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  1. During the course of both The Crew 2's Betas, I spent most of my time trying to locate where the majority of the Photo Ops were in case of there being a trophy in the final game. There are a total of 92 photo ops in the game, however for the trophy you only need 40. Most of the photo ops you can complete at any given time (take a photo of a certain boat/car/plane, take a photo using nitro etc.), however for those that require you to take photos of particular locations, I created a guide over on the racing game website I run. Apologies in advance if its not a particularly great guide as I'm not very familiar with guide writing, more so guide reading This guide mainly shows the screenshots of each location as best as possible, as to be perfectly honest, a majority of these were not hard to find at all. Best of luck! https://www.thenobeds.com/articles/the-crew-2-all-photo-ops-locations-guide
  2. #TheFappeningIsRealOnMinecraft