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  1. i have many games that count more than 200 hrs so it is a surprise for me to see the numbers here....
  2. Why name it WuChang? the original name means the late period of Ming dynasty. OK, it is the girls name.... guess i need some more reading.
  3. I have already witnessed what an incompetent but over ambitious writer can do with an established franchise like SW (Sorry if you are a fan of the new trilogy). I hope everything is ok but there are valid concerns to be had.
  4. KOTOR is THE game that makes me a fan of BioWare and to this day I didn’t play much WRPGs unless they’re from BioWare. So needless to say I am honestly excited. However the debate above does cast a shadow to the hope. No matter which studio does it I wish they could hold true to the original, focus more on the graphics, and leave that dancing outfit alone.
  5. uh.... i beg to differ...
  6. Where I need to open a chest with 4 guards. How do I do it with non-lethal ways? The knockout syringe is available much later and no non lethal weapon is available. anyone can share some ideas for doing this quest while going for the saint trophy?
  7. I personally hate re-playing games (main reason I gather trophies in gaming, normally you don't have to grind in one game to make your super gud). So the only games I do stack are those EZPZ games or autopop. I could stack games like Heavy rain/Beyond two souls but nothing more.
  8. check PSNP profiles, gamelists, dispute forum, off topic forum, unreleased game forum..... Read trophy guides, game walkthroughs, collectible maps and prepare myself for the next game session.
  9. Watchdog Legion the only one.
  10. No idea, my save is from earlier chapter as well but it didn't help. Autopopping is known to have issues. I didn't have any issue with Jedi Fall Order but a few people did, from the forum.
  11. Please share what you find. I would assume that we can load a later chapter and check the workbench and craft. Not sure if it works though.
  12. I just gave it a try. Most of the trophies popped but 3. Upgrade sling, upgrade all equipment and craft 100 ammunition. Sorry, didn't notice the topic is asking if the transfer goes both ways...
  13. Generally it would take double amount of the time to plat a game, comparing to the time mentioned in trophy guide. Don't know what exact the reason is and don't plan to change it.
  14. Unless someone wants learn the system from scratch and all by himself, I personally don't see the point of starting on normal to "Prepare" the hard playthrough. The best place to learn the mechanism of hard difficulty is the hard playthrough itself, and there are guides all over the internet just in case. Based on my pervious experiences i totally ditch the approach of "preparation".
  15. Because that's how I play games. Before moving on to the PS platform i mainly play PC games. For majority ( i would say 99%) of the games I played, i would clear the game at least in normal difficulty, collect all plot segments (endings, romances, side quests etc.), collect any collectible obvious to me and sometimes a little bit more. So my game play style with trophy is largely on par with what i have always been doing. Nowadays I can clear the game in easy most of the time but sometimes I had the extra burden of boosting stupid online trophies. And forgive me for not quite understanding people who view trophies as "additional" burden to gaming. Still remember the "fun" time collecting all bullet proof cars in GTA3: SA....