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  1. I was thinking about getting this game done but when I made researched on this game, it says there that the game can't be 100%
  2. Depends on how fast you are or what difficulty you choose. I chose Normal on NG+ and finished it in about 7 hours doing only main missionsbwith exception of some side missions like Yuriko's.
  3. I give it 10/10 Very long and very boring Only fun I had was with Arthur and Lenny getting drunk, well apart from that its just boring Not to mention the trophy list. I'll give 100/10 in terms of how boring the trophy list is
  4. You were right it was Yuriko thanks
  5. I'm nearly finished on everything on this game(story and trophies) then suddenly when I check my Collectibles and was really excited to be done with it then bam! Got slapped on my thick face, I'm missing 1 haiku cause it didn't registered when I collected it. I'm going to do all of it again in easy difficulty hopefully with no bugs, I'll enjoy playing it again anyway
  6. I'll go check it out thanks I checked many times but I'll check it again
  7. I do play games on my dummy account just to try them out but I don't play them my primary account. I only do it on playstation but on other platforms, I play them normally with no problem. Multiplayer games are the ones that I avoid since most multiplayer trophies need boosting or grind.
  8. I'm not gonna spoil it for you guys but after the TLOU2 people lost their shit and refunded their preorders. Those leaks seems legit cause Naughty Dog reacted to it in a depressing way. I mean, 5 or 6+ years of work wasted just by a person that was not properly paid by them. I'd still play it despite of what happens but anyway. What are you thoughts about this?
  9. Its Kojima's fault, Death Stranding and HZD are somehow connected via easter eggs such as the stranded items, watcher and tallneck holo etc. Death Stranding was such a disappointing mindfucking garbage flop and I'm not surprised people are not talking about it anymore. More or less, all guerilla games in the future are going to be on both Playstation and PC. Exclusives is what makes PS great and the fact that Sony is throwing one of their trump card into the fire is just ridiculous af. I might as well ditched my PS and use my PC more.
  10. I've done it already but anyway
  11. Thanks for this, I'll make a boosting thread once I finish remake 3. I want both platinums ASAP
  12. Me too I'm at level 129 and I'm getting beat up. Still trying get the best equipment by then I'll take him on
  13. I tried again and again, I used up a total of 8 med kits, i also tried using less than 8 and I also used more than 8. What am I doing wrong? I'm stcuk in a loop for an hour now figuring out this one. Should I do a re-run again from start to finish?
  14. I do, I only play games that I'm interested at and when I'm done with my first playthrough I'll try to get 100%. Its either a hobby or addiction for me
  15. Red Dead Boredom 2 is pure 💩
  16. Played the 1st game and got the plat and didnt have any trouble getting it. Used a guide for few trophies. Why is this game 9/10? Is it that difficult and of it is, its going to be more difficult than Outlast 2 Wanna finish 5 Horror games with 2s(sequel) in them Cause I find it cute and awesome Resident Evil 2 Silent Hill 2 Dead Space 2 Outlast 2 Layers of Fear 2
  17. Kieffer is my real name whilst Kerck is my nickname. I used my nickname a lot as a username cause it sounds better than my real name. And it pronounce as "Kirk"
  18. Minecraft's platinum
  19. Even if it fcked up my milestones, I would still delete them, Idc anyway as long as I deleted all of those games I dont like Minecraft and Telltale games I could also delete them and redoing them just for fun. Or at least arrange them in order so its looks nice
  20. Are both Lunastra and Deviljho needed for small and large gold crown on Iceborne?
  21. But small gold crowns always spawnrd on my 1 bronze 4 gold quests. Pretty much all of the time. However the large crowns are not to be fck with cause damn luck wont let me kill one in 12 hours. I called in sick for 2 days and I only got 7 large gold crowns with the mix of racking up quest.
  22. The easiest way to get small gold crowns is by doing a 1 bronze, 4 gold rewards, and by also racking up multiple quest with 2 or 3 monsters. I have 15 small gold crowns and 9 Giant Crowns. I'm still trying to figure out what quests to do for giant crowns, since I can't get 1 silver 1 gold quests