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  1. Bookmark added immediately....
  2. LOL, i never thought i could see a web store w/o any category/filter function, reminding me of the web site of my neighborhood diner.... SONY IS this stupid. Where can you find information regarding these APIs? thanks.
  3. thank you for the info. No i don't expect a low level supporting personnel would/should give any sensible answer to questions like this. The whole purpose is somehow let SONY know their decision is unpopular. 95% of the time, the person who gave out advice like restoring console/reinstall OS/factory reset phone doesn't have any clue of the actual issue. I sometimes did the same thing when I work on support
  4. PSNP meshed my two posts together 😒😒 I was trying ask if we have any way to reach SONY in another post...
  5. I may have missed something obvious, but can anyone show me how do I add games to "My Collection"? I went to the game page but didn't find any option to do that.
  6. And this is the pattern of impossible trophy timestamps for quite a few IDs who got caught.
  7. You don't throw away databases as they are still needed for the store to work on consoles and there're many ways to migrate DBs. so the reason behind has to be business, not technical. Not that I care about their "reason" anyway. Second, I got the email from SONY and that's the exact words. There shouldn't be any doubting about it now.
  8. Finally did it after 4.5 hrs trying.....Sometimes i had a very good course time, sometimes I had great accuracy bonus but they didn't happen together. And half of the time, i missed targets. 😂 uh... PSNP doesn't recognize my image hosting URL...
  9. I'll give whoever designed this a huge "FXXX YOU". For long time, PS store is THE worst e-commerce site I have been to. Now it is get even worse. Wishlist is my single most used feature for the site and now it's gone. i don't know what to say besides WTF....
  10. it's working for me now. probably because I upgraded my PS4, as someone mentioned.
  11. anyone is having issues with Remote play? I was unable to login to PSN through remote play from early morning.
  12. Thank you. Also thank for everyone who provided input. Put all of them into my wishlist.
  13. The "other ones" will also be under scrutiny from CRT and possibly be reported/flagged.
  14. this one is from Wales Interactive. They have a bundle do you think it would be worth buying? may wait for a sale though
  15. LOL, i could never imagine.... Already platted this one, thanks for the recommendation though.