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  1. I have leveled everyone to corporals except the ones with fixed ranks and Dan but yet to get the medal. Also I was unable to unlock the squad story for Minerva and navy guys.
  2. Just finished the "no-kill" run and wanted to chime in a bit on this game. Pro: 1. Overall good plot, twist and turns are well set up. 2. I like the music (probably not very innovative, but I like its overall style). 3. The image quality are not top notch for sure but it didn't bother me. Somehow I like their rendering of Lady ashbury. Con: 1. The ending feels somewhat forced and weakened the plot set up a bit. 2. I think the devs wanted to incorporate some "soulborne" element to the game but I felt they were not on point. There's no adequate reward for all those monster respawn punishment incurred. In the end, I spent most of the time fighting the same trash monsters 5 or 6 times over. Not very fun. 3. Boss fight are OK but a bit repetitive. 4. Too much political agenda are stuffed into the game. Overall that's a 6 to me. I should commend the dev ambition to try new stuff but I felt they are not there yet.
  3. Sorry I am a bit confused. Did you mean not recruit Lohse at all or you mean not have her for a particular fight (as you mentioned in your mini trophy guide). also by “not part of the team” did you mean leaving her at town or driving her out as a companion? (Not sure how to do that). Can you still use her after that particular fight?
  4. Will play as lone wolf void any companion trophies? plus why is it more squishy for a 4 player party? Is it because no lone wolf trait or any game mechanisms that punish parties with multiple characters?
  5. I wish there will be a SW game focusing on the dark side. But I knew it will not happen.
  6. Agreed, that one level took me more than 3 hours to complete. I wouldn’t do it again even if someone pays me to. that being said I am really sad to see the server shutdown, consider the joy(pain) this game had brought me.
  7. Not really, I am one token away from unlocking the last suit mod. So if you only do minimum requirement for those challenge trophies you will NOT be able to unlock everything.
  8. Which one should I do first ? I would assume the exp got from DLC could benefit the ultimate run.
  9. I personally think you may be in for some pain as this game is Pretty tedious trophy wise. That being said, there will be a level you have a brave order which you need to let the enemy cast certain skill. If you somehow pulled it off? Please let me know the trick. thanks in advance
  10. An additional question: say I have a game on my share account. I did the trick and synced the plat to my main account. Can a friend of mine play the same game later and use the trick to sync it to his main account? thanks
  11. I stopped using review to influent my playing decision long time ago. Major reason is that I knew what games I may like. And to be honest there are not many new ideas floating around in the gaming industry so 80% of the time you know what you are getting. For those niche games, I trust the word from a few friends because I knew their views are close to mine. Nowadays the plat difficulty is a much more important score to me. I can tolerate a few bad games but if the game let my completion rate take a hit, I'll feel sad.
  12. 200 Platinum (currently working on it). Other than that, just keep my own pace and go for each milestone, try a bit planning to make these milestones special. to hell with you, Open All Treasure Box trophy!
  13. One of the major changes is that you cannot assassinate corrupted monk in fountainhead palace any more.
  14. I would say that finding each one's own play style is important in tackling this game. For people like me, who is struggling to execute parries consistently, going over aggressive is almost suicidal. that's why I almost never watch those no-damage videos because I don't think those techniques would help ME. Then you want to somehow pass the initial stages and practice on the later ones. I am thankful that the game is good enough to provide quite a broad ways of fighting. I felt the Shura ending is easier for me. I have a very hard time reading the attack distance of Isshin's spear. And sometimes he is running like a madman. Of course, w/ 1.04 patch, you can Dragonflash Isshin's sorry ass to death during Shura fight.
  15. I felt that adding the two orge kills are equally easy and doesn't add too much time. The killing of these two guards rewards more experience than killng of one purple ninja does.