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  1. Yes, delisted everywhere. Another game falls just like fall of cybertron, Ultimate Alliance and others
  2. Consistently in cutsence in gameplay all the it will freeze while someones talking and they even stop talking and pick up there sentence after the freeze
  3. So I bought Destory all humans 2 and Psychonauts, and while I play the games I constant get these like skips or momentary freezes? They only last like a second but dear god are they noticeable. I did play Destory all humans 1 on my slim back when I had a slim and never had these issues is this just a Ps4 pro thing?
  4. They are? as far as I know they are? Tho the only other trophies I have are the story trophies chapter 1 and 2, and putting a legendary shipmate on my ship from uplay rewards. I never bought it as far as I know it doesnt work with the current frameware of the ps4. Didn't look to further into it tbh.
  5. Yeah, I'm still playing and just checking everything to make sure nothings messed up or anything I really don't know what could have triggered that...
  6. So just finished chapter 2 and I decided to kill my father well... after the spartan attacked me I managed to push him off the ledge and he fell to his death I started running to the quest objective and demigod just popped. My thoughts were "was that for pushing someone off a ledge?" I don't really look at trophies before I play a game normally enjoy it more. Anyone else have this happen to them?
  7. So ever since yesterday, with Sony’s services messing up I haven’t been able to play my downloaded content at all. It locks me out. I called support but they where no help. They told me to restore my licenses which I did yet when I get in game it keeps saying application will be suspended in 15 minutes then boots me off? Anyone else having this issue?
  8. So, I just got the update for 6.02 and I’m currently on 6.10 beta and I know if you go back on an update it fucks up with your external. If I update to 6.02 will that fuck up with my external ? 🤔 also will my changed name still stay the same so many questions with the weird way Sony did this lmfao.
  9. Before I start I wanna say I normally 100% against using something like this. But recently I’ve become ill. And I don’t really have the energy to play through full games anymore. This being said if I were to buy a save wizard would and strictly used it only on side account never online. Would my main account get a ban? I heard you can’t unlock trophies with it anyway. Would help me mess around with games.
  10. What about dragon quest heroes 1 and 2. As it has the same premise as the warrior games ? They basically are warrior games fundamentally.
  11. It’s pretty easy to tell you why and yes I’ve played it. The lack of NPCs is severely noticeable. It kinda gets to a point where every quest you have is either talking to a robot or finding a dead human. This problem also steams from Bethesda themselfs you said you where a fan boy yes? What was present in every Bethesda game no matter what? NPCs with rich story. Not having NPCs is one of the biggest downs about this game I do understand what they where going for meeting a player felt special but in all honesty whenever I meet a player they run by me not even noticing that I’m there. “It’s like well you can play with your friends!” Then what’s the point of other players if your just gonna be playing with your friends. All in all it feels like a giant empty sandbox. I just feel like NPCs with some nice quests and lore would really help the game more then harm it. Then we come to the quests part of the game. Dear god these quests I can not stress enough are sooooooooooo damn boring. Walk somewhere pick up an audio tape play it kill a few ads learn shit about the game.... repeat this step like the whole Main quest line. Quests are just blah to be completely honest. Now the bugs ohhh god the bugs. Now I know Bethesda games have history with bugs but this game takes the fucking cake and has a second offering of cake afterward. I have played every Bethesda game since Fallout 3 and Marrowind. I can say without any doubt the state they released this game in. IT SHOULD HAVE GOT DELAYED! They said beta was to test things and fix them having a beta like a week or 2 is not enough time to fix a game this fucking buggy. The amount of T pose enemies the constant lag that I was hoping after the patch today would be fixed. (surprise it isn’t). Not my internet I’m perfectly fine running multiple devices at once with no lag in other games. The glitching inside things and getting stuck. My character randomly becoming nude. The list just honestly never fucking ends it feels like they didn’t even test this game before they threw the beta up. I honestly could keep going but you get the picture this game was released way to early and should have been delayed and as it wasn’t it deserves all the hate its getting. Also side tip I just found out today they had the fucking balls to put microtransactions in this uncomplete game. Like Bethesda what are you doing are you trying to kick yourself in the balls after you shot yourself in the foot? Now you could say well there purely cosmetic and you don’t have to buy them. Well I know I won’t be but it bothers me that some people will support a incomplete horse shit of a game. 7 dollars for a different color storage box by the way. I wanted to add there was a bug the other day that was forcing me to attack my friends one second there hp bar was normal the next it was red it kept happening and I thought it was part of a quest or something and my friends got mad at me for killing them I DIDNT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON! At the end of the day people will have there own opinion you may come in here and defend this game to high hell. That’s fine people like different things I would say when I’m playing the game I enjoy it for the most part but there are massive glaring issues that should be addressed going forward. I feel this game has the potential to be amazing but the issues need to be addressed.
  12. Can’t afford it. Sorry to say. Edit: feel I should explain a little bit. So without going to into my personal life I am not physically well. I can not leave the house the money I receive from the government goes mostly toward bills and “some things I want very rarely” for instance bills + sewage + water tax + etc you get the idea gives me a small bit left at the end of the check. The rest goes toward medical expenses. My Hulu, Netflix are all paid by my friend who doesn’t mind me using it. This leaves me with a tiny bit of money. Which I keep for emergencies. Then you ask how do I have so many games if you investigate my account well, my friend buys games in bulk then if one he has interests me he drops it off. So yea personal shit yada yada can’t buy it. Is there one for the iPhone? I don’t know what to say too this I mean the apps never given me trouble before. Also the only thing affected was safari. So it had to be something in safari itself. As I have everything redownloaded since I factory reset and if it was one of those things I think it would have instantly gave me the virus again. Just a thought.
  13. Think it may be an ad or something causing it. Didn’t wanna turn on ad blacker because I wanna support the site.
  14. Let me start off by saying I’m not blaming the site I love this site A couple days ago I tried to enter a name that I recently changed because I was curious what would happen, and after I did this the website gave me a page with a bad gateway error 502. After that my phone started consistently getting this same pop up saying dear iPhone user you win amazon card something along these lines. I could not click out of it I couldn’t really do anything so I closed safari. I opened it back up and soon I couldn’t go on any page on safari. Because the pop up kept coming back. Now your gonna say why are you saying it’s our website? I’m really not tryna blame this website like I said I gawking adore this site but the only other thing I do on this phone is watch YouTube videos Netflix and Hulu. Just wanted to bring this to someone’s attention I had to factory reset my phone it got so bad don’t want it to happen to anyone else. Edit: Let me add as well YouTube Hulu and Netflix are all on different apps only thing I get on safari for is to update my trophies cuz it’s easier then hopping on a pc.
  15. Does anyone have a beta code they aren’t using I wanted to change my psn name. I never received a code and I’ve been in multiple betas. I asked on reddit people kept putting it as a reply and bots kept nabbing them. Please send me a PM with the code thanks! P.S. didn’t know where to put this and it’s hard to navigate on my phone sorry if it’s on the wrong spot.