident Evil 2 but I'm still playing it trying to get all S/S+ on Hardcore