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  1. Whatever they do I hope they get the trophy right this time. I avoided the previous remaster solely because of the trophy setting. Before anyone jumping in shouting “but it is a awesome game” I’d say I was expecting this game to be re-made so I hope I could get a RE4 plat some day.
  2. 你全面具收集的奖杯比合成撒旦面具的奖杯早几个小时,这看着很明显有问题。 The 100% persona trophy is hours ahead of Satanael persona trophy, it does look suspicious.
  3. Dying cut scene.... Do you want to lower the difficulty? Yes or No I mean, HELL NO! i just want to get back to that fvcking boss so stop wasting my time.
  4. Could never understand those "big is better" game news...
  5. Without distracting too much of the discussion here let me just say that I agree with your takes on ME3 and andromeda. Andromeda is clearly a mediocre game but ME3’s plot was so badly written that it overshadows other aspect of the game. one question though is there any information regarding the trophy setting?
  6. So they have a new wishlist functionality but it is totally empty. And now I don't have a way to access the old one. This is some new level of incompetence..
  7. Thanks... So there's only one more night for special cargo double RP... oh well...
  8. Normally in which day does this "double RP" week begin?
  9. nvm, found her
  10. I think Camden should be defiance as part of the story, but there's no hacker+ team member in the team. Is there i need to do specifically to have him/her join? thanks.
  11. I think after some time we will see the "My UR plat is more ultra-er than yours" crowd....And the suggestion forum will be flooded with posts on how to set the platinum rarity "properly"..
  12. Diamonds for sure. To the point where I am not interested in those exploration oriented games.... What point does exploration have when there's no in game goal associated to it. 😇
  13. My answer to the question is yes. the trophy set up of a game greatly impact my decision on buying/playing it or not. For example: Resident Evil 4, Hitman 2 I knew this is a trap question for the crowd of "gaming is for fun" but my counter argument would be: There are many games that are fun AND with great trophy setting, why must I skip those games and endure something i am NOT fully enjoying. One thing to add though, I am NOT pursuing a 100% profile so one day I may play Wolfenstein 2 and left it w/o the platinum. (Bought the game long time ago) but so far didn't have the motivation to do so.
  14. I switched from PS4 to PS5 about midway in my 110 hours playing. If i may say so, this game crashes more on PS5 than it does on PS4, at least to me. And it crashes on all weird situations. For example, after i finished the devil ending, the game crashed during credit scene, after Judy's message. This is probably the 1st game i played that crashed during credit in my 20+ years gaming. I have quite a few complains regarding this game, but this game is by no means the evil it was portraited to be.
  15. I would suggest picking 3 crates mission every time, faster and not much more difficult.