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  1. I, for one was indifferent to this suggestion. Difficulty generally speaking, has too much noice to be a reliable source to affect my decision. I have been “tricked” by the difficulty score from a very respectable guide site and I would just ignore all difficulty related information from them. similar thing goes for the time spending.
  2. I think it might be the same group of people who don't trust the vita trick and have a quick trigger finger on any vita disputes. Didn't see any fix pattern regarding these claims. Anyway, have done the trick a few times myself, it is not rocket science, but you'd better be careful and methodical.
  3. I saw the advanced jobs can be unlocked by more than basic job, should I focus on the one that unlock multiple jobs (swordman, mage), or should I spread the focus across multiple jobs and save the time to level these basic jobs? I personally would prefer the former as I had difficulties adapting to some of the jobs and would like to skip them. Also, once I begin to level the advance job there's no point (at least trophy wise) to go back to the basic ones, right?
  4. Very interested in this one. Too bad Trilla won’t be in it. Really liked the character and the actress.
  5. Uh... guess i am waiting for a collection edition then.. I like these games but only at bargain prices.....
  6. And how long are they? I don't find visiting a pay phone that much a hassle so maybe I should save some time playing these missions twice.
  7. So after the latest system update the trick still works? Good to know
  8. Guess this is from newer generation who are easily swayed by youtube/tiktok or whatever. To me, it is just another soulborne game and I knew what I am getting into. And fortunately they fix my playing style so I was never really bothered by them.
  9. Well, I am near the end game now and I can say with some confidence that with proper vigor investment and equipment (i am using Scale Armor set) I didn't have any one-shot situation in boss battles. Didn't fight Malenia though. My point is, spirit summon is THE game changer, it is like playing two different games. I struggled at many mini-boss encounters, tree spirit, tree sentinel or avatar where spirit was not available or killed off quickly. One the other hand in Elden Ring there are so many normal mobs that could deliver a fatal blow in a pinch, hand spider? wormface? oracle envoy? I think this is where Elden Ring gets harder than the others. Personally i felt Sekiro is much harder as I am horrible at reactive fighting, never able to time that block perfectly but there's for another topic.
  10. I don't normally add people to friend list as many have done similar -- "No blank friend request" etc. And I don't play online much so I only have a few dozen of friends on PSN. Never feel the need of deleting anyone.
  11. I don't have much of a preference on digital or physical and I would just go with the tide here. Let's face it even with physical the big companies can take away the access w/o too much effort technically. Currently I am going with 60% to 40%, physical to digital. Main reason is that, at least in NA market, it is easier to find deals for physical version of main stream games. Furthermore it gave me the freedom of running unpatched games if I decided to go for an exploit. On the other hand, I need to buy games from other regions and unfortunately digitial is the only practical way.
  12. I believe i have added #: J: Y: I: (this one was in the list but was not counted) For Japanese game i could use英雄伝説-創の軌跡/Maverick6146 orオメガラビリンスz/Maverick6146 thanks.
  13. OK, to be honest I didn't know much about THIS game except the name since VM: Bloodline was one of my favorite RPGs years ago. It seems that whoever got the IP decided to go to a new direction....
  14. Are there multiplayer trophies? hmmm I may have to wait and see.
  15. Agree with most of it. with the development in ME2/3 there's little chance of logical ending to the reaper problem. Of course I didn't expect them to do THIS bad at the ending.. The Earth mission is mediocre, but as many have mentioned, the whole thing went down after Rannoch. The Cerberus headquarter is especially a joke. But at the same time, the Citadel DLC (even though the initial solo fighting scene is a bit dragging) did show the potential.