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  1. Well thats sucks
  2. What tedious dlc trophy list this is and I'm doing both ps3 and ps4 versions. So yeah. About 600 player kills and 4k units send (re6) And 240 slayers and survivors wins. Good thing I have second ps4. Ps3 is a bit of a problem for me
  3. Oh okay thanks and I could do a 1 v 1 with myself?
  4. Are there any dlc trophy I can obtain alone?
  5. Medals again and 100% completion, this is definitely GTA 5 but with horses! Duh
  6. If my psn name has XX in it then I would. And I've been using this username/IGN for over 10 years so yeah
  7. I tried it on ranked and luckily we won 4-0 and trophy didnt pop so I guess it is really glitched. So better not worry about it for a while and focus on other trophies instead
  8. They emailed me and they said they looked onto it Hello kerck11,Thank you for contacting us back with this information.As I can see, you mention that the trophy is glitched due to the map change in the recent patch. I am going to escalate this situation to our team so that they can investigate this further, and once I have news on the matter I would contact you back.Thank you for your patience during that time, and if you have any other questions or feedback, you are always welcome to contact us at any time!Kind regards,DenisUbisoft Support I guess we'll have to wait
  9. I contacted Ubisoft and they said to contact PS about it and I quote, Hello kerck11, Thank you for clarifying the issue. Please be advised that we are not able to unlock achievements on Play Station. As this is a feature on this platform, you could contact Play Station in this matter and check if they would be able to help you. You can contact them by following the link below: Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again! Kind regards, Yanko Ubisoft Support
  10. Omfg but I actually expected this game to have a lot of collectibles and probably it unlocks different items or modes by collecting everything.
  11. Me too If I messed up the dish am going to send I would take it back even if they say that it was alright
  12. I'm not going to complete it just yet. I haven't got all the games I'm going to play. I'll finish this year with a bang and complete my "masterpiece" well excpet minecraft though not gonna complete that shitty game, if I can delete games on my trophy list it would be minecraft And thanks for the info about it. You're right its those incomplete games that makes me feel uncomfortable
  13. I was thinking about getting this game done but when I made researched on this game, it says there that the game can't be 100%
  14. Me too, I'm planning on completing my list after the release of spiderman then I'm out for 4 months and wait for resident evil 2 remake I tried to quit last year but had to go back because of monster hunter world
  15. I can't relax and say to myself "stop", not unless if I think that what I was doing is complete then I would tell myself to stop. And the fact that I miss the excitement/rush I felt back when I was a kid. The nonstop action day in day out I'm not ashamed that I have anxiety, I don't want to disappoint people or in general "lose"