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  1. No rank 100 trophy plz.
  2. This was hands down on of the most boring grind I've ever done in a game. It requires a LOT of perseverance and determination. I used the award xp glitch. But unfortunately they patched it No matter what method you use. it will take you 40-50 hours of grinding. And you will get bored quick.
  3. Looking forward to the guide. Thanks for the effort. 👍
  4. Is there DLC planned for the future ?
  5. Ya, according to some people on playstationtrophies they patched it. Glad i got the trophy out of the way. Thank you for the 20% XP bonus Rockstar. Helped a lot
  6. Whole week (including the weekend) ? Sold the game a while back. Maybe i'll lend it from a friend. So i can finally get this boring ass rank 50 trophy.
  7. I'll hope they add a mercenary mode. I'm not asking for more.
  8. Can you give an indication when it will be ready? You should take your time. So i don't want to put any pressure on you I'm just curious. I remember gamefaqs from back in the days. I will give it a check.
  9. What is the best guide at the moment of writing ? I'm cleaning my backlog. And want to start with Persona 5 next week. I'm pretty new to turn based RPGs. And don't want to miss any important trophies. So a good (spoiler-free) guide is vital. Anyone ?
  10. It's releasing tomorrow and there's still no update/trophy list ? Thats pretty rare nowadays.
  11. Wait for a Double XP weekend or something. The grind is not worth it (at least not at the moment). I only need the Rank 50 trophy. But it's just to boring.
  12. Hopefully they make some more DLC for the game. We need a Miles DLC. Normally i'm not a big fan of paid DLC . But this game is addicting as hell. The already released DLC is a bit weak on the story side. But overal i think Insomniac did a great job.
  13. Looking forward to the guide. I used your Fallout 4 guide. And found it really helpful. Keep up the good work ! 👍
  14. Just received it ($1000). Now it's time for some shopping 😃
  15. - Syphon Filter Remake - Resident Evil 3 Remake (Starsssss) 😀