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  1. I fucking got it now and I promised myself this game will be my last Ubisoft game
  2. Well fucking finally about damn time
  3. I doubt that, its been 3 months since that trophy became unobtainable and they said the same effing thing to anyone who contacted them about it. I lost interest in getting the plat for this game. All I care about is playing ranked/casual
  4. I wish Sony give a Triple A such as A thief's end or persona 5
  5. Can't wait to play as Kaid
  6. I'm still playing the game, I got all other online related trophies except for "who dares". I'm level 136 and still enjoying the game. There's going to be a big update soon. Hopefully the trophy will be patched. And I looked into Achievement Hunter profiles and it is also glitched on Xbox.
  7. I contacted them 2 months ago and up until now, there are no actions given to this glitch. So all I can say to y'all is to do other trophies or better yet give up on this one. They prioritized the 2 new operators(Kaid & Nomad) rather than fixing this up
  8. Stop thinking about getting it because there's nothing y'all can do. Just focus the other trophies or games and wait for the update for this trophy.
  9. Well thats sucks
  10. What tedious dlc trophy list this is and I'm doing both ps3 and ps4 versions. So yeah. About 600 player kills and 4k units send (re6) And 240 slayers and survivors wins. Good thing I have second ps4. Ps3 is a bit of a problem for me
  11. Oh okay thanks and I could do a 1 v 1 with myself?
  12. Are there any dlc trophy I can obtain alone?
  13. Medals again and 100% completion, this is definitely GTA 5 but with horses! Duh
  14. If my psn name has XX in it then I would. And I've been using this username/IGN for over 10 years so yeah
  15. I tried it on ranked and luckily we won 4-0 and trophy didnt pop so I guess it is really glitched. So better not worry about it for a while and focus on other trophies instead