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  1. One of the major changes is that you cannot assassinate corrupted monk in fountainhead palace any more.
  2. I would say that finding each one's own play style is important in tackling this game. For people like me, who is struggling to execute parries consistently, going over aggressive is almost suicidal. that's why I almost never watch those no-damage videos because I don't think those techniques would help ME. Then you want to somehow pass the initial stages and practice on the later ones. I am thankful that the game is good enough to provide quite a broad ways of fighting. I felt the Shura ending is easier for me. I have a very hard time reading the attack distance of Isshin's spear. And sometimes he is running like a madman. Of course, w/ 1.04 patch, you can Dragonflash Isshin's sorry ass to death during Shura fight.
  3. I felt that adding the two orge kills are equally easy and doesn't add too much time. The killing of these two guards rewards more experience than killng of one purple ninja does.
  4. You don’t have to jump down at all. You can just whistle then look at ogre’s direction. You can the two guards are engaging it. When you see the ogre’s life showing up you can run back to the idol. The ogre should have killed the guards by the time you get there. this way you avoid loading the time which IMO is quite long.
  5. Just wanted to share a few things less mentioned but helped me during the Isshin fight. It is by no means for expert but hopefully can help a few struggling players. 1. Change key mapping and use Triangle to block. someone mentioned that T is faster than L1. I can't confirm it but it did help me during Jinsuke fight. Using L1 I couldn't even pull one parry (bad reflex, I knew) but after switching I can parry 1 of 3 tries. Of course that makes some skills harder to perform (it will be T+R1) so be warned. 2. Bring everything and backup the save file. If you have planned the ending routes this would be the only time you fight him. I used all my rice during the fight. 3. Bring the umbrella. I had a hard time recognizing his charging attack. And somehow I always got hit by his vertical slash wave (no idea why). So when Isshin is charging I would just use umbrella to block. If that's the two vertical slash wave I can still dodge the second one and close in for an attack. 4. Find your own pattern. if you are like me, who can NOT perfect parry more than half of time, you may want to find some pattern that is easier for you. What I found is that in the 1st phase, if you attack him once, he will retaliate twice, both are almost guaranteed to be parried perfectly. 5. Mikiri counters. Unfortunately I didn't find a way around that. And where the most posture damage comes from. What frustrate me the most of this fight is that: 1/3 of time, I was killed by Genchiro, for whatever fucking reason.
  6. When did you get SG0 from PSN+? I only remember Steins Gate was on the list. BTW, I am not particularly impressed by the game either, mainly because there are too much redundant stuff in it. I mean, this guy is an otaku I get it, but I don't have to be reminded five or six times of it....
  7. yeah, I hated that game as well.
  8. true trophies has some algorithm to take the completion rate into calculation, basically the rarer the trophy is, the more point you will get.
  9. Summon Night 6: Lost Borders. There's one trophy that requires you to fish all fishes in max/min sizes (MH style). The mini-game itself is very simple but you have to repeat that mindless action countless times to satisfy the RNG god. I have been into trophy hunting for some time and had my fair share of grinding experience. But for the first time in my life I was questioning myself why I am doing it. Now I am stuck with something else in that game and forced to put down the game for a bit. but I would put it here before I come back and retry the platinum.
  10. LOL, don't think you are really into SLG then. I platted that game long time ago, grindy, sure, but not that intolerable to me.
  11. I agree with your take on modern days internet critique 100%. People put too much emphasis on image quality or "open world" but ignored much else IMHO. But I would only put Andromeda as a solid game for its plain story and character building. Plus, I prefer controlling everyone in combat.
  12. the one from AS/EU is better than the one from US, which I am currently using, IMHO
  13. I took the same approach. A few easy plats sandwiched by normal ones. Back to the topic, I personally couldn't care less about how others got their trophies, or how others evaluate my profiles. I hunt platinum trophies as it is fun to me so I'd like to do what I want on that front.
  14. Nioh. Bloodborne's play style didn't really fits me since I like heavier shield/armor. And to be honest, a little bit too hard for me.
  15. Not for me. My login still shows "Contact customer care" when they switched to PSN single sign-in. Not sure what is the proper sign-in at this moment.