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  1. Sorry if this sounds stupid, but what are all the multiplayer trophies? Is it just "Matchup", "Creative" and "Piece by piece"?
  2. Crash Bandicoot: Warped Is my 100th platinum! The original Crash Bandicoot was the very first Playstation game that I ever played, so a game from that series (as well as it being one of my favourite game series of all time) I thought would make a great 100th plat.
  3. I did. For some reason though there's no mention of it there.
  4. I recently purchased The Forge DLC as it has been advertised as being "Standalone", however it turns out this isn't the case. I even checked the description on the PS store before buying as I believe every DLC that isn't standalone states something along the lines of it requiring a copy of the base game to play, but yet nowhere does it actually state this. Anyway after downloading and discovering this I then contacted Sony to request a refund but was told that because I've already downloaded it I am therefore ineligible to receive a refund. I did already own the base game but have since sold it, so it looks like I'll have to rebuy the game. Just thought I'd post this to warn anyone that was thinking of purchasing the DLC and are in the same situation of no longer owning the game anymore.
  5. Yes you are right, I did the same thing too...