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  1. In Shadow Tactics there's only one level required non-saving game play for platinum. But to me, w/o the glitch, it probably a less fun game for me as I will most likely resort to youtube guide w/o my own exploring.
  2. it was on sale on Star War day for $35. I may finally jump for the current price tag but this year's backlog is unusually long for me....
  3. Yeah, figured that out. There are 8 extra upgrade points for the whole campaign so it is allowed to skip some encounters. Thanks again for replying.
  4. There may be a misunderstanding. I was referring to the decision that no backward compatibility was included for the PS4 console when it first launched. I remember arguing with people in a forum i went to at that time. I am aware of that PS4 games can be played on PS5.
  5. i am more in the middle for this matter. For one thing, i despise the decision of not including any backward compatibility for PS4. New console or not, i don't want to ditch all the game i plan to play and start fresh. Therefore I never buy new console day 1. On the other hand. After some time, the game from older generation got dated and i lost interest in playing them, naturally. I hardly play any PS3 game now even though it was hooked to this exact monitor i was typing in. The backward compatibility can (and should) only go so far. I don't want the new consoles to be dragging down by technical challenges of backward compatibility. And to be honest, i am skeptical on what Microsoft can do. You can NOT run all PC games 15 years ago without twitching the system. To hope that all the hardware architecture can last forever w/o change seems to be futile. Let alone people are hoping for running old games with improved graphics, speed etc.
  6. There are web sites that let you maintain a list of game as a reminder, which can also show your latest trophy progress. That being said, I usually maintain my backlog pretty well. But this year I definitely feel the pressure as the new AAA titles are piling up and i am stuck with catching up with old ones. And not like many, this pandemic actually has brought quite some negative impact on my gaming capability.
  7. It is the console port that you can't do this. If you look at the game video from PC, you have this ability. At least you can move independently on PC Is it an indie game? i don't think it is strictly qualified. They do have a new desperado title coming up, which I am looking forward to.
  8. racing, sports game fighting game loot oriented games (Diablo like) and rogue-like.
  9. Not really. I usually do kind of "100%" to the game I played before the trophies are implemented. However, not being able to get a plat definitely decrease my appreciation to the game, see Resident Evil 4.
  10. Hi, Just like to sign up with 4 titles.... Meruru Plus Ayesha Escha & Logy Sophie 1. I was turned off after Sophie as the game play seems to be going downturn, but recently convinced on getting back from Ryza, still waiting for a sale though. 2. Somehow I thought i played Shallie but actually i didn't
  11. I have avoided all the leaks except pieces and bits. However reading the discussion here got me genuinely interested. Guess I need to stop here unless I want to be exposed to the full leak. Anyway just want to state that I am Ok with a female protagonist as I almost always create one in the game, if I have the choice. And Ellie seems to be a good fit for a promotion.
  12. Uh tencent. This doesn’t really bode well.
  13. Yeah, only very few titles got discounts in NA store, normally less than a full page. I am still monitoring some titles in HK store, hopefully something is coming in June.
  14. This guy is persistent, I’ll give him that
  15. I did buy an extra for this exact purpose but I can't find it now