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  1. But small gold crowns always spawnrd on my 1 bronze 4 gold quests. Pretty much all of the time. However the large crowns are not to be fck with cause damn luck wont let me kill one in 12 hours. I called in sick for 2 days and I only got 7 large gold crowns with the mix of racking up quest.
  2. The easiest way to get small gold crowns is by doing a 1 bronze, 4 gold rewards, and by also racking up multiple quest with 2 or 3 monsters. I have 15 small gold crowns and 9 Giant Crowns. I'm still trying to figure out what quests to do for giant crowns, since I can't get 1 silver 1 gold quests
  3. The fact that Lunastra is included in the max research level trophy is indicating she's included for the crowns
  4. The easiest one to spawn is the Fluffy moly, for me anyways. I have 3 of them. And guiding lands level doesn't matter. Its easier if you have both Biologist and Zoomaster skills activated at the same time
  5. I got giant crown nerg, I did the tempered quest. Go next to his hind leg(knee) with ghillie mantle and check if his knee is nearly 2 of your head above you Tempered has higher chance to get Giant I think. I got half of the 28 monsters to get the trophy.
  6. Are both Lunastra and Deviljho needed for small and large gold crown on Iceborne?
  7. Not boring anymore cause I got the plat recently and I got my planned platinum screenshot so yeah, I guess worth the wait
  8. The base game is included on the Master Edition and both has separate trophy list. Finish the base game first then move on the expansion. You won't get to Iceborne unless you finish the base game
  9. I'm nearly loving it rn cause I'm replaying the whole game but only gold medals, I'm done with 100% so yeah, I'm focusing on story and medals atm
  10. Exactly, its worth it in the end but damn my anger could break my controllers again I spent nearly 800 hours with World's Platinum but I guess it'll be worth a shot since I could solo and my charge blade will wreck any monster
  11. Yes! I can rage again. There are only 2 games that sent me into rage and that's RDR2 and Monster Hunter World. 2 of my controllers are ready to face rage and death
  12. Fair enough, I'm not gonna really use your guide, I was only looking for the difficulty of the trophy list. I'll use it when I'm stuck or if have no clue to get the a certain trophy. Tbh, I'm not more intimidated by this game's difficulty. What intimidates me is Wolfenstein 2's trophy list Anyway thanks
  13. So all I have to do to get the JP version is to get the PsychoBreak 2 Physical Copy? I dont care how much its gonna be but if it is the only way to play it again and get another set of trophies I would do it. Thanks
  14. Thanks, I hate online trophies, they should be eradicated from the face of the earth
  15. Can anyone give me an idea on how to get this version for EU/NA account? Want to play and platinum this game again